Friday, July 31, 2009

Tulle Tuesday

I am super excited to share this after I was soo sad that I missed the fab sample sale in LA last week! Dresses were going 3 for $20~!!!! But, I guess, great things come to those who wait:) I can't wait...I am going to go crazy!:)

Part II: Curly Chronicles: The Book Review: Hair Rules! by A. Dickey

Friends, I have read a lot of curly hair books trying to find the "answer" to all of my curly problems...I recently flipped through and Ebony at the local library and was excited to read about a book that I had never heard of, but has been around for 6 years--how did I miss this??? I don't know:) But, the book is an easy read and not only gives tips on hair, but also breaks down the science of curly hair so you can really understand why your hair does what it does each day:)
Here are a few pieces from the book that I am taking note of and wanted to share with everyone:
Dickey went into the first rule I found out about after going natural...Shampoo is NOT your best friend...My hubby still doesn't get this rule..but, oh well:) Dickey went into more details on why and which ones to avoid and which are better for your hair.
Look for shampoos that contain the least amount of man-made chemicals and instead list naturally derived ingredients. A few ingredients you should learn to recognize are the following:
-Sodium laureth sulfate
-Propylene Glycol
-Cocamidopropyl betaine
The other ingredient portion that Dickey got into that caught my attention was oils to use in your hair on page 46. Dickey also shared that the thing I hate the most, hair GREASE is not good for your hair! Which, I always just always made my hair flat, which I do not like!:) So, here are the oils that Dickey recommended in the book. The author went into detail on each oil and how it benefits your hair and scalp.:
-Tea Tree oil
-Almond Oil
-Jojoba Oil
Go and get this book today, I promise you are going to get so many great pointers from it that you will be like why didn't I know about this before!?
Next week, I am going to share products that I have had a chance to sample and, there will be a giveaway! Make sure you check back!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Enough Said: FREE SHIPPING on Net-a-Porter ENDING July 29th!

Exciting News With Piperlime!!! Apparel to Come!

Piperlime maybe connected to our faves that we are familiar with like GAP, Old Navy, and Banana Republic...but, they are branching out even more and taking on apparel brand names like Free People, Marc by Marc Jacobs, J BRAND and more...I only cross my fingers and hope that what happened to Zappos (they were bought out by Amazon the other day...some say they may have taken on too much...).  But, I think they know what they are doing...they started with a company like Gap that has been around forever and they are connected to my fave stylist, Rachel Zoe!  Check her out on her myspace page and sign up for her updates emails.  My rep for Piperlime says that the site will be like a Shopbop or a Bluefly.  I can't wait to see the results!  Sign up today to get the scoop on what is to come!

Dreamy Designer Bags: Bags Keep Getting Better!

Back in December, I wrote about bags that look just like the bags we dream of, but maybe can't afford--like, Hermes...these gems are only $100 each!
The other day, I was excited to find a new tote with a fab image on the front from a blog called, Fashion Diary---your dream bag (Labels for Less)...from Chanel to LV for only $80!  How could you go wrong?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Curly Chronicles

