Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dress Too Big? No problem!

Here is another change from Rachel on Tyra.

Rachel Zoe on Tyra as Shared last week:)

I guess basic changes can go along way...Rachel is looking so small...but, she has her signature look down, wouldn't you say:)

Ideeli launched yesterday, will it be the next eBay?

eBay supporters around the world can tell you right off that it is addicting once you start...yet, you read about fraud and you wonder if it is worth it...well, Ideeli, launched yesterday and is creating a stir for all fashionista's out there that want a steal of a deal, but don't want a fake.  The luxury site is offering designer items (which so far looks like mainly accessories) for 50-90% off-similar to a sample sale...plus, giveaways...amazing idea...we shall see how it takes off.  I signed up for the site updates today.  If you are really interested, you can pay to be one of the first notified about items that go for sale.  A lot of great options on the site, very of the moment, I give the site and the idea **** and I can't wait to see how the site comes together!  Snaps to Paul Hurley for the idea;)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Goyard Dream Comes into Reality with a Couple of Options

AFter seeing the blog that Who What Wear Daily (who has a great blog today on Ally Hilfiger whom I haven't heard about since her MTV Show) wrote about some mildly expensive handbags that compare to the very expensive, but how much I dream of Goyard bags that are sold at Shop Intuition I was excited...

but, my mouth dropped when I saw the Love Luggage Joint carry on/handbags at of all places TJ Maxx.  When I first noticed the bags I couldn't believe it...my mine almost considered that the item could be a Goyard and no one knows who Goyard was so I thought I had just gotten lucky...so, I didn't buy the bag right away...I checked out the brand and did some research when I got home. (Which, of course I had to share.):

The carry on/handbags are sold at the following reputable locations:
Electric Ladyland
Shoes N More
Pumpz and Company
Jasmine Sola
The retail on the site ranges from:
$65 for a wallet 
$355 for a carry on
But,I found 2 different styles from the brand that only cost from $19.99 to $29.99 and they are styles that are only right now!
With all of this information, I decided that I had to have at least one of the bags until I was able to buy a Goyard...so, you should check it out ASAP before the word gets out!
The designs are very similar to our beloved Goyard bags, but have a distinct differences like crowns or skeletons decoration the outside that make each bag funky and unique. 

Ready, Set, Go: Run to Steve & Barry's As Soon As Possible

Bitten SJP clothing item
Bitten SJP Clothing Item
Steve and Barry's Clothing Store Front

I walked into a gold mine this weekend at Steve & Barry's unexpectedly.  The entire store was on sale for only $8.98!  I still can't believe it!  What a deal.  I, of course, took full advantage of all of the Bitten line, which was the first time I had ever seen the line and it was AMAZING!  I was so excited!  There are actually other items than what is online right now, but it is worth checking out the nearest store regardless because even if the sale isn't happening, everything is guaranteed to be less than $20.  Plus, what an easy and inexpensive Christmas gift!  How could someone not be happy to get a SJP item?! 

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Holiday Dressing Made Easy

I go by a couple of fun rules when it comes to dressing for Holiday Functions.

1. Black Tie Functions: Why not break the rules? Why be in the same colors, i.e. Black, Silver, Red, etc. for a fabulous function and not rock something unique like the print I love below with all of the bead work and the lotus print that goes with the tattoo on my foot:)? Yes, the colors are a bit Spring-y, but I think it works because it is different and can be a conversation starter.

2. Office Parties: Wear something trendy that pops with a basic. I am planning on wearing my vintage sequin top that has A LOT of bling to it with a great purple wool skirt with bronze buttons that brings everything together for the look...Once again it is something that will get people talking...and that is what I love.

