Monday, March 29, 2010

Julia Frakes from Bunny Bisous for RACHEL Rachel Roy

Don't we ALL wish this was us:) Well, you can kinda, by visiting your local Macy's and putting together your looks with Rachel Roy's gorge items on her Rachel Rachel Roy line! Great prices by the way! Don't miss out!:) And don't miss out on more Rachel Roy inspiration by subscribing to her videos on Youtube!

What are everyone's thoughts on Jessica Stam working on the Rachel Rachel Roy line???

Excited to share Saks Fifth Avenue's Contest, Jimmy Choo and Saks want to do you wear your Choos?

This is a great contest right before Sex and the City 2 comes out! This is the BEST game ever for fashionistas who want to be stylists! Get on and create a look before April 10th...that is soon, so don't miss out! Here are the details:

Don't miss the Outnet's FIRST birthday celebration with serious $1 deals!

Here are all the details I received from the publicist!!! Don't miss out, I RSVPed today!

"Yes! is having a 1st birthday party and everyone’s invited. To celebrate, the most fashionable fashion outlet will host a one-day giveaway sale where all items will be £1 / $1 / €1. There’s a limit of one item per guest, but be quick – items will go fast and it’s first come, first served.

This once-in-a-lifetime event will take place on Friday April 16th – our official birthday – and you’ll only be able to access the sale on the day via a secret link sent by email.

You have to RSVP to enter our birthday pop-up sale. The RSVP list opens March 29th and closes April 11th. Even if you’ve already registered for an account at theOutnet, you’ll still need to RSVP.

Not registered yet? In order to RSVP, you’ll need to sign up with a password and register for an account. Register for an account at now and you’ll receive more information about the 1st birthday party and other exciting designer sales"

I am really excited to share that if you become a "stylist" for your fashionista friends and family and send Outnet item recommendations and they buy, you could get $30! Start sharing today, I know I will!:)

Saturday, March 27, 2010


This is one of my favorite brands!!! I have worn the first Tucker dress I got for about 3 years now! (Great steal: I bought the dress for only $75 at the Barney's Warehouse Sale!) This dress is also perfect to wear during my pregnancy. I dont even need a larger size!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

H&M's Garden Collection Inspires


I love the combo of a girly, floral dress with a casual sweater jacket...very unexpected, I will be doing this!


This reminds me of the dress that Jessica Simpson was wearing on her first episode of, "The Price of Beauty." (I really wanted it and heard it was Dolce & Gabbana, which is not in my budget:) This dress is ONLY $19.99! I think I will have to wear it with leggings while preggers, but whatever works!:)


I just LOVE the sleeves on this blouse! Must-have!:) And it hangs longer when not tucked in.

Fashion Air has new Style Counsel fashione experts

Take some cues this week on how to incorporate lingerie into your outerwear...I think I could try the last look while preggers with my LOFT sweater I got a couple of days ago to sex up the look on a date with the hubby!:)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Must-have towel I just fell in love with!

I am wanting to makeover my linen closet when I get home, I know I am hubby thinks it is because I am preggers...regardless I was reading through my friends blog, Nuy Beauty and I fell in love with a Turkish Towel I have to have! I had honestly never heard of a Turkish Towel before this...Egyptian Cotton, yes...Turkish Towel, no:) So, I decided that I had to share...

I have OFFICIALLY fallen in LOVE with the LOFT!

Today I found out that I received a $50 gift card for the LOFT! I was excited and hurried down to get the necklace I was coveting (the last one) and some comfy, cozy stuff for my new, preggers body. Then, while complaining to the sales rep about not being able to buy any of the stuff I was gushing over I found out that the LOFT has a majority of their items in maternity online! Just go with your regular size at the LOFT in maternity. I am soo excited! (But, sadly all the dresses I want aren't in the maternity section...boohoo. But, sizes go up to 18 online so maybe I can just take the size up a bit from my regular size. We shall see.)

