Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Search is On for Vogue India

Hello All!

Since I have moved to Tucson, AZ it is really hard to find some of the things I want right away...which leads me to my big question...I can't find the PREMIERE issue of the Vogue India that launched last month here in Tucson, so I thought I would reach out to all of my fashionista friends to see if there is a copy in your area and I can send dinero for someone to purchase and send? I am crazy I know...but, this is worth it:)

Thanks to All!


Side note:

There is a lot of controversy, which I had blogged about before, about Gemma Ward being on the cover and the entire magazine being in English...basically to appeal to Americans...I was originally against Gemma being on the cover,but, I thought she would be the only person on the cover...I think with her being with the other Indian actresses/models the cover works...Gemma is a model, if she was an actress, I would be like, why? And as for the entire magazine being written in English, the majority of the country speaks English first, then there are different dialects for the country...I promise I know, my husband is Indian:) Therefore, I can't wait to get my hands on this first issue...Thanks to everyone!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Calm that Outfit Down Girl!

Ok,she looks really small and sick...but, her ensemble is always perfect! She is everywhere!

More about A to here for a candid video with the Today Show

If you live in LA, you have to attend this event!

I can't wait to read this book! I love Rachel Zoe's style like a crazy nut! Go to this event in LA that Kitson boutique is putting on and meet Rachel Zoe to have her sign your new book and maybe get some free tips:)

There are so many other stylist books out that you have to are a few others to check out:

Stylist: The Interpreters of Fashion
A book that has a compilation of pieces about some of the great names of stylists today...I can't wait to read this book! The book will be available on October 30th.

Effortless Style
June Ambrose is a stylist to stars from Kelly Ripa to P. Diddy...I have the book and I love her approach to style and making it easy to style yourself at home...that is what it is all about...creating the same atmosphere at home that the professionals give to everyone else.


The Little Black Book of Style
Not necessarily a stylist, but a fashion maven for sure...Nina Garcia from Elle Magazine shares all of her thoughts and memories of fashion and how it has grown with her throughout the far I am really enjoying it...I of course, love the artwork by Ruben Toledo...the artist for my favorite fashion ads every season, Nordstrom:)

How Did This Happen? Katie Holmes...the Fashion Icon?

After flipping through my new issue of ALLURE magazine I had to research Katie Holmes-Cruise...she had a spread all about her did this happen? Yes, we know about her wealthy husband Tommy (who probably made every dream come true for her...), and yes, somehow she is very close with Victoria Beckham, who could have had the connection to a new stylist for Katie to use, i.e. William Baker (which Victoria goes to the most it is said for friendly consultations...). But, where did Katie get the whole fashion focus...and what happened to movies? Is that over and has she taken on a new focus as fashion genius? Well, with the help of her mystery stylist?

Lets look back to some of Katie's looks...

Ok, this is over the top, but I had to:)

Looks like she attempting the looks she accomplished above this week:)

I guess we could consider this her edgy look from the past....

And now...she has gone above and beyond many others in the past 10 years...being shot everywhere she goes for her style staples...

I think that her final touch to the new look was the cut...although it does of course seem to stem from Victoria's still gives her a more mature Chanel or Anna Wintour that takes it from basic to classic...

Will Katie be the next Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn, or did she just get her money's worth from her stylist...whoever that might be???

Monday, October 22, 2007

Go barney's over the Fall "barney" color

Go from high to low this season with the most amazing color, called, Barney:)
I couldn't believe it when the vendor told me that the sample I was coveting at work color was referred to as Barney (the character I could never connect with). The only Barney's I could connect with was Barney's New York. One of the BEST stores in the world...but, now, there is a new true love, my color Barney for this season, Fall 2008. Check out a couple of the items I have found so far.

Notte by Marchesa dress
$795 on


Go for the Payless shoe that is $37...but, probably on sale also must have been on high demand because it is not even online anymore! I will have to check out my neighborhood stores today:)

Even the shoe diva herself is loving this color, Miss Meghan Shoe Expert while on the Today show.

