Wednesday, June 25, 2008

She's Got the Look Season 1, Episode 3 Part 2

I love the winner's look, very vintage inspired...I want to make something like hard could it be:)

Summer Program: She's Got The Look

An Older (older, meaning 35-50) perspective on America's Next Top Model...I have only seen one episode so far and I can definitely watch it with the lacking of interesting shows to watch during the summer...Fashion experts like Robert Verdi, and top glam models that teach these ladies how to work it on the runway and how to get real with who they really are....

Why The Scarf?

My friend asked me this question when he saw me in Cali on our vaca donning one after my flight...there are a couple reasons that I wear mine...
1.  If it gets chilly at night, it is just the right level of coverage for keeping warm...
2.  Breezy days in certain locations are still going on during the day and keeps you cool with a little tank.
3.  Scarves on the plane are essential to keep warm...who wants to use the plane blanky?  Eww....
4.  And, aren't they just so chic?  Our fashionistas in France are very well-known for wearing a scarf everyday...shouldn't we join the bandwagon? 
Shop Bop has a slew of scarves to choose from this season...check them out to find one just for you...the site also shows a variety of ways you can wear the scarf this season.

People To Meet, Places to Go: In Portland, Oregon

I love going to Portland and finding the many new jewels that the city has to offer!  The city has grown so much since I was a kid and the entrepreneur level is so great in this town that anyone could take off with an idea...everyone is so supportive of ones are a couple business cards I wanted to share.

Inspired By SATC the Movie

I watched:
And, had a vintage high waisted, long skirt that had a similar print to Carrie Bradshaw's dress...made into a dress...I can't wait to share it with everyone... I got very creative...the ladies at my alterations location LOVE when I come in with my ideas:)
I forgot to take a picture of the skirt before, but here is a shot of me wearing the belt that goes with the skirt...just for color:)

"Not" Racer-Backs

That is, Knot in the back of a racer back tank that you didn't put there...this seems to be the style detail for so many of the tanks this year...I am gravitating towards them more and more...I figured I would share them with everyone to see what you all think....
*The images to follow are not racer back styles, but are still knotted or twisted in some sort of way:)  All items are from Urban Outfitters.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Michael Clapton: Costume Designer

Michael Clapton did the Costume Designs for "Love and other Disasters," he has also done costume for the following films and TV series:
"The Diary of Anne Frank" (2008) TV series (2008)
"Sense and Sensibility" (2008) TV mini-series


Fashion Inspired by Audrey Hepburn in my favorite, Breakfast at Tiffany's...a very British me the feeling of, "Love Actually..." I love these type of movies and I love Brittany Murphy...I want pretty lingerie, cigarette pants and to wear my eyeliner just like Brittany and Audrey...check it out and be amused by Fashion and British Humor...I am buying this movie:) ****

Monday, June 23, 2008

Just Got To Have Faith

Faith Shoes, That Is:)  There are way too many for me to just have to looK!

Lingerie Madness~Something Sexy, Something Fun

My hubby will finally be coming back from Iraq next month and I am having a bit of lingerie madness beyond what the faithful Victoria's Secret can provide.
I saw a pic of Tracee Ellis Ross at a lingerie boutique and decided to see what the site was all about...I know, the prices are high...but, one can always  dream...right???  The Boutique: Kiki de Montparnasse
The Look, how can you say no...this goes beyond wearing it just to bed...I would wear these right when I got, comfy, fashion friendly:

Tracee Ellis Ross-My Fashion Inspiration

Amazing style...I was being selfish and just searching pictures for myself and decided to stop and share what I found...
*Winter Look/Summer Look=Same Shoes...shows that shoes can be used through the seasons...
*Same shoes in the next 3 images....see, even divas like Tracee know how to reuse a shoe...

Kira Plastinina comes to LA!

Fashion Flicks from the red carpet of the opening of the first US boutique for Kira Plastinina.  This is how LA fashionistas step onto the red carpet.  Become a VIP on the site and get free:

Another Event That I Sadly Can't Attend, I Would if I Could...

Attend and tell me how it goes:)  I used to go to these in New York and ALWAYS made out with something fab!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

If I Was in NYC Right Now, I Would Apply for This Job...What a Dream JOB!

I just bought a book from Powell's book store in Portland, Oregon on the history of Harper's Bazaar! 
Harper's Bazaar second assistant to the Editor-in-Chief
Job/Internship type: 
Company/Publication Name: 
Harper's Bazaar
New York, NY

Harper’s Bazaar is looking for a “Second Assistant” to the Editor-in-Chief.

Must be detail-oriented, highly organized, efficient, energetic; able to anticipate situations and offer preemptive solutions, feel comfortable interacting with high-profile personalities, have excellent phone manner and etiquette. Must possess presentation skills, have excellent computer skills, excellent at multi-tasking and work well under pressure/deadlines. This position will be 100% administrative.

The 2nd assistant is responsible for booking Ms. Bailey extensive travel requirements, scheduling appointments, preparing materials necessary for meetings, updating minis, writing thank you’s, processing invitations, fielding phone calls, expense reports, maintaining library, scheduling cars, correspondence, etc.

Experience: Internship to 3 years of experience working in an extremely fast paced environment (consumer magazine experience a plus), and knowledge of fashion.
Posted 6/16/08.

NO PHONE CALLS OR EMAILS TO THE MAGAZINE PLEASE. Human Resources is handling this search. Please forward a resume and cover letter with your salary requirements (a MUST) to
OK to mention Ed?: 

LA Lovelies, You are Invited

This is for an event for the Vintage Society and I think a little bit of Quick sounds like something interesting to check out...
The Vintage Society Launch Party 
June 21, 7-10 PM
Quiksilver's siteLA

213 413-259 and

New Yorkers, Mark Your Calendars and Call And Make An Appt for a MAC Event

Men's Gladiators Sandals Search

Where oh Where are Men's Gladiator's Sandals?  The trend is strong for women...but, men, which wore them in the Greek and Roman times are not sporting them there a reason why they aren't?  Are they not in style for men, or are they not available anywhere?
The closest things I found were:

D&G---these are right on!  Do you think men would really wear these?  I have to ask my hubby:)
*Of course the designer brands were right on with the trend!