Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Trend: Sleeveless Trench Dress

On the recent Running in Heels episode, Talita went with Joyce to the Banana Republic fashion show and commented on the way she so loved their take on the trench dress...without sleeves...*I couldn't find the one featured on the show, and I don't think the one I have an image of is available yet...but, you get what I am saying:)
Then, I get an email today from Liz Claiborne by Isaac Mizrahi, and he is coming out with a denim trench dress without sleeves...
But, I think it all began with ELLE's Joe Zee sharing how ladies can transform a trench to a dress by having the sleeves cut off and then sewing an edge to finish.  I have been wanting to do that since I read that in  my mag...I am planning on getting the Norma Kamali trench from WalMart since it is only $30 and I wont' feel bad about transforming it:)
But, as we can see, the trend is everywhere and there are so many cute versions...choose which one works best for you!