Saturday, May 31, 2008

SATC is inspiring special Products Everywhere!

Bag, Borrow, or Steal is BIG again because of Carrie's Assistant on Sex and the City?  Will you indulge now?  Will this company get its second wind?  I own a couple of fab bags...but, the classics...will I give in to the trendy pieces for a week of glory?  We shall see...OMG!  Just checking and an Hermes for a week is $1632! I need to start with basics like a Fendi or a Dior:)  Juicy Couture is only $12 a week:)

Shop Intuition has a whole focus on how to dress the part of Sex and the City.  You can buy items from a Carrie necklace to a quilted handbag like the Chanel's that Charlotte carries.  The best part is it is all on a budget so go crazy!
Patricia Fields is selling a couple of things on her site that were featured on the film, but the one that costs the most is the Eiffel Tower purse.  Max & Chloe is selling a necklace that was worn in Sex and the City by Samantha.  
Cosabella lingerie have created a special line just for Sex and the City for each character.  

Sailor Status

I love both of these pieces by Rachel Pally for her Summer 2008 collection!  Buy at Shopbop and browse the rest of the many adorable and comfy pieces by Rachel Pally.

Shoe Drama

Since I have started driving I have been hit with the dirty shoe know, the thing that happens after you have driven your car and something down there is rubbing your shoe the wrong way and you are left with this dirty black shadow on a clean pair of shoes...boohoo!  I was considering putting a hello kitty door mat on the floor of my car to prevent this travesty...But, then, with my surfing the web addiction, I found something that just might work.  
The Achilles Shield is what we all need to save our poor shoes from the driving dilemma...who wants to have to take of their shoes, or change into shoes you don't care about just to prevent the dirty scrape of a shoe?  Try this and see how it works for you:)

I Heart NYC!

Sex and the City was everything and MORE than I expected...I laughed, I cried, I ooed and ahhed:)  The clothes were an A++++...I give the film ****!  I am going to definitely watch this over and over in the theatres.  I have to catch everything I might have missed the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time I have seen it:)  I will share what I wore to the first showing for me tomorrow:)  Sadly, in Tucson no one really dressed a handful of people...but, the place was booked!  I heard that last night at midnight they had two open up 3 theatres instead of just the one they had allotted because there were too many people!  And ET said that they though the film would only do $35 million!  I can definitely see $50 million at least!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Daisy Lewellyn TV Reel

Interview to come very soon with the one, the only Daisy Lewellyn.

Thriftonista Has Come!

The site is official and now you can go and enjoy all that Thriftonista has to offer as far as vintage clothes for a budget can go...which is really far! The owner of the site also offers fabulous vintage inspired styling.  Keep checking for new updates!  

Sex and the City: Where We Left Off, Carrie

I am beside myself I am soo excited;) I can watch this movie over and over!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dear Fashionalities

Intermix casual knit looks variety of prices...

Target looks less than $30! 

All shoes can be found at Stems a shoe boutique

Q. Give me some tips on, how not to show my ugly feet for the summer I hate my feet. 
And Fashion Tips on Casual Wear.
A.  For shoes, it is all about the cut-off styles and peep toes.  They give just a little bit of toe, and a whole lot of sex appeal.  They still work perfect for summer shoes because there is a little skin showing.
For casual wear during the summer keep it easy and just slip into the fabulous cotton dresses that are everywhere from Target to Intermix Online.  They are comfy and cute and can be worn throughout the day for any occasion, just change the accessories from flats to heels and so forth. 

Some More Jewelry DIY From CosmoGIRL!

It just sounds so tre-chic and "exclusive" to make your own jewels these days:)  Why not get creative...who knows, it might turn into a business... 

Pick Up New York Magazine This Week To Read About Tyra Banks

She has modeled, she has acted, she has hosted numerous shows now...and now she is talking about what she wants next in the newest issue of New York Magazine.  I think that is worth flipping through. 

Coming to America

We have gotten lucky in the past 10 years to begin getting the amazing stores that are overseas here in the States.  Recently, I was flipping through my British Glamour magazine and found that there is a fab store that we do not have yet that I had to research.  The store is called Comptoir Des Cotonniers and the ad simply stated, Silvia and her daughter Claudia. I LOVED the styling of the ad so I had to see how I could purchase possibly...of course, there was nothing available to purchase online, similar to our untouchable online H&M.  But, I contacted to PR offices and found out that they are planning on opening a store in New York in September!  I remember when MEXX opened on 5th Avenue, the place went crazy...I bet it will do just the same when these doors open.  Well, at least you can mark your calendars now and be in the "know." 
The future address:
155 Spring Street

Sex and the city opening credits

The inspiration for my Movie Night Ensemble.

It's Finally Time for SATC the Movie!

*These two look designer-esque.

*Details, Details, is all about funky styling details to make an item pop.

