Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fashion Baffle, Karta

I remember the first time I saw a Karta item in Nordstrom and my mouth dropped when I realized that the item that cost over $300 was made of polyester!  I loved the hardware and the trimmings, but I couldn't believe that polyester of all fibers could cost that much!  I still can't believe it, but I love the style which is sold at Nordstrom, Net-a-porter and shopbop and featured in magazines like In Style.  

Am I crazy, or do Sarah Jessica Parker and Celine Dion look like sisters?

I don't know if it is seeing Celine Dion on Oprah last week because of her need to buy new CD or seeing Sarah Jessica Parker on every site, magazine or Celebrity News Show since the taping of Sex and the City the movie, but I seem to find SJP and Celine Dion very similar.  What do you all think:)

Black Friday, Holiday Shopping and More

I remember when Black Friday was the day that I had to work due to the HUGE shopping and Sales after wasn't until recently that I noticed the industry referral to Thanksgiving sales turned into, "Black Friday" by advertisers.  But, now, sales are starting on the weekend before.  Why is it that bargains on the Friday after Thanksgiving start at 4 am till 1pm...what makes the difference?  Are stores hoping that many will miss the best deals and they can make more money off the late comers?  Either way, shopping has started and the stress of ensuring that everyone gets a gift and you don't go broke is here.  Style Diary has a great list of ideas to choose from like
For under $75 search for accessories from online boutiques like or go to stores like the Gap for great knit and leather accessories like knit hats, leather gloves as seen above or knit gloves in great colors.

There are reruns on the Style Network that has a special from the Modern Girl's Guide to Life with great places to find gifts from your local Mall to Target that is worth catching.  Also, Target has some great gift items all over the store!
I recommend:
Alicia Keys CD
Isaac Mizrahi tote from Target for only $33.99

Or go to Fred Flare for fun items like below that no one would expect or find in any Mall:

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fashionalities Sidenote

During my new favorite show, Ultimate Style on the Style Network (hosted by Daisy Fuentes, I remember her fashion show on MTV back in the day:), I found out that Eric, the stylist for Gossip Girl was Patricia Field's assistant for styling Sex and the City. No wonder---that is our connection:) Fashion comes full circle.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Fashion Mini

Find the new fashion mini by Fashion Week Daily at Barnes & Noble today...the new look is out for Holiday 2007/2008. It's small enough to carry in your purse.

Style on the Set

Check out what highlighted about stars on the set:

Try doing what Gossip Girl did, match the shoes to the stripe in the dress and the tights with the other stripe;)

Cashmere Mafia with the cloak.

Sex and the City Movie

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sex And The City Farewell Fashion Moments

gossip girl part1 eric daman fashion series

gossip girl part2 eric daman fashion series

Example of the Show, Ultimate Style

New York Fashionalities

Sex and the City=Gossip Girl

A new show, Gossip Girl on the new CW has brought back the weekly fashion indulgences from New York that we have all been longing for since the loss of Sex and the City on HBO (even though there is a movie to come...we still need our weekly fashion fun)'s a different era of style with Gossip Girl, but, the same risks are being may not be Patricia Fields doing the costume designing and Gossip Girl hasn't helped a designer just yet like Sex and the City did for Manolo or many others...but, great fashion times are to come...Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Handbag Hurry

This ruched and braided style handbag is everywhere...but, it is nice to know that there is one we can get that we won't care when the trend changes next season...have fun!
The doctor bag, a classic shape.

I told you I loved the handbags at Wal-Mart...check out two more to run and get under $20 right now!

Project Runway Surprise

Doesn't this model look familiar??? Funny how fashion connects:) America's Next Top Model, and Project Runway...from 2005:)
This is from when I was introduced to the team...I don't even remember how we met...but, they were never too busy to email or meet up...

My mouth DROPPED as I started watching the Premiere Episode of Project Runway. Carmen Webber is the designer of Sistah's Harlem New York, one of the first designers I have ever worked with...she is AMAZING to work with I have to say...she has a vast background in the fashion industry, not only designing, styling, and modeling...but, she has traveled the world and attacks creativity to another level! I hope she wins and I can't wait for people to see her AMAZING designs! She has a book out right now, "T-Shirt Makeovers." Check it out to see how she began remixing recycled,vintage pieces...I still have many of the pieces I had bought through the years...I even styled with one of their items for an up-and-coming artist...well, now everyone know who I want to win:) Go CARMEN!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fashionalities Top List

Just a quick list of some pieces I love at J. Crew and Banana Republic right now...tis' the season:)

Monday, November 05, 2007

Bill Cunningham: Available Online

Bill Cunningham is online…he has found some of the best images of women and their clutches…the HUGE trend for this fall….small and LARGE…no matter, this is definitely the handbag trend for this season to latch onto…the best are the vintage ones you can find at thrift stores!

The Real Deal

My contribution to the Tucson Arizona Foothills Magazine...I had to is fun doing things freelance...What I do:
1. Select clothes from local boutiques that go along with the Wish List Trend for the issue.
2. Foster relationships with the sales reps at each boutique.
3. Send the items to be shot and there you go...the page is ready:)

Perfect LBD for the winter holiday

Elle Girl offers another fantastic DIY project for your ensemble this holiday season...go beyond the basic the title for the link:)...this dress is easy to create, but doesn't look cheap or cheesy...Go to Forever or American Apparel and get a basic knit black tube dress and get the rest from Michael's or JoAnn's fabric store...if you don't want to do this for a a black tube top and pair the look with jeans for a new club look that no one else will have...

Fashionalities Notes

Does Net-a-porter have a new competitor???? Vivre Living with Style

Maybe so...but, no one can compete with Net-a-porter...but, it's fun to see

something new. Check it out...

The price points are around the this unique tank with a rope detail by

Kai Milla for $ designer pieces...

The extra:

The site also offers unique home and entertaining items, items for kids and

men...the twist that changes it a bit from our fave,

Drew Statement

Drew has made a statement with all of the ads she has participated in...
Guess, she was the wild child

Missoni, I didn't even know it was her...which proved how much she had changed from Guess to Missoni...from wild child to statement making fashionista who owns her look....

Cover Girl, to a woman that we can all look to as a natural beauty.


Natalie Portman has not only been compared to Audrey Hepburn in the November issue of ELLE (sorry Jennifer Love Hewitt),but she has also made the red dress a new staple. She takes classic to a new level with this dramatic collar that she can pull off with the simple wave hair style and the simple black belt and round toe pumps.

I think Not

Everyone is responding to Maxim's Unsexiest List because SJP was on's funny, because she is on the Fashionista list for so many just shows how different women and men see things...Who cares though SJP, I think it's much greater to be on the cover of Vogue than be listed in some men's magazine...