P.S. Handbags are usually online rather than in store...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the coral clutch, so check it out online!

SALE SCOOP: The LOFT has the BEST sales ever! You can buy things in the SALE section at certain times where there is a sale on top of the sale! It doesn't get any better than that since the prices are already AMAZING! And look online for bigger drops in prices!

SHOUT OUT to the ladies at the Portland, OR Lloyd Center store! They were all so helpful! And great chatting with you Laura, my sister told me you know my mom Janice who shops at your store all the time!:)

Winter Kate Item for Less at A Pea in the Pod-Believe this!:)

New version sold at Bloomingdales, Norstrom, My-Wardrobe and more!
A Pea in the Pod version

So, since I am preggers I have been shopping for maternity clothing and had to buy something by Nicole Richie at A Pea in the Pod. I ended up buying a silk jacket on Sale for only $38.99 and my jaw dropped when I was at Nordstroms the other day and saw that Nicole's new line, Winter Kate has the same exact jacket!!!! At Nord's it's $124 and on My-Wardrobe it is $222!!!!!!! I just can't believe it! It is very cute and I love that I will be able to use the look after the pregnancy is over...but, with the price so low at A Pea in the Pod I had to share...and just sis who is a size 2 and not preggers has worn the jacket:)

LOFT brings true inspiration and great prices

I was excited when Lucky magazine sent me the LOFT's spring lookbook to review and found items I LOVED and looks that truly inspire. Here are a few looks that caught my eye.
Perfect necklaces and dress for a tropical getaway! I bought the long coral necklace! I LOVE! You can layer the necklace like they did here, or wrap it to create an entirely new look.

DIY: update your booties with sheer laces. Make with ribbon from craft store!

I just LOVED this necklace and it sold out so quick!

*LOVE this look! Update anorak jacket with scarf! Genius! Do the same thing with a trench. I didn't get the image for the anorak jacket with a brown (distressed) leather belt, but I love how it changes the look! Have fun warming up:)

This tee is very J. Crew at an AMAZING price!

DIY Inspiration: Add broaches to a dress like this instead of applique-same effect and changes the entire look.

French Chic: mini scarf, plus skinny belts are still in! Round toes are back!

*Keep rolling those trousers!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim - Fashion Designers - MATAANO

I just read about these ladies in this months issue of ESSENCE and I am hooked! I love their line~check it out!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Inspiration from Anthropologie today

First, DIY accessory:
I was walking out of the store today and had to scribble down a note to myself to share what I found with everyone! The item: a bracelet...I say that you can put it together by shopping a thrift store for old men's watches that might not work anymore. Take the face off of the watch and replace with a broach and voila, you have the same look! I can't wait to do this when I get home!

The real deal is $38.

Second, the look for less with a little DIY twist:

Old Navy, on sale for $20!!!

Target 'Liberty of London' advert

I can't wait to own this home collection! Checking out Jean Paul Gautier at Target tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Fashionair has a new episode of Style Counsel today!

Learn how to wear your favorite stripes for this spring and summer with Style Counsel on Fashionair! My mom and sister wore stripes yesterday and didn't even plan it, so get ready! Plus, there is a new style counsel member, Paul Baptiste-the first male I have seen on the show! I can't wait to see his perspective on fashion!

I love how brown belts can be so unxpected with looks these days-genius!

I need a white blazer for this spring, how about you?

Mixing prints ROCKS!