3. A gathering with friends and family: Wear a great red dress with shoes that have a red bottom...these actually aren't Christian's...I bought these in New York before the red bottoms were big luckily and NYC Shoes was doing the red bottoms which I think brings the look together.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Unexpected: America's Next Top Model

The final choice was: 
Saleisha America's Next Top Model
Now, we all know that she was in Tyra's camp and she has had past experience...but, honestly, even though I didn't think she was terrible...I didn't have her in my top 3...but, I still have to say, kudos to her!  She did prevail and her past experience helped her get ahead, but she learned and tried new things throughout the entire episode, so snaps to Saleisha for a wonderful win! 

Still Searching for Christmas Gifts, get some Fabulous Gifts for a Budget from the ladies of FAOB

1. Peace.Love.Fabulous T-shirts
2. We are HUGE devotees of .99 cent store gift baskets.  We find a cute basket and fill it with fun $1 items...(we recommend spraying your basket gold for a little bling and holiday festivity.)  Then, tie a Fabulous bow on top!  It's easy, fun and personal.
3.  I'm a big fan of one, little thing that people will actually use.  This year I found this plastic pen that looks like a black feather from a little stationary shop on Melrose!  Seriously, who doesn't feel a little Fabulous with a great pen?  It is $8, which is a little steep for a pen, but it looks super cool and I feel like a million bucks when I am writing with it!
4.  Last year, I bought a bunch of glass cylindrical vases from Thrift stores and Ross.  Then, I purchased pebbles (I painted them gold but totally optional) and paperwhite bulbs from Home Depot.  I threw the rocks in the vases and the bulbs on top, add enough water to reach the top of the rocks and VOILA!  As the bulbs begin to bloom, it looks like a beautiful science experiment.  They were a HUGE hit!  People can reuse the vase and exchange the paperwhites for their seasonal favorite!  Each probably cost me about $5 each. 
5.  This year, I am purchasing frames from local thrift stores and decorating each one...some I will decopage (Mod Podge is the greatest!:), others I will paint, and in the end, I will adhere some vintage jewels from antique accessories that I have broken over the years.  (I love this idea!  I was thinking of getting vintage earrings, pendants and pins to string along a silk ribbon to make necklaces. Maybe those gifts could go together.)

1.  Photo journals are so great.  I am going to make one for my Dad.  Just pictures of us together and other fun memories.  It isn't expensive at all and it will be fabulously touching.  Besides, what else are you going to do with all of the photos that are just collecting dust under the bed?
2.  Homemade baked goods.  Lot of love goes into cookies this time of year.  You can package them in fun little gift boxes by Martha Stewart (www.michaels.com) and they will look great!  Get the girlfriends together and have a cookie party!
3.  Magazine subscriptions.  (My personal fave, my mom gets me this as a gift every year...) Which one of your girlfriends wouldn't love a year's subscription to Vogue?  This gift is great.  It's like the gift that keeps giving.  You can do this for guys too!
4.  Greeting cards.  It is a very lady like thing to do.  Send all of your relatives a nice card this time of year to let them know you are thinking of them.  It will be much appreciated and only costs about $15 for a box of 20!

Thanks for the advice ladies, and happy shopping everyone! 

Introducing, the Ladies of Fabulous on a Budget!

After a year of checking out the girls, Leah & Mary that star on their very own show, column, and site-Fabulous on a Budget, I decided that so many Fashionalities need to check out this fashion duo for fashion tips for a budget with a humorous and yet glamorous twist.

So, check out the exclusive interview and get to the ladies of FOAB and what their faves are in the 9 question interview below!  

