Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Haute List Bonus: DIY Bobby Pin Necklace

A new show on my subscription list on youtube, The Haute List.  So many of my fave bloggers like Glitter n Glue and Fabulous on a Budget!  Plus, Lauren Conrad is doing some fun stuff with the channel.  So, check it out!
This is such a great DIY, easy as ever and so cute!  I need to find those rose gold bobbie pins ASAP!

Do you ever wonder where the polyvore trend sets I post go?

Well, just wanted to remind everyone that I do guest posts for Nosh Blog for Artfire.  Here are a few of my recent topics:

Color trend: Blue & Yellow

Olympics style inspiration

Color Combo: Black, White & Blush

It's sandal time...

Minnetonka Moccasin Giveaway

I'm excited to share a fun giveaway with Minnetonka for the Beaded Kilties that I LOVED!  All you have to do is leave a comment below on how you would rock your Beaded Kilties Moc and I'll randomly choose a winner who will be able to enjoy these comfy shoes that will never go out of style:) Contest closes on next Tuesday, July 31st.



P.S. This giveaway is only available to U.S. residents due to customs issues.

Hello All!  The winner I chose originally never responded, so I chose a new winner today...Maggie...willb e sending her an email right now:)  Congrats and thanks to everyone who entered!



Check me out on Minnetonka Moccasin's blog today

I'm honored to be featured on Minnetonka's Blogger Spotlight today!  They sent me 3 pairs of Minnetonka's that I chose and got to style with what I already own.  I love each style I chose.  Here are the pics my wonderful brother in law took of me and the shoes I chose.  Please check out the interview that is posted on their site here.
This dress is Tucker by Gaby Basora.  I love her designs!  So comfy and I love that I can wear them while I am preggers:)  The shoes I got were Beaded Kilty Moc that I fell in love with right away!  The beads just made the mod a little edgy.

Since I live in AZ I wanted to get a boot style moc that can be worn in warm weather.  I thought the Fringed Moc was a great option.  Worn with a  See by Chloe dress I got from Buffalo Exchange.

My brother in law took this shot when I wasn't expecting in and I love it...Me fluffing my curly hair and getting ready for the shot:)  Wearing the classic Thunderbird style with a funky, tie dye caftan I got from Buffalo Exchange.  I love the hippie vibe of this look:)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Barney's Warehouse sale goes ONLINE!

I still remember calling the Barney's Warehouse sale to score the Tucker by Gaby Basora dress I still have for ONLY $75!  I was so excited!  Had just moved to Tucson, AZ where there isn't a store like Barney's in sight and was satisfied to still get a great deal so far away.  But, now no need to call and be put on hold while they search for the item that I have no idea what print/color it will be until I receive it:)
Now, the sale is online and I can't wait!  It's kind of like how J. Crew added their outlet online.  Just a great addition to what we get online.  I just hope the site will be handle the fashionista's like moi that will be using the site.
Sign up for early access here.   Eager shoppers can get a head start with a day of exclusive preview shopping by signing up for email news from Barneys New York.  Open to shoppers across the country,   Barneys Warehouse brings you the best of Barneys seasonal sale—featuring goods from MAJOR designers, at discounts of up to 75% off—with just a click. Stay tuned for the official August launch date for More exciting news to come!

Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday 24 Collection

Ok people, I can't wait...Christmas will be all about this collar!  Get ready this will be HOT>HOT>HOT!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Makeup fun with the Revlon Expression Experiment

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Revlon for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

exp_exp_logo.jpg (2 documents, 2 total pages)


I always wear the same style of makeup so I was excited when I heard about the opportunity to try out the Revlon Expression Experiment.  I've got a couple of Revlon products I already love, but I rarely venture out of my basics like mascara, lipgloss and bronzer.  I rarely wear lipstick, so this experiment was really getting me to try something new and the red color made it so it wouldn't be anything "safe."  But, I have to say, my favorite item in the entire array of products that was sent to me was the lipgloss in Sizzle.  I probably would have never tried the particular color because it looked so bright, but it looked really good with my tan:)  I wore the lipgloss out to the pool with my daughter and it made my no makeup look feel more fun.  

Recently, nail polish has become a new obsession of mine to try doing at home since I am a new mommy and can't always  make it to the nail salon like I used to before baby:)  The products that Revlon has makes it easy for people like me (who usually hate doing my nails at home) to be able to do my own nails and actually be happy with the results.  

Finally, the big challenge I took part in was trying funky color eye shadow for my every day look.  I am more of a eyeliner girl, or a nude shimmer eyeshadow.  So trying something colorful and what feels like bright just to go out during the day seemed too much.  But, it turned out to give my basic day edge.  Why only wear funky eye shadow on a night out?  I have a friend who rocks colorful eye shadow with out question.  So, she was my inspiration for taking that step to new colors:)  

Now, it's one thing to have all of these fun products to try, but I love the facebook application that teaches you how to rock these new colors and challenges you every month to try something new.  It makes the experience even more exciting which makes me actually want to do something special for my makeup everyday.  Plus, you can watch other videos of other women trying out the challenge and see their results and be inspired.  Check out the app today and get started with your makeup fun with Revlon.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boutique Find: JM Drygoods in Austin

I recently found JM Drygoods through my favorite designer TWO New York that sells their caftans at this location.  I saw images on facebook through TWO NY and I was hooked.  They have a great eye for ethnic pieces with a funky flair.  I love how they style caftans with straw fedora and Panama hats.  It's an effortless chic.
They sadly don't have a site that you can shop from.  But, if you see items you have to have on their facebook or blog, they can help you purchase via email (jmdrygoods@gmail.com).  It's that easy.

