Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RACHEL ROY-LIVE via TWITTER---You won't want to miss this!

There are two opportunities to experience Rachel Roy via twitter and ask all the questions you might have and follow tomorrow what happens during the launch of her new line, Rachel Rachel Roy at Macy's!  This will happen via @Coutorture from 6-8 p.m..  Thursday is just for you and will be a time for Rachel to answer any questions you might have---this will happen 3 p.m. EST via Rachel's account @Rachel_Roy.  I have included the tweets that Rachel has on the right hand side of my blog so people can follow if they don't have/don't want a twitter account...but, I assure you fun things like this are always happening on Twitter and it is so worth joining.  You can also do like I have done and forward what you post on Twitter to Facebook so you are killing two birds with one stone:)  
I love Rachel's girly styling with an edge and I hope that transfers over to her Macy's line...I have one piece from her line that I purchased at a sample sale and I still LOVE wearing it!  Now to mix that piece with her new pieces:)  YAY!  I am going to come up with questions for her tonight:)  Can't wait to hear her responses...she seems so real!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

JC Penney Offering More Surprises

After being let down by my first visit to JC Penney to search the I Heart Ronson line...I was flipping through some of my April issues of my fashion mags and fell in love with a dress and blouse print and decided I had to check it out in person...during my investigation, (the store didn't carry that much of the I Heart Ronson) I turned a corner and literally gasped!  I found the line, American Living and fell in love!  The styling reminds me of Charlotte from SATC...and most of the styles are on sale right now and don't forget, JC Penney's usually has great weekend sales to check out for where you can use a coupon for more off!  

Alloy love

I receive the ALLOY catalog at home and was to see they had a necklace that resembled a piece I have gushed over, but couldn't afford...well, now those times are over with these prices:)

The Tory Necklace: a mere $19.50
This reminds me of a J. Crew or maybe Banana Republic style recently...that ran for at least $100 or up...

These I just liked...

Ibiza tank: $26.50
Crochet Stretch Belt: $16.50
Puff Sleeve Tunic Dress: $42.50

Presenting the Largest Forever 21 in Arizona in...Tucson?

Yes, everyone...I guess someone decided Tucson deserved one of the largest of something in Arizona since we lack at least a Nordstrom here...I have actually never been in a Forever 21 as large as this...but, I expect these size Forever's should be popping up all over the states since taking over the Mervyn's locations.
"I don't think I can get through this is one night."
"It's so spread out."
"Look at all of this cute stuff!"
I had to share some of the comments I overheard while walking through this spread out layout that resembles nothing like the modern take I have usually seen...although, I have to say that I think I will be able to find anything I see in an editorial as well as online in this store which is nice.  These earrings are an example of something I found that everyone stops me about...might be sold out online already, but check out the store if they are...it is worth it, promise:)

More Look-a-Likes

I had to share these pieces I found in Net-a-Porter that reminded me of other items I have seen:)

Spotted! Our Girl from The City...Looks Like she is Getting A LOT of Work!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Can't Believe I Am Missing This: Matthew Williamson @ H&M

H&M is doing so much online to share the MW line...I don't understand why they can't just sell it online...don't they know how much they would make???  Ok, I am just pouting because I am no where near a store that I can buy from...I was even contemplating taking a flight to LA to purchase something and then leave....Crazy, I know...but, I was considering it...I have a feeling everything will be sold out in a matter of moments!  

The designer looked for inspiration from his iconic items from his past collections...how can someone not want this?  If you have followed his designs you know that this is very reflective of what he has always done...Bright and beautiful.  This is for a woman who knows who she is!  

"...react against the trend..."-Matthew Williamson

Birthday Wishes

I think I have received the cutest promo gift from a company ever the other day...Anthropologie sent me the cutest ever packaging for a coupon-I had to share it with everyone...and share the item that I am hoping to be able to afford after my B-Day:)  So many cute things to choose from of course...also, I advise that ladies who love Anthro sign up for the mailing list so you can also receive this grand gesture when your B-Day rolls around:)
*I adore the silhouette of this dress!

Me First...Well, Kind Of...

Taking care of yourself during this type of economy almost seems somewhat selfish...but, with the stress getting to you everyday there needs to be some type of compensation...I have a couple of ways to add a little something relaxing to your life without taking too much money out of the bank.