1.  How did you all begin Fabulous on a Budget?
We noticed how difficult it is for young women without a lot of money to look professional and polished.  We began creating a girls budget style guide.
2.  Was FOAB started on myspace?
We did not begin this on myspace, but myspace definitely made it possible for us to communicate with real girls about their style triumphs and woes.  It gave us a forum to interact and to showcase our style tips and ideas.  (Which you can get almost daily if you sign up on myspace.)
3. Did you think it would get this BIG?
We are continuously amazed when people tell us they love our site.  We just have a great time and we just really love that we can help girls and be silly and have fun at the same time.
4.  Do you all now feel like web-celebs?
Only web-celebs!?  We feel super lucky to have friends all over the world that care enough to even look at our little old site!  We really try to include useful information and uplifting ideas for our viewers, and the more people get involved, the more fun for us.  We have had a couple of funny experiences though, including making friends with girls in school, only to realize we had been corresponding for months via myspace.
5.  What are your most recent fab, great finds?
Mary: One of my recent fab finds is Wet 'n Wild lip color in hot pink!  I just loved the color, so I figured $1.99, no problem.  I wore it out and all night long, I was receiving crazy, cool compliments.  One darling girl asking if it was the new YSL lipstick and another asked me if it was Chanel!  I actually felt really good saying, "No, you're gonna die.  $1.99 lipstick from Wet 'n Wild."
Leah: Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I visited with my family in Yoakum, Texas.  The only thing to do in Yoakum is to go to the "Family Dollar."  It's my very favorite thing to do!  This trip I brought home two leather belts for .99 cents!  They are perfect accessories for belting all my sweaters and dresses this season!  I also scored two little button down blouses for $1.97.  They always have the funkiest stuff.  You never know what you will find.  And that is half the fun!
6.  What are the top 5 ways that a girl can live like a top fashionista on a mini budget?
We each answered this only because we each have a separate approach to being FOAB.
1.  Shop Vintage!   I get the best one of a kind ensembles second hand.  Don't be afraid to dig and keep an open mind.
2.  Cheap Shoes can ruin an outfit!  I'll spend $1 on a dress, but my shoes are almost always well-made.  I'll get my heels at off-price stores, such as Nordstrom Rack (my fav!), Off Fifth, Loehmans, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, even Ross...
3.  Good Hair!  It is a necessary expense.  You must keep your locks styled.  It makes you feel sexy and it pulls your ensembles together.
4.  Mix it up!  You can never wear head-to-toe anything.  Mix your Forever 21 with a vintage coat and funky heels.  Effortless is key and if you look like a mannequin, your style is not your own.  No one will know you are wearing a $20 dress if paired with your old favs.  
5.  Drink lots of water!  It sounds so cliche but seriously, it makes your skin glow, helps you eat less, and flushes out all impurities. 
7.  Fabulous on a Budget Faves:
Site: Craigslist.org, it's so fun to look through everything, not to mention the "Free" and "Barter" sections.  Oh yeah, and the "Missed Connections" is rather entertaining as well.
Store: Hidden Treasure's in Topanga Canyon, CA.  It's the cutest, funkiest, most reasonable vintage store with amazing accessories and the coolest home stuff.  It's nestled into the canyon...it's magic.  I'm fully convinced fairies live there.
Music: Right now, I am super inspired by Led Zepplin IV.
Designer: Stella McCartney.  I love what did for Chloe.  I adore Stella, my signature fragrance.  Also, she did planet friendly without sacrificing fashion, which even after everyone jumped on the green bandwagon, seems a hard mix to find: fashion forward eco-clothing.  She was even the namesake to my little '96 jetta, "Stells."
Blog: Fabulousonabudget.com...sometimes Leah will write something, and I learn something new from my very own site!
Site: www.people.com, I know it is trashy to read celebrity gossip, but at least I refuse to actually pay for tabloid magazines.  Hey, I gotta stay up on our pop culture somehow!
Store: The "dumptique" on Martha's Vineyard.  It is actually a little shack that is set up right outside of the dump and people unload their unwanteds and you can take whatever you like for FREE!  Last time we were there Mary got a pair of vintage Gucci shoes!!  And of course, the Family Dollar.
Music: I'll be the first to admit that I am shakin' what my momma gave me to a little Britney Spears.  You know you are too!  I also have the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Led Zepplin and Celine Dion (I love her new CD too!) on repeat right now...I know, very random.
Designer: Betsy Johnson.  Her party dresses just kill me!  I feel like a cupcake in them...and who doesn't love cupcakes!?
Blog: Fabulous on A Budget...I am a huge fan.
8.  Are there more items to come on your online store?
Yes, we are actually creating our Fabulous line of guys T's.  We will eventually have an entire collection devoted to making you, your home, and your friends Fabulous on a Budget!
And, I know we all look forward to that...for more of these girls check them out on their site at Fabulous on a Budget or search for them on myspace.  

