Monday, January 31, 2011

Stylesocial Conference Call episode 7


I'm in LOVE with the entire collection! It has my signature~paisley's...need I say more??:)


Get a look inside what happens behind the scenes with EXPRESS. I LOVE Factory Girl!! This would so be one of my dreams jobs;)

Bluefly presents Kimora Lee Simmons

This is my favorite Closet Confession by Bluefly by far!!! I LOVE how she has little somethings for her little girls later...I am going to do the same thing for Sahara!

Street Style: Genius layering with a poncho from street style blogger, Feed Your Style

Here is where to find Feed Your Style.

Marie Claire Fall Fashion A to Z iPad App

OMG! I need an iPad now...why can't the newest version come out!?:(

The Evening Skirt for Day

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this look! Stripes, tights, mens inspired belt and animal print scarves!

See how to use a scarf to make a fashion statement

Another way to look at how to style your scarf from our friends from the KMart Design team.

How To Wear a Maxi Skirt!

So many great style tips from Pop Sugar TV Fab...make sure to check them out of Youtube!

DKNY scarf chic

I LOVE this image!  Just spotted on the DKNY site!  I am in LOVE!

How to Wear Scarves - Just Jamie Scarves on Better TV

Link to video:
How to Wear Scarves - - Better

This is great for fall! And, here are some great scarf pics from the designer giving tips on how to wear scarves. The line is called: Just Jamie Scarves.  And, not only are all of these really cute, they are also great prices, which is always essential for me:)

How I LOVE scarves, let me count the ways:)
1.  I LOVE wraps for travel and to keep cozy all year long.
2.  The infinity scarves for winter to easily throw on something warm and wear it a billion ways.  I love to wrap it twice and then pull one piece over my head as a hood/snood.
3.  As a cover-up on a summer night instead of a jacket.
4.  Ethnic print scarves to add flair to any basic look, lets say a tee and jeans or a maxi dress.
5.  As a layering piece to add a belt to cinch and look chic.

Plus, get 10% off of your purchase at Just Jamie by using promo code: FASHIONALITIES !!!!  Enjoy!

Like the Just Jamie Scarves facebook page here to stay updated.

America's Next Top Model - We're Back Preview

I can't wait!!!

Wear Your Scarf Different Ways!

FREE Fashion Week app by New York Magazine and The Cut

This was sent to my email today.

Sadly, I am waiting for the newest iPad so I can video chat with my hubby when he is away (he is in the Air Force), but it seems like so many new things are coming out that I want to just have the iPad now...the newest thing I wish I could have at least on my iPhone is the Fashion Week app by New York magazine and The Cut.  I know it's going to be GENIUS!  

Options~Options: DIY or NOT the chiffon ballet flat inspired by J. Crew of course

I am in LOVE with the entire J. Crew spring line and although I wish I could afford EVERYTHING, it just won't happen.  So, I'm excited to share my DIY idea for the Pom-Pom ballet flats that are one of Jenna's pics (so of course they are FAB!!).  The made in Italy tag would look nice on my feet...but, I have to admit that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Old Navy ballet flats.  Anytime I stop someone to ask where their ballet's are from they always end up being Old, recently I have kept my eye peeled for cute styles and I've purchased 3!!!  And then, when I received my J. Crew catalog this weekend (it's always a HUGE deal when it comes in the mail--I LOVE the J. Crew catalogs) I decided I had to share my DIY project.

You can either buy chiffon flower shoe clips by for $25.  Plus, sign up for their newsletter and receive 15% off.

Or, make your own chiffon flowers.  Here are the DIY directions I found.  I LOVE the color that J. Crew did with the snakeskin ballet flats.  You can buy white chiffon fabric and dye it with Rit Dye, I say the closest color is Yellow #41, they provide the directions for how to achieve this color on the Rit Dye site.  Here are the directions:
1/4 Tsp Pearl Grey *
1 Tbs Lemon Yellow
1 Cup Water

Sunday, January 30, 2011

This video makes me so excited about my trip back to New York in a few weeks!

New York, New York from The Girls With Glasses on Vimeo.

