Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's SALE time!

Start buying your summer gear at a fraction of the price for all of your getaways! Net-a-Porters prices are slashed up to 50%!! So get the items you've been watching before they are taken!!

I'm back!

Hey all!

Don't know if you've noticed that I've been MIA...but, I went on vaca in DC, had my bday, then had to get myself back together after my trip (I was exhausted) and then came Memorial Day (my hubby had a 4-day weekend:). Needless to say, I've been busy...but, I've missed my blogging and have a ton of fun posts so stay tuned!



Me on an outing in my vintage dress from Buffalo Exchange (I love the color and paisley print), Missoni for Havaianas flip flops, and my goto hat by Badgley Mischka from Off 5th for like $25!!:)

Rebecca Minkoff sample sale in LA & SF

Wish I could go!! Bet there are great deals...and styles of course:). Enjoy!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Last day to enter into a really great giveaway from I'm Too Fancy for a $100 zappos gift card!!

Sorry I am just sharing this...but, I just found it and I had to share this giveaway because it's so good!  I already know what I want if I win~~to get the Nine West Jaxson wedge that is vintage inspired in orange!  It's around $50, so I'll even have a little left over to have fun with:)

The giveaway is being hosted by I'm Too Fancy and if you win (good luck!:) please mention that you were sent from Fashionalities because then I can get a $25 gift card and put that towards my shoes...so, it's win, win for me:)

Sharing is caring so good luck!:)  I LOVE giveaways and this is a good one...but, hurry it ends May 31st!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Starting to pack for my 10-day trip to DC

After my visit to Portland in March and paying over $200 for luggage I've decided to really think about what I am taking on this trip and tonight I am reading my favorite books for inspiration. I cannot pay over the already too much $25 a bag each way! Let's see what I can come up with and I'm crossing my fingers that I don't go over the weight...don't forget...I'm also packing for Sahara! And, I am attending a wedding.
Here are the books I'm reading tonight:
This book is a must-have for any getaway! There is a section for traveling and weddings, so I'm going there first:). But, the book goes through the ABC's of activities/events.

Whit has great tips for how to dress for the plane:)

This little bunny is so fashionable! I love flipping through this book for ensemble inspiration!

Wish me luck:)

Theodora & Callum: Ways to Wear -- A Scarf as Endless Looks

I'm always looking for new ideas for how to wear a scarf...This brand is one of Julia Robert's fave things on Oprah. Sign up for email by August 1, 2011 and get $25 off of your order! Enjoy!

Turban Tutorial

I LOVE the first because it is named after my daughter, Sahara:) And, because I can def rock this in Tucson since we are a DESERT:) Thanks for the ideas!

Prova scarf on The Outnet for $163!!

I love the Provable scarf design! I've tried creating a DIY version, but it just didn't turn out how I imagined. Well, it is now on The Outnet, but I'd hurry and get it because there was another style but it is SOLD OUT!

Monday, May 09, 2011

As you can tell, I LOVE turban/turbands!

Love this video too!  I think I read that this LEAFtv will have a new site and everything soon too...so stay tuned!:)

How To Tie A Turband 3 Ways from LEAFtv on Vimeo.

Exciting news about a new J.Crew online ad and a new site launching soon via WWD

(from my WWD app:). Excited about both of these stories.

DANCING FEET: J. Crew doesn’t like to be boxed in. While most online advertising is designed for a specific location on a Web site — a box or banner is typical — the retailer didn’t allow the medium to dictate the message. When J. Crew developed an online advertising campaign to celebrate its ballet flats, it used the box but created movement within it. The campaign, which launched today, begins with a hand reaching over an old-fashioned turntable and placing the arm on a vinyl album. A bright indie pop song by Jenny O., “Well OK Honey,” begins, as a white box with the J. Crew logo opens to reveal a cutie inside wearing jeans, a striped sweater and big glasses, tapping to the beat in her poppy ballet shoe-clad feet. “We felt the advertising should be interactive,” said Margot Fooshee, senior vice president of marketing at J. Crew. “[The campaign] would never translate to print. It was strictly developed and conceptualized with the intent of being an online campaign only. We wanted to show up in a way that’s fun and new and different. While we still believe in print advertising as a vehicle, we also think online is a vehicle that can be dynamic in a different way. We’re covering more sites and getting more exposure than in the past.”

The campaign will be seen on nytimes.com, nymag.com, elle.com, Style.com and glamour.com. J. Crew collaborated with Partners & Spade, Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti’s studio that works on advertising, design and branding projects. Randall Poster of Search Party (“Boys Don’t Cry,” “The Royal Tenenbaums”) supervised the music for the three-part campaign, which runs consecutively though May 26. A different artist will be featured each week: Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside for week two, and Au Revoir Simone for week three. Songs were commissioned from both for the campaign.


KISSES AND HUGS FROM JANE: With the launch of Jane Pratt’s new Web site for women one week away, the former Sassy and Jane magazine editor has called an audible. When the site launches on May 16, it will be called “xoJane.com,” not “JanePratt.com,” as originally planned. Pratt said the new name — pronounced “ex-oh Jane dot com,” a spokeswoman confirmed — is “warmer” and more in tune with the “spirit of the site.”

The original name was met with sighs and groans when details of the launch were reported in March. “I read that it was going to be called JanePratt.com, which I immediately rolled my eyes at because I don’t think she’s a brand name anymore,” said Jezebel founding editor Anna Holmes at the time. “I think branding it Jane Pratt is going to be her biggest challenge,” added Jezebel editor in chief Jessica Coen.

