Monday, February 19, 2007

Why Don't You...

Layer a sheer blouse over a funky print tee? Too cute for it like Dolce & Gabbana did for their Fall 2006 catwalk!


Just out of curiosity...what trends do all of the readers love right now?? I hope to hear from you!




Gaby is sold on now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are Invited

I can't I want anyone who can to attend and tell me about it...enjoy!

The Story Behind the Dress

I had found out about Tucker by Gaby Basora while browsing at Barney's Co-Op last year and just fell in love...At the time I was saving for my wedding and couldn't afford the price tag...well, I had watched the site since I moved from New York and sadly found that the coveted dress was taken off the site and I didn't know what to one Saturday I proceeded to call every Co-Op listed I was about to give up, the Chicago store had the dress and it was only $60!!!!!!!!!!! What a score...all of the other dresses had been sent to the Warehouse sale that I wasn't able to, the moral of this story is...if you search you will find:) Now that is what I call retail therapy:)

P.S. Gaby was written about in the February issue of VOGUE on page 268.

Things I love

@ Flea Markets in NYC:

Is on 268 Mulberry st bet Houston & Prince

Stores on Ebay:

Great online Boutiques:

Unique Designs w/ Classic Edge

and much more to come...stay tuned

Fashion is Everywhere Now-a-Days

Shop what all of the Fashion Magazine Editors are flipping through in Newport News.

New @ Nordstrom's

Kenneth Jay Lane is now sold at Nordstrom!

New Fashion Show

VH1 is bringing a new fashion show for us to follow called "The Agency." It's all about Wilhemina ( Model Agency searching for the perfect model. The show starts on February 20th and you can see what it is all about...if you can't wait till the premier on VH1 the title of this blog to connect to the link.

So, get the inside link into what is really going on in the fashion world...If you didn't get into 8th & Ocean...and you can't get into America's Next Top Model...or even The Janice Dickson show...check this out for "Taking a rare look at client meetings, casting calls, and backstage at fashion shows, "The Agency" casts an unblinking eye on the super-high-stress jobs of the people who are completely hooked on the business of brokering beauty."

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Just too Cute

These shoes are the new American Eagle shoes offered at Payless for $23.

She Never Stops

I just read in LUCKY and found on that Tracy Reese has given us all a new reason to go out to fancy dinners and cocktail parties...she has created a new line called Plenty Frock going along with the easier on the handbag line Plenty...this time Plenty Frock is focused mainly on cocktail dresses...She is just giving us all what we want...She is AMAZING!

Take a Cruise Control with Lauren Moffatt

Shop Lauren's Cruise line to get ready for vacation or to lounge around during the Spring and Summer at Shopbop...

Shop For A Cause and Look Cute

Glamour mag and ShopBop and partnering to donate 30% of the sale to Children's Hope India. Check out to see which designer tee you like the are the personal favorite is Rachel...but, there are also...Jenni Kayne, Rodarte, Sari Gueron, Thread Social, and Vena Cava. All Tees are $68.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Jeans for ME

She is not only a stylist...owns two Boutiques in L.A., but now she is the spokes model and inspiration for Christopher B.'s new line of's all about fitting the curvy body...I have to check these out! The line should be coming sometime this month.
*Select the title of this blog to be directed to the link where these jeans can be purchased:)

Check out the Lavish Magazine's Shot Out to...

If you love Catherine Malandrino as much as myself and Lavish magazine...check out this link to read a recent article about this fabulous designer.

Get to Know All The Secrets

Thursday, February 08, 2007

TOP 10 Reason's to Start Getting Ready to Tan

New Fashion Book

The search is over..there is a new fashion related book to read...get ready for your "me time" or your book clubs...and read: Fashion Babylon. A book by Imogen Edwards-Jones...sharing all of the gossip she has on the fashion world...Get it on for $16.50 instead of $25...or go to the library and get it for free:)


I just met Stuart Weitzman's niece! What a great experience...she is a woman of the fashion industry with just as much flair as any of the grand shoes we all love by Stuart Weitzman. And we are both in love with LV...fashionistas unite!

The perfect shoe...can it get any better? Of course not:)

Fashion SpotLight

It's Here...a new trend is on the rise...jumper dresses...check it out...the UK is talking about it so you know it's hot...

From Anthropologie

From Urban

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Karl Lagerfeld @ Shopbop


Mavi will be working with Rifat Ozbek…
The Inspiration, “…the mountain breezes in the Mediterranean.”
The price will be a little higher…but, the look is worth it…

Trendy H2O

I am all about everything looking all makes a difference, at least to me:)

Always Dressed to Impress

Ashley is back to Blonde...Red nails are back...cocktail jewelry is good to go...on the middle and pointing finger...clutches are always a plus...and scarves, scarves, scarves are good year round.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Fashion's to Come

I don't know if this is really old and I shouldn't even go there...but, Jennifer Lopez is getting rid of her J LO line...which I have to say I never bought or considered buying anything from and is replacing it with a new line called Justsweet...and no...I am not missing a space...Jennifer says she likes how it flows as one word...whatever she thinks,, this line is the younger and less expensive line for Sweetface...I really appreciate the Sweetface line, so I look forward to seeing what Jennifer has in store for us...I am glad she is veering away from the whole sweat suit look...I love her style and I hope this line reflects that more...

An Image Can Say 1,000 Words

Just because of a shot i saw on I will check this out boutique do the is pretty cute...

Sharing is Caring

I tried working for about 2 years ago…it was one of my first experiences with fashion blogs…it didn’t work out…I sounded to advertising-ish...But, I still love it…so check out the site…they are doing so much with the site and the creator is an AMAZING woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even if You Don't "Believe/Celebrate" V-Day

Check out all of the great sales people are having for Heart Gifts:) It's another sale day I am going to have to add to my sale calendar:)

Electric LadyLand is having a sale and has cute V-Day items selected for customers to choose from to stay in the mood:)

Calypso is having an event in their NYC's all about sharing the L-O-V-E. Go to a jewelry trunk show, tarot cards, and sip some mimosa's.

Forever 21 has the perfect look for the perfect date:

Couture Candy spells Valentines Day out for you and then gives you options for what to wear to make it easier for you:)

So, if you have a date for V-Day or still have a reason and a right to go shopping:)lol! Enjoy!