Sunday, October 30, 2011

Are you a college student? Here are some fab shopping discounts to take advantage of:

Each store will need you to bring your student I.D. of course:)

Nine West 15% (this just started, so take advantage!!)
J. Crew 15% (sometimes they ask for a valid student email-with .edu, so be prepared:)
Ann Taylor 15%
LOFT 15%
Banana Republic 15%
Club Monaco 20%
Madewell 15%
The Limited 15%
Urban Outfitters 10% (but, not all locations offers the discount.)

Do you know of any other good discounts others should know about?  Please share.

Friday, October 28, 2011


I've always loved Tracy's collections! I used to dress for her shows when I lived in NYC....oh how I miss those days:) Well, I also LOVE Mally and I need to get on buying some of her line! I know it will be AMAZE! Hope you're inspired! I'm going to try to do my eyeliner like she shared.

Cherry Martinez Presents... CherryOnTop.Com - Behind the Scenes with Jun...

This is a great post for June Ambrose lovers, and great tips for stylish men and women! I am showing this post to my hubby...he's going to love it...I know we are going to start getting him tailored shirts, watch!:)

Did you watch the first episode of Project Accessory? Here are my favorite designers right now:

-Adrian Dana:I think if anything, I would wear his necklace...what really caught my eye was how he put things together so easily with what he had.  Very creative and wearable for the right person.
-Christina Caruso: (P.S. She designed pieces that Patricia Fields used on Sex and the City!!!  Need I say more???)  Loved all of the items she made...loved the mix of the rope detail with the chandelier pieces...also LOVE the models hair!!!
-Cotrice:I loved the necklace and the belt, but not together.
-Kelly Horton:  LOVED it ALL!  The belt would be really fun to wear!  Very unique.
-Nina Cortes:I LOVED everything!!!

It's always interesting to see who wins from your favorite list on the first episode.  It's funny because on Project Runway this season, Anya was one of my top favorites on the first episode and so was Bert:)

Here's a clip showing the pieces on the runway being reviewed.  I couldn't find photos of just the models wearing the accessories...

If you missed the episode, the entire episode is available online.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

L.L. Bean Signature Contest I've entered for blogger, What I wore

I've honestly only thought of L.L. Bean for their totes and maybe a classic khaki, but that's about it.  So, I was surprised when I checked out the brand for a contest that blogger from What I Wore was hosting and I'm pleasantly surprised.

L.L. Bean Signature Surprise

$179 -

Tote handbag
$225 -


Another reason I'm excited about ZARA being available online now.

...I can buy items I see on my favorite fashionistas!  All of these fashionistas know how to put their looks together without focusing on the label.  They might pair the ZARA items with designer pieces that are super expensive...but, you could never tell:)  Here are a few shots of the ladies rocking ZARA items.

Olivia Palermo-Olivia has a new site now and is guest designer for brands left and right.  I'm hoping for another reality show for her soon too.
Tracee wears this bag on Reed Between the Lines too.  I NEED to have this!!!

Her jacket is from ZARA.

Tracee Ellis Ross-***Also, check out her new show, Reed Between the Lines on BET where she is rocking a lot of ZARA pieces.  People are hoping for a collab with the actor and the label...lets cross our fingers!  I would settle for her designing a line too:)
The jacket is by ZARA.

This is Tracee on the set of Reed Between the Lines.  The top here is from ZARA.

June Ambrose-This is a stylist that you should follow on twitter (@juneambrose) for great finds that she scores at ZARA.  BTW-she will have a show starting in February on VH1, so stayed tuned!  It will be AMAZE!  She is now styling the contestants on X, watch and be inspired!
Pants are from ZARA.

The jacket is from ZARA.

Friday, October 21, 2011

DIY idea for how to store your accessories from Martha Stewart

This is the smartest DIY idea from Martha ever!  I can't wait to take this to organize my unorganized jewelry that is just everywhere right now:)  No need to spend a lot of money!  I'll keep searching for an available video to post here...until then, here is the link.

Here are some of the tips provided on the website as well:

Cabinet hardware isn't just for cabinets: A new knob or pull can bring new life to all kinds of existing furniture and accessories around your home.
Kevin Sharkey, executive editorial director of decorating, shares ways to embellish items in your home with new hardware:
  • Dress up a bureau by removing the existing knobs and adding more contemporary new ones.
  • Add stylish knobs to decorative boxes as an ornamental detail.
  • Finial pulls can function as towel hangers when added to the edge of a counter or wall.
  • New knobs added along the sides of a mirror frame give you a handy new spots to hang handbags or scarves.
  • Turn a small cabinet into a jewelry organizer with knobs for hanging necklaces and pull-mounted boxes to serve as drawers for your accessories.

