Friday, February 29, 2008

My Jaw Has Dropped After Reading that ZAC POSEN will be designing for Target!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am soo excited!  I know that I am going to buy every piece!  I have always dreamed of one day purchasing a Zac Posen piece, the Oscar de la Renta of today I would say....
Update: How disappointing...the line really is only in Australia!  How can this be done to us?  Why would they choose Australia out of all of the stores in the world???  (Not trying to discount their importance at all...)  How sad:(  I might have to plan a trip:)  Here is more info on a Target page that I have never heard of before...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Behind the scenes of an Oprah makeover show

Oprah is on Youtube Now! She is soo smart! This is going to be BIG:)

Menswear Style: I had a Friend Ask Me What The Trend Was Here, Check Out A Couple of Staples Below

The key to the menswear trend is to ensure that the look keeps a sexy feminine edge to it so you don't look like you are wearing your boyfriends clothing.  The clothes should be tailored to show your feminine curves.  
A must-have item for this trend is the vest.  A vest is a great layering piece that you can pair with a longer vest, which I saw in the March issue of LUCKY magazine, or worn alone as picture here.  The vest can be paired with wide leg trousers or a pencil skirt and keep its sexy edge.
Denim Stovepipes are a sexy option to wear with strappy sandals this season (these are the new skinny jean), it brings all of the focus to the shoe.
The accessory to use, anything with studs and great hardware this gives the look the rough edge and avoids anything feeling dainty.  This handbag has great leather trim along the handle and I love the leather tassel like you find on Chanel bags.
Now, you are ready to take on the menswear style without question.  But, if you have any, just ask:) 

NET-A-PORTER's Take on Spring Fashion---Get All of the Insider Information

Soft Focus: Go sheer and light this spring for comfort
Sporty Style: But, Dressed Up W/O sneakers
Electric Color: Full of Bold Color This spring---I LOVE magenta, cobalt, yellow and red
Grecian: This is a Classic Staple for Summer
Uptown Tribal: Chic Styles with Fabulous Ethnic Prints and Bold Jewelry 

Eyebrow Addict Giveaway: Talika

I am such an eyebrow addict!  I only go to Anastasia 2 hours away to get my eyebrows waxed....people think I am crazy, but it is just that serious.  I can't imagine someone taking it all off after I have worked on growing them back for almost 2 years...yes it has taken that long!  I still have areas to grow in so I am going to try and rush the process with the Talika Eyebrow Lipocils...lets see how it progresses.  Well, I read about Talika in Elle magazine and I had to research.  I usually fill in my eyebrow spaces with an eyebrow powder and then finish with a brow gel.  I LOVE how with Talika fills in the spots without a powder...and it truly works-I have used it!  The eyebrow extender does it all in one stroke.  Send an email to about your eyebrow issues and you could win a free Eyebrow extender or Lipocils.  Talika is donating $3 to the Writers Guild of America Fund on every transactions in the US, until the end of May.  You can find stores all over the US, just check the site for a location near you, it is worth it. 

Getting Floral Without All of the Print

I don't know if you heard, but daytime clutches are in and the Lily Clutch in Nude is just the "it" bag for this season.  I have to add again that it I also LOVE that that designers name is so similar to mine...there is such a connection.  Kristin Holstein not only sells on the Kage site after March 1st, but also sells on DS Additions and  Apropos Boutique.  Hurry and get all of your spring essentials before it is too late:) 
Extra: Check out the bag in the March issue of People Style! 

Read About an AMAZING French Vogue Editor, Carine Roitfeld on New York Magazine

I love Carine's perspective on style and I love her edge.  Get some insight into her eye for style and what her job entails day to day from the work to the inspiration. 

How sad...

They are discontinuing the production of all things iconic for Polaroid...the film as well as the cameras to focus on digital...I feel that the "polaroid" is so iconic for fashion, it will be odd to not have those shots taken to get a Feel for the look anymore...I guess we can pop out a copy of the digital picture, but it is just not the same.  It is kind of like HD TV's being the only thing out there next...things just change so quickly don't they....I remember when computers and cell phones came out really BIG...that wasn't that long ago. 

