Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nordstrom GWP

I always wait on buying makeup that I need until I hit a jack pot of a giveaway...Nordstrom's always seems to be the right pick...you don't have to spend a bundle and you get so much!
NORDSTROM.com-Exclusive Beauty Gift

Dillards Handbag Exchange---well, kind of...

Did anyone know about this?  I surely did not!  If you are bored with any of your fab bags and ready for a new one and trying to figure out where to get the mula...here is a fab option!  I had to share as soon as I confirmed it was true:
Bring in any clean, gently-used handbag and use it as your coupon on a new regular-priced handbag or wallet (with a price tag of over $50). Your handbag will be donated to charity! In exchange for your donation, you get:

$15 off a $50 - $75 new handbag

$25 off a $76 - $125 new handbag

$40 off a $126 - $199 new handbag

$50 off a $200 or more new handbag

Find your nearest Dillard's that is participating in this event here. Please call your local Dillard's to make sure they are participating before you head out, and what days they are holding this deal. (It seems to vary by location.)

The Trend: Sleeveless Trench Dress

On the recent Running in Heels episode, Talita went with Joyce to the Banana Republic fashion show and commented on the way she so loved their take on the trench dress...without sleeves...*I couldn't find the one featured on the show, and I don't think the one I have an image of is available yet...but, you get what I am saying:)
Then, I get an email today from Liz Claiborne by Isaac Mizrahi, and he is coming out with a denim trench dress without sleeves...
But, I think it all began with ELLE's Joe Zee sharing how ladies can transform a trench to a dress by having the sleeves cut off and then sewing an edge to finish.  I have been wanting to do that since I read that in  my mag...I am planning on getting the Norma Kamali trench from WalMart since it is only $30 and I wont' feel bad about transforming it:)
But, as we can see, the trend is everywhere and there are so many cute versions...choose which one works best for you!

Transition Clothing

In most of America, it is still cold and rainy, but everyone is itching to get into their spring wears....well, here are a couple of items that can help you do that...
Wear your cute tanks and tops that are too light to wear out right now by layering with a light A-line Coat.
Many think that since it is still a little cold that their toes can't be let out...but, girls, I think that is time to let that go and work the shoe a little early...I think that the wedge sandal usually gives a little more coverage for those who are scared and lend a little sampling of what is to come:)
And the piece that I am most excited about is colored jeans...this trend tried to develop last year, but didn't really make it...I think this year might have a little  more of a chance.  This is something that updates the normal jean or khaki trouser...something casual, but with a great amount of trend.

Must-Have Weekend Bag:COACH!

Bonnie Cashin inspiration and design returns to Coach with the popping color mix and the external coin purse.  I have to have one of these bags for my weekend outings...I wanted the large one of course, but I can't do it for $1000...so, I will settle sadly for the $300 version...as soon as I can find a way to make that:)  I love the mixture of pink with orange...what to do...I want it all:)  This styling reminds me of the Long Champ Paris renderings that came out about three years ago...
SCORE: Download Bonnie wallpaper for free here.

Print Perfect: Printed Leggings

Yours truly:) 

Go beyond the basics with printed leggings this season...my family thought I was a little crazy when I wore these tie dye leggings from Target a couple of weeks ago...but, when I saw print leggings on Net-a-Porter...I was rest assured...Here is how the stylists at Net-a-Porter styled the various looks.  Be inspired. 

Recessionista Talk Is Everywhere

On my trip to DC I could tell that every editor was talking recession shopping in their offices three months ago...from my British publications to my top fashion pub, VOGUE everyone was screaming how to save your closet...and it's funny---from high end national pubs to local fashion focused newspapers, the story was the same...I just wanted to share a recap of what I found...To some, this might be like a broken record now, but you never know.

