Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Fashion Event

Who: PFW Productions
What: Portland Fashion Week
When: October 20-27, 2006
Where: TBD, variety of locations that will be detailed on site
Why: Showcase designers in Portland area
How: Invites and prices tBD

Fashion Event

Who: Arizona Fashion Foundation
What: 4th Annual LabelHorde Fashion Ball
When: November 11, 2006 @ 6:30PM
Where: El Pedregal
Why: Support Local Designers and Fashion Professionals~Preview what is to come for Arizona Fashion Week to come
How: General Runway seating cost: $40, standing cost: $15

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fashionalities Point of View

The color to wear this Fall on finger nails and toe nails should be Wicked by Essie or any other family of red...yes black is being worn by Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, but I think these colors that I am recommending are still eye catching, but not overbearing.

Fashion Event

Who: TIMOTHY GREENFIELD-SANDERS with André Leon Talley, Tim Gunn & Martha Nelson
What: During Fashion Week meet with the BigWigs of Fashion and learn more about the industry through a discussion on the world of fashion and how these people got into the industry.
When: September 12, 2006
@ 7PM
Where: New York Public Library
South Court Auditorium
Why?? Because we love Fashion!
and How: Jump on the Subway and go!:)

Library Book

Today Fashion Week Daily ( is obsessed with LOOK: Portraits Backstage at Olympus Fashion Week by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders which is a book that explores the who's who of attendees during fashion week...for an insiders look, check this book out at the library or local Barnes and Noble...for a quick fix...go to New York Metro and see some of the images from the book at,

Make Your Bid

Get ready to make your bid on Ebay for an opportunity to win one of two dresses that are limited edition and made by Alison Kelly from Project Runway. See links and looks below. Good luck!

Magazine Rack

Fashion Magazine's are my life...but, Fall issues are my fave...they are loaded with so much useful information that it is hard for me to get rid of this issue for the whole year:) Needless to say, ZINK a fashion favorite of mine just came out with their Fall issue and have revamped their site...check it out today and get sneak peeks of what is in the issue!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Fashionalities Says the Next Shoe to Own is...

Courtney Crawford
Don't mistake Courtney Crawford for the supermodel, Cindy Crawford...and yes, Courtney Crawford shoes may not have graced the screens of Sex and the City with Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik, but these shoes are in their second season and making a mark on the fashion world. The designer of Courtney Crawford shoes, a man BTW, is also designing the Spring 2007 shoe collection for Missoni-that will be a collaboration to see...
Courtney Crawford shoes are sultry and made for the "risk-taker." These shoes speak volumes about the woman who wears them with a little edge in the detail and a variety of vibrant colors.
These shoes can be purchased at Fred Segal and other stores across the globe.

Fashionalities Hearts Stylists that Become Designers

Meet, Miss Davenporte
Are you searching for something distinct, elegant, lady-like with an edge...look no further, stylists Cristina Ehrlich and Estee Stanley who dress ladies like Mandy Moore, Salma Hayek, and the Olsen Sisters are now bringing the look to you at boutiques online like, Ron Herman. I love the vintagy looks with a modern edge to them...the line includes dresses, blouses and tunics with distinctive fabrics to choose from...

A Twist to the Trend: Grunge

I am not a big follower of the Grunge trend that was made popular on the catwalk of Marc Jacobs fall collection...but, I can say that I will do the layering of pieces in a clean and chic way like BCBG did in their Fall favorites display above.

Is the A-Line/One Strap Sleeve in Again?

Do you all remember the look that was BIG in 2000-2001? Everyone had a dress or shirt with just one strap, or better know as A-line. I have been seeing the look coming are a couple of the designers that I have see that are doing this trend again...will people start wearing this style again?

Chloe @

Graeme Black @

Marc Jacobs Spring 06' line

Do You Know Who You Are Wearing?

These days’ designers are coming from everywhere! It just shows that this is a time for entrepreneurs...everyone is creating something new...I think it is fun to know who is creating what you wear...Here are a couple of designers I just got the SCOOP on:)

Roxstar is a great line that is sold at Kitson in LA that is casual with a little bit of pop to it...but, did you know that these pieces were created by a 15 and 16 year old and stars like Paris Hilton are wearing these pieces! How AMAZING!

Now this find is rather BIG to me:) Last Friday, I watched the Oprah Winfrey show and found out that Jimmy Choo was actually started by a woman named, Tamara Mellon...yes Jimmy Choo is alive and well and he does create the shoes we all adore...but, Tamara, a previous Accessories Editor at British VOGUE is the one running the game...for more information on this amazing story go to:

Speaking of people working at a magazine before hitting it BIG in the designer world...Vera Wang was an editor at American VOGUE for about 15 years before becoming the designer she is today...she will be creating RTW and also a more affordable clothes line that will be available at Kohl's stores nationwide this fall!