This video also introduces you to my new fave girls from The Girls with Glasses!  I love their videos, blog and site!  I have been surfing the web so much tonight that I can't remember where I found out about it, but it's worth you checking it out.  I love their style (provided by the amazing Kate Spade) and their great gift and shopping ideas!

If you LOVE books sign up for this..., the Netflix for books!  This is GENIUS!  Sign up and pay (this is the lowest rate which I think I would do first:) $23.95 for 3 books at a time.  No due date, no late fees and no shipping fees.  Plus, I had to share the great deal, use promo code TWITTER50 and get 50% off your first month!  And, if you LOVE the book, get a discounted price from Book Swim too!

Friday, January 28, 2011

My new favorite color: RUST is a MUST

I've fallen hard for this color...almost as hard as I have for rose gold...I've beening thinking about color combo's nonstop!  Marc Jacob's editorial in VOGUE really caught my eye and gave me more ideas for what to wear with my loved RUST items.

The Color:)

Street style--love this look!

I want to wear this color with:
-olive green

Any other ideas??

Thursday, January 27, 2011

J.Crew About a Shoe

This video is so inspirational! Not necessarily the making of the shoe and the process as it was the style of the ladies running the show: Jenna Lyons and Marissa Webb. There are supposed to be two other youtube videos...not sure if they are available now or not...searching now. These ladies make me want my Michael Kors rose gold watch right now!!!:)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Do you dream of being a fashion stylist? Here is a contest for you.

There are already 974 entries as I write this:

Dress Bergdorf Goodman's Linda Fargo for Fashion Week

Style Linda's front row look for a chance to join her at a show and win a $2500 shopping experience.

Here's how to enter:
Beginning today until Monday, January 31, the challenge encourages Polyvore users to style Linda using two pieces from Linda's 'closet' - not only will Linda wear a look inspired by the winning set to one of the shows, the winner will be right by her side. In addition, Polyvore will fly the winner to New York a day early for a Personal Shopping appointment. A $2,500 Bergdorf Goodman gift card will be waiting for our winner as well a hair appointment in the John Barrett salon and a makeup session with our experts at Trish McEvoy.

The two H&M pieces I want, but can't find...

First, there was the pleather circle skirt that I spotted on JAZZI McG's blog...I still haven't found it yet...but, I haven't give's too cute!  Don't you agree?

Then, there is the fab peachy blouse I just spotted yesterday on my new fave DIY blog, beVain or DIY.

I can't least I have a H&M in my town now...but, it's sad since we don't get the "trend" items that have the rose label.  Can't they just have it ALL available online:(

ManRepeller: Boyfriend Breakup | RACHEL Rachel Roy

ManRepeller: Too Many Men | RACHEL Rachel Roy

ManRepeller: Blind Date | RACHEL Rachel Roy

Payless keeps stepping up on their trend quality

Do you remember when it used to be "hush, hush" that you were buying shoes from Payless...kind of like how shopping at the thrift store used to be...But, not anymore...I am proud when I share my find...because I know I paid a great price and apparently the style is on point since someone is acknowledging it...Recently, I've been seeing a lot of styles outside of the designer collabs that I had to share.  Great styles, great prices and BOGO!  You can't get any better than this!

*Fioni is my new fave Payless brand!  I've mentioned them before because I have seen great styles at the swap party I go to and they usually resemble Prada looks to me:)  (I have another swap coming up in Feb and I can't wait to share my finds...I know they will be good!:)

I've been seeing versions of this peep toe, I'm not mad to find this at Payless for $35!

Who would have known that this is from Payless?!  I NEED these!!!

New line, Z London...I want them all!!!!  I don't want to put EVERY Z London style on check them are sure to like one of them and they are all great prices!

These are soo funky fresh!!  I need them for this spring!  I'll probably wear these over and over!

These remind me of some Steve Madden's I saw...but, for a fraction of the price...sparkle is always fun to add to any look:)

These are NO JOKE...I wouldnt' have even thought they were from Payless...I don't live in a cold climate...but, if I did...I would def rock these!

Boot by DEXTER.

Friday, January 21, 2011

I LOVE high waisted styles!

Even though I saw that high waisted trousers and jeans were OUT recently (it was one of those articles that show what's "in" and what's "out") I've noticed a couple of styles out that have caught my eye.