Just won some free shoes from Naughty Monkey...now I have to choose which shoes I want:)

Decisions, Decisions

Naughty Monkey slip on shoes / Naughty Monkey flat shoes

I entered the contest that Naughty Monkey was having all month long in June and I'm excited to share I won a FREE pair of shoes!  Now to decide which shoes to get...I've got it down to two pair...which do you think?  If you want to try and win a pair of shoes this month, check out the Naughty Monkey twitter and facebook pages for directions on how to enter.  It's that easy!  Good luck!

Plus, join the newsletter and get 15% off your first order!

The Look for Less: d' Orsay flat

The Look for Less: flat d' Orsay

Talbots patent leather shoes / Talbots shoes

Ok people...I know, I keep writing about shoes that are the look for less.  But, I just keep falling into these deals and can't not share them!!

So, recently, I fell in LOVE with the Jenni Kayne flat d' Orsay that I saw featured on She Finds.  Right after seeing the story I was on the search for the perfect mommy chic shoe:)  But, just doing a search for a flat d' Orsay on shopstyle and google search I found nada.  But, I bet Forever will have another option I'll have to get in the fall...maybe a faux suede version:)

Well, my hubby had gotten me a Talbots gc for Christmas last year and I still hadn't used it and was just playing on the site after finding the gc again:)  And BOW there is a flat d' Orsay on say for only $35!!!!  I wish they would have had the tan patent but I can't be picky...I just got the black and cheetah print and called it a day...ok it's night:)  We shall see how they look in person...woohoo!  

You nailed it, summer polishes for easy at home application

It's summertime and there seems to be so many nail polish options to choose from.  Besides all of the designs we see out there like what Refinery 29 shared recently on some of the best nail designs in LA.  There are also just great colors to choose from (if you are like me and don't have time to always go out and get a mani or do a DIY design at home:).  Here are a few I've been testing out.  Plus, don't miss out on the twitter/instagram fun with MSN Living and share your nail fun!  Use hashtag, #nailaday and tweet message to @MSNLiving. Have fun with your nails this summer!

Dermelect Nail Polish:

My friends at Dermelect sent me their NEW Dermelect 'ME' Anti-Aging Nail Laquers ($14) and not only do I LOVE the colors.  But, as a new mom who washes my hands constantly I love that they lasted for more than 2 days!  The nail polish also helps promote nail growth...which I really don't need right now since I'm taking prenatals like crazy...but, it's still always good to know:)  My favorite color in the collection was the tangerine that just looks amazing with a tan!
Plus, as many know, I am preggers and really try and focus on using the right type of nail polishes while I am preggers.  This brand has a green formula/3 free – so it doesn’t have DBP, Toulene & Formaldehyde in it, which are the most dangerous ingredients in regular polishes.  

essie nail nail polish:

I received this polish from Klout and have always LOVED essie nail polishes.  I love that they are available everywhere now!  The recent color I REALLY want is Pennytalk.  But, Klout sent me Off the Shoulder  ($8) which is a cute summer color that is like a bubble gum pink.  You can't go wrong with this color.

Zoya Blogger Collection by Birchbox:

I was lucky enough to win this collection from a twitter contest and always love to see how bloggers are getting involved in all parts of the fashion/beauty business.  Birchbox is selling this collection exclusively ($22 for all 3!).   Birchbox and Zoya teamed up to find 3 bloggers, Coraline of Eleventh Gorgeous, Kate of The Small Things and Belle of Capitol Hill Style.  Each blogger create a mood board with all of their favorite spring/summer colors and then Birchbox asked their Facebook fans to pick the top 3 boards.  What a fun way to come up with the summer colors we are wearing now!  

Sally Hansen Nail Polish:

I am apart of Influenster and was excited when they sent me a new nail polish by Sally Hansen called, Magnetic that I had heard about recently on Hello Style (on youtube).  Great tips for how to use the really great nail polish here...I needed a little help with getting the magnetic cap off:)  
Keeping it real: On the left hand only my thumb turned out right...note: you have to use the magnet after each second coat on each fingers.  The right hand turned out ok...I kept accidentally smudging the nail polish with the magnet.  Better luck next time.  But, it's a really cool concept.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

The look for less: Choies the best find for shoe addicts like me

I have just found the most amazing place to find the designers style your are loving for a fraction of the price!  Choies, which seems to be a British line has every shoe you can think of...I am drooling right now!  Plus, great prices and first time shoppers like moi get 20% off your first purchase!!!  Now to see the quality of the shoe when it gets here:)
P.S. I went through 57 pages of shoes to show you all of the styles that jumped out at me...there are definitely more cute look-a-likes, these are just the ones that I am LOVING.  All of the styles I showcased look like Valentino shoes or and the tassel loafer looks like a shoe I saw sold on Net-a-Porter.
The place to go for your look for less shoes: Choies!

Choies-The latest street fashion

Monday, July 02, 2012

The look for less: The Valentino jelly bow flat as seen on The Sartorialist

Ok, people.  After seeing this flat on a mommy shown on The Sartorialist, I went crazy trying to find out who it was by...then, when I found out it was by Valentino and costs at least $300 I was like find a discount or wait for a sale...until, I found a knock off (I know...:) at Ooh La La Boutique for ONLY $28 (it comes in four colors: yellow, pink, green, and red)!  Plus, until the 4th you can get 15% off using the code: SUMMERTIME.
I really wanted the nude color it just made the style a little more chic for moi...but, I'm just going to go for the red.
I also, found the lace style on eBay by the same label, DIZZY.

The Look for Less

Women's Jelly Bow Sandals