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Fashion Industry Career Advice

Career advice from Fashion Insiders!

Jane Aldridge - Sea of Shoes

This girl has it all at 17!:) Could she be the Anna Wintour of blogs or maybe a new magazine in 10 years...lets see:)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sharing is Caring: New Fabulous Online Boutique

I want to share a new boutique, Imperfect Concepts~the owner has a great eye and has been sharing her finds on facebook for a while and has a variety in what she is going to offer.  I have been following with excitement for the past months and I am excited to share the unveiling of this masterpiece online boutique.  So many dreamy items, you just can't say no!  The items are on trend and great prices.  Get to know the owner, Ms. Natasha Robinson and all of the ideas behind the store, Imperfect Concepts.  

Why did you decide to start your boutique?
Well, ever since I was little I wanted to be my own boss.  I'm not that great at taking orders, but I am pretty darn good at giving them. I used to pay my little sister to do my chores, lol.  So, you can say I started being my own boss at 8 or so. The main reason why I wanted to start my own store though was my LOVE for fashion. I am truly dedicated to the art that is fashion. The store went through several changes from women designer clothing to men fashion to finally my love of vintage clothing and thrifting.

-If you can share, where are your HOT spots to find your items?
Yeah I can share, because people say my job is easy, but trust vintage shopping is hard work. Since I reside in Dallas, I have several vintage, consignment & thrift shops that I frequent; management even knows me by name. 
-St. Vincent De Paul
-Salvation Army (12 in the DFW area)
-Goodwill (20 in the DFW area)
-Dolly Python
-Clotheshorse Anonymous 
Furthermore, I actually have several mentors who are fabulous and well dressed who donate items to me also. Truth is, some of the items come from my very own collection. I feel your clothes and accesories help define who you are. So, if I am not wearing items or it's just collecting dust in my closet, of course I am going to sell it.  Someone else might come to love and treasure that item.

How did you decide the name of your boutique? (Imperfect Concepts)
So, the store was going to be named something completely different, and for some reason leading up to grand opening I was feeling the name didn't equal to one destined for greatness.  So, I was on the phone with a friend and I was telling her how I felt, and she was like just let it marinate and something will come to you... Literally, soon as we got off the phone "imperfect" popped in my head. My mom asked what is the concept of your store again, and that's how I came up with "Imperfect Concepts Resale Boutique!"

What are your fave blogs?
OMG, if my friend Rocquelle heard this question she would be be like chile dont ask her that, she has 50 million she reads daily...LOL, which is very true. I gather inspiration from many sites, but here is a run down of sites I can not live without. I have them bookmarked in my iPhone.

bleed for fashion
she plays dress up
She is 
LA is living in a roller coaster
Digi Fresh
Glossy Game
Nini style
I am Style-ISH
My So Called Life
My little fashion treasury
The Starving Stylist
Who What Where
D magazine blo
Height of Fashion

The list could go on and on, but these are sites where I am constantly and swear by. They are fun to read, and all the owners are very humble and funny. And it's a plus that I have become good friends with several of the site owners... hehe.

What do you look to for inspiration for your boutique and fashion/trend choices?
I have come to realize that designers are not really using models as their muses anymore, but rather are going to the random girl on the street corner or the man walking his dog. Those are also my insipirations to be excat. I love to see what other people are wearing and how they are wearing it. For example, I started wearing spectors/oxfords over 2 years ago because I thought they were cool. Now look at them; they are selling up towards $600 for one pair. Thank God I own 6 already. So, I look at people for my inspiration. I have an eccentric group of friends so that's who is really my inspiration. 

What would be the theme song for your boutique?
WOW a theme song!! I know what music I was listening to all day and all night when I was making the site. That would be Trey Songz albums & mixtapes... LOL but a theme song would be "Gotta Work" by Amerie. The beat and the words give me motivation. It has been played 145 times via my itunes. Highest played song... 

