Thursday, March 15, 2007

American Idol Fashion

I have never watched American Idol for fashion...but, Stephanie Williams wore a dress Monday that I wanted soo bad...they don't have the image on the Star Style site that I found that is finding looks similar to what the Idol's are wearing...but, they say it was a kimono dress...the items they found are pretty cute...check out the site...

I can't believe!

My eyes popped out of my head like a bug with BIG eyes when I read that my fashion dream, Sarah Jessica Parker was going to have a clothing line…ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see this…I for one already ADORE her lovely fragrance, LOVELY...I can’t wait to indulge in her clothing line BITTEN. Which will be priced nicely and available at malls...believe it or not...I hope she doesn't let me down...I have always loved her attire on and off the screen and when her fragrance was nice I felt like she couldn't do anything wrong with her name attached...we shall see...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Trend this Season are Dresses, at least that is what BAZAAR is saying

I don't usually watch what Mischa is wearing because her skirts/dresses are way to short for my style...but, I LOVE this dress that she wore last year

It Factor

Net-A-Porter has hit the "it" factor for the new handbag to have this Spring and it is none other than the Chloe Bay Bag. Instead of standing in line or being on a waiting list like I was for Uggs this holiday season and never getting a call...go to and get on the email list to let you know when it gets is kind of like how ebay emails you when the item you are bidding on is coming into it's final hour, except you don't have to fight with anyone;)
Apparently Rachel Zoe has marked this as a must have for her style star Mischa you make your choice...Chloe or what else:) If I had the cash I would be on it right now...until then...I will keep sharing what I find.

Also, Net-A-Porter has Supermodel Helena Christensen's new clothing line Christensen & Sigersen beginning this she is doing more than just her boutique, Butik...I think he line is very bohemian...a great line to wear through the hot summer days.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Heart American Apparel and Right Now they are Having a SwimSuit Sale!

Ok, this is the suit I liked that was on sale...
This is the style I want for this summer...only $14!!!


The glasses that MK Olsen was wearing must be the new Thakoon for $290 at Barney’s.

*Image is from

I guess free people has also jumped on this look for $25…now you have nothing but options…

Am I crazy, or is this model from America's Next Top Model???

This is Scoop Boutique in NYC...go to the site right now and get a free sample of Scoop's new fragrance...mine is on the comments to come:)


Did you Know that Zandra Rhodes had done items for Escada?

Very cute...kind of like vintage item on ebay

I love this look, too cute!!!!!!!!!!

i love this dress too!

How do you the question posed on the Just Cavalli site...if I got this dress I would feel chic, sexy, perfect in every way
And I would wear this dress off the beach…even though it is a beach cover-up with these brilliant new Aldo shoes…or the shoes could be worn with a great mini shift dress by Pucci! Scan shoe: Avariella $195
No photos for the shoes that I like...go to the site...I guess patience is a virtue we will have to work on:)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New from Style It Online and Fashion Scoops from WWD

Lauren Conrad from “The Hills” is making a mark on more than just Teen Vogue and blogs…she will now be the first-ever spokesperson for Meet mark…go figure…I wonder how her career got started being that she is on a “reality show”…that would be interesting to find out…Well, snaps to her...I love Meet mark that is build the business for so many women out there.

Another project runway update

Chloe Dao will be selling on QVC...I am trying to figure out when...until then...check out the image above for a peek into what the line will look like...And even though all of us don't have time to watch for her on QVC...check out once I figure out when she will start selling:)

I just spotted the same sunglasses that MK is wearing at Walgreens for a mere $5.99

Monday, March 05, 2007

2-in-1 Do It Yourself

Go to the nearest Asian store, or check out this site… buy the wooden beaded necklace…take it apart…use an elastic string to make a bracelet, then with the remaining string and wooden beads put a cool charm in the middle and you have a new and improved necklace!

Unexpected Trend

I know everyone will probably think I have gone crazy or something…but, I am thinking that HIPPIE has gone CHIC…the site is a little odd…but, I found what I wanted to share…pair the top with your fave jeans

Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Book From a True Style Inspiration

June Ambrose has styled everyone from stars like Beyonce to Missy Elliot. June has worked with anyone worth styling...and now she is sharing all of her tricks in the book, "Effortless Style:Make Looking Good Easy."

