Monday, January 27, 2014

Get ready for spring: Pink & Green, Skee Wee to all of my sorors:)

I'm in LOVE with these beauties!  There is something about raffia that just makes me excited about spring:)  Well, all year long in AZ and now India:)

These sandals are perfect for any AKA and I love the other option of the lime and lavender which is also a fab color combo:)

ONLY $78 at Anthro

Cala (other interesting fact...cala is the color black in Hindi) Pompom sandal

SKIP the roses this V-Day and go for ROSE GOLD from catbird!

Who needs roses?  Rose gold lasts much longer!  I'm dreaming of pieces from catbird still...lets see if the hubby gets the hint this V-Day;)
Rose gold for V-Day

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

On the radar: Cotton Robes

I am now on the search for cotton robes since I've heard with house help in India I will need to remain "covered up" short, shorts or panties to wander around the house anymore:)....since I need to "suit up" I figured I would share what I am considering as options.  Even if you don't have house help and feel the need to cover-up.  Robes are still a chic at home attire to own.

Above robes via World market

Above Turkish towels found on Etsy

Solange Knowles rocks #peterpilotto !? I've heard enough!! Sign me up for this up and coming Target collab pronto!

Available feb 5th.

Here is solange rocking Peter Pilotto:

**the shoes

Items from the Peter pilotto for target line I want:

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wish list from @birchbox right now #birchblogger

Frownies® Rose Water Hydrator Spray $11.95

100% Pure Nourishing Body Cream Tube - Coconut $15

Whish Exfoliating Body Wash $22 I've had this in a monthly Birch box and it smells AMAZE!

Jasmine Seven™ Fresh Feet Wipes™ Peppermint Canister $8.95

P.S. Download the app!  It's so easy to shop, find new products and view informative blogs.  My new beauty go to app for sure!

***I should have my January Birchbox soon and can't wait to see it all in person.  Another cool thing about the can now actually see what you will be receiving before you get it!  How fun:)  I'm even more excited now!  

This just made my night! If you don't have HBO make sure to tune into YOUTUBE manana to watch the first two episodes of GIRLS Season 3

Tomorrow they will be available FREE on YOUTUBE and I'm beyond excited!  I was just pouting to myself because I couldn't watch and BAM...searched google and found out these smart people are sharing this fabulous show with everyone:)  How Brilliant!

Find more info here.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

J. Crew must have been inspired by Turkey last year

I spotted a pair of shoes at the J. Crew outlet recently that looked just like the Turkish slippers I've been gushing over on etsy for forever:)

Here's what the J. Crew style looked like: 

Here are the styles I'm following on etsy:


Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Inspired by...

I usually get inspired by something I see and then style accordingly with what I own.  Here is an example recently:

Fitness is actually my lifestyle...but, lets kick it up for the New Year:)

I don't really start anything new as far as my workout goes for the New Year...but, I just decide to continue my lifestyle of staying fit and not stressing myself out over a number.  I'd like to be in the 130's...but, I'm not killing myself to get there.  I also prefer keeping myself motivated with music, maybe new classes, and new workout gear.  Here are a few things that are motivating me right now rather than not eating or having to get to a size 0 (to each their own though:).:

Music to inspire:

I usually rock out to celeb moms like: Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Pink and Gwen Stefani.  Women I've seen gain the weight and lose it.  So, their music is not only fast paced to keep me pumped.  But, they are also people to inspire me as a mom.  For the new year, and with the $10 iTunes card that Barely There sent me (thank you guys!) I looked to Refinery 29 for some inspiration on new music to get me going.

Instagram accounts:

*My Fit Closet:
Inspires style choices at a budget.  You can tag them to share what you wear and might be reposted.  I already want some Old Navy leggings that were highlighted in a post.

*Allison Tones it Up
Real women sharing their tips on how to eat and workout tips.  LOVE it!

*Gwyneth Made Me Do It:
A really cool look at the book I still haven't read by Gwyneth and how this woman makes the journey into eating healthy via IG.

Workout gear I'm wanting:

*Old Navy animal print leggings

Old Navy Womens Plus Animal-Print Leggings

*Nike Women's Tight

*Leopard print shoe strings from Michaels to add to my sneakers

*New running shoes...still searching for the right now right now:)  Anyone have any recommendations?

*Just received a new sports bra from Barely There I can't wait to use!

