Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mani/Pedi Service @ Your Service via your Stocking

Your neighborhood drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reade (which I miss in NYC), and Rite Aid have the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone's pockets that everyone will definitely need.  Who doesn't need a great mani, pedi once a month, but can't necessarily pay the $30 0n up it costs?  This  Kiss manicure or pedicure package is small, but contains everything you need for only $9.99 each.  How can you beat that?  Pair this package with a great nail polish with a classic color like red or a trendy color like grey.  

Great Finds @ Great Prices w/ Shop it to ME

Ok, let's say you get sent a $100 gift card from a family member and you want to get a great deal...I found a fab Rachel Pally top from Shop it to Me that led me to fall in love with another top by Alisha Charlotte that are both under $100 from a site called Basic Boutique...I share this to let you know that Shop it to Me is working it for it's members...these pieces are gorgeous and will be fab for resort or, get in the mood and start stocking up for spring with Christmas money with Shop it to Me!
The site styles the tops with jeans, but I would do like Lauren Conrad did in a photo I saw once with a high waist skirt...summer fun and chic.


I just want to say that I was right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Something to Take Note of From Net-a-Porter

This week, our friends at Net-a-Porter are giving all of us fashionista's a pre-Christmas present...special edition NOTES issue that is not worth missing.  The Holiday Guide includes tips from "Fashion's most fabulous," to help inspire.  We may not be able to afford at this time, but it provides great ideas to help with your last minute gift giving.
I am LOVING the orange Anya journal...I bet it is soo expensive..sadly it is not on the site...research, research, research:) 
Dita's style is so amazing and they gave her about 3 spreads worth of well-deserved fashion glory...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On the 9th Day Till Christmas Shop It To Me Helped Me Find...

Ok everyone...with less than 9 days left till Christmas, if you are still looking for gifts for family and friends or people are asking you for a list with a bottom line Shop It To Me has it all!  Yesterday I updated my profile with all of the new and improved designers and brands and today I got an email filled with great finds that would have taken me way to long to find otherwise.  Check out some of the great brands and prices I found and sign up still have 9 days to make this happen:)

Happy Holidays!

Juicy Couture
Lauren Conrad
Marc by Marc Jacobs Dress
Theory Dress

Make The Scene This Winter

The "It" bag is a must-have for any event any time of the day and Balenciaga has achieved that with their perfect style handbags that all celebs are carrying and fashionistas are fawning after.  Great investment piece.

Not only are jewels hot this season, but for evening events you can still get away with high heel sandals...if you are too cold to go bare, just wear a pair of opaque tights.  These are a great style similar to the shoes worn by SJP in SATC the movie.  Gladiator will be even stronger this spring, so why not get started now?  And no worries, the platform helps the height of the heel.

WWD News to Know

It's funny, I have honestly started hearing people talking about Dr. Marten's again, but I thought nothing of it...yeah, I used to rock the boots back when I was in middle school when we used to get them from a Dr. Marten's store in downtown Portland, but I honestly never thought the style would come back...we shall see what the reemergence of the brand brings...this must mean 90's styling is right around the corner.

Did anyone else wonder who would take over the retail space for all of the Mervyn's that will be closing?  Well, the answer...the ever expanding and newly improved Forever 21 and Kohl's...which I still mean to stop by and see:)

This NY based tax piece was all too interesting to only give a summary:
"Albany, NY – Gov. David A. Paterson is suggesting an additional sales tax of 5 percent on luxury goods such as  jewelry and furs costing over $20,000 as one of 181 tax increase proposals  in order to balance the state’s 2009-10 budget deficit.   The Governor also is proposing the elimination of the sales tax exemption on clothing and footwear priced under $110, but would replace it with two, one week exemption periods on clothing and footwear priced under $500. Localities would have the option to join the state in offering the exemption."

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My New Favorite Vintage Go-To: Vintage Revolver

It's always good to make new friends on Myspace...I just checked out a new friends site on Etsy and have officially fallen in love with all things Vintage Revolver has to offer.  Not only does the seller offer fab vintage finds, but she also designs beautiful accessories.  Hurry, these are all one-of-a-kind.  Support entrepreneurs and get something fab and unique under $50 this holidays makes everyone happy:)

Sharing is Caring....Styles Always Come Back Around

I remember begging my mom for these shoes...and now, we see these style shoes all over this season...just shows I knew what I was doing even then:)  The other image is me with Kate White back when I interned at CosmoGIRL!
*Images from The Sartorialist

Collector's Item: Liz Claiborne

I would start rushing out for Liz Claiborne and Isaac Mizrahi vintage-y pieces from the 80's...I think that Liz Claiborne is going to take off after Isaac starts to getting his productions out for LC...Hopefully the brand will come back to what it used to's to that! 
Also, for those in NYC...Isaac sometimes does spots at Joe's Pub...if you are there attend!  He does giveaways and he does his sketches which I would totally hang on my wall at home!

The Perfect Gift for the Fashionista that has EVERYTHING!

For your fashion friends who has everything in her something that relates to her love for fashion:)
Juicy Couture Monopoly...need I say more?
See if your friends really LOVE SATC by testing their knowledge of all things Sex and the City.
Test your fashion knowledge...a good way to learn about the fashion industry before getting a job in the fashion industry. 

Bag Sanity

There can be a pause in dreaming for those handbags like Hermes and Chanel that literally cost thousands of dollars...a company called Slow and Steady Wins the Race has recreated our dream bags in canvas for only $100 and shipping is only $8 via UPS...or you can get even lower at $5 via can you go wrong!?  I think it would even be fun to have these dyed to make them more personal for you when you get it!  And add your initials...the fun is endless! 
AND OMG----only 100 of each will created!!!!!!!  So, hurry, get your Christmas money together and buy!

Friday, December 12, 2008


I can Never Look at Forever 21 and NOT find are some things to GUSH over!

The last bracelet like this I shared SOLD OUT in less than a day!  Check it out today!  I will share bracelets I have seen in mags that look similar to this design but are A LOT more than $7.99! 
This skirt is less than $13!!!!!!!  CRAZY!
I just loved this color...

I love everything about this sweater, the buttons, the hood, the design!  Less than $50!

Another sweater just as cute:)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A New Dream, Brought To US By Teen Vogue This Month

I need, want, HAVE TO HAVE the Marc by Marc Jacobs Chanel can you say no?  It's so chic...well, besides the price tag...I am not sure how long I can wait for this though...I really need to find some side jobs like right now:)$$$$$$$278$$$$$$$

Ok, here are the STEALS at Forever 21...I may have to keep dreaming and stick with reality:)  We shall see:)

Shop It To Me Has All You Need

*These Marc Jacobs shoes were sent to me in my SITM email and are only $109!  Who wants to search the web to find this tell SITM what you want and it finds it for drama included.  

Not only do I tell everyone, but in this months Cosmo editors are sharing all of the great things about Shop It To Me...
My BIG thing...sign up today through me and then invite all of your friends ASAP because every 10 people you invite and sign up, you get $1o gift certificates that you can give as gifts or that you can buy people gifts's so smart!  Get to it, only 14 more days till Christmas:) Plus, Shop It To Me has now added Victoria's Secret, Rachel Roy, Comme des Garcons and more!  It's so worth it to sign up today, I promise!