Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthday wishes

I have started getting on my hubby about checking my site more regularly and now I have a special post just for him since my B-day is coming up:)  I also thought these are items that my readers would LOVE you can tell, these are my fave items right now on my WISH LIST:)


J. Crew Paisley Scarf (I <3 Paisleys soo much!)

Rachel Zoe Multi-color Cabochon Bracelet

Rajin Embroidered Handbag

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How I changed up the look of my fave Loft, coral necklace

Everyone kept asking me where I got my necklace the other day...all I did was wrap a vintage wooden necklace around my must-have coral necklace from the Loft and voilĂ ....a totally new look!!:)

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Meet MARK spotted in the newest issue of People Style Watch

I have to admit...I pulled this article for repeat reference because it is all about the style of Sex and the City 2...and I have to's interesting how Moroccan style is really big right now: Baby Phat photo shoot, Price of Beauty (Jessica Simpson), meet mark and SATC2...I have always LOVED Moroccan style and I am glad that there is more available beyond housewares.  Here are a fab pair of earrings that you can by at my meet mark store for only $14!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My must-have lingerie item: The Bralette

Free People has a lot to choose from

-Printed Ruched Bralette

-Lace Halter Bralette

Bluefly/Free People
-Lace Bralette

Top Shop
-Vintage Silk Bralet

To make sure fit is just right, try this book---it's GENIUS!  Review to come!

Need-to-do: Add an applique design to the shoulder of a stripe shirt ASAP

Isaac Mizrahi - Jeopardy! Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational Highlights

He's so good! I haven't really watched Jeopardy in soo long! I am sad I missed him in all of his glory!

Rachel Zoe "it" bag on QVC

Now, granted, I don't LOVE everything on her line...there are a few pieces that make me go WOW and I had to share her Flap Front Satchel bag that just does that for me's only $126!  And, if you LOVE Rachel's styling as much as I do, get her book: Style A to Zoe to put in this fab bag!  I hope she comes out with a new book soon!:)

*Insider tip, if you LOVE anything on the QVC lineup for Rachel Zoe and want a better price...wait, till the next time she airs on QVC and they have AMAZING deals!  Don't miss out, I know I won't!  Rachel Zoe's next show on QVC will be on June 10th!  Mark your calendars!

It's time to start...SATC2 Copy Cat:)

After I spotted this head piece in the second trailer I had to do this!  Of course, I have only found it at Anthro so far and the price is a little steep for me...but, we shall see...

Laureate Headband

TOM's look-alikes for less than $10 at H&M

When I spotted these shoes in a variety of colors at H&M for less than what TOM's usually go for I had to have a pair and of course had to share with all of you:)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For all of the times that Gossip Girl has a repeat episode, read...

...You Know You Want It by the costume designer, Eric Daman from the fashionista's drama filled show, Gossip Girl. His book called, You Know You Want It really gives you all you want when you are bummed about a repeat of your Monday lineup:)
The book covers everything from how to discover your body type so that every garment fits just right to what Eric Daman's must-haves in his styling kit are---and every fashionista knows she needs a styling kit now. Eric goes beyond what is on the show and gets real with what true fashionista's have in their closets and what they need to do (organize) in their closets. This is a fun and easy book with a new perspective on dressing.

Eric Daman is now traveling the U.S. with Nine West. Follow Nine West on facebook to see if they arr in your town.

Also, there will be a new episode this Monday!!:)

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Get to know one of the designers behind the Kmart design team, Tori

Watching pieces like this gets me excited about what I am going to do with my career shows that you have to step outside of your box and be different...that is how you set yourself apart from the rest...good luck!

Ways to make up for missing Kell on Earth

@Fashionalities: I NEED Kell on Earth in my life! RT if you agree!! @BravoAndy @BravoPR @Bravotv --this is for those of you on twitter so that we can get the word out that we want a season two...

But, now, it looks like Kelly took matters into her own hands since BRAVO hasn't given a yay or nay to the matter and she has created her very own Youtube channel called, kellycutronetv's channel!  Here is one of the shows she shares on her channel!:)

For those of you going through withdraw...I think it is now a MUST to buy Kelly Cutrone's book, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You...this book not only gives you the tips you need to make it in the fashion/PR industry and New York but how to step outside your comfort zone and excel.  Kelly is very REAL in this book, as should be expected, but she also shares a softer side that you wouldn't expect from who she is today.

