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Koodos to Clothing: Shopping for deals online

I love the many options we have today to get designer items at great prices today, from Nordstrom Rack to sample sales that are available to everyone now, there are so may places to go....at one time everyone was fretting about the cost of a designer jean being $100 or more...and who wants to pay that? Now there are sites like Koodos that you can get designer jeans like J Brand jeans one of the best brands out there for quality jeans. I still have never owned a pair of 7 for all mankind jeans, mainly because they don't fit my body type enough to make the cash to get a real pair of this brand jean...but, now, we have Koodos that sells the authentic designer jean brand for a mere 59 pounds which was originally 175 pounds. I just can't even imagine paying that much.
Tip: On sites like these you need to catch regularly, meaning at least twice a week because new merchandise is added and sizes go quickly. I also recommend signing up for newsletters so you know if there are any special promos or sales that you can benefit from. Also, get insider info from people working at online deal retailers like Koodos by checking out their blog or following on twitter or fanning on facebook. *Just from skimming the blog just now I saw that the bloggers shared sample sale information that wasn't even on the homepage of the site. You can also sign up for a separate email update from the blog. These days you can benefit from any type of online connection!:) Sometimes it can be an overload of emails, but in the end, it is really worth it. Just set up a separate email for all of your online store emails and you will be fine.

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The new hosts of the Look For Less on the Style Network

My favorite girls Mary and Leah from Fabulous on a Budget which I spotted on Myspace are now about to be the hosts for a show I have loved since Elisabeth Hasselbeck hosted, "The Look for Less."  Here's an inside chat with the girls to find out more about the new, and improved "The Look for Less."  The Style Network is repeating the same episode, so make sure to just DVR and catch it, they are playing early in the morning usually.  And, if you are as happy with the show as I am, reach out to the site and let them know you want to see more.

How did you all get involved with "The Look for Less?"
Mary:  We have been HUGE fans of the show in previous incarnations, and it’s all sorta serendipitous. 
Leah:  Our site was featured on a daily email from Trendcentral which tracks up and coming trends.  Because of that, a casting company called us.  We went in for an audition for another show.  We didn't get that show but executives in NY saw our tape.  Then when the casting director moved to Style in LA, she remembered us.  We got a call for a meeting with Style about a year later.  TV was always the big dream. When Style told us that they wanted us to be the new hosts of The Look For Less, we totally teared up because we knew that one of our dreams had come true. Plus, we used to LOVE that show!
Did you always know you wanted to take Fabulous on a Budget to a national level?
Mary: International, yes!  We want everyone to be Fabulous! 
Leah: "Everyone can be Fabulous", has always been our slogan. And we really mean it. We want to show the world that no matter who you wear or what you drive, everyone can be fabulous!
What will happen with Fabulous on a Budget?
Mary: We will continue to share our philosophy with even more people.  Hopefully the show will allow us to do that on an even greater level.
Leah: We will continue with the blog and we are working on a book. We would like to expand the brand to include Fabulous On A Budget corespondents in every major city! So, if you are planning a trip to Miami, or live in Chicago, you can log on and see how to be Fabulous On A Budget in your neck of the woods!
School background for fashionistas that would want to do what you are doing one day:
Mary: Follow your dreams and don’t ever, ever give up. Just focus on your vision and surround yourself with supportive, inspirational people.  Somebody has to do it, might as well be you.
Leah: Mary is right. We have been through it all with concept and following our dreams. But we started at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in downtown Los Angeles. You meet a lot of people that have the same interests as you do when you go to a specialized school like that. That is where Mary and I met and where this all began.
What did you all do to get to where you are today: school, internships, jobs.

Mary: Well, Leah and I met while at FIDM.  We immediately started cultivating what is now Fabulous on a Budget as a project that “if we put energy into this everyday, something is bound to come of it.”  That’s what did, and we just never stopped. 

Leah: We like to call ourselves "hustlers". And we mean that in the most endearing way! Some of the previous jobs I have had were an assistant to a bridal gown designer, personal assistant to one of the country's leading interior designers and many more other little odd jobs just to pay the bills and fund our dream. But now that we get to work together full time, we feel SO blessed. We feel like we are the luckiest girls in the world!!