Who would you hope to be your customer....if anyone could buy something from your site (celeb, stylist, music artist...), who would that be and why?
I would say Solange Knowles hands down!!! That is my girl, and I love her sense of style and love for life. Like no matter what she is wearing she has confidence, and some people just don't have that. She mixes high and low price points better than anyone. Her shoe game is the best in the game to me. She makes you think, and that's what I want my customers to do. I want them to be themselves and happy about every fashion purchase from Imperfect Concepts Boutique.

Final thoughts
I really want to thank Fashionalites for being a supporter from the beginning and giving me great advice. The overwhelming support I got from you and many others means the world to me, because I know no one has to believe in my dream like I believe in my dream. So thanks a bunch!!!!

Exciting Giveaway!!! Win a Jones New York T-Shirt

I am excited to share this offer with my fabulous readers!  This TEE will be exclusive to the winner because it will not be sold at the JNY site or Macy's until September 1st for $20!  I thought an exciting way to do the giveaway is to have readers send me pictures of how you style your wardrobe according to Lloyd Boston's tips.  It's all about how your learn what you've been taught...and the cool tie into this is that Jones New York's back to school initiative is to support teachers and children's education.  The program is called, Jones New York In The Classroom (JNYITC).  For more information about this program, visit this site.  
Please have pictures in by Monday, email to:  Good luck!

Joe Zee on the Today Show! He is EVERYWHERE~follow on Twitter:)

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Fall 2009 Ad Campaign - The Gardens - Part 1 of 3

I am in LOVE! Isaac is just beyond AMAZING!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mon Cheri! Newport News EVERYTHING I have been looking for at the right PRICE

Only $39! Similar to the MK shoes I have been looking for!:)
I can't believe what I just found in Newport's new catalog...which I have to say, I LOVE the Parisian styling! Snaps to them for updating the style of the catalog! I know catalogs usually get stuck in a rut, but this really proves something new is coming! Here are a few of my must-have items!
*Not available until October!Only $25!

Which strappy shoe should I with...I can't decide...but, I am close to what I have been searching for!:)

Erin Fetherston in a Fashion Tale, "The Pied Piper"

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cooking Wonders: American Fashion Cookbook

I am just recently coming into my own with cooking after being married for three years...I usually use vintage cook books, Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray or my family to find recipes that I can try.  Needless to say, I was floored when I read that ASSOULINE was publishing a book called, "American Fashion Cookbook."  I couldn't wait to see what type of recipes some of my favorite designers had to share.  Here are a few of my favorites that I can't wait to try:
Because I love the ingredient: 
I have to try the Goat Cheese Tarts with Arugula Salad from Andreas Melbostad (designer of Phi)...
I have fallen in LOVE with dates and there is goat cheese (just sounds divine), so this seems like an easy appetizer that I might have to replace the bacon with turkey bacon.
Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Dates by Selima Salaun
Just because of the name...
Designer Catherine Malandrino has one I want to try, but it has anchovies~something I have never tried before...but, I am up for trying to test this out just because it is Catherine Malandrino's recipe:)
Le Panier de Crudites
Something new...
This just sounds new and exciting, Coconut Fish Chowder...I want to try this now:)  This may happen this week...
Plus, I found a great deal on AMAZON!  On Assouline the price for the book is $45, but on, it is $27.

DSW Update: The Italian Designer was GUCCI!!!

If you haven't rushed out to your local DSW that carries the now stocked GUCCI brand (handbags and shoes!) then you need to go you can see...there is only ONE item available online!

Below is a full list of all participating stores:


·         Union Square - New York

·         Union Square - San Francisco

·         Dublin, OH

·         Oakbrook (Chicago), IL

·         Bethesda, MD

·         Carle Place (Long Island), NY

·         Dallas (Prestonwood), TX

·         Dallas (North Park), TX

·         Houston (Galleria), TX

·         San Diego, CA

·         Costa Mesa (Southcoast), CA

·         Buckhead (Atlanta), GA

·         Aventura, FL

·         Miami, FL

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Do You Know Who Robyn Rhodes Is??? Well, You Should...Check Out The Scoop!

