Sunday, November 23, 2014

Boho dressing Inspired by Latitude

I love everything about this look that Latitude had on their blog and in their email blast.  The suede skirt unbuttoned with the Mexican top tucked in, the lace up flats (Jesus shoes), the tassel earrings and the Mochila bag are all PERFECTION!  Every piece in this look is amazing!

Here are the items I found that were inspired by these pieces:

Of course I looked to Etsy for the suede skirt:

Vintage High Waist Suede Skirt $30

Vintage brown suede A-line skirt $44

Vintage suede skirt / A line / 70's Chocolate brown suede snap front midi long skirt $75

Brown Leather Skirt Dark Chocolate Brown Suede High Waisted A line Push Buttons Hippie Skirt $34

Latitude for the Mexican Blouse:

The Mochila bag...I LOVE these:

The Jesus shoes:)

Faryl Robin + Free People Womens Vegan Tie Up Sandal $88

I love the idea of DIYing the tassel earrings...I have done it before and they turned out pretty cool.  Honestly WTF has a version that looks pretty cool.

Spotted: Funky Style Adidas from Japan! ADIDAS ADRIA RELACE SLEEK!

I was at an event for my daughter when I spotted these shoes I went gaga for!  Too bad my phone camera doesn't work and they are from Japan!  I searched all over the net and this is what I have found (they need these styles in the states too!):

Saturday, November 22, 2014

GAPs basics are GOOD

Sweats are going in a totally new directions that makes you feel like it's alright to rock even if you aren't snuggled up at home or working out.  (Don't miss out on 40% off right now when you shop using code: SHOP)  Here are a few I'm liking for travel:

So loving this style bra and the price range for the style ranges from $18 (on sale) to $26!  Not bad!
Gap Women Favorite Modal Pullover Bra Size XS - Raisin

You have to see the back detail of this bra!  Gap Women Pullover Burnout Lace Bra Size S - cosmetic pink $30

I love that these look kind of like a trouser sweat...not bad:)  Reminds me of last years sweat blazer:)  Gap Women Marled Sweats Size S Tall - bracken olive $50

Loving the zipper detail on these!  Gap Women Tencel Jogger Pants Size M - soft black $60

Gap Women Quilted Sweatshirt $45

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Scarf Styling 3 ways for Curly hair from India:)

Natural Hair Essentials | Natural Hair Tips #curlytalk

Great tools!  I'll be getting these stat!  #curlytalk #naturalhair

How to Tie a Shemagh--Condé Nast Traveler

I will be doing this in Dubai:)

Travel wear: The Sweatshirt dress as inspired by Rihanna...why not?

Ok, I will be traveling A LOT while living in India.  With 3 kids in tow and sometimes traveling alone I am always trying to decide what to wear to be comfy, run after kids and still look pulled together.  I kind of love what Rhianna did with the sweatshirt dress and decided to see what other options I could find...thoughts?

Of course this is sold out at ASOS...but, still had to share...

Have one made with a pattern:)

A little more...but, it's cute for $190...Atm Anthony Thomas Melillo Long Sweatshirt Dress - Charcoal Heather

For some reason one of the first names that comes to mind when I think of sweater dress is, Norma Kamali...I so wish she still had her line at was brilliant!

I'm thinking an older ladies catalog could have good options too:)  Something to consider.  

5 online fashion magazines you might or might not have heard of

I'm ADDICTED to magazines...hard copies for Indian editions, digital copies on my Kindle for American editions and online issues I now check out when I'm done checking out everything else:)  Inspiration is everywhere!  What is your fave online fashion mag?

2.  THE EDIT by Net-a-Porter

Now, all of the online mags above have various themes...but, fashion is attached to everything: motherhood, decorating, stores sales...I'm always curious to see how everyone spins style.  And then, I am inspired:)    

Take a journey to Colonial Africa with LaLesso

Here is what was shared in the designers email for the collection:
The Spring Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear Collection "The Frontier" embodies Lalesso's trademark effortless chic through a range of relaxed silhouettes designed to empower and enrich your summer days.

Inspired by Colonial Africa, an era where women of all races, cultures and tribes were easily overlooked but in fact were the bravest and most upstanding of women. Their graciousness through hardship, their adventurousness and their exquisitely rich body adornment saw them through this time of new establishment, exploitation and indigenous disruption.

Royal Argan Oil | Organic Body & Hair Oil |ACURE #PopUpChallenge

I was offered a chance to share the ACURE Organics Blogger #PopUpChallenge and agreed right away since I have already used and loved their  argan cleansing towelettes!  They are great for travel and on the go.

Check out this fun video and find their products at Whole Foods or find other stores in your area on their site.

Monday, November 17, 2014

What I do when there is no more Downton Abbey to watch on Mondays...

Finally make the homemade shaving cream I've been meaning to do:)
This was a lot of fun to make!  I, of course used the coconut oil and coconut conditioner and skipped the baby lotion...instead I used a almond oil lotion I had and a shampoo that has Moroccan, I'll be all oiled up!  I can't wait to try this manana!

Creating packing DIY's:
Free People shared how your favorite soap can be covered with fabric and used to make drawers, closets or your luggage smell nice.  I decided to use a pouch I got from shopping in India and adding my fave sandalwood soap to it.  Done and done.
P.S. I am not really happy with the change in packaging on the, right!:(

Search for much needed bathroom accessories:

Isn't this perfect for loofah's and such?:)

And, now...thinking about watching this...I can't remember if I have seen it before:)