I experienced this last week and fell in LOVE!  Across the U.S., a variety of spas offer $50 deals on services that usually cost $100-200 and up of course...this is a great way for people like you and I to test and try these services some of us dream of...and I have to say after this little tease I am already planning on going back:)  The 45 minute massage I had at Dolce Spa was divine!  And the pedicure was the best I have ever had from the service to the little details to ensure that I was as comfy as possible.  Plus, just because I had so much fun, I want to share a $25 off coupon for someone's experience of anything worth $40 or more!  Just leave a comment at the end of the blog about your fave Spa experience.
*The trick I got from Spa Week was to take advantage of the amenities that spas have even if you have a service as small as a pedi...if the spa is fabulous, you will have a grand time the rest of the day regardless of what you had done and know you saved some cash:)

When I first heard of this franchise I thought it was only tanning and I didn't even think twice...since I no longer tan...but, a friend told me that she was starting a membership and I got curious.  Apparently a monthly membership fee of approx $54 leaves you with limitless possibilities to relax.  I took advantage of a week free pass from the friend that signed up and did a Hydro-Derma Fusion treatment.  I could not believe how much water I must have lost from this service.  It was very interesting...kind of like a glorified sauna...but, it was cool I can't deny...but, I just couldn't decide if I would go on a regular basis to not waist the 2 year contract I would have to sign...but, for those who are interested, they offer a lot of services from what I did to teeth whitening and of course massages and facials:)

3.  At Home Option
This is totally worth the money and time!  I have been in LOVE with this product since day one!  My Clarisonic Brush makes my skin feel renewed every time I use it!  I have seen it sold from Sephora to Nordstrom.  I think every woman needs this at home...I use this after a long day to nights when I decide I am doing at home spas:)  The set comes with two brushes...one for your face and the other for the body as well as three different types of cleansers for what you are looking for each time you use it.

Look-a-Likes: J. Crew vs. Bottega Veneta

J. Crew above...just needs a belt, right:)

I was soo excited when I found this J. Crew dress for $29.99 yesterday...it looks just like the Bottega Veneta dress I was gushing over and was thinking of having someone design for me off of a vintage pattern I found....I may still do that, but till then...this is just as good:)

Going Wild For These Brands

Recently I am gushing over a couple of brands and I of course have to share what I am loving:)
1.  Free People: How can you say no???  You can buy this brand from Dillards to Anthropologie...my sister gets her deals from Macys...she hearts this brand:)  The brand almost has a natural, earthy feels to it...which is nice for today (Earth Day):).  
2.  French Connection: I lost touch with this brand after it just started to fall off in my eyes...but, funny enough...it made a re-emergence in my life though Dillards which was very unexpected...I rarely shop there, but pull clothes for photo shoots from Dillards since they are such a great advertiser in the local market.  But, it is nice to know I don't have to search for French Connection on the streets of NY since it is easily accessible in Dillards...but, do we like that????
3.  Charles David shoes: I have one pair of this brand that I bought at the DSW in New York...or was it Filene's Basement?  Either way...we are glad that Filen's Basement is not leaving us and my coveted Charles David shoes have not left my closet for the past 3 years that I have owned them...and I am looking at new styles that I am falling in love with and have to share:)

Need A Look for Summertime Weddings---Day or Night?

Here's the trick...skip all of the rules...reflect your daily style and take it up a notch.
The first, silver pumps...why have to wear white, or pastels for that matter?  Have some fun and add silver!  The color goes with everything and if your dress or skirt set etc is more basic it will give it pop...plus metallics aren't going anywhere and you will be able to incorporate it into the rest of your wardrobe.  I had to give a couple of different style options...

*I have this shoe about and love, love, love it...I have worn it to many occasions!  
Nicole Miller has so many appropriate dress styles for any type of woman attending a wedding...I know some people would prefer more coverage...different color options and she has it all...here are a couple I would totally rock at a wedding:)  Plus, Nicole Miller makes wedding dresses!

The item to wear around the neck...the wishbone necklace is coming back again girls...I think a way to dress this style up is to have it studded with diamonds.  

Small Feminine Details Create Alluring Looks

A draped dress can be sensual with the way it grabs at the body.  This is a great alternate to wearing jeans to a club/bar.  The look becomes more attention grabbing when the drapery contours the shape of your body.
The silk blouse has always been a way to make a look unique and almost regal...The silk option is a work alternative to the classic cotton blouse.
Take a casual look to new heights incorporating a twist on the work wear item, the vest.  The combo of denim with a vest can be an alternate to a basic dress or a tee with khakis rolled up at the hem.  I don't necessarily like the idea of denim on top of denim though....

