Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Never Feel Left Behind

Check out Net-a-porter's Notes each week...and never feel left behind, there is an archive that you can select and see anything you might have missed!  I LOVE IT!

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

I haven't really acknowledged any other shoe places since I have been working at my fab job at Stems...but, I was flipping through some ELLE street style pics and spotted some fab sandals that are from Payless!  Even though I didn't find them on the site, I figured I could at least share all of the cute styles I did find:)  Enjoy! 

I had it in 2006 and now others are creating from the good old tool bag:)

My article was written in 2006 and now in 2008, the April Issue of Elle is giving Props to a designer Stubbs and Wootton for adding their logo:) Snaps to them I guess:)  You could just go to Home Depot though and save some cash:)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Love At First Sight!

I have been searching for this clutch since I saw it for the first time on Who What Wear Daily in January!  I have asked friends that have friends at H&M to ask...I have contacted the PR Dept., I have called stores in the nearest locations since there is no H&M in AZ...I have even asked friends to check whenever they visit the store...and still no one has found this fab, only $12.99 clutch!  And I keep seeing it in every publication possible...and every month since January...I even saw it in a May publication believe it or not!  I just want this bag...Will I ever get it??:(

Harem Pants

The Sartorialist Trend Spotting in Delhi
From Belgium Vogue
I know, I should have been paying attention to the Taj Mahal...but, I just had to capture the moment of harem pants in India:)

The Pant That I want Right Now....that is now where to be seen on anyone:)  Am I crAZY?  *Side note, I could have gotten these for only $2 in India:(
Easy to try for only $12.99 at La Redoute

I love this style dress right now and they are everywhere!

Lauren working the look with a skirt tube combo!
Fun, flirty, and still the empire waist that we love! And, might I add, not too short:)
The Hurley Style that I found in the March Issue of Style Watch
Calvin Klein Two Tone Version, work style for $110
Dillards version, $90, Sangria Chiffon Tiered Dress

Where Are All Of the Long Vests???

So, I keep seeing layered vests in all of the fashion magazines...but, I can't seem to find the style offered anywhere.  I got excited when I saw that Gap was going to have a vest in the May issue of Vogue...but, I keep checking the Gap website and nothing...where, or where can I find a long vest for my safari look this Spring before it is too late?
Here are a couple of options:
Ok, this has too may bulky buttons...but, it is closer than I started and it is only $29.99 at Dillards!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Summer Must-Have: White Trousers!

I have been on the search for the perfect white trouser...perfect meaning, the right price!  Why pay tons of cash on pants that you expect to get dirty?  How can white stay perfect for more than one summer?  I don't care who you are or how much bleach you use the perfect white pants will get dingy and dirty after a couple of wears.  So, to get to the point, I found the white trousers that everyone needs at, (drumroll) TARGET of course:)  Merona has the perfect white trouser for only $24.99, so worth it!  And, I would say that if you LOVE them as much as I do go back at the end of the season and buy them when they are on sale for even cheaper for next year.  That is planning ahead:)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Isaac Mizrahi - Unzipped

I just watched UNZIPPED for the first time and fell in LOVE with Isaac Mizrahi even more...and how could that happen:) The documentary is a must-have...I am going to purchase for my colecion at home:)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring is in the Air and Kind Of Passed by in Arizona...but, I am sooo excited ABOUT the new Wardrobe to Start And Work With!

There are so many trends these days that I think it is all about what catches your eye...I for one, love everything, high-low shopping, online shopping, ebay shopping, and thrift store shopping.  I do it all...and with styles...I want a cigarette pant to a wide, wide leg are a couple of styles that I have found so far that I wanted to share.
I am still going crazy over skirts, skirts, skirts, but I either prefer them at knee length or to the floor...I do not do mini's by any means...I love prints on skirts, skirts with bows and skirts with pockets...there are so many skirt styles to rock that the list goes could one ever get bored?  
I have been looking for sailor style denim pants recently and found them at Neiman's by J Brand Jeans.
I am LOVING the Safari Style dress right now...anything safari just gets me going...I think it is so chic and timeless.   This dress also comes with a belt which I think is essential still for the season...I love cinching my waist it just makes anything look AMAZING! 

Shoes are Like Candy, You Always Have to Sneak at Least One Pair

*I found this image on GOOGLE IMAGES...I love it because it screams, I LOVE SHOES:)

I am a shoe addict!  Ever since I started working on events and the blog for Stems a shoes boutique in Tucson, my closet is full!  I was scanning the shoes online today and thought I would share some cute new styles out there...a girl can never have to many shoes, and it is fun to start an ensemble with your shoes...just try it! 
The brand that Stems is selling like hot cakes is Betseyville, it is a smaller line for Betsey Johnson that makes incredible designs that have her corky prints that just scream Betsey Johnson!  
I love exaggerated lengths in high top sneakers today...and I think it is AMAZING how a brand like Ed Hardy is so recognizable recently...I honestly didn't know about Ed Hardy until about a year ago...In Tucson, there are stores that sell only Ed Hardy, even Dillards has a section dedicated to Ed Hardy...I am like wow...this is serious...and it is:)  Ed Hardy designs were even featured on the Janice Dickinson show!  
Wedges are STRONG now matter what height you buy them in...but, right now, I am LOVING any shoes with beading...the style just reminds me of my trip to India.
The Mudd shoes, shoe us how we can incorporate the floral trend into our look without having it right in your face...the print on the shoe is a subtle way of adding the trend in to your wardrobe.  

This is What I was Looking for, And this Is what I found...

It is funny, last year, I was looking EVERYWHERE for T-Strap shoes...couldn't find them anywhere, but I saw them in every fashion mag...and now you can find the style anywhere you, now, I am looking for a first I was looking for a cigarette pant...and now, I am not sure what to call the style, but I am seeing it everywhere...I found similar looks on Old Navy's website...but, I can't decide if it resembles what I am searching for...what do you all think?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

So Cute! Street Chic in Australia from

I LOVE checking out the Street Chic finds on are a few of my fave looks recently....sign up for emails and get updates whenever the site has new street shots.I am loving this style, so chic.  Belts are still strong and I am going to just keeping working them with all of my ensembles:)  (+) the scarves are remaining very strong in the spring/summer season as well...I LOVE the way the skirt goes so high that it meets the vest and looks like my favorite dresses right now...I was thinking of getting a high waist stretch cotton skirt and pairing with the same in a tank and wearing it like a dress this summer, but this is another way to achieve the look.I can't personally do this look, but I love the skinny jeans with the gladiators.

Sex and The City...Almost A Month Away!

I know all of us are sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see what Sex and the City, the Movie will bring!  There are themed parties being planned (in honor of all things fashion represented in the movie), pictures all over the web and in every fashion respecting publication for the month of May!  But, Andre' Leon Talley, whom I passed on the streets of 5th Ave in front of Tiffany's once will also be in the movie playing none other than himself!  Also, Manolo made a shoe just for Carrie Bradshaw, I wonder if the shoe will be sold to the public?  That would be genius!  I would have to save every penny to own a pair:)

You Will Never Believe Where These Skirts Are From!

Doesn't this just say Kate Spade to you?  I love the color detail!  The skirt comes in a tomato red color with brown, pink and white stripes or a magenta color with red, brown and white stripes.  I just love the skirt!

This skirt is on sale online at only $8!  It looks like a Tory Burch style skirt, no??  I love it and the fabric is very strong!
So, I bet after saying the price of the second skirt you guess where these are from, WALMART!  Not, Target, but Walmart!  I love finding my gems at Walmart, so I had to share:)