Right when I spotted Robyn Rhodes designs in a magazine I was flipping through at the nail shop and then, happened to get an email from her and not some random publicist...I was intrigued...we emailed back and forth a few times and I got the chance to send her some questions that I had about the line.  I love her choice of gems and metals.  Her work is feminine with an edge, which I always appreciate because it can be worn for almost any occasion.  Check out the interview with designer Robyn Rhodes and let me know if you have any questions, I am sure she will respond personally.  She also offered a 20% off promo code: gemdeal (code will work Monday, August 17).  *PLUS, might I add---the prices are AMAZING!  And you get the choice of metals and gems you want!  Enjoy!

Did you go to school for designing jewelry? 
I am completely self taught.  (I LOVE that and wish I had that natural talent...but, we all get something different.:)

-Did you know you would one day end up being a designer?
Absolutely not.  I went to school for film and art history-- I was going to be a filmmaker.

-What was your dream job when you were younger?  Was this what you expected to do? 
I always wanted to be a filmmaker-- that was what I always thought I would be doing.  I wanted to produce and direct movies.  

-Are you from LA?  If not, where are you from? 
Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley.

-I read you started designing just as gifts...did you do this because you couldn't find what you wanted to get, you were just having fun, or you knew one day you wanted to design?
I have been making jewelry since I was 12 years old as just a hobby and did not really pick it up again until my aunt showed me a $20 necklace that her son gave to her.  At the time, I was working freelance in tv/film production and was waiting for the phone to ring for my next job... however, it was just after 9/11 and tv and film production had halted.  So when I saw this necklace (glass marbles glued to a wound up long piece of wire that would you get at your local hardware store, with a piece of leather that you would tie around your neck)  and found out how much my cousin paid for it-- I was outraged and said, " I can do that, and for cheaper!"  I picked up all the materials, started making them for friends, family, etc.  I never thought that that glass $20 necklace would jump start career, 7 years strong.

-What are your hopes for your designs?
I want everyone to own at least one piece of Robyn Rhodes Jewelry.  I want to be able to constantly come up with new and amazing designs, so much so, that I surprise myself!

-You seem to have all the right connections with celebs and labels like Rock n' Republic...what can we expect from you next?  Collabs-expansions-etc.
InStyle Magazine is doing a page on me and the jewelry I have done on on HBO'S Entourage.   The issue hits newsstands in November.  I plan to also eventually come out with a men's line  and "going green" line as well.
-Do you decide what you will wear each day with jewelry first?
The beauty of my line is that I will have a least 3 different things I can choose for each outfit-- that's the hard part!

-Who would you love to wear your pieces?
I would love to see my line on Drew Barrymore, Oprah, Michelle Obama, Julia Roberts, Madonna, the list goes on and on....

-What have you planned for your next seasons styles?  
Very versatile-- pieces you can layer, mixed metals, Indian inspired charms. (*She just made my heart jump~everyone knows I LOVE anything connected to India!  That piece will be a MUST for my collection of jewelry!) 

-What is your favorite stone?
I love turquoise and smoky quartz.
-What piece do you have to wear each day? 
I love, love earrings!!  So I am always wearing either my double hoop earrings called Mattie or  my red quartz Samantha earrings.  Then I just layer up the necklaces such as the Rita, Deirdre, Corey, and another fave, Grace.

-Where do you find all of your stones and charms? 
I go all over the place!  I have suppliers from all around the world.

-What is your favorite blog?   
I am very new into reading blogs....  I stumbled on to Fashionalities and have been hooked ever since!

-What do you look to for inspiration when designing?  
When I go shopping for stones and charms-- my mind goes crazy with designs!  I start there, then think about what color stones would go with what... I look into my roots of film and TV for inspiration as well.  I can be inspired by everything and anything.  I even design jewelry in my sleep!!

Music + Fashion = MAGIC, New Fave Fashionista: DJ Rashida

I was just introduced to DJ Rashida on Concrete + Cashmere and I am in LOVE!  Her style is divine (she likes vibrant colors and she knows how to work her body type with a strapless top and a tube skirt with all types of designs) and her mixes are hitting my iPod ASAP!  I had to share my find right away!  Check her out today!  I need to know how she handles her curls too!