MOTHER denim
Style: The Drama Flare

Style: The High Riser Jean

Day 1: The CINCH diet

Sadly, I won't be able to do the 5 day fast forward where you lose 8 pounds because I am breastfeeding and could tell last night that Sahara was not getting the amount she needed while feeding.  The sad part is I lost 2 pounds in 1 day!  So, I have a feeling it would work!

The only bad thing I could say about my one day doing the 5 day fast forward was not running.  You are supposed to not workout the 5 days of this part of the plan.  I guess it's because you are already having a limited amount of calories and if you burn those you will just get more hungry and break the plan.  But, I felt like I was missing something.  The author actually thinks that walking is just as, I am going to try walking 4 miles today and compare the calories lost on my Nike + GPS app.  I usually run 3 miles.  Anyone who does do the full, 5 day fast forward...let me know how it goes!

Now, my reason for doing this is to get back into all of my clothes pre-pregnancy and to just be healthy.  Although people say I'm fine...I wont' settle for less.  I researched my BMI and I'm definitely not in the positive weight bracket.  I want what is healthy for me so my daughter will see what is right as she grows up.  Ok, and I also need to get ready for a wedding I'm going to in March and May:)  But, I plan on sticking with it.

So far, the book has been really informative.  The author and nutritionist, Cynthia Sass shares more than just a diet, or a "lifestyle."  She shares research on how each food will affect your body.  I love how just adding these fruits and veges to your diet your skin will change and get a glow:)  I'm all about a glow so this is perfect for me.  She also shares 100 easy, healthy recipes that anyone can make and items that aren't expensive.  She gives you the reasons why you should go organic if that is what she recommends.  But, says that if you don't have the budget to go organic the diet will still work.  This is supposed to be a guideline to use anywhere: home, vacation, going out to dinner and anywhere else you go to eat:)

The basics to the diet:
*Lots of veges and fruit
*No red meat
*Eat an hour after you wake up
*Eat every 3-5 hours
*Drink H2O 8-10 cups, and stick to the drinks she lays out for the diet (basically no SODA)

Since I can't do the 5 day fast forward, I have jumped into the rest of the plan and will do this for the month and see what happens.  I'll share along the way, but, I think that this is a really great diet option for those that don't want to count points or calories.  Or, just want to eat yummy food that doesn't make you feel deprived.  By the way, the diet has you eat 2 pieces of chocolate a day!  How could you say no to that!?

Find the author on her twitter page, facebook page and website.  She is very involved and will answer any questions you might have.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My favorite looks from The Fashion Show last night

There were 2 looks that I am inspired from and will take styling cues from.  I personally can't believe that House of Emerald didn't win:(  I totally feel like they are both (Cesar and Jeffery) the stronger designers.  Oh well...we shall see who wins in the finale...

I am LOVING this look!  I'm planning on recreating this with my maxi dress from H&M and my silk, flowy tunic from India.

I don't usually like high/low dresses...but, I like the idea of adding leggings to this...I will have to try this...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Freebies at Sephora right now

1. Show your Sephora iPhone app and get a free cover!
2. Buy anything in the store and get a free mini Bare Minerals GWP! It's perfect for touch-ups during the day.
3. Anytime you buy online get free samples.
4. Sign up for the beauty insider program and get free gifts on your birthday and gifts every time you hit a set amount of points.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Out and About in Scottsdale

Stripe tee: Old Navy (sale for $2)
Skirt: D Squared (scored at a garage sale in Scottsdale)
Ballet flats: Old Navy ($20)
Rose gold watch: ASOS

The new it shades: Oversized Cat Eye Glasses

I'm totally living the remixes cat eye glassed one because I love any pair of oversized glasses and two because Cat Eye styles were starting to look really dated.
I got my pair last year at Walmart of all places from the Miley Cyrus line...but, this year they are everywhere and I really want them all:)

House of Harlow 1960 Chelsea Sunglasses being worn by none other than Nicole Richie are a must! $138 *ships late Feb.

Betsey Johnson has 2 color options selling on Rue lala (sell ends today) for only $29.99.

