Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Keeping Warm and Staying Chic

When the weather starts to drop you start thinking what can I throw on really quick and still look cute?  Here are some pieces to use effortlessly.

To upgrade from UGG to the new warm, and cozy boot, try an Emu boot.  
Instead of a jean skirt, pair a wool skirt with a tee shirt and a sweatshirt or dress it up with a turtleneck.  Don't forget the opaque tights to keep the legs warm...shoes are the fun part...you can really go any style with this skirt depending on what your top will be.
The easy, sexy go to piece for the winter season, a sweater dress...dress up with a pair of ankle boots or dress down with a pair of Emu boots...either way you are nice and warm and still looking simply chic.

Spring into Winter

Most of the world is freezing right now, but for Arizona we are just about to leave the 80's behind for 60's and rain!  I am very excited...but, I still think that there are ways to wear summer colors, the light ruffles and feminine style suiting in a dress.
Manoush offers a vibrant green dress that you can get away with this fall with a great black cardigan, black opaque tights and some vibrant shoes.  
Catherine Malandrino has a light ruffle dress that you can pair with a heavy sweater to off-set the lightness of the fabric and add some leggings and ankle boots...the look would be fun and warm and cozy.
For an evening out, BCBG Max Azria offers a look that you can do from work to the lounge with your girlfriends for drinks.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Lauren Conrad: Holiday 2008

The skirts I have been waiting for, for what seems like forever are finally on the Holiday 2008 items...I kind of don't have the money to buy them now, but, I can wait:)  If you can't check it out now.  The skirts are around $175.  These looks are perfect for holiday gatherings!  

Chic Options For Fall

I shared about doubling skinny belts this fall...another option is to wear a wrap skinny belt.  Basically it is a really long belt that wraps around your waist twice and looks really great paired with a fitting turtleneck dress.  I think it's fun to keep the hardware rolling for fall, so the belt has gold grommets, and instead of making the accessories matchy-matchy, I think it is more fun to just match the color of the hardware instead of the color of the leather.  I chose a Rebecca Minkoff style handbag.  Then, you have a complete rock and roll chic look for an evening out.

Never A Let Down

Even through these times where you don't feel like shopping, brands like Marc Jacobs and Chloe, as well diamonds still seem to be a girls best friend...and these items are still accessible with great deals at The Find Online website...check out some of the great deals today by just putting in brands you love to see what great prices you can find.
This is a great weekend bag, or school bag, and for $49.99, how can you say no?!Believe it, or not, this can still be worn for fall...just pair it with a cozy sweater and a big belt.How can you say no, for $49.99, this can do the trick with any ensemble.  

Fun Idea

I was first inspired by a piece from the Fall 2008 Prada line which looked like you could just wear a fun Indian necklace with a basic tee and voila, you have remade the look for much less...then, while flipping through Glamour magazine, I saw the fashion editor of the magazine saw the same idea, but with chunky necklaces.   

Interesting News: Kenneth Jay Lane selling with AVON

My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw that Kenneth Jay Lane is being sold through AVON!  I was reading the newest issue of Glamour!  Can you believe it?  And, it is at a reasonable price considering how much the KJL pieces usually run, and they are all costume jewelry, so it can't be much different.  How exciting!  It's about time!  Well, I hope we keep some of these shopping options once the economy goes back up again...it will be sad if we lose all of this when we begin to soar again.  

How Can You Say No?

Natasha Singer, a writer for the New York Times shared an article about being a "Recessionista."  Something, which I think has always been essential, but that is what I call, being a bargain shopper.  It may sound tacky, but I will hold off on buying something right away if I don't think that others will be flocking to purchase the same item and most of the time I am right...for instance, the Botkier for Target mini bags are now on sale for $4.99!  How can you say no to that!?  I now have my first ever Botkier bag and it didn't cost a thing!  Now, the Anya Hindmarch bags that I was holding off for seem to be gone, but they are still online and I am going to search the many Targets in the area to see if they are still out there so I can wait for a sale:)  
Another idea which I have used before...I was speaking to a customer about my dream of one day having a pair of Tod's shoes and she said that she had purchased many pairs about 2 years ago because she found her size at an outlet for only $25 each!!!!!!  So, I have now decided to call every outlet in the U.S. to see if there are any good deals...crazy, yes...but, most likely it works.  I found a Tucker by Gaby Basora dress for only $75 calling every Barney's during the end of season sale...I didn't have to pay $300 or more for the dress and it didn't take all that long to google a number and just call.  How far will go for a good deal?

