Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Simply Genius! Sharing is Caring, Simply upload and now everyone can watch...I love it! Enjoy and check out on ShopVOGUE.TV!

Magzines are making their mark everywhere

It seems that not only ELLE is having a makover online, VOGUE has launched their new site ShopVOGUE.TV will return August 21st, and is making changes to the site...there are so many options now to fulfill ever fashionalities daily need for fashion that there are no excuses. (PS, I had never checked out the site prior to today) Great videos, shots from Fashionalities like you that are uploaded to the site, plus, videos that can be downloaded to podcasts...how ingenious is that! Now, when you are on the plane, subway, or bus and are bored you can watch a show from Shop Vogue Tv. Nothing like what ELLE is doing for every woman at HSN-that sells items from XS-3X and the cost for the items range from $19.95-highest so far a little under $150...this is reaching out to the true fashionista...with the money and the body to work the goods...so, unlike Vogue (the magazine), that we love to flip the pages to every month and get inspiration or wish to buy some of the pieces, or possibly search for the pieces at every store or online...you can purchase the items right here and now on Shop Vogue TV...though this is a little different, I see this as a competition with the already STRONG net-a-porter that I truly LOVE...but, we shall see where this goes...a little bit of ELLE, a little bit of net-a-porter, and a little bit of the Satorialist=the new and improved Shop VOGUE TV.

HSN Fall Fashion Week Presented by Elle Magazine

I told you, but I thought that Ads speak louder than words:) Check it out everday this week at 10 pm.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Miss Meghan talks about The History of Stilettos

Heel history...Miss Meghan is also on HSN this week with her new show, Show Therapy...I couldn't find the show on youtube yet, but, this is pretty interesting...I will be reviewing her book soon and giving you all snappy quotes from this fabulous book...who says there is no history/learning in fashion!?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Curvy Girl Clothing - Better TV

This is an example of what BETTER TV has on their site everyday...These shows also air on stations across the US as well...check the site to find out the channel.

Fashion/Lifestyle TV for women online

Check out Better TV...there are short shows with quick fixes for things from taking care of your home to your style...these are really women that you can relate to...this is mainly focused on the mommy demographic, but a lot of the tips are really great...


When did handbag become the word to use?? I used to use purse, but after working in top fashion, I realized that that was not a professional fashion word:) What else could you call the piece that you carry around all day with everything you need...pocket book, but, isn't that country...what else is there and do you think that purse is inappropriate:)

Decisions, Decisions

With the new bootie/oxford trend, I am not sure which style I want to buy for the season, there are so many options...I think it would be best to just get one style since it is a trend and not buy a lot...oh, what to do, what to do...Look at the line up below from Nordstrom:

$198.85 Max Studio 'Cooper' Ankle Boots

Calvin Klein 'Hadrian' Boot $149.95

Facade 'Cameron' Boots $129.95

Ash 'Ono' Bootie $159.95

MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Studio' Boot $197.95

Jeffrey Campbell 'Saple 2' Boot $139.95


My mom went to meet SJP for yours truly:) I was soo excited when she sent me flix that she snagged with her cell phone...good undercover fashion work there mom:) I missed out on meeting SJP, but, my mom got to meet him for me:) I still haven't tried COVET-but, I have heard nothing but the best about it...and I LOVE (and my husband LOVES) LOVELY...and I still need to have something from BITTEN. I will be so excited when I finally get something from her line...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tommy Rumor a Big Lie!!

I have heard this rumor so much and I didn't even listen...but, I figured I would share what I just heard from the people the lie involved...Tommy Hilfiger and Oprah.

I am honored to be tagged by Lavish Magazine

And I will pass on the torch to seven others after sharing why I LOVE Lavish Magazine and some tidbits about me:) Lavish magazine is the spot to go to for culture, fashion, and entertainment news. There is no comparison to this online magazine, I can't wait till it goes to print so that I can collect each issue...it's that good...I truly LOVE the connection with fashion and historical black figures in history that have influenced style. It's a great history lesson that mixes with my favorite topic, FASHION:)

1. I am a military brat and have lived in over 7 places! The BIG one, I was born in Spain and both of my parents were born in Oregon, so there is nothing Spanish about me:) I am now a military wife, so I will keep on the journey for while longer.

2. I am black and white, I LOVE being mixed and I love meeting others who are mixed...it is starting to be such a mixed world out there...I can't wait to bring my black/white/Indian kids into the world...

3. I am a notebook nut! Everyone that knows me, knows I have a notebook---be it big or small in my handbag...and the Tiffany's pen my mom gave me when I graduated:)

4. I love to travel...I am waiting for my husband to take me to India, that will be a HUGE blog once I get to go...so, everyone will know!

