Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oprah's Young Moguls: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

I was trying to find the video online today after watching it on my DVR...but, it looks like Oprah's people have ensured that it is not just anywhere...they are probably working on uploading the videos on Oprah's page on Youtube, so keep checking if you missed the is worth checking out...

Watch Olsen Twins om Oprah in Celebrity Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Interview on AMAZON for the Olsen's new book, Influence

The book is also written about in the November issue of Glamour on page 126.  Check out the telephone interview on Amazon to hear more about the book and buy the book.

Interesting Move: P.Diddy + Enyce

P. Diddy has purchased Enyce from Liz Claiborne...lets see how this move pans out....P. Diddy is a really good, hopefully he knows what he wants to do with the brand since he already owns an urban wear brand.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Goddess Girl: Tigerlily

I am excited to share that I was about to get an interview with Tigerlily from Glam God on VH1...check out what she has to say as one of the final 3 competing to win the title as Glam God...I used some of the questions from readers and some of my own.  She is an inspiring fashionista that has much more to share than favorite colors and styles so, be encouraged.

1)     Were the Glam God judges harder on you because you are also a fashion designer?

  • Within minutes of meeting the judges I felt they expected a high level of expertise from me. This was only further escalated after winning the first challenge.

2)     Who and what are your inspirations?

  • I grew up between London and Cayman Islands and literally have been around the world and back, so world travel really inspires me. Also, fashion icons like Bianca Jagger, Grace Jones and Kate Moss are my favorites. I met Kate whilst on holiday at a resort, in Oracabessa, Jamaica and for those three days I witnessed first hand the height of simplicity and luxury. I’m also obsessed with the lives of Yves Saint Laurent, Gabrielle Coco Chanel and Edith Head. They all fascinate me!

3)     What are your must-haves in your style kit?

  • My “kit” is quite elaborate and whether doing red carpet, editorial or film I am never without all the products from Hollywood Fashion Tape. I also don’t leave home without a lint remover, safety pins, black sharpie, bleach pen, scissors, Band-Aids, heel pads, mini hand steamer, undies (nude colours), hair essentials and perfume.

4)     Where did you go to school?

  • I have a Business degree from American University and I also went to fashion school at Central Saint Martins in the UK.

5)     Are there any items in your closet that you'll never throw away?

  • Jeans, I have so many pairs in different styles (some date back to the’70’s..thanks to my mother). I also inherited a few YSL and Halston pieces that I would never let go.

6)     Out of all the celebs that wear Crown who is your favorite person?

Honestly, I love all the cool girls that wear my label. It’s always an honor to see how people style Crown Atelier! Keira Knightley was the first person to wear our blouse.

7)     How did you start in fashion? What came first..your line or wardrobe styling? 

  • I knew from the beginning of my life that I wanted a career in Fashion! My lucky break came when a music video director who knew I was an aspiring designer asked me to send my samples for his shoot. He used every piece I sent and that music video ended up in heavy rotation on MTV. After that it was a natural progression for me into wardrobe styling. First came music videos, which was a dream because I love music so much.


8)     What are your favorite fashion related shows?

  • My favorite fashion film is Unzipped with Isaac Mizrahi. I adore Isaac! Also, for my birthday, my best-friend gave me a bunch of fashion documentaries on DVD featuring all my favorite designers: Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior and YSL.

9)     Where do you see yourself and your brand in 5 years?

  • I plan to dedicate more time to Crown Atelier in 2009. In five years the line will be absolutely established and completely global.

10)   What do you think will be the next big trend this fall and following in spring 09'?

  • Luxury Bohemian, Shoes from Nicholas Kirkwood and menswear loafers on women

11)   Where are your favorite places to shop online and boutiques?

  •  The Way We Wore (Los Angeles), Decades (Los Angeles), Vintage dealers Steinberg & Tolkien (London), and Topshop.

12)   What is your favorite magazine, why?

  • British Vogue, it was my first.

13)   How would you describe your style?