Lights, Camera, Fashion: Concrete Fashion

Episode 1: Dress The Part from Concrete Cashmere on Vimeo.

It looks like we are all just hearing about the new fashion reality contest show, Concrete & Cashmere which is produced by Alize.  But, no need to can catch each 10 minute episode now online and be inspired by the designer, stylist or fashionista on the show.  I LOVE the themes for the challenges they have really given me some ideas for my at-home-wardrobe projects that I need to explore.  The show reminds me a little bit of VH1's Glam God and The Fashion Show.  I am thinking that either Jamaica or Brea will win this contest...the others just haven't shown anything by the 5th episode that has WOWed me...but, we shall see...I really want to try recreating the top that Brea made in the Couture Tee contest and Jamaica was actually wearing a tassel around her shoulders that I want to try...also, Jamaica's Bowery look was really chic and now I think...So, watch this online fashion contest for more ideas and I haven't watched them yet, but get lots of cocktail ideas for your soiree's as well!

Mad for Mad Men

Am I the only one that just caught on in the past month that Mad Men is a MUST-SEE TV show on AMC!?  I can't believe I have missed this show for 2 seasons!  I have, of course caught up for tonight's BIG premiere...but, I still can't believe that I, the girl who LOVES all things vintage didn't know about this!  Well, to anyone else that has missed all of the really great publicity that AMC is doing...this is the show to DVR tonight!  And rent from Blockbuster to catch up on the drama and fashion!  This is like the Retro SATC:)  I know, I am fishing for more SATC:)
Through my Google Alerts I found this great piece done by ABC that shows how the actor dresses on set and off set...LOVE IT!  

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Way to Dress to WorkOut on Sweaty Sundays...

I always love to see how hipsters dress to workout...Check out more pics here from New York Times...I think I need some VIBRANT spandex like these:)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

June Ambrose Visits Project Runway Hotspot

Go beyond what they share on Project Runway...a stylists view of the "fabric store."

June Ambrose: "NO WIRE HANGERS"

I love her passion! Take notes!

June Ambrose's Eyewear Remix 101

Worth watching with your head tilted:)

June Ambrose's Haute Bond 7 Exclusive

Get the insider info! Also, catch what June says at the end...the owner of this boutique will be doing something w/ J. Crew! I have to go here while I am in NY next month!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Online Surprise: Newport News

I have skimmed and maybe shopped the Newport News site and catalog occasionally, but this fall it seems that every September issue is showcasing some really great pieces that I have to share!
Check out the "as seen in" section to see where the site has been featured recently... 
Working with catalogs, I understand the reuse of a great selling item which a couple of these must, keep in mind---some of the styling from the catalog might be old school...but, if you update your styling like the magazines have these pieces are dynamic and have great prices!  LUCKY mag has a tee from Newport News on the last page that I have to have!  It's not on the site yet...but, I will be looking out for it and share once it gets added.

I just liked these....


Please excuse the look of my blog until I get this template down...trying to do something new, but I am not all layout savvy:)  

Street Style this week on the NYT: Shirt Dress

I love the idea of the ladies wearing their black J. Crew shirt dresses with brown belts, black thick belts, the self belt that it came with...they all had the same dress but so many different looks. Just like how the style shoe chosen to wear with this staple can make a drastic difference on how you look-casual or dressy...but, still so put together. This is a great item for your closet regardless of what industry you are in.

How to make a Balenciaga Jumper, with JoAnn Berman

Designer style inspiration is the BEST!

Tee Dress, T-Recon, Threadbanger

Can you believe this! I need a weekend to make these! Or maybe take directions for someone to make me one with tee's I find:)

I love listening to Isaac Mizrahi keeping it real on his video blog...true reality.

He keeps it honest! Hahaha...Watch him to laugh...this is beyond fashion! For more of his how-to...check out his web-i-sodes...he's recently updated, so there are some good ones like how to make Sangria!, he needs to get on an app for my iPhone!

Looks like Grandma Sweatshirts are In Now @ TopShop...Thoughts???