5. I have to wear bronze and blush everyday...my favorites are bronze: Pout and blush: Orgasm by NARS.

6. I grew my hair out to my natural curls and now am trying to decide what to do next...I am bored and ready for something new...but, natural is always BEST...but, we shall see what I will share shortly...

7. I am addicted to the net and fashion...ahhh! I can't ever get off...but, I love to share and meet new people/fashionistas...sharing is caring...so, get on and chat...I love to talk, or answer fashion or career questions...

Now, passing on the torch, I tag other blogs, hope you enjoyed and check out these fave sites of mine: StyleITonline.com, Style Bubble, The Fashion Informer, www.rsvp-817.blogspot.com, www.shesgotclass.blogspot.com, http://www.whowhatweardaily.com/, http://nwsavvy.blogspot.com

Monday, August 13, 2007

Fashion Sitings

With Fashion week on the verge, everyone must be getting antsy like me...another year not in the tents...I can't be too sad I guess, there are so many options to watch the shows now...I really can't complain...I can play dress up in every look I've got sit at my tv and take notes...ok, so the allure isn't there...but, at least we have the options, and here they are...whatever works for you...we have so many options...

As I had said last week, Elle is doing BIGGER and better things and revamping the magazine...I said that I look to www.elle.com for all of their great interactive fashion blogs, stories, shows etc. and now they will be featured on HSN starting August 18th, so get your Tivo's and DVR's ready to tape all of the inside shows all day long with nothing but fashion week and style tips from the greatest editors from ELLE:)

There is also:
www.Net-a-porter.com (You will have to get their NOTES for the Fall Season coming soon!)
www.nymag.com (With the Fug Girls Sharing their thoughts)
www.fashionweekdaily.com (for what's going on behind the scenes and what is being whispered in the tents)

Who needs to go to the tents anymore??? Ok, we all want to still…but, at least now we have options to feel like we are right there in the front row…What other sites will people be watching?


shopbop.com has always been AMAZING and has been providing additions to the site that we have all grown to love like the lookbook, trends option and now something even BIGGER....(drum roll...), the designer boutique. The site already had up and coming designers like Rachel Pally, Lauren Moffatt, L.A.M.B., Nieves Lavi and much more...and now their is a chic lineup of only the best from clothes to accessories. Definitely designer costs, but it is a start...for now, I will just be visiting for inspiration, but snaps*to shopbop.com, they are doing some BIG things!

Rachel Roy $1,500-I already LOVE Rachel Roy's pieces

Peter Som, $840-great color for the Fall

Brian Reyes, $1,875-I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! My personal fave

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Knocked Off

What can you say, inspiration, borrowed, or just an idea...I am not sure...but, I was flipping through the September issue of Teen Vogue and saw the new Nordstrom B.P. advertisement and couldn't believe my eyes...I saw a new item that resembled a vintage vest I had seen on Lolli by Reincarnation's vintage remixed items...as below...it makes it a lot easier and cheaper to just get the Nordstrom item...but, is it right??? Inspiration is a hard thing to say...

Cropped Military Vest, $157

Sashimi Utility Vest, ONLY $44!!!

Nordstrom knows what they are doing with their advertising...making everything in their ad easy to find for the customer with a quick link to all of the items advertised.

Introducing AZ Fashionalities

Coming soon, a blog all about the Life of AZ Fashionalities...There is nothing but Fashion in the State of AZ and people will be seeing that soon on my new site, AZ Fashionalities. Keep a look out for all things AZ Fashionalities has to offer...Here is a sneak peek into what AZ is doing with fashion events...on Friday night I attended a Fashion show like, yours truly Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. I didn't know what to expect, but I received above and beyond. Thank you AZ! I am excited for what is to come...For now, check out some of the Trend Images from Ladies in AZ...this just proves, they know what they are doing:)
Sleeve Detail
Legs, legs, legs (ladies in AZ are fit and ready to show it!)
LBD remixed with the right accessories
Red Trench Dress w/ Gucci Shoes w/ Grommet Detail, Simply Chic
High waisted Jeans, make any look complete
Mixed Media Animal Print
Finally, a pocket detail that will make any dress perfect to pose in...
Well, thank you ladies and keep a look out for more of AZ Fashionalities

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Did you Know?

Watch out for the gap...Gap owns a shoe company called Piperline...and they actually have some cute shoes this fall...check them out, they are a bit expensive for a Gap brand...but, it's still fun to look, or buy for that matter:):


Kenneth Cole New York $195
Franco Sarto $89

Select the Title to see article's I am referring to in previous blog and this blog

Age is not an issue...or is it...when it comes to clothes...