  • Fashion-forward and flirty. For my personal style I am very much less focused on trends and I really try and appreciate each garment on its own worth, not on whether it’s ‘in’ right now, or the name of the label. Out of habit, I know all of the world’s best vintage stores so when I’m not in Crown Atelier I usually turn to vintage!

My recommendation for anyone who want to cultivate a special style is the following:

  • Have interests outside of fashion (music, art, theatre, travel etc.)
  • Always surround yourself with other creative people
  • Research iconic fashionistas
  • Never limit yourself (try on all styles)! This will take you away from predictable thinking
  • Never conform to what people think you should be,
  •  but venture out and go the other way, mix things that normally shouldn’t go together
  • Appreciate clothes on its own value, not because it’s fashionable now.
  • Be open

I HEART New York

I just can't let go of my LOVE of are a few things I am Loving right now...
Of course, Sex and the City the movie, which I am watching right now for the hundredth time...and here are a few items that reflect my love for the city.
The Gucci bag that I saw on sale at Nordstrom this summer and sadly didn't buy...I am kicking myself right now!  You can still borrow it on Bag Borrow or Steal...
I Love New York tee...I must have worn the ones out that I left with because I don't have them anymore...
I should have bought the Saks Fifth Avenue, New York snow ball when I worked there...these are really great to give to people that LOVE NYC for only $40.
I just got the 'Krosby," Same Edelman open toe boots from Stems and I am LOVING them!  Not only are they the best style ankle boot, but the sole of the shoe has the streets of NYC!  I don't even want to walk in them:)

The Fashionista Diaries

This is what we miss...and what started it all...

Stylista - Not Playing Nice

This is what will start tomorrow...we are on the edge of our seats:)

Part 3: Fashion Field Trip

I accidentally found much fun is this!?

Fashion Reality

With the emergence of Whitney Ports very own reality show, The City, coming from the previous shared, The Hills, with Lauren Conrad...I started thinking about my previous love, Fashionista Diaries...I wanted to see if there was any promise of having the show come back...and alas I found nothing to prove that it might grace our tv's in 2009.  But, I know all fashionistas are ready to check out Stylista on the CW tomorrow!  I have been waiting for this show to air after all of the hype for sooo long.  We shall see if the snippets and magazine and blog write ups have done it justice.  I can already see all of the talk, lets cross our fingers that this will be another great fashion related reality (well, kinda reality) show to get fashion seems VERY similar to The Devil Wears Prada too....

Beyoncé - If I Were A Boy

Really sad...but, very deep...interesting perspective...

Beyonce - SL (PAROI)

I can't believe how much Beyonce danced in this video...also, very basic, but revealing costume for the video...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Want This GWP

Saks has the Want-It, Must-Have cosmetic package right now (BTW, the bag is done by yours truly Marc Jacobs!)...I wrote about it before, but, I just think I should remind everyone...Get a polished look with this complete piece of chic in a bag from Saks.  I not only love all of the product in the bag, but I would soo use the Marc Jacobs leather make up bag all the time!  Get there soon, they started this promo in September...they go fast, I promise!

The Parka

Layer by Fashionalities

The signature item for fall is a parka...(well, and a trench)but, for this blog, it's all about the's the jacket to use to replace a sweat makes a little dress a little more dressed down and rugged.  I love the look!  I also love the parka with a riding pant and gives every look a bit of a casual edge.  Pair the parka with a black tank or sweater dress by Charlotte Ronson or a designer that has the casual chic down.  The Roger Vivier bag really highlights the zing of the parka detail.  It's a great way to make the piece come together.  

