Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Men in Skirts

Not kilts, skirts...I saw an image of this on The Sartorialist the other day and had to show my metro hubby to see what he said and he simply stated that he is brave...I am not sure how to take a man in a skirt just yet...we'll see if this will be a trend like the high waist jeans for women that just doesn't catch on to everyone...or if it will surprise us and take over the sagging trend:)  I decided to blog about this because I saw that New York Magazine had an article dedicated solely to this trend...we shall see how this catches on.

People Keep Hating On Lauren Conrad

Ok, so, does JLO sketch all of her designs?  Does Gwen Stefani draw it all out?  Do any of these designers have rendering 101 skills under their belts?  Are we questioning them?  No, we followed JLO on MTV to watch what she did and she did just like Kimora does on her show....directs and gives ideas...so why are we hating on poor LC?  Is it just because she is a reality star?  Well, I think that whoever is doing the line is doing it right because I want something else:)  The Rebecca top...which, of course is worn with my dream skirt, the Cindy skirt...I can't wait till that is available!  I NEED one right now:)

I Heart JCREW Styling

Check out the fall preview for J Crew online now...I love the color , the accessories...it's just all perfecto!  And, go into the store right now because the sale items are even more on sale!  Discount on top of Discount---you can't go wrong with that!
*Sorry about the image...you all get the idea, it looks good:)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Urban Outfitters: Closet Space

I just received this email from Urban Outfitters and I had to share the link for Closet Case where Urban Outfitters stylists share what they LOVE from the store.  I love seeing what "experts" from the brand like...it ensures that I am not missing anything:)

Hear Say...

I have heard that Heatherette has been bought out by Fubu...we shall see if more items will be sold now...
and that our favorite store, Anthro will be looking to create fabulous nurseries to expand on their offerings for home decor, I can really see this work!  

Top Shop is Coming to Town!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, the US is our town at least:)  They are finally coming to New York City!  I am sooo excited, although it is still forever away from me...I will have to start making seasonal trips to just shop in NYC:)  The big event will take place in October and will be the flagship store for the US. Everyone is so excited, Top Shop even has a site dedicated to all things New York City!
Here are some new items featured on the site for fall...just to get you excited:)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Giveaway: Save Your Shoes

Do you keep getting your precious shoes dirty when you drive and you don't want to put a car rug down just to save your stems...well, I am going to giveaway Achilles Shield's to readers that share photos of the damage done to their shoes because of driving.  The most terrible damage will receive the answer to all of your problems, the Achilles Shield.  Email responses to fashionalities@gmail.com, good luck!

Since I am Going GaGa for Gucci and Goyard...and all things Handbags...

I thought I would share a fab site that is dedicated to all things handbags called Handbaggers...it is a fun site that you can vote on your fave handbags right now and share your LOVE of the handbag you want right now with everyone who will truly understand.  

Shop It To Me

I am always getting invited to sites from everybody and their mama...a friend of mine sent an evite to a site called Shop It To Me...to tell the truth, I didn't even read the email about what the site was all about...bad, I know...but, I got something great out of it!  I sent out an email to all my gmail friends...I really need to do my yahoo and hotmail friends too even if I don't use those emails anymore because people started responding right away and since they did, every 10 people that sign up, you get a $10 gift card from one of the companies like J. Crew or Urban Outfitters that offer them...in only 7-14 days!  I recommend everyone sign up and invite your friends...it is worth it, I promise!  This is real, I promise---not a gimmick, no one sent me an email to send this out, I just had to share:)  Good luck!

More Cute Pieces for the Fall to Start Finding Now

I don't know if you notice...but, a lot of the things that go on sale for the spring can be used for the fall...I got a fab pair of patent peep toe heels from Nine West for only $23 and I definitely plan on wearing them this fall...here are a couple of styles to look out for now that you can wear during the fall.
Mui Mui Bags are a dreamy must have for our closets ladies...Mui Mui has the best shoes and handbags a girl could ask for...if only our bank accounts held enough cashola to afford all of these dreamy necessities for a girl.
Peep toe booties are perfect for now or fall and very sexy with jeans or a sexy pencil skirt.
I am now and have been since around the summer of 2006 a fan of high waisted jeans...it still hasn't caught on really...but, I LOVE them and wear my Karen Walker jeans with pride and I always seem to get compliments on them, even though I still haven't seen anyone run and buy them either:)
Get away from the basics and go for a ruched white tee...who really goes for the old rule that white can't be worn after Labor day anyway?  A lot of people don't know what "ruching" is...it is: "Ruching (pronounced ROOSHING -- 'roo' rhymes with 'who') is a French word which means to plait.  A strip of fabric or ribbon is gathered in a repeat pattern and as the gathering thread is drawn up the strip forms scallops or petals."

I Have Been Eyeing These Things Recently...Things You Can Wear For Spring and Fall

The best jean ever!  The trouser-cut jean...looks good on every-body!

I think that ruffle blouses have a flair to them for any season...I was checking out a ruffle tank at Buffalo the other day and really wanted to get it...it's all about dramatic ruffling details on a blouse...you can't just have one ruffle.

