Saturday, October 26, 2013

My top coat: bracelet sleeve coats

I usually hate anything that will cover up and ensemble...besides a classic trench that makes any look even more amazing;). But, recently I've been salivating over bracelet sleeve coats.  I really love the idea highlighting your jewelry, maybe nail design, wrist detail on a shirt or dress, or gloves with a coat like this.  So many fun options for layering details:)

Here are a few styles to inspire you this weekend:

I found a ton of cute styles at asos under $150 (plus, they are having a 10% off everything sale:) and I'm also thinking if maybe diyiny it...we shall see:). Stay tuned for what I wear on my trip to Germany:)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fringe scarves

I seem to be really drawn to fringe scarves right now and these are all great prices.  Scarves an be incorporated into every winter look regardless of the weather. I can wear these in Portland, OR where it's cooler or AZ and India where the fall and winter seasons are still fairly warm.
Which style is your favorite?  I got the top two:). T&C is having a great sale I would take advantage of right now!!
MAGGIE GALTON, Grey Milta Rebozo Scarf,
L-Attitude $50

$46 Need Supply Co.

On sale!  Only $49 at Theodora & Callum

I need everything from Need Supply Co.

Great prices (a selection of low prices and of course some really amazing higher priced items:).  But, I really wanted to showcase the more affordable range in this post.  All under $100!!
Only $22

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Inspired by Yasmin Sewell

Image via The Man Repeller

I saw a post on The Manrepeller on how to DIY Yasmin Sewell's jeans and I realized I loved the entire look.  So take a look at how to DIY the jeans and check out where to find something like her Celine blouse and fun sweater.

The blouse:

H&M $40

ZARA, $60

ZARA, $60

The ROW oversized twill blouse $900 (I know)

Rag & Bone blouse $363

The sweater:

Merona $24.99

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target, $35

Forever 21, $25

Just saw this on ZARA and had to share!  Looks exactly like the inspired look:

Learn how to layer necklaces from an expert at Anjolee

I'm all about layering jewelry so I was excited when my friends at Anjolee said they would share some tips for how to layer necklaces this fall.  What jewelry do you layer?  Do you think there are certain occasions when layering shouldn't happen?  Let's see what the experts at Anjolee have to say:)

Layering necklaces is the big Fall 2013 trend. Layering has been an interesting focus of 2013; layering multiple rings on one finger, multiple rings over several fingers, and multiple kinds of bracelets on one or both wrists. Now layering necklaces is no different. It’s a unique way of coordinating pieces that don’t seem to go together –and yet they do. If you want to learn how to layer necklaces, take a look at the tips below.

1. Pick the Right Number
How many is too many? It’s safe to stick somewhere between 2-4 necklaces, and it’s best to stay tasteful. Layering more than 4 necklaces tends to have a juvenile or “bag lady” look to it. Stray from unwanted faux-pas by keeping the necklaces thin and limited.

2. Pick the Right Size
Your necklaces may tangle if they’re all at the same length. Additionally, one pendant may cover up another one. To avoid chunkiness, tangling, or a lack of visibility, pick the right size. If you’re layering, say, a diamond tennis necklace, it will probably be at collar-bone length, so select a few chains that drop an inch or two below the collar bone. It’s best to evaluate how long your shortest necklace is and then layer it with necklaces that are no more than 3 inches longer.

3. Choose Interesting Pendants
If you’re layering chains with pendants, choose interesting pendants. Make combinations that are unexpected, such as an apple pendant with a diamond cloud pendant, or a vintage-looking brooch pendant with a contemporary lightning bolt pendant. These combinations are what make layering interesting.

4. Vary in Density and Texture
When layering necklaces, don’t be too matchy-matchy. That is to say, if you’re layering with a pearl necklace, don’t layer with only pearl necklaces. If you’re layering with a diamond necklace, don’t only layer with diamond necklaces. Mix up your tastes so that your pairings are interesting and unexpected.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A fall essential I totally agree with: the sequin pant

Inspiration from Calypso St. Barths

I've always loved how Jenna Lyons rocked sequin pants!  So effortless:
I prefer gold, copper and brown hues for sequin pants...but, the Kardashian Kollection has been the best second hand price I've found.


Forever 21 Fall Style Edit: A Lesson in Layering

Taking notes...

P.S. I love the sweater!  

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Did you know it's Video Fashion Week?

This is almost better than fashion week itself!  It's so exciting to see the styling and the creativity that goes into each of these designers videos.  I've already shared Apiece Aparts earlier this week before I even realized it was Video Fashion Week:)  Here are a few others I was really inspired by.  Who are you loving?

Spring 2014:

Tucker by Gaby Basora videos are always so much fun:)

Fall 2013:

This is so it!

I love all things Clover Canyon!

StyleMint Live: Erica Domesek Tribal Shirt (DIY)

I just got Erica's book, P.S. You're Invited in my POPSUGAR MUST HAVE September Box!  I'm soo excited to create ALL of her DIY's.  But, these def spoke to me since they are ethnic and boho inspired. All moi!

It pays to sign up with your local/community Goodwill and here is why

I just found out there is a way to find out all of the sale dates and get exclusive coupons from Goodwill!  I already knew that there was a day to get a discount for being a teacher or a military member:)  But, this gets even better!

Plus, just signing up for emails you get 20% off $10 or more!

Check out my post here on why shopping in the Halloween section is AMAZING and worth your time if you LOVE vintage clothes:)

Here is what is going on at the Central AZ locations this month:

Plus, here is the scoop on daily store specials:

Daily Store Specials

There’s something good to be had every day at Goodwill. Including the Weekly Specials available at any one of our stores in Central Arizona. Except our Redesign by Goodwill and Clearance Outlet locations, that is.
Those particular stores offer their own, unique sales and discounts.
  • SUNDAYStudent Day 25% off with I.D. 50% off special colortag items
  • MONDAY50% off special colortag items
  • TUESDAY50% off special colortag items Senior Day 25% off with I.D.
  • WEDNESDAY50% off special colortag items
  • THURSDAYDollar Days select items
  • FRIDAY50% off special colortag items
  • SATURDAYEvery other Saturday 50% off sale

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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Fall boho from World Market

Fall Shopping at Cost Plus World Market

Fall Shopping at Cost Plus World Market by fashionalities featuring tunics

For anyone who still doesn't know that World Market has's time to check it store (in their small area) or online where there are a ton of goodies to choose from!  Nothing really goes over $50 so it's worth checking out!  

Zara + Yasmin Sewell

I've always loved her style and now it's so refreshing to see her maintain her style and figure after having her son!  #inspired

Next, they need to do this with Tracee Ellis Ross!:)