Check out June's website:

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Check out the recap on that shows all of the amazing makeovers that project runway’s Tim Gunn did…I love Makeovers!

Old things become new again

I know I have written about Kara Janx before…but, I love when new designers come out with something new…which of course they should do anyway…but, it is still fun I was reminded of this amazing designer that is an alum of Project Runway because someone had left an image from her new line that I loved the styling of on the printer. So, now I am sharing with all of you.

Great idea from CoutureCandy on how to pre-Spring Clean

Simply turn all of your hangers around in your closet. Put the hook on the opposite side of the bar (so it's kind of awkward to take the hanger out). Then as you wear your clothes, place the hangers back as normal. A month from now, you will be able to clearly see which pieces you actually wore and which pieces just took up valuable closet space!

for more trend tips from couture candy check out the link at the left or the title of this blog.

Too Cute

I love skirts…so I naturally love the idea that I can make my own skirt as easy as 1,2, 3…

Sew What Skirts…
I have also been thinking that it would be fun to find vintage dress directions on ebay or at a thrift store…then go shop and find the best fabrics ever for a modern look

Get Tips from Tyra's Glam Squad

Need tips from hair, clothes, makeup, anything that brings you style...well, Tyra is sharing her teams secrets...check out the site by hitting the title of this blog....enjoy!

Fashionalities Hearts Street Style

I just found on N.E.E.T. Magazine that there are more sites than and The Satorialist that have street style...(Also, LUCKY magazine has been doing some great street style remixes by giving people the racks and seeing what they do with them...)But, check out these other sites that show just what WE are wearing...
Oh, and we can't leave out

Enjoy, and share your own style online!

The March 2007 issue of N.E.E.T. Magazine is Up...Get on and ENJOY
It's all about fashion all around WWW

Thursday, March 01, 2007

ASOS has cute summer dresses right is taking off in Hollywood and now you can too:)

New Collaboration

Le Sportsac has a new Spring Line that looks like a comic strip which will be a collaboration with the French artist Fafi.

Shopbop is hot and has Alison Kelly from project runway!

DAHL COLLECTION on right now!

Fashion TV Scoop

I just found out today that a vendor I work with, George Simonton not only owns a New York Showroom, but is also a professor at FIT and now...he will be starring in a fashion reality program called, “I Don’t Have a Thing to Wear.” It should air in the fall on TLC. George’s title is Master Designer and he will be overseeing former graduates of FIT who are up and coming designers. In the show they go through someone’s closet and rework the pieces they currently have, such as adjusting the length, changing the buttons, taking out the shoulder pads, etc. We are all so excited here to see him on his new reality show. He has a great TV personality and if the first 6 episodes do well, then he’ll be guaranteed another season. I love the concept for this show and I can't wait to see how it goes...we have a little while to wait...but, it is worth the wait...until then see if you can go take a class at FIT that he may teach or see which George Simonton items you can buy before he gets really BIG and you can't find his items anywhere:)

Style in any City for Less

Yes, Patricia Fields, the woman who made "Sex and the City" what it was to fashionista's everywhere will be gracing us all with great, affordable shoes at PAYLESS! I still can't even believe it! I just read about it on Style Stalker's blog page on Vibe Vixen. Run, don't walk to a store near you and get some of these AMAZING shoes during the holiday season 2007!

Guess who is doing trend reports for everyone...drum roll..

Michael Finke, the fashion director at Saks Fifth Ave...I remember him sharing with us every season…that was my favorite meeting to attend when working at Saks…and now we can all have his great knowledge…Here are a couple of the key trends for Fall 2007 from New York...Check out the site for more great inspiration!
Shine continues to be one of the easiest ways to add a punch of sophistication to daytime. Beads, sequins, metallic-infused fabrics, patent leather, and – yes – PVC, all catch the light adding a touch of drama to illuminate the season’s best looks. Burberry shown...

The site is Up and Running

Check out Vibe Vixen today online. The site is too perfect with bloggers writing about everything from protecting the earth we live on to the perfect new bra. Everything on the site is VBrilliant!