Hopefully BRAVO gets to it and brings Kell on Earth back for a second season...but, if they are crazy and don't...check her out on Youtube or take it back to the classic way to learn about someone and read:)

Eric Daman talks us through Gossip Girl style...

They might give us a repeat here and there...but, we know we still LOVE the fashion:) Here's a peek into the style on Gossip Girl with costume designer Eric Daman.

LOFT great things to come...

I can't wait till the fall lines releases for the LOFT!  The company as a whole has had a lot of updates recently from their blog to how they reach out to customers on twitter and facebook.  You are not going to want to miss out~big things are happening!  Here is the LOFT fall preview!
I am LIVING for this's going to be hard to wait for this top till fall...but, it's on my RADAR!

I need the taupe/grey handbag and I LOVE that they have a fab hat in the mix!
I need the necklace on the far left hanging with the black's gorge!  

Faux fur hasn't left us!  I love the new way that the LOFT interprets the trend as a trim to a vest!  I also love the belting of the faux fur vest with a skinny belt too!  Take note!
Aren't these just cute!?  Everyone on FB wants them!  I think they were just the goodie bags...but, we shall see if they end up in store...cross your fingers!

PSSTTT...I have an interview with some of the new stylists for the LOFT coming stay tuned!

My dream jobs

People alway ask me what I would do if I had stayed in New York or just if I could do anything...most think I would want to be a, here's a little peek into what I would want to do...I was inspired to share this after I was so excited watching the OPRAH show today:)
Dream Jobs:
Creative Director like Jenna Lyon's
Fashion Editor to a fab fashion mag like Marie Claire, LUCKY, Bazaar or VOGUE
or just working in the fashion office of a fashion focused department store like Bergdorf Goodman or Henri Bendel...and let's not leave out Saks or Nemans:)

For those of you still going to school and trying to figure out what you want to the teen VOGUE has all the answers!  And just remember, it's all about having fun doing what you LOVE!

Jenna Lyons' Shopping Secrets

Jenna Lyon's is on OPRAH here is a teaser until the video is available on Youtube to show how AMAZING she is! Subscribe to the J. Crew catalog right now and be inspired!

Don't Miss Out on the LOFT's Friends & Family Event!

They already have great deals on their items, but now it gets even BETTER!:)  Plus, if you are a LUCKY REWARDS member, which I am:)  You get 4% cash back on top of the already great deal!  Don't miss out!  Start shopping now!  Here are a few things I am eyeballing:)  Plus, be inspired by the LOFT blog at LIVE LOVE LOFT...right now they are highlighting guest blogger, WHAT I WORE's take on LOFT clothes.  Also, check out the looks we love on the LOFT page to get more inspirational looks to put together with the items you love at the LOFT!  So many cute ideas!  I LOVE what they did with a basic tote here---be inspired!
There are so many pieces of jewelry...I can't do all of the ones I, check them out now!  It's worth it!
I NEED this Embellished Fabric Bracelet!! $34

Print One-Shoulder Dress (perfection for the baby bump with style!:) $98

Get your new must-have beach read this summer from Net-a-Porter when you make a purchase this spring.

I always love getting the Net-a-Porter hard copy each season...I've been getting this wonderful keepsake since they started...and now, there are changes...I do have to say I miss the NOTES being small enough to fit in my handbag...but, change is good and I can now see this being my beach read.  Let this be your direction for spring style...any questions, the answers are all here.  PLUS, a new editorial spread has been added to the mix included in this spring must-have.  Then, there is an inspirational article about all of the originators of women's style.  And they didn't leave out the "event planner" that helps every type of fashionista get her look together.  This essential reference is available with purchase at Net-a-Porter so get what you need and lust after what you want in this must-have new mag.  And, even if you don't get this reference, check the weekly online magazine on Net-a-Porter too!

DIY Tip:
Net-a-porter has the BEST styling on their site ever and now you can print a look while viewing a page and get a notes section at the bottom.  I would put all of your fave looks together from the site in a cute Jordi Labanda binder from Target:)


Pregnant Fashionista style...I love it!