Pratt has also made additional hires over the last month, tapping Christina Kelly, a deputy at both Sassy and Jane and the editor in chief of ELLEgirl, as an “official contributor.” Eric Nicholson, former Jane fashion editor and onetime “America’s Next Top Model” judge, is coming on board as the site’s fashion director at large. After Jane folded, Nicholson was a senior fashion editor at Marie Claire, until he was dismissed by editor in chief Joanna Coles after telling Pratt on her Sirius radio show that Hearst was “definitely bigger and different — I wouldn’t say better” than their Fairchild title.

A spokeswoman for Pratt said that she will continue to add staff this week and after the launch. Not counting interns or Pratt herself, the site is launching with two full-time staffers, managing editor Emily McCombs and beauty editor Cat Marnell.


Sunday, May 08, 2011

I am in love with this Nine West wedge!

These shoes are just genius!! Need them now!! Nine West, Jaxson $79.

Can use this $20 Old Navy bag for the Silvia Tcherassi handbag DIY project

I just wrote about a bucket bag by Silvia Tcherassi that you can be inspired by with Martha Stewart using crystals. This bucket bag is ONLY $20 and I'm going to try the project ASAP!

Seen in Lucky magazine: I can't believe this is from JCPenney's!

I'm in love with this bag! Only $26.99! Watch for coupons in newspaper so you can get it even cheaper!!:)

Shopping at Payless: What's on my shopping list

Everytime I look on the Payless site I find items I want!  I just had to share some of the styles that are on my list right now.

I LOVE that Isabel Toledo has her hubbies art connected to her line at Payless now...I'm not sure if the boxes have is art yet, but I think that they should.

My only complaint about the designer lines at Payless are I feel that they should be more around $30 rather than $60 where they've been.  The store is still "Payless" and even though it's exciting to see them carrying fab designers I really don't see customers spending that much unless they are in LA or NY...which is why I always see the designer labels on sale...just a thought.

The newest designer at Payless: Silvia Tcherassi

I am in LOVE with this bag!!!!!!!!!!!!  My heart is rushing because of this bag:)

I was watching Martha Stewart for her Mother's Day show and fell in LOVE with the new designer for Payless' handbag and jewelry line.  I feel like her bags would look AMAZING with Tory Burch or Michael Kor's clothes...dont' you agree?  I wish I could afford something like this, but they are over $1,000 so, take tips from the Martha Stewart segment from last week on how to make your version at home.
I have a bag from Korea that I'm going to try and doing something like this with...but, I am also going to keep a look out thrift stores for a fab bucket bag like this.  BTW these are all handmade in Colombia...it takes 20 days to design!

Here are the shoes that will be at Payless!  I think the heels are too high for my lifestyle right now...but, the ballet flats are a MUST!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Jelly will always be in: What I want now: FURLA jelly handbags

They are at Dillards (Supposed to be...but, can't find on site yet...) or FURLA site (only 3 colors available) and sadly costs around $195...which I don't think I would spend on a trendy item like this...but, I will wait till it goes on sale:)  Until then...I'm thinking I want the pink, yellow or green...we shall see what is available:)
I've always LOVED jelly shoes regardless if they were in or out...so, I think this would be a fun summer staple for me once I get it...if I do:)

BTW: I spotted this amazing find on my email from Stacey Bendet for alice + olivia called, 4am finds.  I would sign up.  She always shares a collage of interesting items that always catch my eye!

Follow Stacey Bendet on Twitter: www.twitter.com/@alice_olivia

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

What I ended up being excited about in the Target Calypso St. Barths collection

I went in looking for a dress or even tunic...but, all the colors I was looking for weren't there...oh well...but, I did fall
in love with all my elephant options. (you should know I'm addicted to elephants!!)
And, I just found out today that Target will be collabing with MISSONI this fall with baby, women's, and home items! I'm beyond excited! First, flip flops with Havaianas, then bugaboo collab and now this! I can't wait to get everything!!
For the house, the hubby loves tea:). $12.99
For the baby, too adorable!! $12.99
I'm in love!!! Has a vintage quality and only $20!!

I've read that some have not been satisfied with the quality of the clothing, but I love that the lengths were longer than usual and the styling was comparable to what is sold on the Calypso site...it's exactly what I would expect from the line and I am very happy with what they offered.  ****

Style Society

Midweek STYLE Society is sharing a Mauboussin jewelry giveaway, backstage designer insights from Oscar de la Renta, city-specific stylish stores, colorful outfits and pretty hair accessories, caftan love from Tory B and Rachel R, and royal wedding finds! Click and read/see/listen/be style for top style bloggers...
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[caption id="attachment_13192" align="aligncenter" width="375" caption="À Bientôt"][/caption]

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Dresscue Me- Bat Wings In Demand

I'm in LOVE, can you tell:) They are now available for sale on the site, www.shareenvintage.com. My mom already bought one and now there are only 2 left! Make sure to keep checking back...more should be available tomorrow! Or, try to make your own:)

Monday, May 02, 2011

As seen on Dresscue Me: Vintage Batwing top available

I'm so excited that Shareen emailed me back this morning (after I emailed her at 12 amish:) letting me know that the batwing top that she designed out of vintage Indian cotton print skirts for Madewell in 2010 are being worked on while I type! They are only $58 and I'm waiting to buy right when they are available! Stay tuned! I'm also thinking of trying to DIY my own version with skirts I have:). Can't wait to see the rest of the season for Dresscue me on Planet Green. Joanie Cusack is my style inspiration on the show!

I can't wait to go to one of her locations in LA or NY...I can't believe the amazing prices!

P.S. The top looks like something Nicole Richie would rock in a second!