April VOGUE: Piece written about Modular dressing...meaning buying a selection of items that can be worn a variety of ways to make it seem new...the price, still high, but when you think about it, you are getting multiple looks...A caption reads, "Wear and repeat."  It's about time we started thinking that...although I am one to like new looks...even if that means trading it at Buffalo:)

April British ELLE: Article about "Smart Shopping"...I guess we haven't always been...and now we have to, but this has a smart twist to it...one, I haven't really considered...buy one great piece...even if it is a high price...considering that it will last and you will wear it numerous times and love it.  Anne-Marie Curtis provides rules I truly agree with, like, "If shop assistants say everything looks fabulous on you, walk away...."(not available online:()
Really great issue that I recommend to everyone!

yes, the local arizona republic newspaper fashion focused paper.  I always get these pubs for free to see what people are doing.  I always love what they do with this free pub...and the website isn't half bad either...but, I noticed that no matter what price point (VOGUE or a local pub) everyone is talking the same talk...find some way to save.  People used to be afraid of a thrift store or second hand store...but, now everyone shares openly where they shop---whether HIGH or way way low....The pub shared 5 different vintage stores to "Treasure Hunt" in Phoenix...I for one can't wait to spend a day searching for my gems:)

KMart: The Unexpected---you are going to want to go

I keep seeing KMart in my fashion magazines and I can't believe how cute the styles are...so, I decided I had to check it out...I haven't been to KMart in soooo long!  I have become a WalMart and Target girl...but, it looks like KMart might be making its way back into my fashion world...And, I can confirm that the quality is really good...I know sometimes it looks good online, but when you see the item in person you see why the price is so low...but, I promise, this is worth it...and, even if the price is low, you can do layaway if need be.  I was surprised, I got more excited from the pieces and the prices at KMart than I did at Kohls!  For a $10 coupon off of $50 spent, use this code or coupon.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eco Makes the World Go Round: Almay Pure Blends Cosmetics Team up with Lucky Magazine

Almay and Lucky magazine want to help make the world a better place by offering beauty products that "Color your world. Naturally." And is there any better way to do that? Who feels comfy with not knowing what they are putting on their face everyday? Eww:) Almay pure blends makes getting made up a natural process...
Join the eco-effort at LuckyLookout.com/almay and Lucky will plant a tree in your honor. Plus if you are one of the first to do this, you will receive a reusable Lucky tote!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Project Runway Fashion Star Rising to New Heights:Korto Momolu

I can't wait for Korto Momolu to hit the fashion market and be sold in a store near you...I am hoping that she will decide to go for the price point that works not only for our look, but, our pocketbook...until then, check out the site and her blog for updates.

I haven't heard of celebs wearing her line yet, but the site details that celebs are wearing her pieces now...That usually means BIG things to follow, but I was expecting that even before celebs were wearing her pieces.

BET Rip the Runway Fashion Show Video for Korto Momolu just shows that she is ready to take on the fashion world, even if she didn't win.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Styling for Local Magazine Online Now!

Check out more images like this, from Oro Valley Marana magazines website.  I am so excited to have pieces that I have styled online now!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kim Kardashian dashing out of boutique style to online selling

I just heard Kim Kardashian (the founder & CHIEF STYLIST) state on Larry King Live that she just launched a new online shopping site, Shoe Dazzle this month!  The site is all about offering affordable, yet amazing shoes.  I think this is a smart move...although I think a well made, designer shoe and handbag can make anything you wear look like a million dollars, a girl has to have options...so keep the basics designer and take the trend to to Shoe Dazzle so you can get as many as your closet needs to make each look perfection!  The catch, there is a monthly fee of $39, but that goes towards the pair of shoes you get each month...it's like a shoe club where you really don't have to do any work.  You fill out a survey, let the stylists know what you love and then, each month they will present you with new styles they think you will love and then, you get one of the pair for the $39 you paid that month.  Pure genius!  

Carine Roitfeld on CNN Revealed part 1

Carine Roitfeld on CNN Revealed part 2

Carine Roitfeld on CNN Revealed part 3


I will be away on holiday in DC for about a week...I will try and drop a few lines via my phone or on the computer if I have time while I am gone...but, just know I will be back with some good stuff from the East Coast:)  Keep looking out!