Dress/Vest as a jacket styling inspiration from fashion bloggers

I keep seeing this layering piece everywhere and I have to share what my eyes are on. I have a dress I scored from a clothing swap that I can't wait to rock!
From eat.sleep.wear to rocking the dress/vest with a dress from the spring under. This is perfect for places like I live (AZ) where it never gets cold enough for a huge jacket/coat.
This is from Karla's Closet. I love this dressed down look! Taking a tank and vintage 501 jeans to the next level! This is happening ASAP!

Another inspiration shot from Rachel Roy's fall 2011 runway show.

Update: a new way to wear your dress/vest from The Man repeller that I'm adding to my list! Genius!!!

I'm so excited about the Today Show DIY Week next week!

Stay tuned next week to be inspired!  I'm also going to enter the contes so stay tuned for my DIY:)  It's too easy and so much fun!

Here's the info from the Today Show site:

In honor of TODAY DIY Style Week (Oct. 24-28) — in which each day one DIY star will demonstrate a creative project on — we're looking for the next big DIY style star! If you're handy and fashionable, send us a photo of a recent DIY project — be it clothing, accessories or shoes!
The winner, chosen by TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas, will receive a full post on (to explain how to master their project) and Bobbie's DIY Buzz Basket, which will include a $50 gift certificate to Michael's Arts & Crafts and a selection of Bobbie's favorite craft closet staples and embellishments, from fabric markers and dye to gemstones, glitter, luxe foil leaf, paint, a generous supply of adhesives and much, much more! The entry deadline is Friday, Oct. 28 at 5 pm EST. Start crafting!
Starting Oct. 24, be sure to check out for DIY style tutorials:
Monday:  TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas
Tuesday: Erica Domesek of PS I Made This
Wednesday: Geneva Vanderzeil of A Pair and A Spare 
Thursday: Kristen Turner of Glitter ‘n Glue
Friday: Jenni Radosevich of I Spy DIY

My spa week experience at Valley Ho SPA for Vitality + Health

I'm always excited when Spa Week rolls around.  I usually head out to Phoenix and send the word out to all of my Phoenix family and friends to get together and relax.  This Spa Week, I decided we had to go to a spa with the "entire package."  So, I made an appointment at Valley Ho SPA for Vitality + Health.  (I want to get all of the spa's in while I'm in Arizona.)   For ONLY $50 each service (Plus, gratuity is added onto service for amount of regular priced service.  So, my tip was $25 each service.), I had to get  a massage and a facial.
Tip: I read in ALLURE magazine that you should make sure to schedule your appointments accordingly.  A facial after the massage to avoid ruining the work done on the facial while laying down on the massage table.  Makes sense.  And, worked:)
The appeal:
I was excited about this location because of the 60's style hotel and that we would be able to use a sauna while at the spa.
Tip: I found out that if you are getting a facial, you should wait to do the sauna till after your service is completed so you can get the best reaction to the process during the facial.
The extras: Lockers to store your belongings, showers, all of the items you need to get yourself ready to go after your spa experience, tea, water.
Tip: Drink water after your massage to avoid dehydration.
The experience:  I had a lot of firsts at this spa experience to note.  I had my first male masseuse and my first ever time going commando!  I had no idea what to expect from each:)  I figured after having my daughter what's the difference going commando...I now know:)  full-on massage on your booty!  LOL!  Didn't know this...and can't be mad:)  And, I think from now on I'll be requesting a male masseuse!  It was like nothing I've ever experienced before.  When checking out the spa rep let me know that many women are afraid of having men massage them.  But, she said that the male massage therapists at their spa were amazing!  I totally agree!

We had the best time ever and give the spa a BIG 10!  Spa Week might be over, but the Valley Ho Spa has specials you can check out on their site.  Enjoy!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Really excited to be featured on 365 Fashion Rehab!

Here is what they posted on twitter:
Closets & Cocktails with Natasha from @Fashionalities

My closet is a hot mess! But, this is really how it is for now...once I get a chance it will be organized by color and style. Until then, I've honestly gotten rid of/purged so much in my closet. But, that doesn't mean I've stopped shopping:)

What I'm wearing:
Stuart Weitzman shoes that I love! Vintage dress from Buffalo Exchange. Belt, J. Crew.

Really excited to be featured on 365 Fashion Rehab!

Here is what they posted on twitter:
Closets & Cocktails with Natasha from @Fashionalities

My closet is a hot mess! But, this is really how it is for now...once I get a chance it will be organized by color and style. Until then, I've honestly gotten rid of/purged so much in my closet. But, that doesn't mean I've stopped shopping:)

What I'm wearing:
Stuart Weitzman shoes that I love! Vintage dress from Buffalo Exchange. Belt, J. Crew.