The Results: Selling On Ebay

It was fun...I really didn't make anything...most people got a great deal of 99 cents an item:)  Oh well, I guess I tried...but, it was fun!  I hope the people who get these pieces really enjoy!  And I will try and sell the last two items to Buffalo if I can get there this week:)

My Favorite Shoes at Stems right can shop online BTW:)

Posts This Week

Friends...I will probably not be posting much this week due to the following:
2 articles due, you can see my most recent here 
Assisting on a Trunk Show for Bill Blass New York
Running a Fashion Show for Stems Inc. A Shoe Boutique This Friday (which I blog for as well)
Then, I will be off to India for 2 weeks on holiday!  So, I will be a bit delayed in blogging...but, by Mid March, I will have some fantastic things to share.  Keep checking though, I might have new things to share never know:)

Scoop on HSN tomorrow as your pre-red carpet fashion experience

Scoop Style starts at 3 and ends at 5 pm and will cover all things spring fashion.  If you still can't decide from the fashion runway last season, the many magazine clippings that you have to put together looks or fabulous fashion blogs, check out this program for a buy and consult experience at home.  Also, check out the host, Stefani Greenfield's blog for fashion advise with questions and answers included. Just don't miss the pre-show with the fashion divas...that is all I really watch anyway:)  Check that out on E!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Go Figure

This is how Michael Kors styles the cigarette pant on his line.  I won't even say how much his cost because of course they can't compete with $9! 

Right now, I am really wanting some cigarette pants so for fun, I did a google search and "Cigarette pants" came up first under Wal-Mart, Metro7  of all places!  And for only $9, not online, but at the store!  My heart is jumping.  I just think this would be the perfect style to wear with all of the fab shoes this season.  

CW Girlfriends Cancelled

I am not sure what I am going to do now.  I LOVED watching Joan's looks provided by costume designer Stacy Beverly.  What will I do now?  There really weren't that many television programs with woman of color as leading ladies that were stylish.  This was what we all called the black Sex and the City...I wonder if they will do like they did with Sex and the City and try to make something new more like Cashmere Mafia than Lipstick Jungle...lets hope for the best.  I hope that Tracee Ellis Ross goes on to do fabulous things. 

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Lie-Midcalf length dresses don't make you look terrible

I have always liked mid-calf length dresses and I have some serious, when I saw on Suze's blog on Glamour magazine's site that a trend was starting with mid-calf  length dresses and the legs didn't look people say make legs look cut off and make you look wider than you really decide. 

From Behind the Scenes NY Fashion Week: Derek Lam/Kiehls

My friend also works with Kiehls so she got to attend this show because she was running things:)

Pics from The Scene, NY Fashion Week Fall 2008: Tracy Reese

I had my friend taking pics of what she thought was fabulous while attending and working at the shows---the best of both worlds...First show, Tracy Reese...she of course worked the backstage styling!  Looking good!
You get a whole other feeling when you get to look behind the scenes.

The Comparison

I want this...actually I drool over this...I think that a vintage Gucci handbag in red and green stripe will be my Birthday wish this year for 26...out of the LV and into the Gucci:)
not this...
No matter how much I LOVE NEW YORK and I will wear the I (heart) New York shirts out in NYC even if I look corny, but I cannot, carry a Gucci handbag with Gucci (hearts) NY and not get tired of it in less than a week...thoughts? 

Louis Vuitton first TV ad [where will life take you?]

The New LV gives me the feeling of a Nike ad, no?

Store Case for a Catalog: La Redoute

Maybe one day they will be coming to the States, but for now, La Redoute has opened 22 free standing boutiques simply named So Redoute…I love flipping through the catalog…but, now I will keep the boutiques in mind when I travel to France…J

Saks Fifth Avenue - Fashion week Spring '08 (Part 4)

Saks Fifth Avenue - Fashion week Spring '08 (Part 3)

Saks Fifth Avenue - Fashion week Spring '08 (Part 2)

Saks Fifth Avenue - Fashion Week Spring '08 (Part1)

Get ready for Spring with Michael Fink, the Fashion Director at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Goodie Bags Everywhere!

I am just getting bombarded with goodies from everyone!
You have one more day to hit up Barney's for this fab goodie! 

This image got cut a little, but it is a cute makeup bag from Clinique that you only have to spend $25 for!  Which is a little bit of a trick because the prices won't allow you to get one thing or maybe not even two things with only $25...but, you never know what you can do if you try:)  Go to Nordstrom, Bloomingdales or Lord & Taylor for this goodie.

Check Me Out on an Outlet Shopping Special from 20/20

I love getting deals, check out what I got on the special for 20/20:)

Closet Sale

I have decided to try something different...I have done reselling to Buffalo Exchange, and I have done garage/stoop sales...I thought it would be fun to try an ebay, I have posted some items I would have taken to Buffalo to see how I do...let me know if you are interested in anything:)