Storefront: ILORI

I fell in LOVE with these sunglasses while passing this store, walked in and just fell in love with the whole concept of the store.  I guess Ilori, the stylish sunglass boutique looks to a style icon each month to focus on for the "must have" item of the week.  These beautiful shades are by Nina Ricci and they are my next HAVE TO HAVE sunglasses!  But, I know that now that I have found this stylish sunglass boutique I will fall prey to a new need for sunglasses more than I usually do...Also, this store is not online:(  But, they have stores throughout the U.S..

Sony VAIO P-Series sponsors William Tempest show at London Fashion Week

I can't decide if I want a laptop or a netbook...hmmm....

Teaser — Carine Roitfeld on CNN: Revealed | Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Mario Testino | fashionologie

Teaser — Carine Roitfeld on CNN: Revealed | Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Mario Testino | fashionologie

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Valentino: The Last Emperor (2009) (Trailer) (HD) (CE)

View the magical world of high fashion...attend this cinema reality, and say farewell to a fashion icon, legend, master piece.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Vibe Vixen Magazine Reemerges!

I just found out from Urban Girl Love that Vibe Vixen is in the works to make a comeback!  I have found them on twitter and, of course their site...check it out!  I can't wait to see it on newsstands again!

How Can You Say No To This Contest?

I feel like you lose by not trying...ShopStyle and Net-a-Porter have teamed up to giveaway contest a designer bag every week for the month of March...we still have a couple more tries...so, try this week for a Mui Mui bowling stye handbag and a Mui Mui wallet...both are soo cute!  Crossing my fingers:)



Friday, March 13, 2009

Where Have All the Magazines for Young Black Women Gone?

Well, I thought all were gone when Honey, Vibe Vixen, and Suede disappeared instantly...but, there are many options online and I want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to flip through the pages.  I have always thought that black women have the most exceptional style and carry themselves with this type of swagger that I just love.  So, be influenced by these magazines and hopefully, one day, when the economy is better, they will print and we can devour them in our homes:)
Honey Magazine (has been resurrected and is currently just online.)

My recent stint as a "neck" model:)

I usually just style shoots, but when the time comes and they need me, I am there:)

And so it seems nothing is coming to Tucson...

Looks like I am about to become a new online shopper...not because I don't like going to stores, but because no where in Tucson is getting what I want...I went to Wal Mart today to find that they haven't received any of the Norman Kamali items...and there are some fab new items and the prices are all BELOW $20!  I am not sure if these are going to be true to size or run large like the majority of Wal Mart items...I don't know, but I am getting my card out right now and getting ready to get some pieces:)  I just did a search and found more info on what will be at Wal Mart this spring for NK.


In the past few days I have learned that where I live is kept me from having hands on access to things...I guess online is still there for some of these things...but I want to try on and see if it's really what I want..apparently you need to live somewhere metropolitan to want the Go International McQueen line or any of the guest designer items...I also found out yesterday to get my speedy bag monogrammed I needed to live in LA, NYC, Miami etc....is this what the recession is doing? Limiting access to things?

Miss Dior Chérie - 45s official version HD - long version

Thank you for directing such a marvelous piece Sofia Coppola:) I love this commercial!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

COCO AVANT CHANEL - Audrey Tautou - la bande-annonce du film

Fashion+Drama=A Masterpiece...I can't wait to watch this next month! Thanks to Fashionologie, everyone is talking about this...I read about this on NY Mag's email blast and Glamour Magazine's Fashion blog...

More Options With Shop It To Me That Make It Even Easier To Find What You Want

Shop It To Me keeps updating and giving users more options.  Instead of having to wait for an email, or having to go through each of your emails to find the brand or style you need in a rush---just sign up to your account and choose exactly what you are looking for.  I just did it and looked for Dresses by Tracy Reese, Rachel Pally, and DVF...then, voila there are all of my matches with no stress....so, ladies and gentlemen, for a stress free shop experience online that includes great prices---check out Shop It To Me...the place that listens to what you need and makes it happen.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

