Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Recessionista Talk Is Everywhere

On my trip to DC I could tell that every editor was talking recession shopping in their offices three months ago...from my British publications to my top fashion pub, VOGUE everyone was screaming how to save your closet...and it's funny---from high end national pubs to local fashion focused newspapers, the story was the same...I just wanted to share a recap of what I found...To some, this might be like a broken record now, but you never know.

April VOGUE: Piece written about Modular dressing...meaning buying a selection of items that can be worn a variety of ways to make it seem new...the price, still high, but when you think about it, you are getting multiple looks...A caption reads, "Wear and repeat."  It's about time we started thinking that...although I am one to like new looks...even if that means trading it at Buffalo:)

April British ELLE: Article about "Smart Shopping"...I guess we haven't always been...and now we have to, but this has a smart twist to it...one, I haven't really considered...buy one great piece...even if it is a high price...considering that it will last and you will wear it numerous times and love it.  Anne-Marie Curtis provides rules I truly agree with, like, "If shop assistants say everything looks fabulous on you, walk away...."(not available online:()
Really great issue that I recommend to everyone!

yes, the local arizona republic newspaper fashion focused paper.  I always get these pubs for free to see what people are doing.  I always love what they do with this free pub...and the website isn't half bad either...but, I noticed that no matter what price point (VOGUE or a local pub) everyone is talking the same talk...find some way to save.  People used to be afraid of a thrift store or second hand store...but, now everyone shares openly where they shop---whether HIGH or way way low....The pub shared 5 different vintage stores to "Treasure Hunt" in Phoenix...I for one can't wait to spend a day searching for my gems:)