Sunday, March 01, 2009

Underneath It All: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

I am in LOVE with all things Elle Macpherson has to offer in her lingerie line.  The website is an interactive magazine that is an intimate experience for your lingerie experience.  The editorials/image shots are so unique and unlike any lingerie site I have ever seen!
This season, the line is all about sexy, which of course, lingerie should be...but, there is a vintage feel to the sexy that isn't...trashy, to be honest...when I saw the line, I was refreshed.  I can feel sexy without feeling like a freak...I think that a complete look is all about having the right lingerie that fits, compliments what you are wearing and makes you feel sexy...maybe no one else will see what is worn underneath, but there is an air about a woman who wear the right undergarments.  
I got to test the product out and it is as good as it looks online---It's fabric is really soft and eco-friendly...and the prices for all of the products are also really easy on the wallet...I tried:

Procession- New Basic introduced for S'09. Releasing in Feb, but available year round
Color: jet (pictured), also available in Nude
Retail: $68 contour bra, $62 underwire, $30 bikini, $24 thong
Description: This eco-friendly style made from Bamboo Cotton and Sea Cell is super soft and easy to wear for everyday comfort. Available in a popular plunging contour bra for added shape.

Store credit: or Saks Fifth Avenue 

For everyday, no fuss lingerie, I am going to have to try just looks so comfy, but still has the demi cut that I think will make me rise to the occasion so matter what I am wearing.  Harmonies is also a really cute every-day look:)

I always recommend signing up for an email list on a site that you love the brand because you will get updates on sales or events which I think is VERY worth it:)  So, of course...I signed up today!