Sunday, March 01, 2009

The New Fashion Game: Chicette

I LOVE this look---which is of course, Matthew have to check out the New York mag site, they have done some changes and it looks really good!

*My sister HATES this look---but, I think it is fun and it goes with the trend from the spread that I saw in the mag:)

I finally got to read Isaac Mizrahi's book, How to Have Style and I was so inspired.  Isaac is always ready to speak to women in every shape and at every price.  The biggest thing I took away from the book was to have fun with what you have---the whole package from your body to the clothes you already own.  I kind of already do this, but I wanted to share what I do with everyone.  Basically, I see something in a magazine, or even something someone is wearing that I see on the street and recreate the look with something I have at home.  It's a fun game to get you excited about what you already own instead of going out and always having to buy something new...which goes back to our new recessionistas:)