Shopping: Funny Thing

Working at a boutique you hear a lot of funny ways women hide their shopping from their hubbies...I wanted to share a couple of the things I have heard with you.:
  • Buy items on different cards, or half with cash and half with card.
  • Take out $5-20 every time you go grocery shopping and build up for what you want to buy...then, he'll never know.
  • Hide bags of the items you buy in the car until he won't remember and you can bring it in without the evidence.  
  • I sell items at Buffalo if I really HAVE TO HAVE something...but, that's not that bad.
  • Use as many coupons as you can when grocery shopping and then, take the amount you saved to put towards what you love...bad, I know...but, looks good on paper:)
  • Holidays are quickly approaching...when you receive gift cards for holidays, birthdays, etc. and you don't really shop at the location you received it or sale gift cards on Card Avenue.
Share any ideas you might have (for fun) so other readers can share in the ideas...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Holiday Shopping Made Simple With Shop It To Me

With the economy hitting rock bottom, I know that Holiday Shopping is seeming pretty hard to even consider...but, for those of us who still want to get a few things for loved ones it is time to start looking now.  To avoid high prices, it is best to sign up for sites like Shop It To Me that send daily emails with great sales online and in your local area.  

What a Lovely Gift...From Yours Truly, NORDSTROM

Buy $100 worth of beauty or fragrance items and receive a fab GWP from the store...this is so worth it!  I L-O-V-E the train case that you receive!  Check out Nordstrom today while supplies still last, you can receive this GWP online or in stores.

For Those in New York...



Visit Bendel’s Monday, October 13 from 6-8pm and meet Lindsay Lohan
as she launches 6126, her collection of contemporary leggings. Shop an
assortment of body-flattering styles, including a 6126 exclusive design
created just for Bendel’s. Be the first to get a pair signed by Lindsay!

Happy 10th Bday to Sephora

I am soo excited!  There is finally going to be a Sephora in Tucson!  It is about time...but, also, a great time to celebrate the companies 10th year anniversary.  This is the BEST place to shop for cosmetics---they have EVERYTHING!  Speaking of, try the new must-have to carry in your purse, the Bare Essentials, Bare Minerals carry powder.  I can't wait to get this!  
Plus, go into a Sephora near you on October 17th & 18th and get a free lip gloss case during a consultation!  Go figure, it is their birthday and you are getting the gifts!  

Easy Ways To Make Your Basic Look POP

Even if you are all about being basic and only wearing jeans and a tee shirt, or a little black dress, these basic accessories can take your look from blah to wow!
For weekends out on errands, you might be wearing a jog suit, or a pair of jeans and a little t-shirt, but if you add the Kate Spade Serena bag in a fab bright color like Kelly Green, it just makes the look 1o times better.
Going to a cocktail party and you depend on your LBD and black heels...spruce up the look by adding a trendy clutch with fringe by Goldenblue and a Swarovski Chic Ring that will catch peoples attention while you are holding your cocktail. 

Really Cute Styles to Think About this fall

I am loving distressed jean styles this fall...celebs are wearing them with holes and wearing sizes a little larger.  Try Frankie B. Jeans, a brand that is really coveted by celebs. 
Neck ties on dresses and blouses have been really strong for this fall.  You can layer a dress like this with a turtleneck and tights, or wear a long cardigan and belt the waist.  This piece is limitless for the fall.
This fall, handbags are all about details, details, details.  This Isabella Fiore bag has everything you need and the size is perfect to carry all your daily needs.

New Magazine for the Green Queens

Boho Magazine is a new magazine on the scene all about styling in green, conscious clothing.  I haven't seen the magazine in person yet...but, I have checked out the site and had to share because it is really worth checking out.  Also, there is a contest, which, I have of course tried out and I think all of you should as see what your green style is like... good luck!

Forever 21---Need to Make it in Soon

This is an example of the new "looks" offered to purchase from the Forever site...I LOVE the sweater as a casual wrap for the winter. 

Have you ever had to do a double take after you spot something you see someone wearing and as you pass they tell you where they bought it and it makes your eyes POP!?  Well, yesterday I saw this dress that looked Pucci-esque so I asked where the lady purchased the frock and she responded with Forever and I did a double take and a jaw drop in surprise.  So, of course I had to share the look with you and let you know that I heard that the Forever site is now offering "looks" to purchase from like what you see on the mannequin in the store...a fun way to get inspired by the styling of the Forever Online Associates:) 
*The dress isn't up yet, I will share it once the site updates. 

