Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Transition Clothing

In most of America, it is still cold and rainy, but everyone is itching to get into their spring wears....well, here are a couple of items that can help you do that...
Wear your cute tanks and tops that are too light to wear out right now by layering with a light A-line Coat.
Many think that since it is still a little cold that their toes can't be let out...but, girls, I think that is time to let that go and work the shoe a little early...I think that the wedge sandal usually gives a little more coverage for those who are scared and lend a little sampling of what is to come:)
And the piece that I am most excited about is colored jeans...this trend tried to develop last year, but didn't really make it...I think this year might have a little  more of a chance.  This is something that updates the normal jean or khaki trouser...something casual, but with a great amount of trend.