Monday, January 06, 2014

OMG!!!!!!!!! It's almost time!!!! Girls Season 3: Trailer (HBO)

I can't wait for this!!!!!!!!!  EEK Jenna Lyon's is involved and there is a back to back episode for the season premiere!  I need HBO, like right now!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Taking notes from Jenna Lyon's:)

***Jenna's tips below***

1. Don't divide your wardrobe into smart and casual, but mix them up

"For example, if you have one of our flip-hem wool skirts, you can wear it smart and flirty with a blazer and shirt and jewels and a heel. But you can also wear it dressed down, with an oversized sweatshirt and New Balance trainers."

3. Freshening up your look doesn't always have to be about buying something new

"We might have a sweater on sale for six months, and we'll shoot it in six
different ways for the catalogue, which comes out monthly. It's a
challenge, but that's where the fun is. We're all about suggesting new
ways to wear the clothes you have."

6. Mix colours in your jewellery, as well as your clothes

"Try a stack of bracelets on each wrist, and rings on both hands, in a mix
of yellow and rose-gold."

Tips via article by The Guardian 
***My take on the tips below:***
1.  I am VERY into adding sneakers and flats in unexpected ways now.  I NEVER wore sneakers outside of working out before.  But, now I'm on it:)

3.  I'm all about being inspired by Instagram, Pinterest or blogs to find new ways to style the clothes I already own.  Here are a few accounts I follow for inspiration:
*Ascot Friday keeps clothes comfy and easy going for a mom.  But, still fashion forward.  I LOVE everything she posts!  She also shares items from a variety of price points.
*Sincerely Jules has recently been on my radar on Pinterest.  I keep seeing combos like plaid pants and animal print shoes that catches my eye.
6.  I think Catbird is the epitome for how to style wearing two different metals together.  Although this is about what Jenna Lyons thinks.  Rachel Roy also believes in this styling trick for accessories.

Here Rachel gives a DIY on how to mix metals and use earrings as broaches.  A lot of amazing styling in one look:)

Searching Etsy for items seen on Pinterest

I'm always inspired by styling shots I find on Pinterest and then search either ShopStyle or Etsy to find items I'm REALLY gushing over.

Here are a few I'm searching for now:

After seeing this handbag on's blog, I've been searching Etsy, eBay and Poshmark for an Alviero bag ASAP!  Check out Swell's pinterest account for so many amazing posts!

Yummy, Easy Lunch and a new blog to follow!

I'm all about chickpeas so I was excited to find a new, easy way to serve up a dish for lunch and had to share!  Plus, I found a fun, new blog, LA in Bloom!  Get ready to fall in LOVE!

AZ winter style

Here are some recent #ootd shots of mine from Instagram highlighting how I rock winter wear in AZ.  As you can tell from all of these looks, it's all about an ankle boot, scarves and hat to make it feel like it's winter in AZ:)

Friday, January 03, 2014

I can't wait to watch and be inspired by "Blood, Sweat and Heels"

Check out what is to come and mark your calendars for January 5th at 9 p.m. 

P.S. To Daisy!  I knew her when I lived in NYC and I've been following her amazing career since!  She's doing amazing!

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Getting inspired by bloggers travels to India recently

I keep finding bloggers and fashion houses taking trips to India and I am getting so excited and inspired I had to share a few for people to check out:

*Lauren Conrad, yes, from The Hills:)  She went for her new company, "The Little Market"  I can't wait to go to Holi!!!!!

*Australian blogger of daria daria

*Designer of Dwell Studio

I'm back, no more MIA:)

I've been MIA since around November because I just moved out of the house I have been living in for 7 years and I'm wrapping things up in the states before moving to INDIA for 3 years!  I'll still be sharing all things fashion and beauty like I usually do, but with a TON of influence from India.  Which, I have to add I already was sharing a lot from Indian influence.  But, now it will actually be from India:)  I can't wait!!!!!!!  Stay tuned for fun posts before going (which should be in late Feb or early March).  And, collabs with brands I LOVE that are influenced by India.

Happy 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of the movies of 2014 I can't wait to see

I'm looking forward to a few movies that will be releasing this year (2014)!  Have you checked out the post The Huffington post did on "81 Movies to Watch in 2014"?  Here are my selections:

This just looks like there will be fun costumes involved.

I'll be renting this for sure...but, just had to:)  I watch Pretty Little Liars...what can I say?:)
Another renter:)  Looks like it could be funny:)
I saw this trailer when I went to see The Wolf on Wall Street and it looked good.  Really great cast.
This looks FUNNY!  Will probably rent though:)
I can never miss a Muppet movie:)  Perfect for the entire family!
I can't wait to see this and there is also another movie called, Exodus that looks interesting.  But, there wasn't a trailer available yet.
This looks funny:)
I always love movies that have India involved and it's based on a true story:)
Another funny one.
I have to see this!