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Victoria Beckham on Larry King

I am converted...after watching last night and skimming (rather quickly in Borders) through Victoria's new book, That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between and her clothing line DvB Style...snaps to her!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Playing Dress-Up with Tracee Ellis Ross at Net-a-Porter

Here are some pieces from Net-a-porter that I could see Joan Clayton/Tracee Ellis Ross wear for many occasions...I bet Tracee shops on net-a-porter!
Jersey Knits
A lot of Prints
Wide Legs
High Waist
Flowy Fabrics
Flutter Sleeves
Pocket Details
Vibrant Colors all year long

Tracee Ellis Ross

This clip runs through a couple of looks that Joan has worn in the recent episodes of Girlfriends plus gives some background on the show.

Shopping for Looks from the Hit TV Show, Girlfriends on the new CW

Tracee Ellis Ross
Tracee Ellis ROss
Tracee Ellis Ross
Tracee Ellis Ross
I have to be honest, I used to watch Girlfriends for the show alone when I was in college...but, recently, I only watch for the style...and mainly only Tracee Ellis Ross' looks.  But, all-in-all, I still love the show and am a dedicated viewer. 

Stacy Beverly, the costume stylist for Girlfriends and The Game does an amazing job with the budget she is given to give each character a distinct look.

Joan Clayton/Tracee Ellis Ross has a bohemian chic look going on and I know many viewers like myself want to know where to go to get her look.  Here are a couple of places I have found doing the research:
  • Accessories are key, search for key pieces from the show like: Hoops, Chandelier earrings bold necklaces, rings or bracelets/bangles with an ethnic edge.  A jewelry designer that Stacy Beverly likes is Dominique Cohen. 
  • Trousers, wide leg and high-waisted styles are very signature for Joan on Girlfriends.  She is all about the drama in her look and her character for that matter.
  • Stacy Beverly recommends that everyone have the following in their closet: black pumps, black skit (I recommend pencils and that is what Joan usually wears), great pair of trousers tailored-once again, this goes back to wide legs and higher waists and getting something tailored always makes the pieces even better.
  • Boutiques that Stacy Beverly frequents: Catwalk on Fairfax Ave., Decades on Melrose, Curve, Vionett, Magda Berliver
  • Ethnic Prints
  • Long Cardigans
  • Huge Handbags 
  • Also, through my searches I found a site that recommended items for women with curves like Tracee, try the following: Joe's Jeans Honey Fit, 7 for all mankind  for jeans (they never really worked for me, but we could all try and see), Victoria's Secret Marissa fit pants, and A-line or pencil skirts.  Check out more great ideas from www.fashionnette-work.blogspot.com 
For more ideas on how to attain this look from another fashion blogger than loves Girlfriends style check out:
*These are pics of Tracee Ellis Ross in real life...I am going to have another post with clips from the show so that everyone can see what she wears on the show...

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sex and the City Movie Official Trailer

Get ready! This will be a classic!

America's Next Top Model, Twiggy is Saying Goodbye

Last Wednesday on ANTM, Tyra announced that Twiggy would be moving on from the show due to future commitments and that as of Season 10, she will be replaced on the panel by former supermodel Paulina Porizkova...I imagine that they had to find another former model that won't try and compete with Tyra's role as the head "Top Model" running the show:)  I don't think this change will make a difference on the show...I usually enjoy Tyra, Miss J and Nigel Barker comments regardless...so, lets look forward to what Paulina has to offer in Season 10.  Paulina Porizkova

Carmen Webber sited

Although Carmen Webber, (designer for SHNY) the contestant for Project Runway didn't make it through to the end...I have sited her on the ad for Project Show in WWD...I wonder if she will be showcasing her line, Sistah's Harlem New York at the this exhibit.  The New York Times claims this exhibit to be, "A major port of call for trend-seeking store buyers, editors and stylists."

