Thursday, June 29, 2006

Recommended Reading

How to afford your obsession:)
Yesterday I went to the book signing for Kathryn Finney's new book,
How to Be a Budget Fashionista: The Ultimate Guide to Looking Fabulous For Less. Kathryn is the creator of and she lives up to exactly what the title states. I was speaking to her about where I worked and right off she acknowledged the outlet store where she shops:) It is nice to know that someone does exactly what they specialize in, i.e. shops for discounts:)
Kathryn has been traveling across the country sharing personal shopping stories and rules to shop by. In the Houston Chronicle on June 23rd, 2006 she gave ten rules to shop by.
Shopping Tips from the budget fashionista
1. Stop buying stuff just because it's on sale. Even a $10 sweater is expensive if you don't wear it. "I don't buy something that I don't love," Finney says. "It takes such discipline to do." The result, she says, is a closet of fewer, better clothes -- every piece of which you can't wait to wear. "You'll actually want to get dressed in the morning," she says.
2 Bargains aren't always good values. Finney calculates the "cost-per-wear" of anything she buys.
By doing this, she figures a classic Burberry trench coat for the bargain-basement price (by Burberry standards) of $450 was a better purchase than a $26 Isaac Mizrahi shirt from Target. She estimates she'll wear the trench about 750 times; the shirt about a dozen. The trench only costs about 60 cents per wear, compared to $2.17 for the trendy shirt.
3 To keep spending in check, Finney buys Visa gift cards in set amounts before shopping trips and leaves the rest of the plastic at home. "Once that card is finished, it's over," she says. "It's time to stop shopping."
4 Limit your clothing and accessories budget to no more than what you're able to sock away in savings each month -- after paying all basic expenses. Finney's fashion budget is about $200-$300 per month, and she also saves at least that amount.
5 Follow a 70-30 rule: 70 percent of your wardrobe should be classic pieces, 30 percent trendy items. This not only makes good fashion sense, she says, but it saves money when only 30 percent of your wardrobe gets recycled as the trends change.
You can purchase her new book at a perfect price of $13 at

For Immediate Release

A Different Type of Sale
I have always been one to go to Beacon's Closet and Buffalo Exchange reluctantly with pieces (vintage or designer) to sell or exchange...but, I just found out that there is a new spot to go to in New York that is nice and takes things back with a good price. Check out:

spiral room
consignment shop
151 orchard street

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fashion Speak

Fashion Lingo and Jargon

*These are words we sometimes use to get our point across:)
1. astonishing
2. legendary
3. extremely pleasing
1. glorious; magnificent
2. superb
3. marked by unusual and impressive intellectual acuteness
radically new or original
working the natural look that you can put together
1. Stylish
2. Sophisticated
1. Suave
2. Genial
that's HOT-slang
that looks really nice
fashion maven-slang
fashion 'expert'
1. hot-slang
2. looks really good

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Store Front

Juicy comes to NYC
I read in WWD that Juicy Couture was opening a free standing store in Manhattan and decided that I had to check it out...with the craziness of the Gay Pride Parade on June 26th I didn't know where to cross to get to 5th avenue and ran into the just opened Juicy was soo cute...and very L.A. The girls that worked there are really helpful and excited about the new store. There is a rack in the store with exclusive pieces that have the signature velour/trainer look...but, my favorite part was the accessories-there was a variety of necklaces and bracelets that you usually only see in editorials and can never find in stores...the prices were amazing as well, ranging from $75 to about $175. There are also purses, i pod cases and more for you to check out.

Lookbook Fever

New and Improved, one of my FAVE online boutiques out there is going to start having weekly lookbooks starting today. These lookbooks are going to showcase all of the great new styles that will be sold on the site just for is like a great editorial from your favorite magazine, but everything is available at your fingertips.

These are some of my favorite pieces from this week.

Check out the site to see what catches your eye.


My new favorite tee is by Velvet @ Anthropologie, it is $88 and looks amazingly comfortable...I can't wait to get one!

What is it that you WANT this SEASON?

I think the new FAD is: Must Haves...everyone is sharing the same story (Top Shop, Express, Vogue, and many more)...But, Saks Fifth Avenue is providing these must-haves in a different way.

Saks Fifth Avenue has a new promotion for the Fall and it is called Want It! The store will be promoting 10 different looks that will take you through the Fall and providing these looks in brilliant imagery by Michael Roberts (the artist for New York Magazine) . The promotion will launch in September and I think it will be a signature event that will allow customers to approach all of the trends that are being talked about every where else on a Saks Fifth Avenue level. Because everything at Saks is done, Expertly Delivering Personalized Style. You better work Saks Fifth Avenue:)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Sample Sale Alert

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......the Lauren Moffatt sample sale will be coming soon!!!!!!!!!!! July 11th-14th you should expect her beautiful pieces that are usually sold at Barney's Coop and to be available for much lower prices. Watch out for the listing on

Here are a few things to expect:

Friday, June 23, 2006

Introductions are in order...

This is my first ever real blog~that isn't attached to myspace! I am very excited about this and I hope that I will start to have readers on this site:) I plan on sharing travels, street style, sales, book, and anything FASHION with my readers! I think this will be a fun way to explore the idea of sharing great things I find day to day. Well, I hope you all enjoy...I should start this sometime soon and do it on a daily basis.