Friday, January 30, 2009

More Isaac

These pants are just soo classic...I love them, high waist, wide can you go wrong?
I am wearing a mix of the look above and the look below today:)  I love this classic-chic look---this is much better than a pair of sweats for a day of errands:)  I am also going to be looking for the necklace and my friend, Forever 21:)

I love the mix of this delicate dress with a wrap white belt and flat pinks.  
Oh so Audrey.
I LOVE everything about this look!
This is how a suit should look---I need one of these in black:)
I said this before, but I am loving the rolled pant look right now.
Easy to go, get these pieces and you are done.  I LOVE the shoes!
I LOVE the handbag!
Love this entire look---I am ALWAYS about the safari look---and this bag is a MUST-HAVE for me---My color this year is orange:)

I was going to say I wish I could share all of my fave looks from the Isaac Mizrahi, Liz Claiborne, I just decided I would.:)


Sale Ends on Net-a-Porter's site on February 1st...I wonder if that means that they will go to the newly developed there room to fret?  We will see:)  But, if you can't wait to see, you should check out the sale ASAP:)

Happy Shopping!

The Sites I Can't Close Right Now + a GIVEAWAY

My husband keeps asking me why I can't close windows and desperately need to keep the windows open for quick access night and day...simply, I am addicted to the following sites and can't get enough of the colors, the ideas, the inspiration that each is offering.
With the new head honcho that I read about in Marie Claire magazine, I can see that Kate Spade is gong to take off and do great things in the near future.  I am excited for the transition...some places change focus and it can go all wrong, I can really see something really great come about.
This season she has really caught my eye and gone beyond all that I expected.  
I love his book, I love his show (online), I love his blog---I LOVE everything!  He truly has a way to share his passion for fashion with everyone!
I really want to find out what the price point will be for these items...I wonder if they will be around the same as what he had at Target'????
Save the BEST for last, of course.  I am addicted to the weekly Magazine NOTES that Net-a-Porter has on their site and I am getting to love them more each week.  This week is showcasing all of the Bright HUES for Spring/Summer 2009.  This issue also gets the insiders (fashion editors for every top fashion mag you can think of) MUST HAVES for Spring/Summer!  I am just enamored with every single item and all of the styling.  I wish there was a way to print items off the site easily and just carry it around.  I know, we all LOVE and are familiar with the hard copy of NOTES that come out each season that I am looking forward to, but I would really LOVE to download what we get online as well.  I guess I am greedy:)  But, for one lucky reader, I have a Net-a-Porter LOOKBOOK which showcases all of the Spring/Summer 2009 looks from the runway.  I am currently carrying mine in my handbag of course and making notes for what I plan on getting and looks I plan on redoing for myself.  I will be sharing these in future posts.  So, send an email to and tell me what you can't wait to wear this Spring/Summer 2009!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ava Leigh - La La La - Official Video

My new, new favorite artist I had to share with everyone:)

Inspired by The City

After watching The City yesterday, I have been thinking about the drop earrings that Whitney was wearing...they honestly stood out to me and instead of wearing my hair down like Whitney, I put my hair up in a high bun to show off the detail of the drop earring.
I LOVE the styling of the shot with the leather bolero by Mike & Chris paired with the peasant long sleeve turtleneck.  The whole look is just a funky chic.
I would finish this whole look off with a funky version of a tiered skirt.  I love the new version of this style by Philip Lim (and the styling---the shoes are HOT!), but I would wear the J. Crew version with this look instead.

Forever Jewelry Love

I found my LOVE---elephant pendants!  And more, of course at Forever 21:)

If You Are In New York...I Wish I Was There For This

Kage On Irving Sip And See
Kage Handbags
When: Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Time: 6-8 PM
Location: Gramercy Park
Street: 72 1/2 Irving Place

Have Fashion Fun!

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A New Direction for the New Year---Without Leaving the Focus Behind

My Heart is Bursting, I want it all now!!!!!!!

Tory Burch Has Left Her Signature Tunic Behind For a New, But Still Classic Style...but, she stays true to her style with her 
signature tunics that we all love.

Urban Outfitters Full of All Things Fabulous This Spring

Great Looks & Great Prices---How can you say no?  Doesn't this just make you want to go somewhere tropical:)  These pieces remind me of the Elle Rio piece...girls on the street.

Geeky Goods From Fred Flare

Miuccia Skirt
These look like things we could see on Gossip Girl.
I have been searching for some tortoise shell glasses like this that I saw in a mag at Forever 21 so I was soo glad when I saw that Fred Flare has exactly what I have been searching for.  Risky Business style glasses only $11!

The Shoot That Didn't Make It Because Of Cutbacks---Styled By Yours Truly--Fall Style