Q&A with Bluefly Style Guru Tanesha Smith

As a fellow fashion stylist, Tanesha Smith’s new job sounds like a dream at Bluefly! She is the resident stylist, which means, she styles photo shoots for Bluefly. She’s also a contributing blogger on; and answers the style conundrums of our Facebook fans and Twitter followers when they arise. You can catch her live-tweeting the Oscar Red Carpet this Sunday on I got to chat with Tanesha about what she thinks of the spring 2010 trends. Get excited about what she is doing and stay tuned for things to come.
What is your personal style staple?
It gets kind of grey because as a stylist and a woman that walks the earth it’s like two different mind sets. There are things I like in theory but I don’t wear…like big earrings…I love styling with them…but, personally I am always wearing something with animal prints, accessories, I love belts…it adds something always to tops or dresses…shifts the silhouette of a piece and gives it a new personality.
What do you think every fashionista should have in her closet?
To build a good base, every fashionista can start with a crisp white shirt and a great pair of darker washed denim. Not a second skin jean, or flare, but a transitional piece that you can dress up or down. A classic trench coat you can throw on with a pair of sunglasses. It can take you from day to night. One fantastic pair of sunglasses is always great, classic, almost square shape. It’s worth investing in a good pair so that they last longer so you aren’t buying some every six weeks. To complete any look, everyone should have a good, brown leather bag that can carry you across the board in different situations.
What were your favorite shows for spring 2010 fashion week?
Answering this question is like choosing between your children. It’s hard to choose one…Thinking Marc Jacobs…but, is it wearable? My body says Chloe…Marc Jacobs was beautiful, and I aspire for Celine. But, at the end of the day I would be wearing Chloe. Maybe I will wear Celine later, when I am older.
Which trends stood out for spring 2010?
I think I would turn to separates. I think that dresses had a long run of all anyone wanted to talk about…which I totally get. For a while it was just so easy to wear a dress…but, now an interest in separates is great. A look at leggings with style updates of leather and meshes became an event to themselves. Everything is back and made a joy to dress again and a thought to create a look and an outfit. Having more fun to play with fashion. Really experiment and have a good time with it.
What looks from attendees at the tents stood out to you?
Nobody needs to go to a show these days, you can look online, and there are a million ways to see the looks from the runway now. The reason to go is to see what people are wearing at the shows. It’s always fun to go and see. The Teen Vogue attendees are interesting to watch. But, there are those bloggers now like Style Bubble that are fun to check out and see what’s going on. They are fun because they inspire you to think about the things that you can have and what you can do with them…not necessarily going out and buying something new. And of course, the famous Anna de la Russo and Daphne Guiness that are like a show. Daphne is going to have an exhibit of herself at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), it’s certainly something to watch. These people really garner attention in their own right.
Where do you get your inspiration for your fashion choices/combos?
That is fed anywhere from the shows, it all starts there and trickles down. I feel like ten years ago inspiration came from the streets. The idea that designers travelled the world and saw(how kids they interpreted fashion and trends what the kids were doing with fashion and how they were wearing things and then translating into high design. But, with so much inspiration it’s going the other way around. Now, designers are creating looks and reflecting out to the masses. I would think I would have said people around me because live in NY...but, now people really emulate runway trend. Then, there’s the international publication like Japanese magazines and their youth culture…and blogs…like, Street Peeper to see what everyone is doing since we are all so connected now and in touch with global trends.
How fun is it to put together looks for Bluefly?! What’s your favorite part?
The best part is to really have an idea, to carry it through and watch on set to see it happen. Only a few weeks ago it’s just a thought in your mind. Then, we collaborate between the buyers and the merch team to make it visually compelling. In some companies it can become a chore… “do we really have to shoot this thing and no one is excited”…but, we have phenomenal buyers that get us really great items with great trends and price points. Some may see this as a catalog or commercial style…but, we manage to still keep it fresh and turn it out every time and get all of our goals achieved.
What are the ESSENTIALS this spring for women’s fashion?
On point if you have something in leather…easy go to piece…jacket…leather sportswear ubiquitous…everywhere…leggings, skirts, shorts, shirts….not just heavy outerwear…really thin, light weight weather…for total look…can incorporate into to outfit to wear all day. Pastels light pinks and blues, minty greens and yellows….going to Marc Jacobs…washed out palette. Denim has a lot going on…dreamy, laid back, and relaxed….military or camp style detail…snaps or pockets or bungee cord…like you might be spending time outside…element of ruffles and volume running through as well…like Lanvin or D&G…mixing with the military or neutrals and incorporating it all to create interesting looks…so everyone can still look current but not look cookie cutter.
What’s your in/out list for spring 2010?
Not a big fan of that….it eliminates the possibility to work your style into different trends and seasons…not the biggest fan of those things…I am a champion of personal style. I am sitting here in a leopard print dress…it’s not the biggest trend right now, but I like it…things have different amount s of pertinence at a different time…but, people should just use as a guide…I like cowboy stuff but that is just me as a person…Not really the time for neon’s…but, you shouldn’t dump them…but, as a matter of speaking it’s not on the front burner right now…
What are your favorite blogs?
Not the most online savvy person…I find myself coming across blogs, but I forget how I found them…but, there are those ones I go to all the time.
The Cut
The Sartorialist
Rachel-stylist, Rachel Gillman her blog-really cool—its old school stuff…like Old Chanel ads and chronicling what she does…Blogs are a good way to keep up with friends.
Tamia-friend in Ohio-she does a blog about fashion bloggers: Style Sample Mag known since 8th grade
The Moment-NYT blog
Interior design blog…or cooking blogs…
French Apartment
Oh Joy
Design Sponge
Apartment Therapy
I almost would have been an interior designer because I like them a lot. I love styling…also been doing custom terrariums…I have been selling to people and doing events…I like talking to people about fashion…I would like to take that into TV.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Help Shop it to Me Celebrate almost hitting 10K followers by...