Even if you aren't a model, it is essential to learn how to walk---for walking tips, watch America's Next Top Model Too:)

How to Walk on the Runway, Part 1

Add to My Profile | More Videos

Join Myspace Fashion for great fashion networking and the real deal fashion videos

MySpace Presents: The Fit featuring Katy Perry

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Tokyo girls fashion 2007 fall The latest fashion lecture 1/2

Rachel Zoe on Tyra Talk Show on Friday, December 14th, Check it out for style inspiration

Since I always miss the daytime shows I thought I would share this information with all so that we can all DVR or TiVO the show:)

Take Note: WWD picks

I was skimming through a lot of WWD this weekend and wanted to share the highlights that stood out to me:

  •  Indian designer Suneet Varma, not only received an aware from Bollywood as designer of the year, but he will also design the costumes for Goldie Hawn's new movie, "Ashes to Ashes."  His looks are currently sold in Indian under the garment label, Le Spice.
  • Something to look forward to, H&M will be partnering with Marimekko to use vintage(( (50's to 70's) prints this Spring 2008.  The prints are very bright with an ethnic influence. 
  •  Uniqlo is everywhere!  I am hearing about it on the fashion makeover shows to reading about it in WWD~I say that this is a sign and the store is going to be BIG like ZARA, H&M and MEXX are...
  • Rachel Roy is about to be everywhere...I remember when Tracy Reese was only at select stores, and now I feel like she is everywhere.  I am very excited for Rachel Roy, she definitely deserves this!  With the change, she will also be adding new categories and open freestanding retail units in key U.S. locations.
  • Tokyo Girls are doing fashion shows BIG!  I am uploading a You Tube video for everyone to get an idea of what they do...great for inspiration.  The even start in 2005 with only 1,500 attendees, this year it rose to 24,000...could you imagine New York fashion week at that level...also sites to take note of: www.girlswalker.com, www.fashionwalker.com, and www.stylewalker.com.
  • French Connection is supposed to be remodeled in SoHo...I am not sure if this is going to spark something new for the store...but, good luck to them...I remember when everyone wanted a FCUK top...now it's like oh, that brand...
  • Nordstrom is getting on the map, so it seems...they are looking into a Park Avenue Site...lets all cross our fingers...they have been "eyeing" New York City for years now...I think that their New York City Store will be a Must-Go-To once it happens though:)
  • Book to get:  The Tokyo Look Book-get inspired on so many levels. 

Friday, December 07, 2007

Style IT gave you the Penelope Cruz, December 2007 VOGUE spread

Check out the Espana Vogue Penelope Cruz and John Galliano spread for October...I love how it is interpreted the first time...so much edge with Galliano...but, the December issue of Vogue's spread with the sexy model wasn't bad either;) 

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fly Away With The Cape

Every year, I hear that the cape is out of style...but, every year, I see the celebs that we dote after for style inspiration wearing them, as well as fashion magazines including the cape as a piece in their fashion spread...and yet, the cape is on the item to store till next season list/and on the "out" list...
Well, this year, The Vintage Society, a vintage fashion blogger that shares muses as well as outfits put together using www.Polyvore.com, has just recently explored the cape, which I think will always be a classic piece for every fashionista to use during the Fall months, even if it isn't "in."
*Images provided by the Satorialist. 

Fly Away With The Cape

Shop Frenzy: Henri Bendel Finally Online! I am BEYOND Myself

How did I miss this!  I just read that Henri Bendel is now online!  Does everyone understand how AMAZING this is!?  This is a speciality store like no other, that only has one store on 5th Avenue in New York!  If anything, you will just want to buy something small to get the signature brown and white bag or tissue paper:)  If you have never witnessed the store...check out the site to get an understand of how GRAND this store is that carries designers you know as well as up and coming designers that are on the cusp.  Enjoy

Sidenote, a little insider info, Henri Bendel is owned by Limited Brands, yes the companies that you are familiar with in the mall like:
Victoria's Secret
The Limited
Bath & Body Works
***Always interesting to know***

Need Help Getting a Look on a Budget, with No Time

Check out Haute Mimi 4 some chic advice on being fashion-ably complete on a dime, and on a consistent basis.  I also LOVE her site...the music makes you want to browse for a while like you are in a great boutique.  Snaps to the site! 

