Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kim Kardashian dashing out of boutique style to online selling

I just heard Kim Kardashian (the founder & CHIEF STYLIST) state on Larry King Live that she just launched a new online shopping site, Shoe Dazzle this month!  The site is all about offering affordable, yet amazing shoes.  I think this is a smart move...although I think a well made, designer shoe and handbag can make anything you wear look like a million dollars, a girl has to have keep the basics designer and take the trend to to Shoe Dazzle so you can get as many as your closet needs to make each look perfection!  The catch, there is a monthly fee of $39, but that goes towards the pair of shoes you get each's like a shoe club where you really don't have to do any work.  You fill out a survey, let the stylists know what you love and then, each month they will present you with new styles they think you will love and then, you get one of the pair for the $39 you paid that month.  Pure genius!  


Sally Green said...

I just wonder if it will take off. These shoes are cheap! In fact, only last weekend in Montclair California you could have bought 1 pair of Michael Antonio shoes for $20, 2 pairs for $30, 3 pairs for $40, 6 pairs for $60, and hear this, 12 pairs for $100!!! Mind you it was a blowout sale!

Anonymous said...