I remember when I wore pointy toe flats in college about 6 years ago and people thought I looked like a witch:)  I still wore them of course...I rocked them not even caring...well, now, I still love pointy toe flats and I think they looks so chic with pencil trousers and a cute little cardigan for the fall, or do the same for now and just wear a pair of shorts and a tank.  These Missoni flats are only $315 on sale...ok, not ONLY...but, they are on sale:)  I love wearing funky style flats for fun!

We can dream of the Botkier bag for real designer pieces that will last for almost ever...or we can get the Target bag...which I haven't seemed to be able to find the one I really want...so, for right now I am going to keep on dreaming of the real thing.  I am LOVING tassells and fringe for fall...so this bag is perfect for fall.

GWP: V for Vintage

All you have to spend is $5o and you get a free tote from V for Vintage only!  There's a bunch of new stuff...so check it out now and catch the deal!

I Dream of G's

I wish and dream of these G's...I need ideas on how to make some cash to get these...I am terrible I know...but, you can always dream, right???

I am actually going to watch Project Runway This Time

My three favorites for the season are:
Kelli-hello, her first piece was dynamite!
Leanne-She is from Portland, I have to represent!  And I want to buy her clothes, so I really like it!
Korto-ok, so her second piece wasn't that hot--my hips would have looked crazy in that and I am shapely:)  But, that first yellow piece I would rock over and over...I hope she designs something like that in real life:)
Check out the site too!  I just went there to find the names of my faves and there are so many things to check out like:
Don't Miss Each Week--it is worth it:)

Not Trying to Get Political:

Some of the pieces I like:
Feel really special and get 10% off by using the promo code summer08 by September 30th!
For more fashion tips from the site check out their blog here.


Sorry all, hubby just returned from Iraq and I was spending QT time with him...I am back now and you can't get rid of me:)



Monday, July 21, 2008

Project Runway US s05e01 1/5

It's back! Don't miss it! Reruns always on, over and over...you can't miss any of this:)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I feel like every magazine I have opened up this summer has been referring to Patrick Robinson...from VOGUE to NYLON (and then New York Magazine said some stuff too), everyone is saying that the tee's and jeans are to-die-for...so, of course, now I really need to hurry up and go in!  I have worked for the company on and off all through high school and college...but, after the SJP and Marc Jacobs designer stints where I had to have everything in site that was in the Gap...I have had a bit of a lull...so, hopefully, the GAP is back again...because of yours truly Patrick Robinson:)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Italian Vogue is HOT, HOT, HOT

In New York it seems that everyone is trying to get a copy of the Italian Vogue featuring women of color...my fashionista friend was soo excited that she got a copy that she sent me a message on my Wall for Facebook:)  I wanted a copy, but now, in Tucson, I am going ASAP tomorrow to see if it is easy to purchase a copy...I really doubt that they will be missing from the racks...but, you never know:)  New York Magazine  said that Conde' Nast is printing an extra 10,000 copies!  WOW!
Sidenote: My fashionista friends also said that the Italian Vogue costs $375 for a year subscription!  How many of you have one?

Excitement is Roaring For Project Runway Which Starts Tomorrow!

I am soo excited!  I have been so bored with nothing on the past couple of months!  But, the drama...of course, fashion has to have the drama...moving from Bravo to Lifetime (which we usually only watch on Saturday's when nothing is on and watch those crazy movies:)...but, it is still with Bravo for the fifth season...so, we shall see...something to talk about:)  Also, how long is Nina staying with the show since she is no longer with Elle magazine...will that change?  More to come...
Oooo...guest judges include: 
Rachel Zoe!!!
RuPaul---where has he been:)
LL Cool J??hmmmm
Brooke Shields
and more...check out full details here.

Speaking of Celeb Clothing Lines...

Exhibit A: To Events...
Exhibit B--During the day...and with normal tee's and shiny leggings...

LL--Lindsey Lohan that is...is launching a leggings line which will be exclusive at Fred Segal in August...I think that is very fitting for her...she is ALWAYS in leggings...even though we are not sure if they are "in" or "out" now...it's her thing, and she is sticking to it:)
PS While we are on the subject of LL---she is wearing Courtney Crawford shoes here!  

Conrad's line out of the "in" already...Should Heidi Be Scared...

*The skirt should be here by September...I am waiting:)  BTW---high waisted skirts are going to be fab for this fall...pair with your black patent round toe pumps or black patent loafers with cut outs!
New York Magazine is stating that Kitson is dropping the Lauren Conrad line...funny, I am still awaiting my coveted Cindy Skirt that comes out this fall...but, of course, I had to look at Kitson to see if their Lauren items were on sale and the only dress that was still there is still full price...so, ladies near a Kitson store...keep an eye out...Lauren pieces might be dropping.
Before I read the New York Magazine headline today, I had already started asking about what to expect for this fall from Lauren's line and I am actually quite excited...(hint, hint...I am giving them the publicity that Kitson says they are lacking:)  The sillhouettes remind me of fun pieces I would want if I were in LA...so, it is fitting that she is creating these...they are items you'd think would be everywhere, that you want...but, you just can't seem to find...
I love the theme for Holiday, my favorite SJP movie ever!  "Girls Just Want To Have Fun!"  And I can definitely see girls having fun in these pieces at a club or a girls night out!  And in the holiday collection styles are named after famous celeb singers who have, of course, influenced fashion and trends.  
So, don't always listen to the negatives on brands...check it out first and then decide what you think...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

And The Winner Is....

