Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It is Official!

Even more of a reason to watch the Academy Awards show on February 26th…Andre’ Leon Talley will be the host of the pre-show!!!!!!!!!!
Talley is a notable fashion icon that is the editor-at-large for the fashion bible, VOGUE...he is always the first article in the magazine. He also influences my favorite designer Tracy Reese and on February 26th he will be hosting the pre-show for the Academy Awards reviewing all of the AMAZING looks we watch on the red carpet...get your notebooks ready and take notes!

Can it Get any Better Than This?

In 3-6 months I'd say either Macy's or Bloomingdale's will be offering an opportunity for you to share you finds with friends or family while in the dressing room...How great could this be? Finally, all of the technology that I love is being used the right way!!!!!!!!! This new fashion resource is called the Magic Mirror...and it makes sharing your dilemma with someone easier...I remember taking pictures of myself through the mirror with my digital camera and the photos were just you can take great photos, send to friends and get responses to make the whole shopping experience much easier...why feel like you are being tricked into buying something by the associate? Now you can ask someone you trust...Can you tell how excited I am:) I am such a fashion nerd! Well, Check out the whole article at select the title of this blog.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Old Company Doing New Tricks

I think this is a smart move for the Jones New York company that I would have never considered giving a second look to…although they are a classic well-known, and established company I have never looked at Jones New York as a fashion plate…but, with Lloyd Boston as the style guy for Jones New York I may be giving the company a chance…we shall see

BTW Did you know that JNY owns Barney’s…go figure!

Discounts R Us:)

I just went to TJ Maxx today and noticed that they are selling DVF cosmetics for less than $6 for each item...when did this happen? I remember when DVF was launching her cosmetics line at Henri Bendels in 2004!!!!!!!! I was in NYC and barely had a cent to my name and I still bought a bronzer:)lol...well, now everyone has access...get it while it is still there!!!!!!!
Why not get in the mood and read this book that DVF wrote about in 1979 to be inspired and try new things with your makeup/your look...and this was way before Bobbi Brown:) But, still snaps to her too:)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

What is to Come in the Spring 4 Target

The best month ever because yours truly was born…and now Patrick Robinson will be participating in Go International!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BTW he used to design for Perry Ellis.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Although They Haven't Done Anything Lately...I love Their Stylists Work

Leather, black, leather, black

Ashley is sticking to the basics and keeping it oh so sleek. Plus a super long scarf smartly wrapped around her neck.

I just love this online magazine N.E.E.T. The next issue is in March 2007

But, the December 2006 issue is great, my favorite articles are Tricks of the Trade, Granny Chic, and getting inside the closet of a real person...How Brilliant! For anyone who has worked on a magazine...the layout of the site is similar to seeing a layout of a magazine on a computer...I love the idea.

Watch out W, here comes V

Janet showing off her new and improved body for 2007 on V. I love V's approach to's a mix of NYLON and W magazine...highlighting celebs, fashion, music and much more...Check out fashion images from this issue online now...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ahead of the times:)

I am proud to say that I owned a pair of high waisted KAREN WALKER jeans before her debut for New York Fashion Week in August. But, I did buy the trousers in New York...

I was looking on the site and I had to share that Lopez and I have the same Karen Walker

Great New Find

Because of the GREAT Daily Candy mailing I found out an AMAZING new handbag line called Creations by Kage...and the designers last name is similar to mine...Kristin anyone who knows maiden last name is Holstine...that is enough to make me want the bag...but, I think the bag speaks for's name is the Black Stallion, which deserves nothing but your attention with the clean detail...this can carry-all and catch the attention of everyone.


Scribble this note to yourself right now on your Palm, PDA, or Calendar...Proenza is back on 2/4/07 with so much cute stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait...good prices, a true designer, and perfect look for this Spring=truly Brilliant!

Great Expectations!