I love the change of the show going to stores like Intermix to get the idea for what you LOVE that is pricey and getting a similar look on a budget, what other changes can we expect on the show?

Mary:  Well, for one thing we are both the hosts and the stylists, which makes it really fun! 
Leah:  Yup, this is the first time that this host is also the stylist. And of course there are two of us which makes for some fun banter and even some head butting! 
What stores will the Look for Less be partnering with?  I LOVE that you all are working with Buffalo Exchange!  That is one of my favorite stores!
Mary: We heart Buffalo Exchange !  It’s also a great way to make a little cash on your un-wanteds or swap out last season’s duds for a brand new look.  We’re excited to showcase unexpected spots that everyone has access, like army navy surplus and uniform stores.
Leah: We want to try and hit stores that you wouldn't necessarily think of when putting together an outfit. But, we also love our favorites like Marshalls, Ross and TJ Maxx!

I would love to see more DIY how-to's, do you think you all will do those on the site or the show?  (i.e. the bracelet or going to see the alterations being done--tips)

Mary: Definitely, we want to show the audience how easy it can be!
Leah: And you really do save money that way! Not to mention it makes us feel like domestic goddesses! 
When will the show start taking off? After talking to people they are all waiting for the next episode, what are the steps to get that started?
Mary: We’re not sure yet.  We’re still awaiting the final verdict, but if you love it, let ‘em know at mystyle.com.  Power to the people.
Leah: Fingers and toes crossed.
What are your must-haves for fall?
Mary:  Still into highwaisted everything paired with American Apparel Crop Tops and pearls.  Oooh, and Brazilian Keratin straightening!
Leah: Rock n' roll chic booties, animal prints, overs sized menswear pieces, cuffed trousers with sexy heels, lots of cardigans in every length and color, and of course my cowboy boots!
Where are your fave stores to shop for deals?
Mary: I’m a sucker for Loehman’s.  Beautiful clothes, footwear, and accessories, PLUS there’s always a 60 percent off  already reduced items… Amazing!
Leah: Ross is where I go for shoes. TJ MAXX for sweaters and cardigans . Local flea markets for furniture. Thrift stores for fun and fabulous jewelry. And of course, Mary's closet for FREE!

What are some great ideas for budget friendly Christmas gifts this year?

Mary: I always keep my eyes peeled for vintage bowls, silver dishware and old trophies at thrift stores and estate sales.  Then I fill with their favorite things: candy, tea, or wildflowers.  They add a little whimsy to any room.
Leah: I love giving pictures in frames. My parents LOVE it when they unwrap a great picture of the family and it goes immediately on the mantle. I also like to wrap gifts in simple brown paper bags (think the inside of a grocery store bag) and use natural twine. 

What are your fave blogs?

Mary: We love Who What Wear.  They’re kind of our dream. 
Leah: This is Glamorous. I'm obsessed with every post. So pretty and of course FABULOUS!

What are your fave fashion based shows?

Mary: All of them! Project Runway may be my fav though… Tim Gunn and Heidi are magic.
Leah: I'm dying over the Rachel Zoe project! She kills me! But I told mary to slap me if I ever start to talk like her.. 
Do you all have a motto, what is it?
Mary: “No matter who you wear or what you drive…
Leah: ...... everyone can be FABULOUS!"
What type of girls/guys are you looking for with this show?
Mary: Anyone who wants to pimp out their personal style for pennies.
Leah: We are suckers for a good story. The more dramatic the better! We loved working with Nishi on the first episode who was trying to wow her ex! Let's just say "Mission Accomplished!"

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Fashion Week Day 1 - The BlahGirls Hit NYC!

I had never seen Ashton Kutcher's show until last night on The Rachel Zoe Project...I can't wait till her episode comes out, it was AMAZING! I will have to watch out for this show now:) Plus, if you search, there are about 3-5 episodes for Fashion Week!

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New Designer Jewelry Site: Astley Clarke

Make a statement with any pieces you find on Astley Clarke.  

London Fashion Week has started and all of the designer jewelry will be featured during the week are on the new site, Astley Clarke.  You can find casual, trendy styles to the perfect wedding ring all on one site.  Plus, now all items can be purchased and shipped internationally.

