Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Keeping It Real: Calling All Girls 5'7 and below: Yes---this is your chance to be on ANTM!!!!!!!!

Tyra is innovative and thinks outside the box...I am so excited to say that she has gone beyond looking for different looking beautiful (tall girls) and plus size (tall) models to now ladies who are not the expected height for a model...I applaud her for this and I can't wait to see the potential of this season...You have to keep in mind, a lot of the celebs that do the ads in the mags we see and on commercials are not that tall...I am not sure if she is going to do runway with the shorter models...but, I imagine that if they are wearing high enough heels and can work it, it will all work AUDITION, please!  Check the site now because auditions start as early as March 7th! 

Speaking of plus size models....Forever 21 is now offering plus size clothing called, Faith 21!  Really exciting!  I can never seem to fit their pants---now, I might have a chance!!!!!!!  Or, they will need to come up with something for the middle:)


Jackson said...

Hey I'm Jackson

Great Job on the site about fashion stuff.

Jackson said...

By the Way, the banner of your site is not working. You might want to do something about it.
Anyways really amazed about the thingy going around here. Keep on.

Alyssa said...

Way to diversify, yay!

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