Tanya, from the shortest competition ever, "She's Got The Look."  The show ended yesterday and ended with the person I expected to win of course...she is beautiful, articulate, and tall (and I just found out has 5 kids!...she embodies everything I can see in a model regardless of her age.  The show only gets **'s for me and I probably only watched it a lot because there is nothing else on right now.  I love fashion shows, but the program just screamed low budget to me.

Sad News: Steve & Barry Screaming Bankrupt...

What does that mean for our coveted Bitten line by SJP?  Companies like Sears are looking at buying the company...so we shall see what happens...it is interesting, in the WWD article about this, the company states that customers can't deal with prices going up to fix the bankruptcy problem because they are trying to deal with gas prices going up...so, why is it that Gucci, Chanel, LV and many other designer labels aren't fixing prices or dropping down?  I have a pair of Chanel sunglasses that I bought about 4 years ago for about $175 and now they cost more than $250...what gives?  The economy is not getting better?  Many say it is because the rich aren't affected and even if they are, they are keeping up image by still purchasing high end items without even looking at the price tag...I guess sometimes image is everything for people.

More on the matter from NY Post.

Fall Must Have: Cords with Color

Still so many items under $100 on Saks Sale!

10 pages worth + free shipping!
*These are all for the tops only.

Courtney Crawford the Undeniable Foot Necessity

Fall/Winter 2008 Collection

Spring/Summer 2008

I found out about Courtney Crawford about a week ago...really late, I know!  So, I decided to try and find the right person to ask for an interview...during my search one late night...around 12 am in Tucson, I called the designer, Courtney Crawford and he was very reasonable for some girl calling about an interview at 3 am his time...so, here is the interview and the great shoe collection!  
1.  I LOVE the styles of Courtney Crawfod---who does he make his shoes for?  (Who is his client?)
CC: I design for the woman of presence.  Repulsively Attractive, Violently Brilliant, Perversely Fascinating, Revoltingly Ravishing.
2.  What words would you use to describe a Courtney Crawford shoe?
CC: I would think that you would describe my shoes the same way you would describe the Courtney Crawford Woman; Repulsively Attractive, Violently Brilliant, Perversely Fascinating, Revoltingly Ravishing all in a Svelte and Sexy Form....a Stiletto.
3.  What was Courtney Crawfords inspiration for his fall 2008 collection?
CC:The Inspiration for the Fall 2008-09 was Cat Woman.  (We should all wear a pair of Courtney Crawfords to the new Batman movie coming out this month:)
4.  Where can Courtney Crawford shoes be purchased?
CC: Courtney Crawford is a global brand so you have the ability to find the shoes across the globe in some of the finest boutiques, shoe salons and online boutiques. In the United States you can find the Courtney Crawford brand in Saks Fifth Avenue, Intermix  (select locations), Grace in Chicago, Hazel in Toronto, Bellhaus in the Hamptons, in Alothman in Kuwait, Muse in India, just to name a few. I am really humbled by how the well-received the brand has been. 
5.  When will the Courtney Crawford site be up and running?  What can we expect from the site?
CC: The Courtney Crawford site shall be up soon, just don't blink or may miss the launch. I wanted it to be user friendly mainly and for the site to really be focused on the shoes and giving the fewer the information that they would need or ask before asking it. 

 6.  In a new fashion world of high, low pricing...would Courtney Crawford ever do a special line for Payless or Target to expand on his followers?

CC: I believe that it would be an honor to be asked and if the opportunity presented itself I would definitely take a look. So stay tuned....(How exciting, I will be looking at for those! )
7.  Which celebrities are wearing Courtney Crawford?
1. Lucy Liu
2. Lindsay Lohan
3. Gennifer Goodwin
4. Kate Hudson
5. Beyonce
6. Kimora Lee Simmons
7. Kim Kardashian
8. Miley Cyrus
9. Fergie
10. Namoi Campbell
11. Kelly Ripa
(I can so see Tracee Ellis Ross rocking these too!  I can also see these on the girls of Gossip Girl!  Costume Designers, I hope you are reading this:))

 8.  Any exciting news/plans for Courtney Crawford in the near future?

CC: There isn't any exciting news that can be released as of yet. All the exciting information must be a complete surprise...so as before don't blink or sleep or you may miss the headlines.


Basically everyone, you need to keep a look out because this designer is HOT, HOT, HOT!  And a lot of fab new things are coming...but, only for the fashionistas who know what's up!

*images provided by Showroom Seven Fall/Winter 2008 and Spring 2008 styles.