*I would wear these ruffly pieces with a shoe like what Carrie wore the night Miranda had the baby.  I would pair the tops with the cropped pants that are in right now.  Remember---no jeans:) 

This has been jotted down in my calendar forever!  And now, it is finally here!  Everyone is asking me what to wear and what I am wearing.  My look is inspired by none other than CB of course:)  I will be wearing a vintage black tier tulle skirt inspired by the intro to Sex and the City wear Carrie Bradshaw is wearing the tutu.  I will wear the funky/dressy skirt with a black racer back tank and accessorize with my Natasha necklace, my What Would Carrie Bradshaw Wear custom bracelet I made before moving to New York City and a pair of fab shoes that have huge bows which are inspired by the styling of all of the girls in the special issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine.  
Now, with less than a day (some girls are going at midnight) to shop for this occasion, here are some of my ideas for what to wear.  I already told my sister NO JEANS or Tees!  This is an event all its own~you have to celebrate:)  
Things to not leave out for the BIG night, SJP fragrance---I own both, but I think I will wear Lovely.  If you have a Bitten near by, I would check out buying something from that collection for the nights festivities.
Since the BIG night is only tomorrow, I think the best place to find something saucy is Forever 21...for shoes, they need to be STATEMENT can find those from Saks Fifth Avenue to Aldo, it's all in the design of the shoes.  

The Shine of LA!

I went to LA for the long weekend for Memorial Day...check out my fun:)  Fashion is always involved of course! Street Pics...not many...sorry---I was too busy shopping:) Dining in Laguna Beach on the roof...fab food! A trip to Target' is always included in every trip:)My first time to ever step into Hermes!  It was a wonderful experience! This outside dining area has been featured on the Hills a couple of times.  We were also in the Roosevelt Hotel which was very chi-chi. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jordi Labanda

I heart all things Jordi! xoxoxo Sold @ a Target near you:)

Bags, Bags, Bags

It seems that there is a need to have a bag for any type of holiday or event this are a couple on my list...
The personalized tote.  This is perfect for weekend getaways and beach trips because it has your initials so there is no confusing with your friends and it just looks incredibly chic to me.
The casual bag ready for any hike, run, bike ride or any sporty activity that you plan for this always need a bag to support the event;)
The must-have trendy bag for the season to get you through the fun outings...I would say buy a Chloe...but, since those are so much, I say get a Chloe-inspired version...why, not?  Save your money for all of your fun trips! *This image is a real Chloe though...check out the others that are inspired by the real deal too:)

Did You Know....

I was surfing the Vogue UK site and saw some street trend shots and one of the girls referenced shopping at TK Maxx...has anyone heard of TK Maxx?  I, of course thought it was a typo and decided to investigate...and it looks like TK Maxx is the same as our TJ Maxx...same font and everything...just went to the next letter in the alphabet to change it up a bit for our friends over seas:)  The next time I go to London I have to check it out:)  If you have, let me know what the difference is:) 

Beach Brands

Summer is pretty much here and you need to know the brands that specialize in summer styles.  
Here are the basics:
She knows all things tunic---get her signature tunic and pair it with a pair of white shorts, bermudas or pants and look chic for an afternoon out or a casual dinner.
This brand is all about being cute and comfy...where the styles over your swim suit on the way to the beach or leaving to lunch.
They are all about natural fibers which is perfect for hot weather so your skin can breathe.  Wear these styles all day long for scorching hot and humid days! 

Exciting News on How To!

This Memorial Day Weekend I went to South Coast Plaza for the first time and had numerous experiences that I will be sharing with you this of them was finally finding a leather tassel key chain (one in which I had been asking Chanel about forever) at Celine.  I tried finding the key chain online and instead found something even better.  
A.  Hermes also has a leather tassel keychain...which, of course is too expensive for me, but still exciting.
B.  I found a blog by Betsy Ross Patterns that shows you exactly how to make your own!  I am going to do this soon...what a fun addition to any gift for someone! 

The New Bendel Bag, I am so in LOVE!

Bendel has made it even easier to fall in LOVE with their new leather handbag collection with the signature brown and white stripes!  I secretly love getting the paper bags to carry around as long as they last, but now, we all have the opportunity to share our LOVE of Henri Bendel with all with this fab new collection.  How can you say no?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Barbara Walters interviews Vogue Magazine's Anna Wintour

I don't think I ever saw this...I thought I would share this...

Getting Ready for Sex and the City

I have the ensemble prepared for the SATC festivities on Friday and I am already thinking of what I need for my "collection" after the movie...
A pair of the Patricia Field shoes from Payless
The House of Field Tote from the Patricia Field site that is featured in the movie
I will be on the waiting list for the SATC DVD!!!!!!!!
Memorobilia from the HBO Sex and the City Store 
On Newsstands now, buy the Entertainment Weekly Magazine special issue dedicated to Sex and the City.  I am surprised that this is the only magazine that dedicated anything to the movie...well, besides of course SJP on the cover of Vogue this month...I have to let you all know, that I also have the other issue of Vogue that SJP was on the cover of for SATC!  Collector's item I have to say:)

If you are lucky enough to live or visit New York---take the SATC tour...I lived there for 3 years and never did it!  The next time I visit, I certainly will! 

Welcome, Style By Dominique

There is a new blog in town and it is worth reading.  Style by Dominique provides a dialogue with the reader about all things fashion related from what to wear to a wedding to reactions to sales  or shopping excursions from various states and stores.  Look forward to a real perspective on fashion from Mr. Dominique Beaumonte himself!  There is none like him!  Enjoy!  

My New Favorite Site for DIY

I have a few DIY projects to share with you this month, but the first I have to share is from Martha Stewart!  I haven't really checked her out lately and I am excited to say that I have found something new and wonderful!  She has a variety of fashion focused projects on her site and in her magazine that are worth try and look VERY easy and like they could save you, and me some money:)  Why not try something new and unique...and maybe people will LOVE what you make enough that you could sell the items at a local market or something!