Fashionalities Age Issue

Sophistication vs. grown up….who is to say that the new trend this fall, being polished, has to be so “Grown up/old?” for example VOGUES article that explored what "younger girls" thought of the new trend and how they felt that they were wearing their mothers clothes. I, a 25 year old woman am excited about once again being a lady…I think that the 20’s to the 50’s exemplified what a woman is, a lady…although we are strong, and can do many things these days, I think that there is nothing wrong with being a woman and stepping out of a pair of jeans and into a delightful dress or skirt set…we have beautiful figures that can be exemplified through a dress, or a skirt…or a high waisted pair of trousers…Glamour magazine features a spread called Clothes that say “Grow-UP”, I say that these are clothes that exude elegance, intrigue, and everything that a woman is, beautiful.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I am hooked

Every Sunday I used to go to a Goodwill in Portland, Oregon and scour the racks for hours...it was something I had to do and I always left with gems...to this day, I still go to Goodwill for great finds...I recently found a vintage Dooney & Bourke that I LOVE for only $19.99!

Today, I found a site that is dedicated to yours truly, Goodwill http://dcgoodwillfashions.blogspot.com/...you have to check it out...I love it...and for more Goodwill fun, check out Goodwill's site: Shopgoodwill.com - Auctions Featuring Specialty Items from the ...

Similar Look from Overseas

If you like Urban Outfitters, I think you will like the Indiska site...the site sells clothes, accessories and home decorations...the only problem is...I don't think you can purchase online because the store is based in Norway...but, I think it is great to look at for inspiration...check it out:

Magazine Makeover

The NYT Style Section last Thursday had a full article about ELLE magazine’s makeover…things are just changing from people working at the magazine to layouts etc., for what I would say is the BEST…but, I think that they are one of my TOP fashion magazines…at least online…everyday I wait to see what they will present me with in their daily email and updates on their site…I recommend that everyone sign up for their site. At least once a day you would receive something like:

With Updates from the magazine with insider information, trend images, and more…the trend images are the best…skim through almost hundreds of pieces chosen from editors for several trends…there are also street trends and much more…yes, we LOVE Net-a-Porter and Style.com, but, I think that ELLE magazines website is one to contend with and now that they are punching up their magazine it will be on for sure.
The current cover is my fave, SJP...but, now all of the talk is about Lindsay Lohan's cover...we shall see what that will have in store...keep a look out for their September issue...but, until then, the August issue was fab too.
P.S. Their fashion forum is a great way to get insight to what everyone is talking about:

Monday, August 06, 2007

Kimora Lee Simmons--Life in the Fab Lane

This was better than I could have thought it would have been, check it out and be surprised...get to know the mother, the mogul, the fashionista and really get to see what she does behind the scenes...this woman is doing something right, or she wouldn't have all that she does...I just wish she would start selling what she has on the runway...we know she has the show down...lets just start sharing all the looks off the runway instead of jeans and sweats...

The Best Advertisers Out There

Chandelier, comprised of some of the most creative people that created Suede Magazine that has been gone for a couple of years. Now, Chandelier, the ad agency that was started after the magazine folded is on fire...they are working with companies like:

Baby Phat (you can see them on the first episode of Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane
Old Navy...the website has changed to look a little edgier
M Missoni (my fave designer!)
Nordstrom (I can totally see this, and I tried to get Saks to do this while I was in their marketing department...but, they didn't listen to me...now look how Nordstrom's is doing compared to them:)
And Many More...

I LOVE this Ad Agency! They make me want to check out my old issues of SUEDE!

Check out Kimora's new show on Sunday's at 8PM, it's worth it....

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Barney's Line-Up of Shoes

After all of my blogs on shoes for the Fall yesterday,I receive this email from Barney's, how appropriate:)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Don't Be Afraid

Of pumping up your structured, plain, classic (whatever you want to call it) work gear with your “night time” shoes…hello, it makes the look pop if the rest of you is mixed in with everyone else…why not have some fun??:)

Dept. store sale phenomena:

They are now grouping sales items together by designer…how smart…
No Need to Search for what you want anymore...enjoy the easy sale shopping you deserve:)

Toe Nail Adventures

Toenail colors are now matching the outfit…last night someone wearing a dark blue/navy blue dress w/ white polka dots had dark blue toe nails and white flat peep toe shoes
And then someone else was wearing a pink dress and had pink toe nails almost the exact color of the dress and then some peep toe flats…I think also in white;) Just something to think about...

