Wednesday, November 29, 2006

1 more thing

I just saw that H&M is stepping up on their website...check it out to have a virtual dressing room experience...even though you can't can at least have a little fun...I couldn't get a link so look to the left at the menu can also download the H&M magazine to see what is new with the company.

Need, Want, Have to Have

It is sad not having an H&M to stroll through at least once a week anymore…I have started to forget how wonderful it was to go every week and just gaze at the windows…Alas, I have to have, need to have the new Viktor and Rolf trench coat…I have one that I bought from Target Mossimo ages ago…and people still love it…but, I need something new and I think that H&M’s trench will do the trick…I will have to go to the LA H&M soon and see how it compares to the East Coast and London store…This is where H&M is right now….


District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island

I wonder where they will go in the future

Woo-hoo! New @ PayLESS

As I write about all the great deals at Target I have to also acknowledge the new designer shoes to come at PAYLESS! I am very excited to have found that Lela Rose is designing shoes that will be in store as of February during fashion week! I am soo excited! The shoes are said to be in patent and wool...just something to keep in mind;)

The Smartest Idea!

Go and buy some ballet shoes from Gap and have fun personalizing them and/or changing them everyday so you never get bored with them...Style Bubble came up with this great idea...check out images and get inspired at the above link...just get Velcro and some favorite charms and change each day...have fun and check out for some ballet flats.

Visit Today

I am becoming addicted to the following sites for great fashion star images:

Be inspired everyday by new looks and make them your own!

Web Browse

I was just browsing through other fashion blogs and found one called Slave to Target ( and a reader had stated that Rafe handbags are now being sold at Target', yes that is right...more designers are creating lines for our favorite go to store Target...I thought this doctor handbag was cute...I will have to make another visit to Target' soon:)

Rafe for Target: $49.99

My New Favorite Designer...


I love the site with the games, quizzes and the different designs you can use on your computer! The clothes are AMAZING too...I love everything paisley, so this makes my LOVE for this line even stronger:)lol corny I know...but, I can't afford the line as of until I can find a great deal on EBAY or go back to NYC and shop at Century 21 I will have to find a scarf to hold me over:)

Great New Buy

I just bought these boots yesterday from Target' and I just had to share with everyone, I LOVE THEM:)

Isaac Mizrahi Boots $36.99

Monday, November 27, 2006

Warmer Days to Come

I know that it is cold outside right now...but, for some reason I am still in the summer mode...I found a site last summer for a trendy boutique in either LA or Miami that was selling Moo Moo dresses...I couldn't believe it when I saw it...but, paired with a great belt it was AMAZING! But, for the cost of $100 or up I just couldn't see myself buying it...So, I went on the search to find a smiliar dress and found one at a vintage website for like $15...But, recently I have found almost the same exact dress for $27.99 (which beats anything near $100 any day:) on I know when you first look at the site you are thinking yeah right! But, if I had the image from the trendy boutique you would think otherwise...I say try it out...for $27.99 you could just wear it around the house if you don't like it:)
*Oh and add a belt and a funky necklace or earrings and you are good to go:)

Fashion Star News

Nicole Richie is switching from Rachel Zoe to Cristina Ehrlich to help her problems with her eating disorder…what a sad change…but, I am excited to see what new styles Nicole will take on…I wonder if this is why she changed her hair color…

These ladies are doing so much! They have a new clothing line Miss Davenporte, an array of celebs to style and now they are creating a line for Frederick’s of Hollywood...this will be here in December.

New Sites to Check out

All About Fashion Fun

Fashion Blog Site:

You Tube:
YouTube - Ask A GAY MAN : Denim Edition

Buy all the Jewelry you can!:

Style Advice:

There is always something new online you can use!

Keep Wearing Your Summer Frocks by Layering

I love how styled this summer looking Rachel Pally look!

Memo Notes

Handbags to Look Forward to this Season:

Chloe for Summer 2007

Samantha Thavasa by Tinsley Mortimer (I couldn't find her handbags to come on the I just used Paris and her sis:)

Gryson website to come: ...until then shop at:

Too many great handbags to many places to wear them:)

Something to Look Forward to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just read in WWD that my favorite stylist is going to have a new book next year called "Style from A to Zoe: The Guide to All Things Glamour." She might even have a TV show!!!!!!!! This will be a book to add to the fashion library I have started:) I will give updates on what I find on this book as soon as I can!!!!!!!!!!

Other books to add to your fashion library:

Learn more about how to be as fabulous as French women: French Women for All Seasons
Make Your Own Gems and who knows, maybe sell them: Get Your Sparkle On
Find all things Fashionista: Intermix Black Book 2007
Feel all things Fashion: Chic in Paris
Fashion History: Gucci by Gucci
Every lady should wear them, so be inspired: Tiffany Pearls

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New Favorite Site

A site to check everyday...It is essential for every fashionista's day:

If you have never heard of this...catch up during your Thanksgiving break while you have time to relax and surf the web...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I am still loving RED shoes...they just make their Mark

When You Want to Change Your Look

Why Don't You...

Have some Fun and Make a funky headband?? Buy a Wide, Black, Plastic Headband made by Goody that could be about $5...get some super glue and add vintage/antique broaches, jewels, or funky buttons...

I am going to make one soon and then I will share with you guys:) Share yours too and I will post on the site!

Need, Want, Have to Have

Ok, so recently I have been trying to save money for a car, a home, ok just to save...I haven't shopped in what seems like so, of course the Holiday season is a great time:) Just joking...But, I have been window shopping online at my favorite site, NET-A-PORTER! And I have a long list of things I have to have....and thanks to this AMAZING site there is a great option for shoppers to start sharing there lust list with loved ones:) What could be, shoppers like me who are trying to save for a better cause can have others spoil, check out some of my favorite things and go check out what you want for the Holiday Season:)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Something New

I found a new store that I have to share with everyone...I thought that SEPHORA was the supreme place to go for all of my cosmetic needs...but, I found something - The Ultimate Beauty Site : Home. All over Arizona I have seen these stores and just recently I have started to see coupons in a variety of fashion magazines. So, keep a look out.

New Designs to Find

I love MYSPACE! Not only can I find all of my lost friends from my young life as a Navy Brat, but I always seem to find the diamond's in the rough...otherwise known as a great New Designer Find. This week, I found a new designer from Cali that I have to SHARE:) The line is simply called, Love Jetsy. I love the concept for the company and the clothes! I love that the clothes look comfortable, yet can dress these pieces up or down...which is a MUST for me:) Also, the pieces have great names, like below are the "Hooded Caftan" and the "Love Boat" dress. The designer's theme for Love Jetsy is “I want every dress to be a love letter to the girl who wears it. This is for you. Love, Jetsy.” –Erin Boyle. This just makes the whole experience even more complete. Check for updates on Myspace