Email Blast

I am on the email list for Anya Hindmarch, check out what she was doing for the collection at Target.  Get yours now...these are on HIGH demand! 
Anya Hindmarch has partnered with the US retailer Target to launch a limited edition low priced handbag collection (from £11.50).  
This collection has already received rave reviews in US press and will be on sale in Target stores from mid October.  
We have a sneak preview of this collection available for you to buy before it hits Target stores exclusively at from: 
8th – 14th October.  
Plus especially for our email subscribers we are making a small quantity of these bags available to purchase from today. 
NB. Please allow until the end of October for delivery of all Target bags.

LOVE @ 1st Site! Target is on Track with Anya

I rushed in to check out the handbags by Anya Hindmarch and I am soo excited about the designs!  I have to be honest that none of the past designer handbags have caught my eye enough to buy them at full price, but, these have definitely done the trick...they are the size that you expect and since they are patent leather, they don't look cheap.  Rush in to get these before they sell out, I am really doubting that there will be any left to buy on clearance... 

Sale, Sale, Sale

I was sooo excited when I read on Daily Sugar (kind of like Daily Candy---Has anyone noticed changes to the emails since Comcast took over???) that Gucci was having a sale on their, even though I can't afford anything Gucci right now:), it is still exciting (and I guess a little scary as well that designers like Gucci are having this BIG of a sale on their site) to see a designer like Gucci having a sale and on good check it out.
Speaking of sales, Saks Fifth Avenues family and friend sales is going to be Oct. 16-19, so make friends fast:)  Just joking...kinda:)  Or, call up your friends and get the hook up!  It's worth it!  I would even say it is worth it to get a part-time, holiday position as a stock person to get the discounts...

Holiday Gift Ideas

It's that point that I think people should start thinking about Christmas gifts...I know most wait till after Thanksgiving...but, with the way that the economy is looking I think it would be best to consider to start looking know for great sales or items that are already a great price.  I just found an AMAZING piece that I am in LOVE with!  I saw a girl wearing a delicate pearl necklace layered with a couple of other necklaces...when I asked where she got it, it came with an entire story of how she received it from her mom (she was in college) and that it was called, Pearls of Love.  I love the idea and the price point varies from $24-$50 depending on the type of chain that you get...but, each gets a great message that is perfect for the holidays!

The Dress...No Fuss...No Muss

Yesterday, I saw a fashionista friend wearing a dress that seemed to hit her body perfect and I was like I need that!  It was simple--like a racer back tank, but paired with her Missoni scarf and fab jacket it was perfect!  I decided that I needed to have it...When she told me that the dress was from American Apparel my jaw dropped.  Not that I didn't think the store had anything fab...but, it just looked perfectly understated.  And for $26 how can you say no!?  Plus, of course...while I was surfing the site for the dress to confirm the price, I found a couple of other dresses that I had to share with you all:)  I think this is a great option for buying people Christmas gifts...the prices are perfect and who doesn't need something cotton in their wardrobe that is made in the U.S.?:)I love the color of this...purple is the color for fall you know...and it looks so vintage, right...Basic, but sleek...I wonder if this is too short though....I can't do too high above the knee:)I can't decide if this looks too much like I am about to go ice skating, or if I am dressed up for Halloween, but, I still love this look!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Some More Pictures from What to Find by Tigerlily...and, Hopefully an Interview to share soon...let me know if you have questions

Score, I found the shoe on eBay!

Here is the link to the white booties with black trim from Steve Madden...I will keep an eye out for shoes this season that might resemble them.


Deanna asked where the white boots I wrote about a couple of days ago are from...they are from:
  • Steve Madden!!  But, sadly, I just looked it up and they are from 2007:(  Sorry all for sharing something that is old...
  • Check it out!  I will see if I can find something similar out there....