Friends, I have been learning how to do my hair since I realized it was curly in college...I am still trying new products, reading every article (and keeping) about how to care for curly hair, and reading every book that deals with curly hair.  In recent years, websites focused solely on curly hair have come about and those are the best for quick research and answers to questions.  I interviewed Lori, the person behind the site, Curlista with some of my BIG questions about curly hair.  Check out her site.  She has a lot of variety in her curly experts, since we all have such different curls.  I will do this piece in a 3 part series.  This week the expert, next week the book review, and the final will be the product review (my favorite part:).  Stay tuned and pleas ask any questions for myself or Lori and I will have answers for the next section.
  • What tools are essential to use for curly hair?  Wide tooth comb, clips to separate hair, spray bottle, denman, micro fibre towel
  • Which salons do you highly recommend that specialize in curly hair? I've been to Ouidad in NY and had their carve and slice hair cut.  The girl who did my hair did a great job - but I had a tough time growing my hair out after.  I haven't been to any other salons but in NYC - Dickey of Hair Rules just opened up a salon, I think Curly Girl Lorraine Massey's DevaChan Salon is also in NYC.  And of course there is Miss Jessies.  I'm not sure I would go to any of them for a hair cut - I'm sure they are all pricey - but for some curl education they might have some insight.  Hopefully they don't product push - but let's be real, of course they will.  LOL.
  • Straight or curly---how do you recommending having your hair when getting a cut?  I'm not a hair stylist but I think a dry hair would work better for curly hair cut.  Curly hair is so unpredictable and I think it would be more precise by cutting hair curly and dry than straight and wet.
  • Tips for how to sleep with curly hair. Depends on the length of your hair - but for longer hair a pineapple (where you pile hair on your head like a pineapple using a scrunchie or clips - so you don't crush curls).  Pineappling works well if you are trying to get 2nd, 3rd and 4th day hair.  I find that sleeping with a satin bonnet helps to retain moisture.  A satin pillowcases works well too.
  • Tips for using a diffuser.  Use the diffuser to dry hair about 70-80% and then air dry.
  • Tips for drying curls quickly without a diffuserScrunching or plopping to remove the drippies.  Use a micro fibre towel or a t-shirt.  A regular towel can break your hair. 
  • How do you keep the crown of the hair to not be flat on the scalp and get the volume that the rest of the hair has? Fluffing and lots of it.  Hold your hair over and fluff and then shake.  Or use a hair dryer with a nozzle attachment, on a low setting - blow the roots to get volume and fluff.
  • What are budget products that you recommend for curly hair?  (I saw your blog on the HH and I am running to the store tomorrow to get the conditioner!) I'm totally loving HH.  I also hear that Totally Twisted from Herbal Essence works well too.  I like HH because its inexpensive, has good slip for detangaling curls, moisturizing and clumping my curls.  Conditioners like these are great for styling your hair - try the conditioner only method - check out for deets.
  • What are your thoughts on shampoo?  I have heard that shampoo dries out curly hair so I limit my washing...but, I workout and don't know what is best to cleanse the sweat away.  Naturally curly is dry as a result of it structure and many bends and curves.  It takes a long time for the scalps natural oils (sebum) to travel down the hair shaft - so those with curly hair need to try and maintain and add moisture to their hair so it won't be dry.  Shampoos are made of detergents that are remove dirt, oils and debris.  They also contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphates) that are very drying and strip your hair of its natural oils.  As a result I employ a modified curly girl method and conditioner wash (co-wash) -I co-wash 2-3x per week- by simply wetting my hair, applying conditioner and using it to wash my hair.  The conditioner is able to remove dirt and debris and maintain my hair's moisture.  Once ever week or twice monthly you can cleanse using a low-poo formulation (no SLS), poo-bars or cleansing conditioners to clean the scalp and remove buildup.  Over the long term, this will help curls retain its moisture and help to define curls.  

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Designer shoes are the choice for any wardrobe

A detail in a designer shoe can say a million words.
I still heart bows on shoes!
Love the color combo here...MJ knows how to mix things up:)
Isn't this just sexy, and perfect for work?
I love the strappy detail here and how the color of the back strap is different from the rest.

Classic---this is truly timeless...

This is a very romantic shoe.
This is darling...I love the 3 straps at the peep toe and this shoe looks comfy!
Another could keep this forever!

From Marc Jacobs to Louis Vuitton, I am truly in lady can deny what a good, designer shoe can do to an outfit...Plus, with the work that is put into the shoe you know it will last.  I still have Jimmy's I got when I lived in New York and that was 3 years ago...
Even though people used to say that they wouldn't wear items from "last season," I feel like designer shoes are the styles that can stand the test of time.  You can wear them out in one season and get a good life out of them...or you can do like I do with my designer shoes and save them for important occasions or when I wear something really basic to have something that is still interesting.
Also, since designer shoes are usually made of leather, you can easily take them to a cobbler or the place your purchased them to get them fixed.  I remember, I had a pair of shoes from Nordstrom that I took to have fixed from my wear and tear about two times without question.  But, even if the store or designer won't take back to fix like my Jimmy Choo's that always click when I walk when I first buy them...the cobbler always knows the tricks to keep them in working order.  I used to intern for CosmoGIRL! magazine when Atoosa Rubenstein was the editor-in-chief and I used to take her fab shoes to the cobbler all the time!!!  That's when I knew, it was a MUST!  But, remember...if there is a defective, you can get a new pair or money back if something breaks.

Styled Wedding Bliss at David's Bridal

This is very Audrey Hepburn style to me.

This was the show stopper for me...I couldn't believe this was David's Bridal!

This style is delicate with the ruching.  I really love the neckline.

I think this is an alluring, classic style.  

Once again, I love the standing collar on this dress---it just makes it very modern.

My wedding days are long gone now...until the 50th or something maybe:)  But, I work with bridal all the time with my photo shoots that I style for Tucson Bridal magazine and coordinating fashion shows for the Tucson Bridal Expo.  This past weekend I was honestly surprised by the styles that David's Bridal had for the show...To be very honest...I always thought of David's Bridal as a budget-friendly, but lacking in unique styling and personality for the bride...I felt like they were cookie cutter styles that you could see anywhere...but, the show Sunday proved me WRONG!  So, I decided that I had to share that J. Crew is not the only styling, budget-friendly place to go for brides...David's Bridal has a new look...I am curious if they have a new design team or something...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Style 101: Where are vintage stores in Tucson?

