Thursday, February 25, 2010

I think I am in LOVE with the new Peach color bags at COACH right now...

I retract my total disgust wtih Walmart's connection with Maz Azria's Walmart line to Miley Cyrus

Yesterday I actually found something worth a fashionista's time in the Miley Cyrus section at Walmart:) The accessories...I LOVED the sunglasses! I can't remember where I heard that this style is going to be BIG this spring...but, for $6 I didn't care, I liked them:) I also liked the $1 friendship style bracelets that are fun to layer this summer.

Some Favorite Designer Featured Items at Payless

I always get excited to see what will catch my eye each season at Payless in the designer area and this season it looks like Lela Rose and, of course Christian Siriano have done the job. Here are a few items that have caught my eye. Don't waste time buying these items, they sell out fast! Unless people in your local area don't get it:)
Lela Rose

Christian Siriano

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How I was inspired by Net-a-Porter's Travel selections to create my travel look

My look is the one on the left. I saw it and it screamed moi:) But, I of course had to create with what I had at home:) So, here's what I did:
Pants: American Apparel Harem Leggings
Poncho: Walmart Poncho-I didn't see anymore like this today at the store...
What I added: a gray tank-from Forever 21, Racer Back...
The comfy Ballet flats: Me Too's from Stems a Shoe Boutique
The Bag: Isaac Mizrahi for Liz Claiborne, I got it when prices dropped. So worth the cash. I have to make sure I can carry my mags on the flight:)
The funky scarf: I got lucky! I am an Alpha Shopper for LUCKY magazine and I was sent a LOFT Ann Taylor package to review and it included an AMAZING new scarf!:)
Travel Extra: I just found a new great site that helps travelers with carrying their must-have beauty items that won't get you in trouble for carrying on, the site is called, 3FLOZ and it's genius! Check it out!:)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Everyone is doing cosmetics...what do you think??

I've noticed everyone is doing cosmetics and I am not sure yet how to react...are they really going to be "quality"...or will they just have the name stamped on them?

Has anyone tried:
French Connection
Urban Outfitters
American Apparel
ALDO is now doing nail polish
J. Crew has nail polish from ESSIE
Does the GAP still carry cosmetics?

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LUCKY Alpa Shopper Review of: COVERGIRL Outlast Lipstain

I wasn't sure if I shared with everyone that I am an ALPHA Shopper for Lucky Magazine:) I am really excited about this adventure with the magazine!
A couple of weeks ago, I received a package from the mag with 2 COVERGIRL Outlast Lipstain's to try out. Now, I am usually a lipgloss girl---I have over 50...I haven't counted since the time I had over 100 and the airline lost all of my coveted lipglosses, but you get the point...I like lipgloss:).
But, back to the topic. I am not really a lipstick or any other type of lip tint other than gloss girl...but, since it was sent to me I was not only excited to test it out but curious to see how it would look after watching all of those Drew Barrymore commercials. (P.S. I love Drew Barrymore!:) But, after I tried it on, I just wasn't sure...I am not used to not having a shine...but, I liked the color. Then, I got on SKYPE with my hubby who is in Kuwait and he LOVED it! He was like, what are you wearing? He could tell it wasn't the "gew" that I usually wear as he refers to my coveted lipgloss:) So, of course, I ran to the mirror to check it out again and it did look pretty good...the color was vibrant and it lasted all day. I haven't worn it outside yet, so we shall see how people respond and I want to try it with gloss on top if that isn't breaking the rules, so I will share how that turns out. But, check it out. There is even a yummy smell to the stain! Usually anything that's not a gloss or chapstick smells disgusting to me, but this had a yummy scent:)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nicole Richie is on top of her fashion game!

Some stars try to jump into the fashion world and I think it is all wrong...kind of like Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus no offense. But, Nicole Richie has taken off with her House of Harlow 1960 line, starting small with jewelry that are at amazing prices and now expanding to shades that are oh so chic I would pay the $125 for them knowing they will stay with me for a while!
I had to share this peacock ring I NEED too:) Only $48!!!
I also had to share a similar style blazer that Nicole Richie had worn at TopShop:)

Monogramming Madness

I guess I just can't over my initials or something:)LOL...while working on my taxes in my office I came across a magazine clipping that looks like it is from a holiday issue of Bazaar...The article featured personalized gift ideas that must have caught my eye and one of the items was a bag by a company called iomoi. Today was my first time venturing onto the site and I am in LOVE! Not only do they have monogrammed items, but there are elephants GALORE (which I LOVE!) I have to have the elephant tote with leather handles now! It's a must for any weekend or market trip!