I usually don't appreciate her look...but, I have to give snaps to Renee...I love this look!!!!!!!!!! As you can see...I am partial to Hoods:)

Happy New Year/New Year's Resolution and All...a Little Late...But, better late than never

Everyone was talking about their New Year's Resolution and sites were saying what they were going to do with their sites etc...I just couldn't think of what to start for the New Year because I started a little early in December with my exercising:) and all of my clothes are in I will be doing more of a Spring Cleaning when I move into my house in March rather than a New Year's Resolution...but, Style Diary gave some great ideas that I will have to follow for my Spring Cleaning, but everyone else can use for their New Year's Resolution, since it is still January:)lol
The Article is Called Keep, Toss, Reinvent and I think it speaks to all of our closets on a quarterly basis...regardless of trends...we always need to go through and just evaluate what we have...check this article out, believe me, it is worth it...
The Container Store is one of my favorite stores to get lost in creating an organized space for all of my clothes, shoes and accessories...they have great seminars on creating the perfect space for your clothes!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Beyond Basics

Look truly chic at a beach party...
Tracy Reese Spring 2007

Marc Jacobs Spring 2007 Collection

Stella McCartney Spring 2007 Collection

Magnifique Haute Couture in Paris

I thought I was going to share images from CHANEL for the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week...but, after seeing the images I found a new LOVE, Elie Saab...see below for all of the looks that caught my eyes...

Tell me this isn't AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is just so chic that it is breathtaking! I love how Saab incorporated a hood into this evening dress.

I'd say this is a refreshing twist on couture adding a retro look to evening attire.

Enough Said

Don't miss out...get sales while you can;)

Hello Kitty Email

I wasn't sure if everyone knows about or even cares anymore about Hello Kitty...but, I have always been a fan and one of my 7 email accounts is a Hello Kitty email...go to and sign up for free for the best email ever...everything is really cute and Hello Kitty-ish;) Email people and instead of, you will have There are also fun additions like stamps that can be added to the email you are sending, Hello Kitty postcards, calendars you can download and so much more...Have fun...I am not sure if Hello Kitty is as popular anymore...but, for those who will always love her this is for you!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Special Care

I recently bought some new lingerie from Victoria's and I want to ensure that my fashionable underclothes remain intact so I looked up how to wash and care for my new lingerie that make everything I am wearing look amazing!

STEP 1: Fasten the hooks on the bra before you wash it. This will prevent them catching on trim or on other clothes.
STEP 2: Hand-wash a bra to prolong its life. Use cool water and a gentle soap made for delicate fabrics.
STEP 3: Place the bra in a lingerie bag if you machine-wash it.
STEP 4: Wash the bra in cool water on the delicate cycle, using a mild detergent.
STEP 5: Air-dry the bra after washing.
Overall Tips & Warnings
Many companies advise that you wash a bra before wearing it the first time.
If you are nursing, breast milk generally does not stain. If it does, simply pre-treat the nursing bra with an enzyme-containing product such as Biz, which will dissolve the protein in the milk stain. Then wash as usual.
Machine-washing underwire bras can result in the wire coming out and lodging in your washing machine. If you machine-wash these bras, make sure they're inside a lingerie bag.
Using harsh detergents on a bra is not only bad for the bra - it may cause irritation around your nipples or skin.
For best results, do not put a bra in the dryer.

Tips are from

I will put my lingerie in a pillowcase since I do not have a lingerie bag yet...hopefully it works just as well:)

BIG SALE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't Miss This!

A mix of SUEDE and JANE and MARIE CLAIRE>..LAVISH is an AMAZING new magazine that fits fashion with knowledge

I am in LOVE with this magazine...this is the first magazine I have seen that has peaked my interest since SUEDE magazine...the magazine is the epitome of everything Lavish..and it is free to view online right now...I want to start collecting these even though they came out in 2006:) You can find the magazine at Barnes & Noble.

Who wouldn't want STYLE all day?

I am having a withdrawal from the STYLE network so much!!!!!!! The COX network does not offer the STYLE network on their channels, crazy, right!? Well, I just found out that the STYLE network is working with iTunes now to have 3 of the shows that you may have missed if like me you don't have the channel or if you don't have needs to be full of style...even if you miss the shows:) Clean House, Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? and Split Ends are the lineup for now...hopefully more are to come...the cost is around $1.99 an episode...
And to make you iPod and your life even more fashionably fulfilling check out my new favorite, fashion informative blog site, that explores the different fashion podcasts offered today...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Size Matters, or does it?

I am always irritated by sizes...what really reflects who I am? Who is to say...I wear a Small for my top and a Medium for my bottoms...I can wear a size 6 skirt or dress and a size 8 or 10 in pants...and don't even go into the sizing of jeans...My waist is small, but lets not get into my hips, butt and I decided to look it up and found the below information...I am not sure if it really answers my question...but, it is interesting...

rachel roy

So, I figured it out...enjoy!

Target TV commercial

Target never fails to empress!!!!!!!!!! I love the black bathing suit...I haven't found it on yet, but I will be checking the stores shortly!

