Monday, May 31, 2010

My new app downloads for my trip

I'm always excited to find new apps that I have to have!  Here are a few of my newest apps that I had to share!  I can't wait to see if Verizon takes over the iPhone in August!  I am crossing my fingers!

-Rue La La is now available for shopping on the go
-I downloaded iRunway...I believe it is in connection to's a fun way to play with the clothes in your closet wherever you may be.
-Style Tips: Find the Best Clothes for Your Body Type: This is a really fun app I just found with real girls sharing how to wear clothes for real bodies.
-Feather Report...a new way to know what the weather is and what to wear...I also use StyleCaster:)

Do you want to bookmark something you saw online to read later?  Use any of these apps:
-Read it Later

-Just realized today that you can watch shows on the E! Online app!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Easy Does it---DIY inspired by Club Monaco

Since vacation time is quickly approaching and many will be headed to the beach I thought that the Club Monaco necklace I was sent recently would be a perfect DIY for everyone.  It's really easy and super cute!

Just keep an eye out for beautiful shells and buy a strong string...I'd think a leather string would be nice and have a fun gift for friends to share your fun adventures this summer or just a perfect piece that will remind you of your trip throughout the year.

I will be headed to Hawaii this week so stay tuned for fun pics and fun stuff I buy and maybe more DIY projects I come up with!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Easy DIY-straw clutch update

I found this inspiration from Vivre...just clip on a fun clip on earring or broach and voila, you have updated your basic straw clutch!  I am going to be looking for a broach from H&M, Forever 21 and thrift stores...I will share what I come up with when I find something.

I found a great clutch at French Connection for $48!  Try this one out for this DIY.

You know you want the name plate necklace inspired by Carrie in SATC!

And you'll be surprised where you can get it for only $50!  WALMART!  Check it out! 

COACH is taking off! Get them (the it-bags) while they are still around!

I have had two fab experiences with COACH this week...and I want both now!

Lexus RX 350
The interior is all done by COACH leather!

4 bloggers have done new COACH handbag designs and I want a few of them!  The scoop: there is a limited quantity of bags (I heard 200 each) and they will be sold exclusively online (except for the event at the New York store in June).  Get them while they are HOT!  On sale now!

This is my TOP PICK bag!  I can't believe that this bag (and all of the other blogger bags) has limited quantities available...which is ONLY 200~!  Plus, this is Emily Satchel for $500!!!  What to do?  I have to have it though...we shall see...

I thought I wanted the Kelly Drawstring Pouch...but, the Kelly ($395) is more classic and versatile I think...

Then, there's Karla's clutch ($398)...

And, if you are lucky and in NYC...I would LOVE for you to attend this event where you will meet the designers behind all of the bags!  I WISH!!!!!

I am LOVING the POM-POM craze right now!!!

They're everywhere! I thought maybe we would only see pom-poms during the winter on knit pieces like hats and scarves...but, no, they are everywhere this spring and we even have a fun DIY version for you to try with your accessories!  Check out P.S I made this to have some fun creating a necklace at home!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The must-have summer scarf: anything with a pom-pom

Here are a few styles that have caught my eye:

I always love to go to net-a-porter first to get an idea of how to style it....always'a a look from Antik Batik.

Payless, Lace pom-pom scarf on sale for only $9.99!

LOFT, Pom-Pom Scarf, $34.50

The Print Style!  Old Navy's Pom Pom Scarf is only $12.50!  What a deal!
I would pair any of these summer scarves with a fab maxi dress!  Perfect for day or evening!  Have fun!

More items to collect for the 2 day countdown to SATC2!

Julep nail polish with each girl from SATC in mind!

Skyy Vodka: Skyy Infusions

The Sex and the City 2 book with all the info you need to carry you through until the DVD comes out!
The soundtrack....I am getting this today!
The four leaf clover---the theme for the Payless for only $12.99!
If you don't have it already...make sure and get SJP's new fragrance, SJP NYC!

There's something for everyone to enjoy and celebrate!

For those that missed Patricia Fields (the costume designer of SATC) live discussion on Payless' Facebook page... are some highlights from the question and answer session on May 19th.  Sadly, I can't upload the video replies from Patricia Fields herself, but check out the videos on the Payless facebook page (scroll down to the posts on May 19th).  These are great tips to take from Patricia on dressing for the big day, May 27th when we will all be attending the showing of SATC2!

Here are some of the questions:

Q: How do you mix colors and textures and have it all look unplanned, yet so chic!?
A: I think the best part of dressing is the mixing of textures, styles and moods. You get a chic result when you create a narrative and you create a narrative with many different words. That means many different textures, colors and moods!

Q:  What tips can you give us cuvry, fuller figured fashionista. Love fashion, but sometimes it difficult to translate styles or trends in bigger sizes.
A:  For me there is nothing wrong with a fuller figure, as long as that figure is toned, strong and stands up straight. You can be as full as you will always look great in clothing. Take Jennifer Hudson for example...I dressed her for the first SATC movie and it was a pleasure. As long as the clothes were her size, she carried it off. Because, why? Her body said strong!

Q:  What is the must have beach accessory for the summer?
A:  I don't know about a "must," but a great accessory is a light weight tote style bag that will hold many things and not be heavy on its own accord.

Hopefully they do this stay tuned...and until then, check out the past posts on facebook.

Patricia Field Asks: What Style Story Do You Want to Tell Today

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Don't miss out! The Summer Style Event at the LOFT happens today!