I think that it is essential to invest in accessories like a great designer handbag or shoe for each season...but, for the trendy (rest) try the new Payless Vintage line that is currently in the Payless store on almost every corner.  The items are another line offered by Abaete and can be found  at: http://payless.resultspage.com/shoes/Abaete.

I personally love the coin purse (a great stocking stuffer) and the Bayley d'Orsay Pump.

27 Dresses Trailer GREAT QUALITY!

Looks like it could be a mix of My Best Friends Wedding and the Wedding Planner with cute costumes...we shall see on January 11th...From the screen writer of the Devil Wears Prada and with Katherine from Grey's Anatomy...

lucy laucht, fashion stylist

I love this video...it reflects the life of a stylist that I LOVE! This looks into the life, of a stylist...creative, fun, adventurous, ever-changing.

Fashion Tips From Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe

Ok, so she didn't give us much insider tips...but, I had to share just so we all know we are on top of it of course:)

Now Just a Click Away, The New York Times Style Magazine

Get all of your fashion insider information from the New York Times Style Magazine with T Style only a chic click away.  The Holiday 2007 Editor's Note Says to Bookmark This...And Bookmark, I have...so, I figured I would share with everyone else.  The site has a clever, distinct, site development that makes everything you click through, unique and interesting.  I am already a reader of the New York Times Style section online as well as the New York magazine online, but now, it is all about the New York Times Style Magazine being accessed.  So, check it out and sign up for email updates of course:)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Paris, Je t'aime trailer

Here is the trailer...it is worth renting...

A fabulous movie about Love and Paris, Paris, je t'aime

Such an AMAZING movie, you fall in love in so many different ways...the movie reminds me of Love Actually...watch it this weekend, a must watch!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Catalog Turned Store, The Well-Known Catalog, Spiegel Opens their First Store

Spiegel new store opening
I remember the first time I saw a Delias in the mall and I was soo excited and surprised...I wonder how a free-standing Spiegel will be...I have skimmed the pages since I was a kid and my mom would get the catalog with the free gift for $5....well, it will be nice to go to the store and get their trendy, inexpensive pieces without having to buy the catalog or the S&H for that matter...this is something to schedule into your plans if you are visiting PA:) 

Cute Advertising

I just love how Kate Spade does their advertising so I had to share their Holiday Magazine Ad with everyone:)

I love Kate Spade's stationary, but these shoes make me want to surf their site for something different...plus, they are having so many sales right now...sign up for their emails and get alerts anytime there are great deals.

The Best Gift to Give is a GWP, Gift-with-Purchase

And why not win one while you are at it:)  Check out the giveaway at the bottom of the screen for the kit from Therapy Systems worth $210 bucks!  The fun thing about GWP's are that you can either give your fave friend the gift, or you can keep it for yourself, lol, but you would never do that! 

Making the Cut, the Bob Cut that is...

I have done something drastic and I have to share with everyone.  I have gone for the bob cut...I just had that feeling and I was ready to do it...and now I see the cut everywhere:)  So, I have to share the trend:)  (BTW, I like too many of the Carrie Bradshaw interpretations of the bob:)Carrie Bradshaw curly bobVictoria Beckham bob
Katie Holmes with a bobIman bob
Natasha HolstineBobs can even make celebs like Britney Spears look like she is going in the right direction...
or, if you are like Jessica Simpson and you can't part with the hair you have, then you can do the trick for the stars...a wig, a shortened weave (which I have tried), or you can just easily pin you hair after doing tight, large curls.