Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dillards Handbag Exchange---well, kind of...

Did anyone know about this?  I surely did not!  If you are bored with any of your fab bags and ready for a new one and trying to figure out where to get the mula...here is a fab option!  I had to share as soon as I confirmed it was true:
Bring in any clean, gently-used handbag and use it as your coupon on a new regular-priced handbag or wallet (with a price tag of over $50). Your handbag will be donated to charity! In exchange for your donation, you get:

$15 off a $50 - $75 new handbag

$25 off a $76 - $125 new handbag

$40 off a $126 - $199 new handbag

$50 off a $200 or more new handbag

Find your nearest Dillard's that is participating in this event here. Please call your local Dillard's to make sure they are participating before you head out, and what days they are holding this deal. (It seems to vary by location.)