Free People: Spring Makeup

Sarah Jessica Parker: Vogue Cover Shoot May 2010 for "Sex and the City 2"

Monday, April 19, 2010

So EXCITED! I got my WIN from the LANCOME Blog and it is AMAZING!

I am reading the book cover to cover and will share my fave points of the book! I already tried the lipgloss, which is their new organics juicy tubes and it tastes like pink lemonade!! (yummy!) I also need a new mascara so this came in handy...can't wait to try it out! I HIGHLY recommend everyone follow the Lancome blog! They have great giveaways all the time! I wish I could win all of them...

My new Facebook Fan Page

Hi friends!

I had a Fashionalities "group" on Facebook...but, I thought a "fan page" would be more appropriate. Please "like" or fan me for fun, fashion updates on facebook!




Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fashion Search:The Hooded Jilbab from Morocco...inspired by Jessica Simpson's new show: Price of Beauty

After watching the last episode of the Price of Beauty I have gone WILD searching for a Jilbab similar to what Khansa Batman was wearing when she first met the Price of Beauty looked so light and airy and just had this cool vibe that I LOVE! But, all I seem to find online are the polyester of the worlds with really bad embroidery...what to do...wish I could just pick up and go to Morocco and get as many as I like...until then, here are some of the styles that made the you know of any good places to find a fab hooded jilbab online??:)

Did you miss Jess Zaino's Blogtalk questions and answers yesterday??? Get it here!

I was sad I missed all of the great fashion tips and advice from Jess Zaino, but thankfully it's still available and we can all check it out!

Also, make sure and check out here AMAZING blog that shares all of the fab fashion jobs she is doing and how we can stay up to date!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You have one day left to enter and WIN a chance to attend the LOFT's FALL 2010 Preview Party

Here is what you have to do! Make sure you are already checking the LOFT blog everyday to get ideas on how to wear your fave LOFT items. Plus, just leave a comment under the post for this contest and 2 people will WIN! Here are the rules and where to comment:) I wish I could go...but, sadly I no longer live in NY:( So, my New York and New Jersey fashionista's get on it! It happens tomorrow!

Monday, April 12, 2010

EXCITING! So many new FREE apps on iPhone geared toward fashion!

(There's a lot...get ready!) Here are many of the apps I am downloading right now and some that I am not, but I still had to share:0) ENJOY!

Victoria's Secret
Today Show (watch their fashion focused features on youtube)
TLC Network
Black Book Guides
Macy's iShop
America's Next Top Model
QVC iPhone App
*ZARA (so excited about this!!!)
HSN shop app
Coach Gift Finder
*mark. Beauty & Fashion
bebe Mobile
Costume National
Warehouse Fashion
*BCBG MaxAzria
*Kate Spade New York!!!!
Converse Gallery
HUGO BOSS (my hubby will LOVE this:)
*Banana Republic
UO Locator (for Urban Outfitters)
ZARA HOME (not sure why there are 2...)
*Baby Phat Cam
*Glamour Ask a Stylist

*The ones I had to download:)

There is an app for everyone! It used to only be a couple of pages for "fashion" searches...I am soo excited! ENJOY!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

FLower Power DIY by P.S. I Made This

Also, try just adding a silk flower to a skinny belt...everyone is DIYing this!!:)

Video Shopping with your fave brands and designers

As you can tell, today's theme is videos...I think since it's Sunday and everyone is probably relaxing why not take some time to catch up on fashion-focused videos. Which leads me to how many brands are using videos (online) to draw customers in to the product...have you noticed? Here are a few brands I follow religiously to see what they are sharing on their videos. What should I be watching? *These are all great ways to be inspired...

FashionAir for Selfridges

(I think that J. Crew and Kate Spade needs to jump on the bandwagon:)

*Keep in mind, many designers and brands now have Youtube channels...subscribe to these to get great inspirational videos...or, friend me and check out all of the ones I follow!:)

I said I would find it since I missed Andre Leon Talley on the View the other day, and here it is

Now he is making it BIG right now! He is on ANTM doing his thing and getting quoted every episode...I think he will be on Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray soon (I will double check that) and I BET he will be having a book soon!:) Don't miss out!