I will never look at Barney the same...will you:)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Camileon Heels

Transformer heels, I told you:)

The True Transformers

To be quite frank, the movie Transformers didn't move me at all...but, as a BIG fan of shoes, there are two styles of shows out right now that transform even better than those little toys do and you don't have to worry about them yelling out their names, because they make a statement just by looking at them:)

Camielon Heels, featured in New York Magazine...can change from high heel to a low heel in need to stress over too high of a heel and if your feet give out on you by the end of the night, just flip the heel:) This style is very Chanel-inspired...the prices are kind of high though...but, great invention.

Next, a pair of sandals that can change from basic to bling. Oprah loves it, enough said:) Jour & Nuit, for $350, yes...a bit much, but it is 2 in one...

Brilliant D.I.Y.

Now that we don’t have JANE Magazine to give us D.I.Y. ideas…check out the LA Times. I found the article, "How to Make a Bracelet from an Old Brooch." Such a smart idea! And Brooches are getting big again.

Dynamic Duo-Never Say Never

Navy blue and black are the key color combinations for the season. I have thought that the color combination was all wrong since I was a child...too close to the same color to combine...but, this season has changed my views dramatically.
My first attempt was to just use navy stripes with a black pant...

Once it gets a little cooler...I plan on really combining black and navy blue. I have recently added a black jacket to the look to make it even more dynamic...but, I like the edge that the black cumber bun gave to the layered navy blue dress.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Top

The Poet Blouse shape is coming up everywhere this season...check out a couple of options:
Tucker by Gaby Basora (check out where to shop at their site, add a belt or tuck it in....

Gaps version with a waist drawstring, on sale now for $15.99.

Express has a great version of the top in a silky charmeuse fabric...but, I can't find an image online...check it out in stores now in a couple of colors for about $50...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's a Wrap~When You Just Don't Have Time

Make it easy, and chic and just add a head wrap...check out Jennifer Lopez (newly preggers) and Tracee Ellis Ross for ideas.

Nude Shoes

Tracee has the look down...vibrant dress and bright accessories with played down nude shoes...I love it...
Buy some from for a variety to choose from:

The Color Orange

Orange is the BIG color for the season...I love how Tracee incorporated it into her look just with her gives the look a punch...and I saw some shoes like what she is wearing here, which I think are Christian Louboutin' Banana Republic for $138...

Saddle Up

It's all about the riding boots right now...the sit high, but lay low so you are nothing but comfortable...Wear these boots with your last season skinny jeans, shorts with tights, skirts or funk it out with sweats or cargo pants...these shoes can be like your UGGS...
Here are a couple of options for you this Fall.
I am buying the Steve Madden

$129.95 in black and brown
or go to places like Kitson for a little more expensive version...
like this for $170

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Commercial

For some reason, this commercial just irritates me every time I see it...Yes, it is noteworthy that Macy's has a connection to a team of celebrities that can build their business with their fame, but that can't be the only reason people are rushing to this the product actually there? Usher fragrance, I haven’t tried it yet (but, I have heard smells nice...and he still looks nice:)…Kimora Lee, she basically has her sweats with her name on it…which hasn’t made me purchase anything yet, Martha,you have to love...and Jessica Simpson, I really like her shoes (which I own and I am checking out some new shoes)…but, for some reason, the commercial still irks me…oh well, I am playing it on my blog now, so more advertising for them:)

JCPenney TV commercial

Ok, I am going a bit commercial crazy, but I LOVE THIS commercial, the music, the clothes, the set up! I love it!

Catalog Craze: NewPort News

The Equestrian tunic is too cute for words...the print reminds me of Hermes...and the price is perfect! Only $34! And you can pair the top with a fabulously detailed twill riding pant for only $39, you can't go wrong...

DIY Fashion: Brooches

Brooches are back in a big way...instead of just popping just one on the lapel of your sweater or blouse try some of the following:

Adding a cluster of different brooches to your knit sweater...kinda funky...kinda fun...Idea from Harper's Bazaar Magazine...I tried it at home:)

Closing the cardigan with the brooch-as inspired by the styling on Vera Wang on Oprah discussing her new line at Kohl's Simply Vera by Vera Wang.

Just some other ideas:

Adding the brooch to your Shoes

Adding the brooch to a necklace

Adding the brooch to a key chain

What else can you think of???