WINNING gift cards just for sharing!!! This is what you have to do! Just tweet @shopittome with your personal style philosophy in 7 words or less. How easy is that? For more info and twitter blurb to copy and paste, read more info here.

Have you been keeping your iPhone apps up-to-date?

Here are a few new apps I have recently downloaded (most are FREE) that I had to share!

Bergdorf Goodman Shoe Salon-This is a shoe lovers dream since there is ONLY one Bergdorf's in New York!

The Find's: Shop Nearby-this helps you "find" exactly what you are looking for at the best price.

SalePrice-Scan what you found and see if there is anywhere that has a better price! GENIUS!

likeTHIS-Snap a photo and find a similar product.

Faceoff Lite-From Sugar Inc. and FREE! Fun fashion game for fashionistas. available to shop on this APP for all of your beauty needs.

Vogue Stylist-Play dress up with the right people:) Upload pics of your clothes to create looks inspired by the trends that Vogue highlights.

Stylebook (made by an editor at LUCKY mag):Another great way to play with looks in your closet like Cher in Clueless:)

Vanity Fair: Hollywood-Get the scoop on what's happening in Hollywood.

Chic.TV-Watch all of the fashion shows for FREE and be inspired!

IMDB-Watching something and you know you know that face...get the info right away. I love this:)

Laundry Help-I always have questions about stuff I need to clean and this has the answers.
ShopSavvy-Scan barcode and have your personal shopper at hand to find the best price!
Trendtracker-This app is from and features all the trend information that fashion professionals have for you to be inspired.
OPI-This is such a fun's like playing dress up with your nails. You'll know exactly what you want to get done at the nail salon with this app. Plus, it's genius and you can change the color of your hand:)

VOGUE did a fab article on bloggers this month--get the scoop!

I love articles on bloggers in magazines because it brings a new element to the fashion pages. You get to learn about other fashion or beauty lovers in the blogosphere that you may not have heard of yet. Here are a few I found that I want to check out from the March issue of VOGUE on page, 514.

Which blogs are you LOVING right now that people might not know about?

No More Wire Hangers!!! Then, What Do You Do With Them?

Stay GREEN idea: Don't recycle wire hangers-donate them to dry cleaners to be reused! Genius idea, right!?:)