Tips and Tricks to transition your wardrobe from fall to spring from stylist June Ambrose~GENIUS

You know you'll be wearing scarves this spring, might as well have some fun with how to wear them from Rachel Roy

Olivia Palermo, there's a connection to INDIA~you know I am listening!:)

And don't miss out on Olivia's daily looks on British Vogue's site, for inspiration daily!

I am all about the summer glow, get tips from this video by StyleCaster

Friday, April 09, 2010

I Love J. Crew...I really hope prices don't RISE with the growing popularity:(

Even if you don't have the money to shop at J.Crew right now, check out the styling on the site for inspiration on how to style the clothes you already own differently. Have fun!:)

Poppy Dress-I love the mix of an unexpected "Casual" belt with a "Dressy" dress

Greek Goddess style dress---so unique, I love it!

Rose Print Dress-I instantly fell in love with this dress!

I love the color of this studded belt and it's under $50! I need this for this summer! I have just decided that a skinny belt is essential for preggers women to still create shape...why look like a tent??:)

Paisley Scarf--I NEED this!:)

Ribbed Ruffle Vest

I am GUSHING over these bags from Meet Mark...go figure:)

*ONLY $28, Looks similar to my classic CHANEL! I love chain bags this spring! I think I like the camel color more...the pink top stitch isn't really me...but, maybe for someone else:)
*Only $28!
Check out my Mark Store to shop these great items!

My Spring Cosmetic Must-Haves

Beauty Fix-I am excited because I was offered an opportunity to join Beauty Fix and share it with all of you! This beauty club sends you AMAZING items four times a year and there is a panel of specialists to give you tips as well as customer reviews by people like you that actually try the items. With this I was able to receive 9 FREE items that I am going to share with you and the opportunity for you to join as well...this company is really COOL and not worth missing out on! For my readers, they are offering, promo code: BFIX4 with your readers it will give them $30 off the $49.99 price for the Beautyfix Spring 2010 season. Your readers will be able to test the products out with you for only $19.99+FREE SHIPPING

Global Goddess eyeshadow in Darjeeling-Once again I chose this because of the name:) But, also because the color reminds me of the taupe coloring that I am still so in LOVE with. Plus, the site has tips on how to apply what you buy! It doesn't get any better than that for someone like me who isn't really makeup application savvy:)
redpoint Kabuki Brush-This is perfect to use for all those bronzers you will be applying this spring!
SPARitual nail polish in Enlightened-I think this will be perfect for my fingers nails this spring and the brand is eco-friendly and uses vegan ingredients. I plan on ONLY using this nail polish through my pregnancy.
pur~lisse lip nourisher-this is perfect for your pout while it starts to dry out in the sun at the beach! It's ingredients are au'natural also!
SUNFORGETTABLE Micronized Mineral Sun Protection-This is the cutest product ever! It has SPF 30 protection and the cutest little applicator ever!

Bobbi Brown
Cabana Coral-Since I LOVE all things coral this is going to be an essential for me!
Bronze Shimmer-Brick Set-This gives the BEST glow you'll ever get!
Rose Gold Lipgloss-The MOST popular color from Bobbi Brown...they were SOLD OUT when I went to buy it.
Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow, Chocolate-The BEST eyeshadow to use as an eyeliner this summer for a subtle eyeliner effect!
*Free SHIPPING on all orders (+) the site is full of great makeup tips!

The Multiple--For all over glow on a stick, this is a must-have!
Body Glow--This is the BEST smelling stuff EVER and it doesn't make you look bad like liquid bronzers usually do.
Orgasm Illuminator--This is also new and I have to try because I LOVE Orgasm!
Blush, Taj Mahal--I want this because of the name...I am terrible...:) I usually love Orgasm...but, I have to try Taj now:)

Get ready for your summer getaway with Meet Mark products. From cute accessories to fab bronzers they've got everything you need to be perfect this spring!

Angled Contour Eye Shadow Brush: I will use this to apply my eyeshadow as eyeliner.
Angled Contour Face Brush: This will be perfect for my illuminating powders this spring!

Must-have bronzer!
The Glowdacious Illuminating Powder is GENIUS and a must-have for any fashionista this spring!

Carlos Falchi bag, only $20! And can be worn a number of ways...perfect for your busy trips where things need to be kept safe!:)
*Subscribe to the YouTube page for so many great video makeup tips!