Sweater styling from Lands End Canvas

I've been loving the sweaters that fashionistas have been rocking in the blogosphere recently! I really wanted to rock this sweater c/o Lands End Canvas with a maxi skirt or over a maxi dress, but on my body type I just wasn't looking right. I finally decided to pair the sweater with a bright pencil skirt I bought at NY&Co forever ago and some Boutique 9 shoes.
I figure it would be more interesting to share my other attempt too so you all can see my thought process...Also, great ideas for how to wear different sweater styles in the November issue of Whole Living (my new favorite au'natural living mag) on page 68.

P.S. I read somewhere how Rachel Roy doesn't like the hand on the hip pose so I'm really trying to get away from feels really weird...she says it keeps you from looking pageanty. Thoughts? Here's more on the topic.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Layering inspiration from Tory Burch

Love this! Layer a short sleeve denim top or denim vest (button up) over a lace long sleeve top and voila! Magic:)

Image from Vanessa Jackman.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Projects I plan on attempting to do using my Sharpie's!

I can't wait to do these projects!

Isn't this tote AMAZE!? Stencil friendly so I can't mess it up too, there are directions, I can't mess it up too much:)

This is like what I did for Halloween one year. I just might have to do this to one of my striped tees:). Easy breezy with a Sharpie:)

Mixx & Maxx Challenge

How did I miss that this was happening?? Well, I missed trying out...but, at least we can help vote for the winner:)

Interesting video on foods that are good & bad for your skin

I've always felt that skin and hair are the blank canvas for the style we wear...if they aren't taken care of, the rest of the picture just isn't as good as it can are some great tips from the Today show.

Layaway is back in style for Christmas

Also look at TJ Maxx and Aritzia for layaway options.  Where do you use layaway??

Monday, October 17, 2011

Urban Outfitters is having a great contest/giveaway I had to share!

This contest sounds too fun to not participate...and you have the chance of winning a $1000 gift card to UO...that would be nice! I'll let you know what I submit:). Good luck to those that enter!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Inside Scoop: Tracee Ellis Ross's fashion on her new show, Reed Bewteen the Lines

I was so excited when I found this video on BET!  Tracee knew all the fashionista's that followed Girlfriends would be wondering what she was wearing.  I've seen two episodes so far and I'm GLUED!  Her style is AMAZING **as always**!  I look forward to watching her new show and see how her style evolves.  I'll be inspired by her style choices as a working mom...hoping to interview the costume designer...stay tuned!

How to Update Your Leggings For Fall

I love the travel look idea...comfy, but chic.

4 Ways to Fix a Hem in a Pinch!

Great tips, every girl should know...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

LG Style Rules with Rachel Zoe - Episode 2

Love reality contest with Rachel thinking LG! iPhone...we know everyone loves you...but, lets get more creative like this!:)

Rachel Zoe is working with LG...did you know about this?

How have I never heard about this?! Since I hadn't, I thought I would share these with everyone:) Enjoy!

Josie Natori for Target

She looks so chic...I love her necklace...will have to check this out...

Next Target Designer Collaboration -- Spring 2012

After watching this...I HONESTLY want it ALL! Oh no:)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DIY inspiration from the new Lanvin children's collection

I'm planning on making a tee for myself and Sahara:)  This is too cute!

What you'll need:
-Pom Poms (I found mine at Michael's and Walmart)
-Going to see if I decide to fabric glue, hot glue or sew them on
Voila!  All Done:)  I guess if I wanted to, I could add a lace bit to the sleeves...but, we shall see...

Alicia Keys ft Beyonce in Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2010

I've been waiting to see this video for FOREVER! I don't usually watch music videos that much anymore...but, when I saw a peek of this last year I knew I had to see it...and, now that I know some of the looks are by Boxing Kitten, I have to see it! Does anyone know why this video was never released?

Introducing my new favorite line: Boxing Kitten

I love the vintage feeling with a modern twist using ethnic prints.  This line speaks to me and I can't wait to own one-ok-more than one of the pieces!  Stay tuned for what I get:)
I can so see Solange Knowles (Actually, I think she might have already worn this line...checking old posts now to see if I'm right:) or Rihanna rocking this line!
*Update: It does look like Solange has rocked the line, see pics here.

Boxing Kitten feat. Davina from BBLB Studios on Vimeo.
-the colors
-the silhouettes
-the styling
-ok, I LOVE it ALL!

Boxing Kitten...need I say more?