Now, you can have a story to go along with the fabulous pieces that you wear by any of these designers:)

Friday, August 25, 2006

Watch the 7pm and 12am Oprah Show from Fri. Aug. 26th

Today's Oprah show was one that every fashionista needs to watch...The segments included a runway show with Marc Jacobs as well as background information on the beloved Jimmy Choos that no one probably knows about.

Fashionalities wants to Watch

There is a new fashion focused show on ABC this Fall that will share what the "real" fashion industry is like...It is called Ugly Betty and it will premiere on September 28th at 8pm. I can't wait to see how the Wardrobe Supervisor, Amy R. Burt and the Costumer, Rachel Leek represent the characters and people in the fashion world...People are saying this is going to be another Devil Wears Prada...I am not sure, but I look forward to something trying to fill my Sex and the City fashion fill each week...we shall see how this show pans out...

Sidenote: The Executive Producer is Salma Hayek-gives us a little more reason to check this new Primetime Drama out...Mark Your Calendars...

Farewell to Shop Etc.

It was just announced today that Hearst is letting go of Shop Etc. is sad when we lose fashion books that are just beginning...Shop Etc. launched in 2004...

Brilliant Fashion Function

Have you have had a weekend that you knew was just going to where to go, nothing to watch...just nothing in general? Well, make something happen! I found the most genius idea on one of my friends on myspace called, Fashion Lover MiMi...that spells it all out for you and makes it sound so fun and so easy...Do the following to have a fun filled Fashion weekend!

Fashion Focused Movies to Rent:

Possible Game...maybe corny...but, has potential:)

Maybe play Scrabble and only use fashion, designers, anything fashion goes...see how it

Drinks up!

I always recommend Champagne, Chambord and a little bit of good and soo easy:)

And what party isn't complete with out magazines! The more the better!

Fashionalities Wants To Know

Would you Wear This???

This is something new that Lindsay Lohan is supposedly wearing...if that is true or not...could you see yourself wearing this as a vest/scarf and carrying your stuff around in? Kind of like a new hip sack...The cost...$79.50 plus shipping and handling.

Fall Fashion Just Right

Something a little Unexpected is Always Good...

I have been to a lot of shows and I still always get a fashion high when I see them...But, when I got invited to Vena Cava's show I didn't know what to say...this was an experience all it's own...The presentation was so unique it complimented the line so well...Vena Cava's clothes are sold at Barneys ( See images below that I took at the show.

What are your thoughts?

What is your favorite trend for the Fall?
Boots, Boots, Boots
Empire Waist
Tights and more Tights
Layering/Grunge Look
Jeans never go away
Gold Everything
Free polls from

Fashionalities Flipping Through Domino Magazine

What Dreams are Made of...
My current dream bag is the Goyard bag...that costs way too much for my newly married budget...Although I would love to carry this luxe bag with my new initials "NMR", I will have to wait till I hit the Lotto or get a really good raise:) But, there is hope...I found a great idea in the September issue of Domino to hold me over until I can buy my very own Goyard bag....The article suggests wallpaper and lamp designs that compliment the Goyard design...for more inspiration flip to page 39 in the September issue of Domino.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fashionalities Sneak Peek

I went to the Winter 2006/2007 sneak peek for the new TO GO line...see some images below for what to look forward to:) Below are a couple of pieces by designer Behnaz. Also, see the whole collection that you can GUSH over and plan a buying strategy for November 1st:) I will be the first in line that morning!

From Basic to Classy~Portrait of a Lady

I have a couple of signature Michael Stars shirts that I honestly barely wear...but, I keep around as a classic basic...but, I think that this designer is changing his signature...the new ad campaign is truly selling a new look and I love it...I appreciate how fashion is transforming back to a lady being a lady and dressing like one...

For your Evenings out...make a Statement

Besides the excitement of Rachel Zoe designing fabulous accessories for Judith Leiber this Fall I just had to add that I love the ad campaign for JL as well!

Are large key chains back in?

Does everyone remember when MJ had those really BIG key chains and charms??? And then GAP did it as well...they were all over...well, it really jumped out at me today, when I was flipping through In Style and saw that DKNY now has BIG key chains with this going to be a BIG trend again this Fall?

Fashionalities Says, Treat Yourself

I can't wait to travel to India to buy jewelry...until then check out the online boutique Isharya that has a fab variety of glam jewels...also, if you enter: FRIENDS at the checkout you will get a 20% discount provided by DAILYCANDY!


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Movie Inspiration

I just watched Purple Rain for the first time...I know...way too late...but, I have to say...with all of the boot trends this Fall...I think I like the idea of adding an anklet to the boot trend since I have been inspired by Apollonia from the movie:) We'll see how this twist to the trend goes:)
I also loved the leather jacket that Apollonia wore that flared at the waist-this look would compliment the new cinch waist trend that is happening right now.