Markus Lupfer

It's Brunch Time!

Ladies brunching in Brooklyn:)
Brunching is a fabulous excuse to get dressed up and go out with your friends for breakfast. It is a common tradition for people in New York to do each weekend...preferably on Sundays...some after church and others after a long night out on's true, not everyone dresses up...but, I always found it simply irresistible not are some ideas of what I would wear for brunching on a Sunday. I feel like Isaac Mizrahi designs what I feel has the true essence of Sunday brunching at the Plaza. He is no longer designing for Target, but his pieces for Liz Claiborne are AMAZING!

I am very excited to share a great interview with Reco from Bravo's The Fashion Show!

Glam R Us Radio had a chance to interview one of my favorite designers from The Fashion Show on Friday. Check out the interview here on BlogTalkRadio.
Stay up to date with Reco's clothing line and life with his facebook page, twitter page, and his site, House of Chapple. His Fall 2009 line looks fierce and is coming soon!

Cheers Darling: It's Cocktail Hour...What Will You Wear?

"Five out of five men are said to look twice at any girl in a black dress."
-Elizabeth Hawes, Anything But Love
Recently, the nonprofit organization I am a member of, The Women's 20/30 Club, had an event called Cocktailing for a Cause...For the life of me, I couldn't decide what to wear...I combed my closet...flipped through all of my magazines...but, I really didn't want to buy something new...I knew I had something appropriate...but, I just wanted to ensure that no one else would be wearing what I had on...(bad, I know...)
I fortunately looked to the book, "The Cocktail Dress," which had exactly the inspiration I needed! Although people are always giving us new items to go for at cocktail parties...the signature item will always be the LBD. The dress that ladies like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and many others wore for an evening out. This book gives historic background on the fashionable cocktail dress which varies in styling through the decades...and, also has imagery for people like me that need a quick inspiration shot:)
I realize that a pair of shoes can dress up any plain jane look...or you can get a LBD with a little more pizazz like Marilyn Monroe with her style off the shoulder for a little sex appeal or Ann Milling in Christian Dior London's feather-trimmed organza dress which say anything but, basic. I went for the cut out on the back and a fabric that resembles leather but is actually linen with some type of sheen finish with a statement pair of shoes by Stuart Weitzman. Thoughts???:) What do you wear for cocktails???

Friday, August 07, 2009

Isaac Mizrahi for Liz Claiborne's Fall line is available

I love his mix of dressy denim with a casual denim jacket and a belt cinching in the waist...perfection...I need the cropped denim trouserse this MUST!

My <3 is POUNDING! Winning Collection on The Fashion Show Available For Purchase!

Anna's designs are just as gorge on the available to purchase looks on BravoTV...Prices are magical! I hope they don't sell out quickly! I need to save up...Wait~the drama! Where is my elephant print dress:( How can they not have all items available for purchase!?

The Curly Chronicles GIVEAWAY!

Just share your favorite curly hair product or a curly hair story and I will do a drawing for the giveaway on Monday.

Good luck!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

FYI---More Curly News

I didn't know Ouidad was sold at SEPHORA and has new packaging...check it out!

JNY Style Miles - Episode 6: Featuring Lloyd Boston

Yay! The most up-to-date from Lloyd Boston! I love his guides! He knows it all!

Sample Sales Online Are Growing At A Fast Pace, Do You Know All of Them?

Here are a few of my must-have sites that I turn to for the best of the best bargains on all of my coveted designers:

-Shop it To Me-Your free personal shopper, finding all of the best deals on all the brands, designers, and stores you love.
-The Outnet for Net-a-Porter *New Going, Going, Gone element to the sales twice a, keep watching---it's worth it...with even more AMAZING prices!
-Rewind for Revolve Clothing (just started today)
-Gilt Groupe has something new starting next week called, Gilt Fuse---prices will be even lower...I guess they see how good The Outnet is!
-Ruelala-now available on your iPhone.
-Retail Happy Hour-this is new...I haven't experienced this yet...but, I wanted to share what I just heard about...

What am I missing? What do you recommend???

