Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rachel Zoe was all about Bronze today--my kind of girl!

Heidi Klum's bronzer for Victoria's Secret is surprising perfection! When I asked the lady at the counter about the bronzer she seemed like she didn't think it was that good, but I am glad I just tried it. It's got the different colors which makes the glow kind of like a blush.

Editors Picks : Kirna Zabete

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HUGE SALE at TULLE for Black Friday!

Everything on site will be HALF OFF! Plus, FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all orders! They already have great prices! So make sure you check it out! Also, I had to share that I spotted a TULLE jacket at TJMAXX today and my sis saw TULLE at Nordstrom's Rack! They are everywhere! But, get the best of the best at this AMAZING sale!

Introducing an untapped designer that I have fallen madly in love with: HEIDI MERRICK

I get so many emails these days that sometimes it feels like they have lost the excitement because it feels like I am just getting what everyone has already read and/or shared...but, this is something NEW! I fell instantly in love with Heidi Merrick's line! I think this would be a perfect designer for my fave show, "Gossip Girl." By the way, did you hear that the costume designer has a new book out?? More on that soon! I can also see Olivia P. rocking this designer too...The publicist said the following celebs have worn these fab designs: Kelly Rutherford, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Bar Rafaeli, Tori Spelling. Plus, check out the SALE section, the prices are AMAZING and the silhouettes are similar to the regular price items...YAY! Perfect for holiday dressing that no one else will be wearing! Interview with the designer to come!

H&M Grand Opening in Scottsdale, AZ BUZZZZ

I was so excited to attend the grand opening of the first H&M in Arizona but I was surprised when it wasn't the location I was expecting next to the new to Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall...none the less, the store was AMAZING! Children's merch upstairs and mens in a little corner, the rest, was ALL WOMEN! There were just a few let downs, the accessory area that I usually covet was very slim-t0-none and there will be no "pink-label," trend label items at this location. But, I can't pout, we finally have an H&M! We probably won't be getting everything that we see in magazines, but the store is going online in 2010, so we can hold off. And, I still believe that there is another location opening in Scottsdale Fashion Mall because of the sign up, dugh:) And there is rumor that one is coming to I am def crossing my fingers!
*Image from Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall
Here are some trending attendees at the event.
You have to meet him while you shop at H&M! I am terrible and forget his name...but, he was fabulous and remembered mine the whole time I was there and I of course got the snood he was wearing for ONLY $14.95!

I have a navy trench that I need to add a red ribbon to with tips from the Today Show and ELLE mag

Friday, November 13, 2009

The $50 Savers Challenge and Tips

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE thrift stores with a passion and I am always down for taking on a search for a day to find exactly what I am looking for or whatever might jump out at me.
Savers sent me a $50 gift certificate to see what I could find and I found A LOT! I am still so excited about what I have found and am receiving so many compliments.
But, before we get into what I bought. Let's cover a few bases that thrift shoppers should keep in mind.
1. Make sure you know if there are any extra discounts. Although thrift stores are supposed to be really great deals...some thrift stores are starting to hike up prices and know about brands etc. So, keep that in mind. Savers has a weekly color which offers half off and on Monday's that color gets all items for $1!!! That's something to not miss!
2. Check out all of the locations in your area to figure out which one has the best offerings. This is usually a pretty BIG thing to watch for since thrifting takes a lot of time and you want to make sure you are going to the right place to find your hidden treasures.
3. Don't jump for the name brand unless you know you will definitely be wearing it. I found a Dolce & Gabbana dress, but, I just knew I wouldn't wear it. I also found a jacket I had just seen at Nordstroms at the mall!!! But, I had to tell myself no---because I knew I was just reacting to seeing it at the mall full price!:)
4. Take note from above---some stores donate clothes, shoes and more to thrift stores---so it might even be BRAND NEW!
5. Go in with a list of what you have seen in the mags that you can find vintage or used...why not? Gives you a focus and if you find something while looking even better.
6. Try on, try on, try on...even if you have to try on over your clothes since it's not necessarily clean, you need to know if it fits.
7. SAVERS offers a great deal---if you donate items 1-or more:) you can get a $3 gift certificate to use there! Which works perfect to use on Monday's when it is dollar day for the color of the week! How can it not get any better than that? I am going on Monday now that I am unemployed to fill my time on a dime:)
Now, here's what I was lucky to find:
1. Bill Blass New York dress that I had personally sold last year for $695 now for: $10 in perfect condition! (It's at the dry here is the collection picture:)
2. Sequin jacket, which is all the rage right now. I wore it window shopping at J. Crew and the ladies said it reminded them of something they would sell:) But, I knew I paid much less. $10
3. Must-have a black, cashmere sweater! I feel like I can wear this high with a low back (which I can't wait to do!) or the way it is intended with a low neckline. $3.99
4. Velvet and blazers are everywhere this fall! I can't wait to wear this jacket with a skinny belt. Very J. Crew! $5.99
5. I have been wanting cropped tops so bad lately so this white blouse was a must for next spring. I think there will probably be days I can get away with it in Tucson during the winter "months" though:) $5.99
6. I feel like I want to live in cords this fall and I want to cut them all like fashion-y girl from Sea of Shoes. My hubby keeps saying I shouldn't...but, I think I HAVE to...I need every trouser I have to be ankle length for some reason:) $5.99
7. The rest of the cash was spent on 2 different black silk blouses that I am seeing sold at Urban Outfitters for at least $3o right now and a $2 Sex and the City game!:) I also went over the budget and bought a vintage Ungaro bag for $4.99 that I saw was selling on eBay for at least $50! woo-hoo:)

The Look for Less: Rihanna's Tuxedo Jacket

This is the one I saw and fell in love with...but, I guess there is another jacket that is called the "tuxedo jacket"....I just don't want the lace so I will stick with this version:)

After seeing Rihanna in the tuxedo jacket trend a couple of times, it made it on my list and I started searching thrift stores and Buffalo Exchange...but, hadn't seemed to find anything...and I couldn't see myself paying hundreds of dollars for this trend I wasn't sure I was going to keep in my life. Not evening thinking to look at White House, Black Market, I was just window shopping with the hubby at APPLE (he wants an Apple TV:) and I spotted it in white and about screamed! The jacket I needed right now was at White House/Black Market...go my dismay, they didn't have the jacket in black yet, but the associate assured me that they usually get another color in everything they receive. WOOHOO:)

Did You Know???

MANGO is looking to expand in the U.S....
H&M and ZARA are looking to finally sell their items via e-commerce---FINALLY!
Liz Clairborne New York, which Isaac Mizrahi is designing for is being sold on QVC now?
Taylor quit working for Rachel Zoe, gasp!
NYLON mag is available as an iPhone App:)
The Sugar Network just launched a new webisode site called, bellaTV.
Daily Candy is taking it even further and will be launching sample sales online site called SWIRL on November 19th.
Bill Blass is revealing a new designer soon...hopefully this one works out...
There's a new book out called, Fashion for DUMMIES:)
Did I miss anything:) What do you have?? Please share!:)