Fall Shopping Secret

Do you need to keep a budget on your shopping this Fall...but, you don't know how?? Today I found a great tool on the Oprah Magazine site...The article gives tips on how to control your shopping and allows you to determine your clothing allowance. You can also download a checklist to use while you shop:) Good luck!!!!!!!

Fashionalities Hearts...

Just some things that are catching my eye that I wanted to share to look forward to this Fall....
Marc Jacobs buy at

Tory Burch flats buy at

I can't wait to wear tights and leggings with my shorts...I think the look is so HOT!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fashionalities New Show Alert

The STYLE Network will be including a new fashion focused show launching on September 4th called Style Me Famous. This show will be hosted by the previous co-host of America's Next Top Model, Jay Manuel. The series will allow a lucky woman to get a makeover with great styling tips from her favorite celeb. It is interesting that through the success of Tyra's first show so many people are leaving...

Other shows coming this Fall on the STYLE network are Split Ends and the House of Dereon Runway Special (this is centered around Beyonce and her mother, Tina Knowles.)

There are a lot of new and already loved fashion focused shows coming this Fall...only a few weeks away so be ready to stay in and enjoy because you won't want to miss any of it;)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Model Behavior

With Top Models on the rise from magazine, to television, to fashion is no surprise to see Devon Aoki go from ruling the BABY PHAT cat walk to starring in movies and posing for magazine covers...she is all over in full force...and with shows like America's Top Model (which will start it's new season in September) and The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency Reality Show where expectations are high...amateurs as well as women that have tried to make it in the fashion industry have to fit the standards of a top model which are a certain weight, height, a distinct look and much more...Devon Aoki is an exception to these rules...She is not the expected height for models... but, she gives the camera a flair and presence that makes her stand apart from all others...You can check Devon Aoki out in the September issue of CosmoGIRL! in a denim editorial or starring in Friendly Fire this year (2006).

Friday, August 18, 2006

Southern Belle

Gone With the Wind is the epitome of all things elegant for women's dress...I wish women still dressed like that today...and some still do. Juleps and Belles is a new designer that sells original dresses from Birmingham. Items are sold and displayed at Nicole Richie is one of the celebs that is wearing this line...see a look below...the red dress is Jeleps and Belles...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Magazine Rack

Any fashionista reads W, VOGUE, Bazaar, and ELLE...but, why not try something a little different and read V??? This magazine is a mix of NYLON meets Paper meets VOGUE meets equal V.

Just the Right Fit

Have you ever searched for a piece of clothing that is the perfect fit that is lacking elastic and that you don't have to take in to the seamstress to be altered? There is a new online retailer called myShape Inc. that is going to help all of you women searching for the right fit! The site will be launching in keep a look out and get those designs together for your custom-made style! Check out the site today and sign-up for updates on the new site.

Editor's Note

Hello Everyone,

I will be really busy moving today and tomorrow and probably won't have time to write unless something BIG happens and I have to share:) I will be back on Monday with new fashion news and blogs!



If you have missed my old blogs check out "Vintage Blogs" on the right hand side.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jean Trend

I just read in today's WWD that the West Coast jean trend is going from skinny to worn-in baggy boyfriend that true? I would rely on Cali to represent the jean trend since the state is a much more laid back look...share you thoughts...

Making the Movie: Marie Antoinette

For anyone who has been following my blogs, you know that I can not wait to watch, listen, read anything Marie Antoinette...well, Kirsten Dunst is on the cover of VOGUE this month and on there is a behind the scenes video of what went on during the shoot.
I wish ladies still dressed like this...I am going to have to host a masquerade to make my wish come true:)


There is nothing more classic than a can be worn in a demure fashion with a dress or a cardigan, or in a funky style adding layers of pearls and gold chains with a wife beater and matter, Pearls will always be a girls best friend...I received pearls on the day of my wedding and they will be in my jewelry box for the rest of my life. Read and view more thoughts on pearls at

Beauty Trend

Do you have a friend that loves makeup and knows how to do all of the latest beauty tricks? Go to Sephora today and nominate your friend to be a Sephora In Girl. Who doesn't love Sephora...doing this you or your friend can have access to even more at Sephora, so why not try. Good luck!

Fashion Is Everywhere

I will be traveling a lot as of this Saturday...I am going to start sharing fashion news from around the United I was researching fashion spots online for Portland, Oregon and I found a site called Ultra PDX that has daily updates about fashion in Portland...Adidas and Nike's headquarters are in Portland and there is an official fashion week in Portland as well...since I won't be able to go to NYC's fashion week this year, I will have to write about what I see in PO:)

New York Sample Sale

Location: 249 W 34TH ST , SUITE 507, NEW YORK, NY
Date: Thursday, August 17, 10:30am - Friday, August 18, 7:00pm