Lloyd Boston just keeps giving more ideas

Not only is Lloyd Boston filling our closets each week on Monday at 10pm on Closet Cases...but, now, he is working with his partners in crime, Jones New York to offer a monthly update to all fashionistas that need a reminder on how to shop their closet called JNY Style Miles...which is perfect for this time of recession...Subscribe today and be reminded each month when a new episode is added...so far there have been three episodes to catch up on.  He gives the basics you need to own in less than 5 minutes...who needs to miss out on that?
And for two lucky readers, I am going to offer a giveaway of a signed copy of the book, Before You Put That On.  Just leave a comment of what you need help with in your closet case and your email and two winners will be chosen by April 29th.
Miles tip I need to do...I need to take pictures of my clothes and upload up onto my iPhone to mix outfits when I am bored...that is a project for later:)  Lloyd recommends making your own lookbook like he does on Closet Cases.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Elisabeth Hasselbeck a Designer???

I actually really, really like this dress...I love anything with high waist and I love the color combo here.

Classic Elisabeth style.

Who Knew...I certainly didn't know about Elizabeth H selling clothes on QVC until my mom told me today!  I know she  began her journey to The View through The Look for Less on the Style Network...but, I thought she just liked to talk about fashion...not put her name on a label...it's interesting...everyone seems to want to get on QVC or HSN....but, I have never shopped on either one of the shows...has anyone else?  I know one of the ladies of the Real Housewives of New York even stated that she wanted to get a jewelry line on HSN this week...interesting...

Her line sold @ QVC is called, Elisabeth Hasselbeck for Dialogue...speaking of dialogue...I just thought she was going to take off into politics...not fashion...but, she will be one to mix both passions as many other designers do...Prices range from $59 and below...and the styles remind me a lot of things that Elisabeth wears...

Lloyd Boston's New Show, "Closet Cases" I think I am going to try and be on this show:)

Lloyd is EVERYWHERE! Search where he will be in your area so even if he can't get in your closet, you can at least get his tips.

New Outfits, Old Clothes @ Yahoo! Video

Check out the show which airs today and the site!

Isaac on Today Show Talking about new show, "The Fashion Show"

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Genius Beauty Tip

I live in AZ so I am always dealing with the results of "dry heat" with my skin and hair...I was telling my sister in law the other day how I have cracked skin everyday even after applying an ample amount of cocoa butter all over my body.  She had me try Ponds facial lotion and voila!  No cracks!  I would have never guessed!  I was about to start using vaseline again (like my mom used to do growing up:).  

Stiletto Workout with June Ambrose

I am in LOVE with this!!!!! This is the way to workout! And look how good she looks and I think she has like 3 kids! You better work!!!!!

Shoe News: Insider Info...Did You Know

Sometimes it seems we miss the insider info when we fall in love with shoes...something interesting to note, do you L-O-V-E the Pour la Victoire line that is now sold at Urban Outfitters (I do, I own 3 pairs!)...well, apparently the previous designer of MY LOVE---Sam Edelman started this brand after leaving SE....interesting how the shoes we love just seem to flow together...that is the shoe industry for you:)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Buffalo Exchange: Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate by giving back to the environment by recycling clothing and purchasing select items for only $1!  The Buffalo Exchange in my town takes up the entire parking lot!  Plus, the money made on April 25th goes to saving the whales...there's no better way to give back than to be happy while doing it:)  Check on the site to see when your city is having this event.

Trade Delights: Other People's "So Over It", is My Must-Have

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Buffalo Exchange and other companies that are about trading your gently used clothing for cash or trade...but, sometimes I just don't feel as though you get enough bang for your buck...and so, comes the trade...in New York I attended about 3 clothing swap parties that were AMAZING!  The best part about it was that we were all in the industry and were able to attain fashion items (designer and great vintage) easily so it was perfect trading...I still have a DVF dress and some fab vintage suede boots from those days...well, recently I decided that I had some items that I just couldn't give up to Buffalo and I wasn't wearing so I had a clothing swap party and even though everyone on the invite list didn't show, it was a HUGE success and the owner of Stems will be having another that I am saving up for at the end of the month!
But, something new has come about that I would have never considered, an online swap!  How genius!  It's basically called, Swap Style and allows fashionistas to join this group that allows you to have "guilt-free shopping."  How can anyone say no???  (I am going to experience this shopping experience and ask the creator a few questions and share...let me know if there are any questions people want answered.)

Harmless Plug: Walking In Heels---Directions by Moi

When Kristen Cook asked me to do a demonstration on how to walk in heels the night of Stems HUGE annual fashion show I thought, why not???  It was soo much fun!  I LOVE doing things like this...I just need to learn how to speak a little slower:)  But, check it out and let me know what you think:)

Don't miss the video on the link:)

The shoe is the Bounty by Chinese Laundry  sold at zappos or Stems:)