Tuesday, March 31, 2009

KMart: The Unexpected---you are going to want to go

I keep seeing KMart in my fashion magazines and I can't believe how cute the styles are...so, I decided I had to check it out...I haven't been to KMart in soooo long!  I have become a WalMart and Target girl...but, it looks like KMart might be making its way back into my fashion world...And, I can confirm that the quality is really good...I know sometimes it looks good online, but when you see the item in person you see why the price is so low...but, I promise, this is worth it...and, even if the price is low, you can do layaway if need be.  I was surprised, I got more excited from the pieces and the prices at KMart than I did at Kohls!  For a $10 coupon off of $50 spent, use this code or coupon.