Get all the info for the store near you at  I already saw last week that sale items are already discounted an extra 40% off of already reduced prices!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Get ready for SATC2 now with Patricia Fields LIVE!!!!

Patricia Fields is on Payless' facebook page right now sharing fashion tips to take note of!!! Don't miss out-this is HUGE!! Also, she has shoes coming out at Payless that are AMAZING-I still live in my last ones I bought last year:). Go now:

-- Post From My iPhone

Thursday, May 06, 2010

DIY Fun with a LOFT accessory

I noticed this small raffia flower pin on the LOFT website and had a fab idea I had to share!  They are only $12.50 and come in two colors, chocolate and tea berry and I just see these being used on any type of rafia or straw bag you have for the summer!  It's a perfect way to add some fun!  I will share a pic once I get to the store and pick one up...this will perfect for my Hawaii trip!:)

I just found this...more ways to use this raffia pinRaffia Pins in neutral colors- They instantly add interest to any basic look!  And can be worn in a variety of ways – on a scarf,  a brown braided belt, or even to accessorize a basic sandal.  (Raffia pins – small 12.50, large 14.50)
Straw bag from Walmart.

P.S. Don't miss out!  The LOFT has a great deal going right now...Buy 1 accessory and get the second 50% off!

I think I need this rafia necklace and I will work on the second one for 50% off:)

Get the SUMMER ESSENTIALS from the LOFT today!

Our Early Summer Love List from LOFT on Vimeo.

Tips are provided by Alia, who was recently featured in New York Magazine.

Get the Scoop: Interview with one of the new stylists working with the LOFT

I alway think it is fun to learn more about the people working behind the scenes at my favorite stores.  I was lucky enough to have Kate Young answer some of my questions and I wanted to share a little insight into what she is all about.  For more inside info check out her bio for Ebay fashion.  And, catch more of what she loves at Refinery 29.

Since I am pregnant I think it would be fun to share with my readers your tips for staying fashionable while preggers.
I try to wear things that are tight fitting where my body is still small!  I also tend to dress in darker colors and wear smaller accessories - and REALLY high heels!
What inspires you?
My husband and my friends mostly.  I also love blogs - I read tons of fashion and design blogs every day.  (Waiting to see if I can find out some of the blogs she loves to read:)  
What is your must-have item from the LOFT right now?  and for fall?
I love the cardigan with the grosgrain trim and I really love the polka dot ruffle top for fall. (She is wearing both pieces above and they will be in stores this fall.)
What is your style tip for fashionista's to say au' currant? 
Find your look - the style, color and proportion that suits you and then just add a few things every season to keep your look relevant.

Kate Young and the Elements of Style

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Some Shots of Tracee Ellis Ross on Private Practice this week

I love the draping they did on Tracee as a pregnant woman...she still has her style...I can't wait to see what she really does when she gets pregnant in real life:)  The only thing I missed was her curly hair:)  See the entire episode on Hulu.

It's a Moroccan Moment: Be Inspired from BAZAAR magazine

Love the dress!  They used a lot of wooden bangles and wicker handbags...just key pieces to keep in mind.

The entire editorial showcased these scarves which I just loved!

Love the scarf and pants here!

Love the scarf and hat here...the dress is GENIUS!
*This is not the entire editorial...I just wanted to share a few of the styling that I love....

Preggers Pause: Au' Natural products for your body

Since becoming preggers I have become more "aware" of what I am putting on the inside and outside of my body and I have decided that I shouldn't just be doing this because I am preggers, but because it is what is best for my health.  With that in mind, I wanted to share the many body products that I have been using since preggers and that I plan on using after...(so this is relevant to all of my fashionista readers regardless:) I feel like taking care of the body is the best accessory to any wardrobe so take heed.

I am actually an affiliate with this company and have to say that I am in LOVE!  All of the products I have used are au' natural (where you know exactly what's in it!) and feel like they were just made when they get delivered to my door.
I have used:
Rose Geranium Cleanser for  my face since right now it has been soo sensitive.  I use it twice a day and it works wonders.  I love the rose scent as well:)
During the end of my first trimester while I was visiting family in Portland, Oregon I noticed that my body was starting to really dry out and I thought it was due to the stretching and would lead to stretch marks (GASP) but, I shared my frantic pleas on facebook and friends told me to try a body exfoliator and so I tried, the Almond Joy Body Scrub and not only does it smell yummy but all my dryness is gone:)  Thank goodness!


Now, the dryness on my body didn't just disappear with the scrub...I also use an almond oil on my body twice a day.  I found one at my local organic grocery store called, Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Skin Care Oil.

For my face, I read about Egyptian Magic from a book called, Bump It Up...which I will be sharing all the great tips soon!  But, I don't know how I LIVED without this before!  I went to a facial a couple of weeks ago and the lady remarked on my combo skin which I get REALLY dry from May to October in Arizona...but, this seems to take all that dryness away!  *FYI--really crazy Urban Outfitters sells this!

I haven't used this yet...but, I ready about and will try very soon, Coconut Oil which you can use as a body can also cook with this!:)  

I am also really into home remedies for beauty right now and have been trying things like honey for a natural mask to combat my preggers breakouts!  I just bought the book, Passport to Beauty that explores the many ways women across the world maintain their natural beauty with products at home.  I will be sharing ideas from the book soon!

The most AMAZING DIY projects to do this weekend! You are going to fall in LOVE

View more news videos at:

Check out Bobbie's site for even more fashion fun!  I am officially addicted!