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Share My Look...

A fashion friend said that my look the other day reminded her of Proenza Schouler..since I was so honored by the comparison, I had to share it with you all of course:)  Sorry, using my iPhone camera at work to capture the look:)  This is Stems by the way:)  Remember to check the blogs out there as well, yours truly does them:)

Put One Foot in Front of the Other and Get Yourself Into Saks' Shoe Salon

It is soo worth it!  I started to shriek when I finally (I used to work at Corporate Saks) stepped into the shoe salon at Saks that I knew about the development of the new and improved shoe section years ago...It was breathtaking:)  And to celebrate, I wanted to share a pic of me years ago in New York at the Sex and the City shoe locale that Carrie used to frequent. 

Sad News....

Miss Sixty shoes will now be made in China...really sad...they have been made in Italy for so long and had to give in...hopefully it doesn't reflect on the quality because right now the leathers are so silky smooth and the designs are just perfect...we shall see...just take note to watch your shoe boxes and the bottom of the shoe...there's a change on the move...

Belt Luck

I saw the Net-A-Porter Belt Story on the homepage and decided that I needed some fantastic belts with great clasp details on the front...well, as luck would have it, I went to a fundraising event and found just the thing for only $2!  Check it out, isn't it just grand:)

Lifetime "Coco Chanel" Movie Review

I finally watched the Lifetime special, "Coco Chanel" and it was AMAZING!  I recommend everyone watch it!  You can watch it on the Lifetime site, or download it on iTunes, either way, yay, everyone can have access!  

The Vote Is On and Everyone Is Dressed To Impress

My fave right now, Huma Abedin

Mccain's mother and wife never seem to let me down...his mother receives #1 and **** for her fashion!  

Ok, so, I know that the whole discussion of all female political figures fashion is very controversial...but, how can I ignore it?  I have to share a couple of my favorites:

Some More Unexpected from Ecko

I truly recommend that everyone every once in a while check out the Ecko site...they have a quite surprising amount of cute items...I have also heard that Macy's carries the line and has cute items...the only bad part is that they put the logo on the clothes...yuck...but, oh well...the price is usually discounted, so that makes it a little better:)

Chloe Spring 2009...

I was finally starting on my surfing through Spring 2009 runway images and my first was for Chloe...I love the nude color palette and I AM IN LOVE with the pant style which is very similar to the India styling pant...I need, want, have to have a pair of these:)  And, I am excited to share that I have a  similar pair of the shorts from the runway that are now on sale at Urban Outfitters for only $9.99!  Worth checking out and getting right now...

No Need To Pout...

I love how they used a classic woman...kinda like the Juicy Couture.
I have been wanting a shirt like this for sooo long, I LOVE the hood!  
See the similarities?  Look up and then down, up and then down:)  Hmmm....thinking you need the dress is already less than $50 and will probably go on sale really soon because the new Go International line will be in stores soon:)

I couldn't find the dresses I saw for Isaac Mizrahi, but I thought the below items were too darling to not include...and they have the same feeling as Lorick.

I have been dreaming of a Lorick piece for what seems like forever...ok, I guess it hasn't been that long since it is a new line...but, I made myself finally go to Target last night to snoop around (it has been forever since I have been...the one nearest to me is really, really far away:).  Well, am I glad that I did!  The recent Go International line that isn't even done by a BIG designer is very similar to the stylings of my coveted Lorick as well as a couple of Isaac Mizrahi pieces...another couple of fun things to note, Revolve Clothing has a couple of really cool fall trend notes that were done by the costume designer of Gossip Girl, and the Lorick New York site has been revamped, and I LOVE the new look!  
*Now, yes, I am showing you the Target lines, but I still want, crave and can't wait to get a Lorick item...I just googled sample sales and she has had some...
Looks like they usually happen in April...but, why not call for the 4-1-1???
When/Where: Saturday, April 5th from noon—6pm. 676 Broadway between Bond and Great Jones Sts, second floor (212-529-1407).