Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Christopher Bailey Announces the Celebration of Art of the Trench in India

This is soo exciting! Check out his blog at: Wearabout.

Fashion Star - Preview

I'm crossing my fingers this is good:)

Tommy Ton's GENIUS inspirational street shots

Always inspired by Tommy Ton's street style shots...check out the ones that stood out for me from his Fall 2012 NYFW on  Also, check out the Tommy Ton for Club Monaco giveaway!  He collabed on fab bags for the brand.

Doesn't this make you want to get DIYing with your fave jean jacket?  

LOVE everything about this jacket!

New way to use your vintage earrings or brooches.  GENIUS

DIY Inspiration to update your coat. 
My sister in law would LOVE this!  Might have to DIY this:)

LOVE everything about this look!

A new way to use your cropped corset...under sheer tops.  LOVE!

More DIY inspiration.

Need to find a vest like this...LOVE!  Banana you have something?:)

Styling inspiration for how to rock your wedge high tops:)

Fun way to dress up your phone.

I'm N LOVE with this hat!!!  Need to find out who it's by, or make my own version:)

Jewel coat DIY inspiration:)

Love everything about this look!


I've never seen anything like this for an

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shopping at American Eagle Outfitters

I'm really drawn to shoes right now, so I'm going to definitely be getting both of these shoes!  I didn't know Sam Edelman was doing shoes for AE...great prices!  These espadrilles are ONLY $50!  Plus, don't forget, you can get a coupon when checking in on four square for the store.  And you can get points for shopping that give you more discounts by getting the AE benefits card.
The first top looks so retro and I LOVE!  The first dress has a paisley print so I'm drawn to it of course:)  The second dress has an eyelet design that is classic and perfecto for the spring.
My final shot out is to the crop corset that is perfect with high waisted items (skirts, pants, and shorts) or layered over a dress.
Have fun shopping at AE!
Items I'm wanting at AE now:)

American Eagle Outfitters spaghetti strap dress, $50
American Eagle Outfitters bodice dress, $45
American Eagle Outfitters sweetheart neckline top, $25
American Eagle Outfitters sweetheart neckline top, $30
American Eagle Outfitters raffia shoes, $55
American Eagle Outfitters espadrille shoes, $50
American Eagle Outfitters tote hand bag, $35
American Eagle Outfitters tote hand bag, $50

Target Style + Brad Goreski

Brad is everywhere...did you know he was working with Target'?:) Well, now you get ready to be inspired and shop the racks at Target for spring! And, if you haven't yet. Check out Target's magazine here.

Countdown to Marni at Hennes and Mauritz!!!

It's almost time and I can't wait!!!  I just spotted more images for what to expect at the Marni for hennes and mauritz collab on March 8th and had to share items on my fave list:)  I will have to make a trip to Scottsdale to shop the sale, but it's worth it!!!

It's mainly the acessories that are making me go gaga...but, we shall see in person:)
LOVE the silver sandals!!!

These silver shoes are perfection!

The sequin collar is only $19.99 and so fun!

I NEED this hat!  They didn't have a price available on Refinery 29...but, I'm crossing my fingers it is less than $50:)

LOVING the bag!!!!

Need these earrings!!  

Another pair of amazing shoes!

My favorite new caftans from TWO New York

I LOVE these prints!  These are easy pieces to wear everyday...dressed up or down.  These are the new prints for Spring 2012 TWO New York.  They will have new prints for Summer 2012 soon.

As seen in NYT.

All are around $300.

My new favorite fashion star: Priya Kishore

Get inspired by more Indian style from Priya Kishore...I can't believe I didnt' know about her already!  Here are some inspiring shots of what this fashion star rocks! She is also the owner of boutique, Bombay Electric.  Update: LOVING the boombox and tumblr links on the site...make sure and check them out!

I LOVE how she rocks a scarf!  An Indian signature she does so well!

While we are thinking about India, here are some tips for if you get to India:

What to wear
Where to go: New guide books I've found at my fave place for Kaftans (made in Brooklyn), Two New York

This is from the March 2012 of Australian VOGUE

Free People: Vintage Loves Tees

Fun styling with a vintage tee a la Free People.

Sh*t Free People Girls Say

So funny! And his looks are cute too:) LOL!

Wet to Dry: The Big Carrie Bradshaw Hair

Curly Talk:
This is AMAZE! I've always loved the Carrie Bradshaw curly hair! Check this out curly girls:)

Introducing Love Notes with Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy is just so inspirational! Check this video out and be inspired...kinda liking the phone too:)

Better Ways To Save: Dry Cleaning Savings

Great tips for fashionista's! I'm all about saving and these are just great tips for taking care of designer and vintage clothing.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Check out my guest post for Spa Week Daily

I'm excited to share the guest post that just went up for Spa Week Daily where I am apart of the Hot Mom Spa Squad.  Check it out here and enjoy my 6 Cheap & Easy At-Home Beauty Escapes. (That anyone can try, even if you aren't a mommy.  Have fun!)

P.S.  Spa Week will be here April 16-22 so get ready!  $50 treatments and your favorite spa's! 

Trend alert: Are you knotting your tops?

I keep seeing street style bloggers showcasing people knotting their tops and was wondering if everyone else is doing it...I'm LOVING this styling technique and have done it a few times...I say it's a year round styling not just summer as you can see below. I prefer using button downs, but, you can also use a classic T to give more shape to the look.
From Gap Mag

You can buy tops that have a knot already established.  Styles to try here, here, here and here.
Cupcakes & Cashmere
Moi testing out the trend.  I also love it with high waisted jeans, short, skirts, etc.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Marni at H&M Directed by Sofia Coppola (Original Version)

I can't wait for this collab! It's going to be GENIUS! I'm going to have a make a date with Scottsdale for this...I'm not missing out!:) How about you?

Friday, February 03, 2012

Make your Wardrobe more Interesting through Indie Clothing

*This is a sponsored post for a brand, Sway Chic I just learned about that has styles you are going to love and prices you can't beat!  I'd say the styling is like Forever 21 meets Free People.  I thought this was a brand to get on your radar! Hope you enjoy!

Sway Chic

One of the most effective means to make yourself unique and put on show the real you is through your wardrobe. By wearing unique clothes, you will set yourself apart from the masses. If you do your shopping for clothes at department stores or the popular brand name shops, you’re likely to buy what everyone else around you is also buying. As such, you will be wearing the type of clothing that is common to most people. On the other hand, if you step into the cute dresses scene, you’ll be buying shirts that are one of a kind and there’s one in a million chance that you will be meeting someone else wearing the same shirt. Every time we dress differently, we get compliments and it pleases us that other people find our outfit flattering. But how do you achieve the look that will set you apart from the majority and draw other people’s attention towards you? If you can implement the following steps when shopping for cheap indie clothing, then nothing could possibly go wrong. Make sure that the tee-shirt you pick out has a unique design. Wearing a witty or funny shirt can be helpful if you don’t want to be identified with the majority. It’s also a sophisticated means to reveal some aspects of your personality. On top of this, go for a shirt that’s exquisitely designed. Try to avoid getting something with excessive or overwhelming prints like somebody carelessly sprayed paint all over it. Indie fashion essentially adheres more to designs that are simple and straightforward.