Curly Chronicles Part III: The PRODUCTS

*Curly, Curly:)

I feel like I have tried so many products since turning to my curls...and I always seem to turn back to my oldies but goodies...the cheapest products out there:)
SUAVE Vanilla Conditioner (people go crazy over my hair when I use this!)
Boots Coconut/Almond Leave-In Conditioner
Pantene Pro-V...I've always been told this was terrible...but, my hair LOVES it! But, I stopped with the mousse:)
On to the tested:
TIGI Love Peace & The Planet-This is the most yummy leave in conditioner ever! You just want to eat your hair;) People are always asking me what I am wearing when I use this and I just let them sniff the tresses:) The Cherry-Almond scent is addictive and it helps me prep my hair for the product that I put in after. I feel like the leave in conditioners help tame my hair after getting out of the shower and prevent it from starting to dry quickly and frizz out of control. Plus, this product is 88% organic...which is a plus in my book because I try to avoid a lot of alcohol in my hair because it defeats the purpose since my hair is already dry-prone:) Basically, what is good for the environment, made from the environment is perfect for moi.
Hair Rules-to be honest, I was sent a trial size for this product and my hair is way too thick to really get an idea of how good this product was...but, I can say it smelled really good:) But, right now there is a REALLY great deal on HSN! An entire Hair Rules Custom Curl Set is only $24.95! This includes 3 full size products and 2 of the trial size that I received (that doesn't really do anything:) But, such a great deal! Also, Dickey will be on HSN all day tomorrow from 1:00 a.m. est to 9 p.m. est with expert tips and exclusive deals. I will be watching this!
Living Proof-is all about fighting frizz and does just that. When I saw the little package that the product comes in, I was like this isn't going to do anything! My hair usually requires a lot of product...even if I now know that I need to section it to add the product:) This isn't like the other frizz fighting products that makes your hair look greasy---it lets it fight the humidity and remain lush and flowy---exactly how I like it! The site is really helpful and even has a how-to do your hair with the product. I got a lot of great pointers that helped me understand how to use and not abuse this small product;) Right now free shipping on orders over $48!
Moroccanoil (p.s. it is supposed to be one word:)-I was really curious about this product because it keeps popping up in every mag and every celeb is said to be using it...I didn't know what to expect, because I hadn't seen the product in any stores from Nordstrom to, I wanted to see what was up...I first off thought the product was going to be oil based, but not at all...I am usually one to squish my hair throughout the day and instead of greasy it felt kind of like lotion interesting wasn't thick and my hair felt and dried nicely. The product kinds of reminds me of baby lotion for the hair...for some reason I expected coconut scents and so forth...but, it was an interesting surprise. I mainly used the Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream because I haven't straightened my hair in so long...but, I am getting bored and I want to start changing it up a, I will share how the Moroccanoil Treatment and Hydrating Styling Cream work. I think I need to invest in a mask next...I love doing a mask over the weekend and just relaxing. You can buy the products at a salon near you, or online at AMAZON.

Skala-this brand has AMAZING products at great prices! I got to try the Conditioning Treatment masque, which I loved in the various types for Dry, Course Hair with avocado to Anti-Frizz with aloe vera...I am excited to share that just recently the site has opened up to sell online! You used to have to buy $50 packs on AMAZON...but, gone are the days...take advantage...I couldn't find the product anywhere in Arizona! I kept reading about the product in Latina magazine and I wanted to know what was up. I assure you all this is a great product and worth the wait of shipping:)

In the MIX:
Just found these fabulous hair sites for products and encouragement for natural hair:
A friend recommended I check out the site called, Curls...which is all about effortless, frizz free curls for multi-ethnic women and girls...that's me:) Plus, the products are made of organic ingredients and exotic oils! This is on my list to try next!
The site that supports women going natural and growing their hair is called, Long Hair Don't Care...yesterday they actually had a live radio, keep watching for these type of events.
Chris Rock has a new movie coming out called, "Good Hair"...check out the trailer here.
Marie Claire has a how-to guide for taking care of curly hair that I found helpful.