brazilets: Make 3 Wishes Come True and Be Fashionable 2

I just got the cutest bracelets today from a store called Sigis...These bracelets are called, Brazilets...the owner wrapped the bracelet around my wrist twice and then tied the knot three times and told me I had 3 wishes to make on the tags I received when purchasing the accessory...I wear these day and night--in shower, etc...and when the bracelet comes off, the wish should come true:)  I just love the colors I chose, and then I realized that the company also gives really great names for the colors: Iris, Flamingo (one of my fave animals) and Mango (my fave fruit).  I didn't even realize these colors until I got home...I just liked the colors---but, they truly reflect me:)  So, lets see if any of these wishes come true...until then, I think these are just another great way to layer my bracelets and add color to everything I wear:)  Oh and the price, $5 each:)  And a portion of the proceeds from these bracelets goes towards benefitting brazilian rain forests... 

Shopping Test...LV Monogram

I am test driving something I read about in the Style.com newsletter today...My heart basically jumped out of my body when I saw the picture...LV's have the same monogramming that my dream Goyard has...I text a fashion friend of mine that works at LV and inquired about the price...she says that it would be free...she wasn't familiar with doing the bag, but she said the wallet would be FREE!  I am taking it in tomorrow, of course...no delay and having it done....NR here we come:)hahahah  I think I will wait to do the letters on my Goyard once that happens;)

Sign Up Today and Be Apart of a New Fashion Experience: FashionAir

I just read about FashionAir on my daily New York Magazine email and I am soo excited...sadly, I did not get the invite to view the site before everyone, but I had to share with everyone that LOVES fashion as much as me to sign up for the site now so you will not have to wait...I am soo in love with fashion TV that we had to have Direct TV just to get the Style Network...this is going to be fab!
Lets see if we will be able to breathe after we get a dose of this new air:)

Slowly Stepping Into Spring The Right Way

In most places the weather is starting to slightly change...and we are all excited about the spring trends after the New York Fashion Week and reading about spring styles everywhere...now, we are also starting to see spring merchandise on the floors of our favorite boutiques and department stores...here is a way to keep warm, but start exploring the fashion trends...
Asymmetrical tops...now, dresses are the styles we are seeing everywhere...and in every magazine, but we are not ready for that just yet...so, instead, wear an asymmetrical blouse with jeans or trousers to fall into place.
The trench is a classic item that every woman should own to keep herself warm, but not too warm for the spring weather.
Finally, in most places, it is not warm enough to be wearing sandals yet, so keep warm, but take the boot to an ankle length to start falling into the right season:)  Stuart Weitzman is known to be one of the best American designers that knows how to fit a woman's foot.

Complete ANY Look This Season With a Jacket

It looks like even though we will start getting into the warmer weather of spring and then summer, the jacket trend has emerged.  You would usually think that jackets/blazers would emerge with full force for the fall and winter...but, this is a fun trend that I think can be worn the entire year.  
This week, Who What Wear Daily and Net-a-Porter NOTES have showcased this trend for fashionistas to be inspired and know where to find the seasons MUST-HAVE:)
I have a jacket and a dress that I can use to remake this look...I just need to edge of the jacket like this...I just love the way they paired this jacket with a print dress...adds some edge to what would usually be styled in a preppy look.I love how the broach on the jacket sets up the entire look.This season I am all about these color combinations.  
Cover Star at NET-A-PORTER.COM

Harlem Heights Tights

I was living for the bright tights that the girls of Harlem Heights were sporting on this weeks episode which you can check out on the BET site.  I found bright hued tights with added design on my Shop It To Me site!  Sign up today to receive all the sale items of the brands you love!  (Tights are by Free People and only $19.95!)

At the All Star Weekend in Phoenix extravaganza I saw nothing but AMAZING styling at the Scottsdale Fashion Mall.  I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I was with friends I hadn't seen in ages and that was my focus:(  But, a trend I kept seeing repeating was something similar to the tights that I am sharing here...printed leggings worn with short dresses, tunics etc...it was HOT!  I just recently saw a pair of blue tie dye leggings from Target that I have to have and I thought I would share with everyone:)