Fashionalities Fall Shoe Checklist

Vintage high boots in a tan/camel color (from a thrift or vintage store)
Driving shoes
Cream heels
Gold heels
Silver heels

Fall Shoes from Target that

Sometimes you just need to browse the target website to find the unexpected:
This is such a chic boot for this fall and only $24.99, it's crazy!

These shoes are everywhere this fall and they are already on sale on Target.com for $26.99


A Notebook Can Say So Much About You

I have found the answers to my back-to-school shopping dilemma, check out Fred Flare's back to school special:) Herb Journal, $9.95-It's Always essential to have a fab notebook to scribble work notes and ideas in all day. It could be a work accessory that can start a convo with a higher up...

I LOVE this duffel...carry your school books, or take home work in fun style...Only $25

Get Ready for Business Trips with these luggage labels for $12.

Hemline Stationary Set $9.95, this is great to have for thank you notes that you always need at work.

Fashion All The Time

I doubt everyone can't tell that I am addicted to FASHION---I work in fashion, read fashion magazines every month, and watch anything connected to fashion:) I recently got Direct TV and was excited to find that besides the Style Network and the occasional fashion programs on WE (Women Entertainment Channel), shows like America's Next Top Model on CW, BRAVO's fashion focused shows or TLC...there is now a channel that has Beauty and Fashion all day, appropriately called, Beauty and Fashion TV. Watch the runway from Paris, England to New York and really get a feel for what is happening backstage from the makeup to the clothes. I LOVE THIS CHANNEL...You can watch it all day. It's heaven:)

Find the Real Deal at a Good Price

I was so excited when I read about the Online Luxury Auction site, Portero which sells all of your favorite designer pieces from Jewelry to Handbags, and get this, the items are real without a question...which is essential to me...I am always really scared when I browse on Ebay because I never know if the items are real. I would rather have a real price at Potero and know that the item is real than get a "deal" and get a fake...
Current Bid: $449
Current Bid: $699

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mix and Match

Use the same Isaac Mizrahi dress from a couple of days ago, but add a cardigan or turtleneck with lurex and some funky boots or pumps and you have a look that can take you from day too night, but not as dressy as the look before...with the same funky dress.

Never Confirmed-But-Always Shared

Nordstrom’s should be looking at Tucson for a new store opening…there are more than 1 million people now… Tucson, the next Phoenix…better weather…more room for growth…we'll see...with that should come more of a city life...but, that just may be a dream:) The next Mall of America, being looked at in Tucson, AZ...Phoenix to come: Barney’s and H&M... New York: Sources are still saying that Nordstrom’s is looking for a store front on 5th Ave…Currently, their main base is in Seattle, WA. It is being said that Lord & Taylor may downsize their well-known store on 5th Ave to have a condensed offering of clothing rather than everything under the sky...maybe Nordstrom's can buy the majority of what Lord & Taylor doesn't use... Who knows, none of these are confirmed...just hear say...but, you never know...some may come true...keep your ears open:)

Watch Out Ebay

The best site to go see what people are wearing all over the world---a more personal Satorialist, the Style Diary at http://www.stylediary.net/, is now offering a place for people that share their looks to sell what they want to get rid of...kind of fun...we are already checking out everyone's stuff and now we can buy...it's just like a buffalo exchange, or ebay...just a little more of a focus on fashionista style... http://lookshoplist.com/. Find Vintage, name brand, designer and more...and you can even sell on here too, which might be easier and more profitable than the other places you might resale items since the people buying are all loves of clothes/fashion.

The Best Way To Shop

Go to http://www.nordstrom.com/ and select SALE, then go to the bottom on the left hand side and choose $30 and less, you will not believe how much comes up...it is kind of fun just to surf the selections...if you have time everyday...new things come up almost everyday.



Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Great Expectations for the Fashionista Diaries

I see nothing but the best for this new show, Fashionista Diaries...although there are a lot of people to cover (6 assistants) and the show seems to go by rather quickly...I like the excitement that New York brings, the different styles each assistant has...and learning about the different careers in the fashion industry (and seeing what really happens in the REAL WORLD of the fashion industry)...I can truly relate...I think that this will be a show that we will all have parties for...themed that is...and discuss who should get fired, i.e. Nicole, or who needs to learn how to walk in heels, i.e. Rachel...all in all, I think that this show is going to ROCK!

Side note:

I love that barely anyone knows what Soap Network is...unless they are Soap Fans (which I am not)...I was telling everyone to watch today and no one knew what Soap Net was...well, if anything this show will take the Network to a higher level...good luck Soap Network!