Monday, March 09, 2009

Makeup Masterpieces

Ok, I know everyone has probably seen this item in every mag you have picked up---and maybe that is why I decide I had to have it...but, I just received my Coralista by Benefit in the mail today and I am so excited!  This is the blush to have this summer!  It gives your skin the perfect glow with a color that is a mix of peach, pink and gold.  This is definitely my must-have for this summer.  I already have tabs on a couple of items I would like to try from Benefit now...I will keep everyone updated:)  BTW--sign up on the Benefit site today and receive 10% off your next purchase!
Another must-have this summer is Revlon...After I found out that Walgreens had buy one get one free for Revlon I rushed over and purchased the kohl eye liner with a smudger (works wonders) and a coral lip gloss for the I said, coral is my color of choice for this summer:)
I also read about the 3D Mascara on Who What Wear Daily and decided I had to test it out...I would only give the mascara **...I don't feel like my lashes look any longer and I think that the product is really clumpy which I do not like...I like length and thickening, but not goopy:)