Fashionable Encounters

I am finally on the Isaac Mizrahi show! I am trying to find where I can download the show from...until it at any of these times on the Style Network:

1/23 8 a.m.

1/25 6:30 a.m.

I know it is early, but it is worth it, right:)

I was searching for a clip from the Oprah show that Rachel Roy was on and found this...

Connect by linking to the title to deliver you to the youtube page...

Also, here is the link to see all of the new looks for this Spring 2007...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

BTW-Spreading the Love this Year is oh so EASY

H&M is coming to AZ!!!!!!!!!!! I have finally found out!!!!!!!!!!! Even though no one on the store level could give me the 4/1/1...I am glad that they are still sending out press releases so we can all know:)

To take on Another Cultures traditional dress for Men

When I got my turban in Harlem 2 years ago was I ahead of the game? When I used to get my hair washed and set by Dominican's in Harlem I used to have them wrap my hair and walk the streets for that day in my turban to avoid ruining my new do. All of a sudden the traditional wear of a Sikh's as my husband says is all over the catwalk and on celebs heads...Although this trend is being written about and talked about everywhere...I think it will be another trend, like the high waisted pants that only so many can do...I personally think that it is a very elegant way to avoid having to do your hair...just add some hoops and you are good to go.

The BIG Black Hat

I usually don't talk about things I don't like...but, the new hat trend is just not cute to me...what do you guys think??? wrote about where you can buy these hideous hats...I know I am being bias...but, if you are interested in checking these out go to this site for places to buy:)

I just found this hat before it was BIG this year...I guess Jennifer is on the trends...even though this is brown:

Some Things Happen Before You Can Do Them

I was just talking to someone about how I would use an Indian shawl how people use sarongs...It looks like Mary Kate did this with a checkered cover-up...I still think that an Indian shawl would do the trick:)

Share your ScrapBook as Easy as 1,2,3

I have been getting invites on all of my emails to I went to try and play with it tonight and I couldn't get it...the idea is fun and a lot trendier than places like Friendster or Myspace...go and check it out...

It's All New

I love the New Year...everyone...companies, designers, people are starting new...

I checked out Tucker today and found that things have been changed....great things to come for this company for 2007!!!!!!!!!!!! The site lets you know all of the locations you can buy the great looks, there are images of the collection, a page with information about the designer and inspiration...I just love the site...the site used to only have one image and the email address...and the only retailer connected was Barney's...this company is going to be BIG:)

Monday, January 15, 2007

It Goes Beyond What You Could Ever Expect...a Shopping Experience with Great Prices and Great Looks

I am so excited and proud of one of my favorite online boutiques, Vintage Amore that has had an online makeover for the New Year, check it out as soon as possible!

M.A.C. has a new celeb

I just saw who the new celeb icon will be for M.A.C. during ET and she is the all too perfect for M.A.C, she is Raquel Welch...still sexy throughout all of the years...She showed that you could still be beautiful after having children and that being curvy was still in after Twiggy...
For more insight into this wonder page 120 of the January 2007 issue of Allure.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Why was there never a Part II?

Do you all remember "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead"? This is like the pre-Clueless movie for the 90's that just never really made it as BIG...not to downplay "Clueless", the movie that I lived by in 9th grade or, I just wanted to give snaps to the movie that got me excited about the fashion world...this high school girl on a summer vacation decides to take it upon herself to get a career of interest...she was AMAZING:) Watch this movie for a little encouragement into the fashion world:)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Sale Surfing...

I have been watching Barney's New York online and waiting for the sale to get better...there has been a drop in prices today...but, I don't know if it is really worth it...the item I want went from $169 to $139...that isn't really making me move...I wonder how long they will have these items for sale online...we shall see...I check almost everyday...if something comes up, I will let everyone know...

speaking of sales...use the following code word to get 30% off at Electric Ladyland...enjoy!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Spring Dreams

The Spring collection for H&M is continuing to bring nothing but the best...I can't wait to fly to LA to purchase some of these pieces as well as the other surprises that H&M changes once a week...H&M is the best store for that...there is always new items and the great pieces sell out so quickly you better get there quick! Always a classic, the trench is back in a more basic style than the Viktor and Rolf trench we saw in the Fall...great high waisted jeans...I am glad that H&M is still trying to go with the high waisted pant one really bought these pieces last year, besides me:) We shall see how this trend goes this year...I am glad there is still a presence with long dresses this year...I love them for everything...relaxing, partying, travel...well, enjoy if you are near the store...I will be there soon enough.