Black eyewear is a line from England that I've just learned about that Lilly Allen has been seen wearing. They cost from around $140-300.

And then, of course there is Michael Kors (my new favorite.). I spotted a pair that weren't online called, Shetland that were Cat Eye style with rose gold at the edges! Divine! When I did look on the MK site there were some oversized Cat Eye for only $85!! Such great prices!

Just saw today:
Gucci, Tom Ford and Marc by Marc Jacobs have some fab versions too!!

It looks like denim maxi skirts are back

I remember rocking denim maxi skirts in the 90's. When I saw the shopbop email today featuring a denim maxi my first thought was thrift store run! And then, of course take the great styling cues from the image. Will you be rocking the denim maxi skirt this spring?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My love affair with Michael Kors has begun

I am truly in love with my new Sicily (they are rose gold and tortoise trim) shades that have been selling out in AZ.(They were only $98!) I also saw another pair I'll be sharing in another post. But, the store had my heart pounding!!! I NEED the Hamilton tote in camel with gold trim. I also spotted really cute iPhone cases for only $58!! Needless to's not over with MK for me:)

I signed up for the catalog and can't wait to start getting it and be inspired! I think I need MK to have an app.

Payless has an amazing giveaway for fashion week you won't want to miss!!

Here's the info from the publicist:

Starting today, your readers can log onto the Payless’ Facebook Fan Page to enter the “VIP in NYC” Sweepstakes. One lucky Grand Prize winner will win a trip to NYC and to attend the Fall 2011 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. More information about the sweepstakes is detailed below.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Just seen on the Glamourai and found at Pier 1 Imports for Less

I saw this glass head on The Glamourai and she said it was purchased in Spain...but, I remembered seeing them at Pier 1 and they are only $20!  This is a must-have for any fashionista's closet or room!

Home Must-Have: Mirrored Accents

Since I am now home with my daughter during the day I now watch shows like Martha Stewart and Nate Berkus (might I add, women LOVE him!!:) and I've become addicted to home decor on another level:)  I also LOVE to read online magazine Lonny Mag and Rue Magazine which inspire me even more...even bloggers like The Glamourai, B Jones Style, Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere and Love Maegan share pictures and DIY's from their home that I also look to get help from.  Finally, catalogs like West Elm, Jonathan Adler and Pottery Barn also make me so excited to get the mail.

I say all of this to share that the home trend that Nate Berkus shared that I have to have is the mirrored tray (which I'm showing here from Target for only $17.99). To be honest...I want all five of them, which you can find out here.  But, I am just really digging all things mirror in my house right now.  And the fun thing is you can add it to your home regardless of the style of your decor, genius!

Beauty Find: Oprah's makeup artist, Reggie Wells new line, Hissyfit

I have to be honest besides Reggie Wells being Oprah's makeup artist, the only other thing that really made my eyes POP was the makeup lines case-it's my favorite, ROSE GOLD:)  I am truly addicted.  GENIUS choice for him and his marketing team:)  Besides that, I haven't seen the line in person, but I saw him working on "real people" on Rachael Ray today and got seems like everyone who touches Oprah is doing really well now...Her hair stylist is also now selling hair products too:)

The info:
From what I see on the site, there are 3 clockpot options: face (usually $65, but used promo code: RACHAEL and get it for $40) , eye (usually $60, but used promo code: RACHAEL and get it for $35)  and cheek (usually $60, but used promo code: RACHAEL and get it for $35).  The site offers directions for how to find the right color for your skin tone which seems pretty easy.

Tip (from Reggie Wells on Rachael Ray today):
For any of these, you can look at the colors like a clock...the colors you need for the time of day are 12, 3, 6, or, you are ready to go no matter where you are going!

I LOVE that he calls brushes 'Finger Feathers:).'

Here are more items from the line:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My new "IT" shoe: The Wedge

I've gone from wearing over-the-top 5" heels to flats during pregnancy and up to now.  I used to NEVER wear flats!  Never...but, now it seems the safe and smart thing to do when carrying around my daughter.  TODAY, I decided to start wearing wedges at least:)  So, in honor of getting back to much as I can as a new are some wedges I'm considering...