Tucson Fashionista's That Read my blog...check out this event and RSVP soon!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I have the coveted NOTES from Net-a-Porter for Fall 2008/2009 in my purse right now and I have an extra copy for one of my readers!  

Tell me what you will use this fashion diary for to guide you through the next season and the best response will win the book that you would only get if purchasing from Net-a-Porter.com...for those that do not win, you can still check out the magazine every Wednesday for guidance through the season, they never let you down!  They have answers to everything! 

The Body Deli-Pure.Organic.Living

The people at The Body Deli sent me some products to try and I am being very honest when I say that it is worth everyone trying out.  The Lemongrass body scrub wakes you up for the day with the amazing aroma and makes your body glow like you have been at a fabulous spa.  Before I go to bed, I use the Cucumber Juice Toner when I wake up for a great way to start the day...
I recommend that everyone check out the brand...I am even looking at buying the almond milk cleanser and the fresh cell light facial emulsion.  
These are great Christmas gifts for people that you wish you could give a spa...these products really make it feel like you have a spa at home.

I don't even know what to say, or how to tell everyone...but, this is exactly what I heard!

OMG!!! Kim Catrell just confirmed on a UK show that there will be a SATC 2.  no set date on release or filming but how fabulous is this.!!!!!!!!

That is EXACTLY what I received in an email just a few seconds ago...I am soo excited I haven't even checked online to confirm...I just had to share with everyone! 

Ok, I am breathing now...here is some confirmation I just found.

This is who I wanted to win, but apparently didn't....

Sole Perspective Pilot Episode Trailer

This is what we all missed...I guess it already ran...how odd...I thought this was going to be running...not had run...has anyone seen this?

Sole Perspective

We can't leave out shoes with all of the fun in fashion "reality" shows...so, here comes a new show called "Sole Perspective."  I read about the show in a shoe trade magazine...I am surprised no one is talking about this show, so I, of course had to share my finding...
I am rooting for Rania, 23, because of her interesting look alone...I always veer toward curly first:)
Speaking of new fashion geared shows...I have been meaning to comment on the fact that Bravo is in the works of creating new shows since they will be losing "Project Runway" to Lifetime and one of the new shows is going to be called Fashionality!  I think that is sooo crazy!  I cannot believe it...The term fashionality is really starting to take off...it is going to be the next fashionista! 


Juicy Couture
Vera Wang
Tory Burch
Marc Jacobs
Most of the Runway to Change pieces on the Obama site are sold out, and many of the election pieces are on sale...proceeds will go towards the Obama Victory Fund...I think I have to have something...this is historical...check it out!  YESWECAN!   

YES WE CAN - Music Video Barack Obama

Sunday, November 02, 2008

How Could You Say, "NO?"

For some reason, I am addicted to pearls right now...I want a pearl ring for my right ring finger...I want it made for me...I have a picture of the dream design...I just don't know who made it.  This set of 3 is only $3.99!
I saw a bracelet like this that I pulled from a magazine for over $100 and now I find it at Forever!  This is so meant to be!  And I know the other was faux gold anyway:)
I LOVE elephants right now!
Tassels are so fab for me too!

I LOVE when I haven't been to Forever in forever and check out the site...I always end up gushing over so many items...Here are a few of the jewelry pieces I NEED right now that are all less than $6, so why not?  I will make a quick stop manana for all of these:)

Fall Belt-It

The new way to wear a skinny belt: double up!  I LOVE the idea!  Use some from Forever and get a great affect.  Use one plain style belt and one with a great color or hardware detail.  
Just because...I saw someone wearing the AMAZING studded belt that SJP was wearing a couple of times in the movie yesterday and about went crazy!  When she told me it was sold for $195 at about 40 boutiques in the U.S. and are basically on pre-order only because so many people want it...I was like, there goes that belt...but, there is hope...which I am surprised I
 didn't realize before...Patricia Field sells the belt on her site for $120!  Sounds like a perfect Christmas gift!  Like Pat (Patricia Field) says on the extended version of the SATC movie that I just got today (hahaha I bought the wrong version the first copy I bought) she chose pieces that would be timeless, and if someone watched the movie 20 years later, they could still relate to the clothing.  I can see this belt lasting in my wardrobe for a very long time!