Thursday, December 28, 2006

Designer Corner

Last year I read about a new designer in the Sunday Styles Section of the New York Times...I was so excited and I searched everywhere for more information...finally, because of the JC Report (January Issue) email I was able to find the site and the stores that I can shop for this fabulous dress designer...ok, so the designer is Nicole Young and her designs are dresses that are very similar to looks from the 70's. You can find Nicole Young's dresses in boutiques or online with Intermix, Kitson, Canteloup and East Hampton’s Blue & Cream. These are great looks for the Spring/Summer for parties, clubs or just to wear around.

Tool Box for the Spring/Summer

I posted a purse like this that you can buy at Home Depot last it has been on the runway and Luella will be selling this "purse" on her Spring 2007 line...there is still always the option to go to Home Depot and get the "bag"...either way it is a great bag to carry during the Spring/Summer with all of your necessities for the weather and travel....I love this look though...very chic...

RTW, Fragrance and now more...

Anna Sui is making her mark in more ways than one...not only does she have the eclectic down town look down...she will expand on her horizons by adding lingerie to the equation...Victoria's Secret will partner to offer beautiful lingerie with a flair that only Anna Sui can you can also buy a fragrance and beauty line from Anna Sui at Victoria's Secret...I am a BIG fan of Sui Dreams...a fragrance with a sweet scent of vanilla and peaches...I can't wait to see what she will have at Vicky's:)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I got lost in all of the fashion images on and check them are a couple...ok a lot that I LOVE!

Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

I like this site a lot...these people have the money to go and buy all of things we dream of's fun to watch someone wearing what I want:)

Things I NEED this Spring/Summer

Michael Kors Sandals or MICHAEL by Michael Kors sandals...equally cute and needed:) Find these looks @ Nordstrom...

Tory Burch tunic @

T-Bags Dress @ + there is a SALE going on right now!!!!!!!!!!!

Just as expected!

I had written about a dress that I had said would be comfortable and trendy for this season and just as I was flipping through the magazine on Net-a-Porter I found a top that is very similar to the crinkle moo moo dress. It is by Calypso and the cost isn't available, but keep checking and you will see...there are no links for the item just go to the link on the title to see the summery look.


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Super Find

I wore this outfit to a friends gathering and posted a picture on myspace and everyone has been asking where I bought the skirt...well, the skirt is vintage...but, I found something, sharing is are the details...

The skirt is $164....

Something to Look Forward to!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the BEST Christmas gift I could have gotten...well, almost...yesterday I read that "Sex and the City" will start working on a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Kim Cattrall will be there...I can't wait...see the information I got from imbd...

I can't seem to copy the story onto here just select the link by hitting the title of this blog...


Don't forget to shop the clearance racks after Christmas day...because sales will be all over the store...if you can't get to the malls or the stores to stroll with the family to browse the racks get online to find all of the sales that are going on...I can't wait to get my after-Christmas presents:) Barney's here I come!!!!!!!!!!! up to 50% off

It just doesn't stop, so keep looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Collector's Item

VOGUE will be having another collector's issue coming in 2007...the search will remain for this item which will cover Spring/Summer 2007 Collections in a collage presentation...which feels much like my personal look book:) I love the approach! There are only 2 issues per year so buy this fashion bible while you still can;)

*edited twice a year in April (February & March Fashion Shows) and in November (September & October Fashion Shows).

*this issue is printed in all languages.

The Search is On

I have been searching for what seems like forever for the December issue of Paris Vogue with a free calendar and still have not had any is really sad...I just want to have a fab calendar for 2007 and a great magazine to clip from...what to do...

It's All In The Sleeve

Society for Rational Dress


A New Favorite

I was skimming through images on and found a great new designer to shop online if you can't get to Cali...

This store has a variety of vintage looking tees with Egyptian inspired images...and great casual looks with a funky flair...

Plus they are on myspace...hit the title of this blog or go to myspace and search for Rojas...and get updates on events and find stores that carry this great designer near you...

Try and Try again

I am proud of Jessica matter what...she just keeps on trying...she tried shoes, I mistaken, or did she try clothes too...regardless...she keeps on trying to sell her name...and I think this time she may have nailed it on the head...she is using her signature hair "pieces" and helping others have the variety that she has everyday...though some might say she is corny or dumb...I think she is a great business woman who is trying to find her niche...I have always loved her hair styles and I am excited to see how these hair pieces work...I have used clip in bangs that I found in New York and loved that I didn't need to cut my hair to get a new look...I hope the quality of these hair pieces are just as good so I don't have to worry about hair glue or sewing in weave that I will be over in a week.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Do It Yourself

LV did this for Spring/Summer 2007 and Andy Spade did this last year with your initials listed on the bag looking similar to the initials on a Goyard bag:)

New Items coming soon from Go International @ Target

I of course love the dresses and I am curious if they will be selling the shoes which are a knock-off of the patent leather shoes last year by Christian:) I guess some companies have to copy these styles the year after:) Better later than never:)

BTW...speaking of copy cats...there are some really cute imitations of the wedges that Michael Kors did last year...and they are only $50!!!!!!!!! I can't find an image to come...but, I will find one and send it is from Lew Magram though:)

Monday, December 18, 2006

I heart this look...this is Lauren Davis...Image from

Wear w/ Anything

Ok, so I love my designer sunglasses...for that matter...I just love finding funky great suglasses...but, recently I have been all about my Dior's and my Chanel's...but, a couple of days ago I went to one of those sunglass stores in the mall and went wild trying on all of the sunglasses and surprisingly fell in love with a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses and they are only $99!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Marc Jacobs that I wanted were $4oo...which ones do you think I am going to buy:)lol

BTW...I went to Nordsrtom's Rack yesterday and found the Glossy Dior sunglasses that I got for $15o on sale for get this...$6o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They Just Keep Getting Better

I love opening my email and seeing something new that ShopBop is just gets better everyday...Since I travel a lot I am always searching for new ideas for what to pack...I used to go to for ideas...but, since they closed down I have just surfed the net...alas... now offers great solutions for all of your travel needs. My personal fave were the Resort looks...With the year long heat here I seem to lean more towards summer looks:)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

To Hilfiger, or Not to Hilfiger...that is the Question

I was searching the handbag racks at T.J Maxx tonight and found a Tommy Hilfiger handbag that I surprisingly really liked...I couldn't decide if I could actually carry a handbag that has Tommy Hilfiger on the I left the bag behind...but, it made me start wondering what ever happened to Tommy H.'s daughter working with her dad to change the look of the Tommy Hilfiger brand...did she ever work for her dad after that MTV show...I tried doing a search and found nothing...has anyone heard anything?

Friday, December 15, 2006

It's All In the BAG

Trader Joe's has the cutest little totes to carry everything in like school work, groceries, gym clothes and on:)...and they range from 99 cents to about $3 ...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I can Barely Wait

The day is finally arriving when we can finally see the much anticipated "Dreamgirls". A full cast starring celebs like Beyonce Knowles, Jamie Foxx, and Eddie Murphy...the costumes, hair styles and makeup are sure to be fulfilling enough...not to mention the music...we will see how the acting goes...I didn't even go to see Marie Antoinette after so many people were were not enthused by the acting...but, this I have to start your countdown to Christmas, not only for the presents but, for the midday visit to the movie theatre:)