Style 101: Where are vintage stores in Tucson?

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Forever 21 Dresses All Under $30

The deciding factor will be what passes the length test for me at the store.  I usually don't like wearing dresses or shorts above the knee....we shall see...
This reminds me of a ballerina silhouette, but, I am not sure if the bubble will look bad on my lower half...
I am in LOVE with this dress with gladiator style shoes!
This was what I am looking for...but, longer...strapless dress to wear to work with a blazer...I really want the one I saw at W Boutique in Tucson by Trina Turk...around $300:(
Ballerina all the way!
I love this...very edgy!
Preppy meets sexy!
Linen is essential in HOT places like Tucson!  I love this class style dress!
Edgy workwear:)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fashion iPhone Apps Everywhere

Recently, I have been excited to download apps on my iPhone with all of the new fashion focused apps...when I first got the iPhone, I only had a couple of pages, just keeps coming!
This week was the addition of Net-a-Porter and then today, on Fashion Week Daily, I read that there is a new app letting us into (only catch, it costs...99 cents) Miami Fashion much better can it get???  The oldie, but goodie, has all of the fashion shows you can dream of and then we can't leave out Shop Style for your search to find anything!  I can just keep going on...
Here are a few of my other faves:
Carrie's Closet (it's like having the virtual closet Cher on Clueless had:)
Shop Lucky (haven't really used this...but, I know it will be fun:)
Lady Mardo's Fashion Trivia (haven't played this yet either...but, I can imagine it will be fun once I do:)
I haven't really found anything fun on the Chanel app...but, it's fun to have:)
Just downloaded Oasis Fashion while writing this:)  It's funny what you can find when you google, "iPhone fashion":)
Have fun with these apps!!!!!!!!

Sample Sale Alert: Tulle

I love back detail!  Cut-outs are AMAZING!
Tulip skirts are really a strong trend this fall too...I would add a black cropped blazer with this.
Cropped tops are really big this fall...I would play like you were wearing a cropped top with this...people might think they are separates.

I just fell in love with the Tulle label after seeing it in the August issue of LUCKY.  Did the research and I really appreciate what the designers do for fashion lovers like me.  Not only are the prices already AMAZING...but, there is a sample sale coming up on July 25th (10 a.m.-3 p.m.) and prices are going to be dirt cheap!

Where: 350 W. Apra 
       Compton, CA 90220

Jackets $10 (buy 3 for $25)
Dress $8 (buy 3 for $20)
Top/Bottoms/Sweaters $6 (buy 4 for $20)

How can you say no!?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Workout in Fabulousness: Body Language Sportswear

I've always been a believer in a woman rocking her style while working out regardless how much she sweats...I used to intern for Nike and just fell into the, "I need it all to match phase."  Well, I don't think I ever got out of that...but, I still believe that you can ROCK out even harder on your workout if you are looking good.  Labels like Body Language Sportswear know how to do it right.  The styles accentuate a woman's body just right.  Use Coupon Code, "inspire" to receive 20% off of your purchases.  

You better work!!!!!!:)

EXCLUSIVE on GILT----Brian Reyes

I am in LOVE with this dress!!!!!  I love the dramatic neckline that dips down almost to the navel.

These gorgeous pieces by Brian Reyes will be available to buy on Gilt Groupe sale at noon on July 20th and will run for ONLY 36 hours or until the merchandise is sold out!!!!!!!!!  
Use this code to purchase and let me know if you do end up purchasing...this is essentially your invitation to Gilt Groupe if you aren't a member.
P.S. Prices will be AMAZING!  Almost better than going to the New York showroom sample sale:)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Coat Tail Jacket

This is what I am looking for...I saw this jacket on someone at a wedding and took a pic...I found something similar just now...not sure if this is close enough...let me know what you think:)

Fall In Style Shoe This Fall

I just received my August issue of Marie Claire and it is so exciting to see similar items this summer at a fraction of the price.  Brocade shoes are very in style this coming season and I saw a pair very similar in DSW by Jessica Bennett (for less than $50!) when I was doing my multi-strap Mary Jane search last week:)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Fall It Shoe:Multi-Strap Mary Jane

My must-have shoe for fall is one that was on Michael Kors fall 2009 runway show.  The great thing is that this shoe can be found from a variety of lines right now and they are on sale.