The bags are $78 for a small and $135 for a large. I can't wait to own one!

The entire site has AMAZING personalized gift ideas at great prices! Start expecting these as gifts friends and family! I am officially addicted to this brand!:) They are on Facebook, so make sure and fan them!

The Look for Less, Cropped Khakis this spring

Net-a-Porter had a pair of Mui Mui cropped khaki trousers in this weeks magazine issue that caught my eye for $435 and I am excited to share that the GAP has a similar style for a mere, $ decide what works for you...but, be inspired by how Net-a-Porter styles the trousers in the magazine (2nd page)!

Mui Mui
The Gap


There is still a chance for you to help those in Haiti...FashionAir is apart of this great project! Check out the video and see what you can buy for $25!

Goyard Dreams Come True: Travel in Style

Don't you just want to go shopping with these pieces that are at great prices?

I was so excited when I was flipping through my March issue of Marie Claire and spotted a bag that looks like my coveted Goyard for a HUGE fraction of the price! Goyards run for thousands and my new find by Jack Russell Malletier run from about $100-500! How could you say no??? Plus, there are new spring styles that will be updated on the site soon! I have seen the spring catalog and it's worth checking back! I really want the luggage! How chic!?
This case is ONLY $195, I would carry it as a purse of course and for all of my readers, you get FREE SHIPPING! *In the spring, there will be an ivory version of the bag that I also love, but will probably get dirty easier...There are a variety of colors for the stripes: black coated canvas with natural (picture), red or taupe leather trim or in white body coated canvas and orange or red leather trim. For any questions about the brand or purchasing, contact:

Smythson Scoop

I have been wanting a Smythson notebook for ages (since, I LOVE notebooks anyway and these are the creme de la creme of notebooks:)...but, I just couldn't see spending $52 and ABOVE! What to do??? Well, I finally called the stores after not finding anything on eBay that really did much for a change in the price and the Smythson site doesn't seem to have a sale section. Fortunately, the stores in Beverly Hills and New York City do have sales! We just missed the sale after Christmas, but there is one around the corner in August and you can just call to order over the phone! If you can't wait for the sale, Smythson has a FREE SHIPPING promo until the end of February. Just use, SOCIALFEB10.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I love NY, I love FashionAir and I love Olivia's I had to share the most recent post from Fashion Air! I love her jacket from TopShop!! Check out the rest of the piece at!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, at Good Morning America

Can't believe I missed this---had to share the new looks!:)

I am LIVING for LUCKY magazine right now! Check out the new app to virtually interact with each issue NOW!

This is the most genius magazine experience so far! I couldn't believe it once I started trying it. All you have to download the app on your smart phone by going to and voila your experience begins. Now, select the app you have downloaded and scan the barcode in the mag to view a video tutorial that goes along with the article you are viewing in the mag. It's just GENIUS! Do it now! This is why I love my phone so much!:)

Plus, download Chic TV now for free to view fashion week!

American Eagle Outfitters has AMAZING jewelry at AMAZING prices!

Right now the store (online and at the store) has jewelry at Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off! Like the prices aren't already AMAZING! I spotted some bracelets I had to layer with in Teen Vogue and decided to check out the site and had to share! Here are a few of my faves, they are ALL under $20! Get the while they're HOT!:)

MY MUST-HAVE Shoe Obsession on a DIME:)

I still remember the Oxfords I had to have in the second grade that my mom HATED (I think they were from Payless:)! LOL, and now they are making a BIG, HUGE comeback! They started to trickle in last year, and now EVERYONE has them! I can't wait till my mom buys a pair:) I can't wait to rock them with ankle trousers and chiffon dresses, but the options are endless! Here are some styles I am considering.

These take the look to a new level with an out there color:) But, they are ONLY $25!
These give the classic style something new. Only $60 and comes in 3 colors!

I get these are so comfy! And, they are ONLY $55!

Monday, February 01, 2010

The Young Victoria - Released on DVD 13th July

I can't wait till this comes out on DVD in the States! It's going to be marvelous! I can just see it!:) Has anyone seen it yet? It didn't seem to play in Arizona when it was out in theaters sadly...