Boxing Kitten — Miranda Long (Violet)
$45 -

Boxing Kitten — Gathered Strapless Dress (Birds)
$269 -

Boxing Kitten — Voom Pedal Pushers - 50% OFF
$63 -

Boxing Kitten — Sue Cutout Dress
$249 -

The Kardashian line from Sears items that caught my eye on ANTM tonight

To be honest, I hadn't even looked at the Kardashian line for Sears...I would rather shop their store at DASH.  Some collabs seem to not hit the mark.  But, I have to say...after watching the line on ANTM tonight a couple of items caught my eye.  The jacket, dress, and skirt caught my eye because of the rose gold (which I'm addicted to) hue.  Thoughts?  Has anyone seen them in person yet?  I will have to make a date with Sears to see these in person...and while I'm there I will also bee seeing how the French Connection line looks.
Kardashian Line

Pretty Powerful Bobbi Brown Giveaway

I'm excited to share an amazing giveaway with one of my favorite cosmetic lines, Bobbi Brown.  

How to win:
Share about someone that makes you feel pretty powerful.  It can be anyone from your mother, to another blogger etc.  You can even be more creative and talk about what makes you feel pretty powerful.  (red lipstick?  high heels?  the color green?  you choose.)
Enter by next Wednesday, October 19th with a comment and your email so I can contact the winner.

Here's my story:
Two people that have made me feel pretty powerful this year are my sister-in-law and my grand mother.  Both have been affected by breast cancer at different times in their lives.  My sister-in-law found out at 23 and has been so strong through the entire process and maintained her beauty with wigs and recently rocking her new short hair.  My grand mother was affected with breast cancer for the second time and has decided to dye her hair and add a few pieces for fullness in her hair.  Both women are still rocking their beauty through the hardest times and inspire me to make those little steps to showcase my beauty regardless of what is happening in my life.

What you can win: 
The Pretty Face Palette which includes an array of beautiful pink hues perfect for light and medium complexions.  It does exactly what I love to achieve, which is a natural, healthy look.  

Also enter to be Bobbi's Next Pretty Powerful Face.  She's on a nationwide search to find her next Pretty Powerful face.  Tell her your secrets to confidence and beauty and you could win a feature in her latest campaign, a trip to New York and a Pretty Powerful makeup lesson, plus up to $500 worth of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics...that's a lot!  How could you not want even just one of those wins!?:)  Enter here.

Another chance to win: Twitter Giveaway today (10/12): Who or what makes you feel pretty powerful? Respond to me, @fashionalities (follow me on twitter) use hashtag #prettypowerful.  Winner gets a pretty powerful palette! RT

The winner is Caytee!  Thanks all for entering! 

I'm so excited! I was featured on the site, I-Ella today!

I-Ella is a great site where you can swap clothes, (like an online swapping party between fashionista's) buy clothes second hand (plus, you can negotiate) and learn about people in the fashion industry. And, today people are learning about moi:). Check it out here.  Let me know if you post any of your clothes...I am planning on partying with my soon.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Palazzo Please

My fall must-have, the Palazzo pant...I love that they are high waisted and almost look like a maxi skirt when worn.  I LOVED how The Man Repeller styled the palazzo pant with a chunky sweater for Macy's Impulse line, Bar III as seen here:

Sadly, I can't remember which blog I fell in LOVE with the paisley Forever 21 palazzo pants from...But, they are here.
Style Tip: The Man Repeller says she uses biker shorts to layer with her sheer palazzo pants.  Great tip since I was wondering what I'd do.:)

Palazzo Pants

Free People chiffon pants
$108 -

Floral pants
$88 -

Dorothy Perkins floral pants
£25 -

$23 -

$23 -

Forever21 light weight pants
$20 -

Wow, bloggers are now representing fragrances...welcome Karla's Closet for Elie Saab

Have you been paying attention to what's at Macy's???

First there was Jessica Simpson...which I have to say I'm always so surprised at the fab items she has in her collection, both shoes and clothes.

Then, Rachel Rachel Roy came and I was in LOVE!  Great items at great prices...I had purchased my first Rachel Roy piece at a sample sale.  I wish I could buy all of her designer pieces...but, these really are just as good.

So, now, here is where you have to be paying attention.  Here are the designers who are now doing lines at Macy's:
-Impulse now offers collections from designers like previous designer, Karl Lagerfeld who designs for CHANEL.  Now, Macy's is offering a line from Giambattista Valli.  It's just exciting how designers are finally sharing their amazing skills with the masses.
Karl chic!  ONLY $124!

-They sell Converse that are designed by Marimekko.  I feel like I've been seeing this designer everywhere.  I got a shift dress from Buffalo Exchange for H&M and I'm in love.  I'm going to wear it as a tunic though.

-I think this is really cool, Macy's has a blogger accessories line called, R&Em and it's been around for a while.

-The bar III line is styled by none other than one of my fave bloggers, Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller!  Her spin on the pieces definitely draws me in to want to buy a majority of the pieces.