I love that the site offers trends from the runways that can translate to the trends for the designer jewelry.  Sometimes it's great to look at how accessories have been styled for inspiration.  Tiffanie Darke shares her notes from the runway for all customers to have insight.  
The site is categorized by Contemporary, Designer, Fine, Gifts, and Bridal which helps you find exactly what you are looking for regardless of the occasion.  I personally am drawn to the Contemporary, but the Designer and Fine are the pieces that will last forever.  Designer Jewelry are great investment pieces that you know you will always be able to pass down to family members.  

Speaking of classics that will be around forever, I love the vintage images on the site.  It's a great mix of modern and trendy looks for the company which I appreciate.  It speaks to all customer bases which I think is what jewelry in general can do, it's ageless.  

New Designer Fashion Must-Have Site: Fashion Confidential

There are new sites popping up everyday for fashion and  you can seem to miss them if you aren't in the loop.  I just found this designer fashion site called Fashion Confidential  that I am gushing about!  I can't get over the top notch elements that the site has to offer...it is a mix of Net-a-Porter, Fashion Air and Shop Style for me.  I love the magazine/editorial section to the site where you can get Q&A with designers, get the style scoop from a Fashion Insider and get the Style Report so you can know what's "in."  Plus, there's more, there is an actual magazine for the site, 27 pages!  My favorite, "Grey Spell," teaching you how to wear grey...I LOVE this color and can't wait to finally get into my fall attire...alas, it is still over 95 degrees here in Arizona:(
Really great section---find out great tips on how to shop a Sample Sale!  This is really smart!
I could go on and on, but, I don't want to give everything up, check it out today!  You will LOVE the site! 

Gossip Girl Style is Popping Up Everywhere

Anna Sui's line is now in stores (Target), unfortunately I heard the quality isn't that good...I should probably stop by tomorrow to finally see it all...we shall see.

The costume designer for Gossip Girl, Eric Daman is now designing for Charlotte Russe believe it or not!  I haven't seen the items yet, but they look really cute in the October Teen Vogue.

Street Chic in New York

Looks that caught my eye while on the streets of New York for fashion week---shoes were really taking the spotlight!

I am soooo in LOVE with this belt! Too bad it is vintage:( Someone want to remake this for me:)

I love the pleating on this jacket!

This little girl has an LV!

Matchy-matchy, but I like...

I love this dress!

I want a jacket like this!
I have been seeing this cut-out design a lot and I really like it!

QVC Video Commentary

People, I am not a professional videographer so please excuse the bumpiness of this piece:)
P.S. All the people on the back right section are paid to attend, you should have seen how they were so not into this! Hilarious! Wouldn't it have been better to invite all of the fashion bloggers, editors and etc to sit there?

Do you know who is on QVC? Maybe not...

Kenneth Jay Lane all the styles you love from this jewelry designer at AMAZING prices!
Rachel Zoe see blog for more info.
Isaac Mizrahi Coming this fall, I can't wait!
Mally Beauty She is so nice, you just want to own everything:)
Simply. Chloe Dao-I had never heard of her before, but her looks were cute and the black lace blouse resembled something I saw on the Tuleh runway...fabulous!:)

This the Chloe QVC Lace look.

This is the lace cut-out look from Tuleh.

Marc Bouwer-didn't wow me, but apparently he is sold at Saks...

Rachel Zoe on QVC

During fashion week, I attended one of the QVC "fashion show" presentations. To be honest, the entire time my fashion friend who styles for Saks.com and I watched the QVC runway we made comments on how we would have restyled everything. The styling was a little, ok very over the top for us. And, we really hope that the women that do watch aren't buying the looks right off the model---something which we actually do expect. Now, don't get me wrong, there were items which I will share with you in another blog that I would buy and are great deals...it's just they really need a new stylist.
But, I digress, the BIG thing to share in this blog is that I met Rachel Zoe and went BANANAS!!! I don't even think I said anything besides my name and blog:) I was TRULY GUSHING!!!! Everyone was wondering how she looked in person. She is small yes, but, she was fierce-everything was done to a T. And the thing that made me most happy is that although she is going through QVC to market her products, you know that someone was going through and styling each look according to ZOE! There was no tacky combo of way too many accessories that weren't telling a story like the majority of the looks I saw that night. And, although I wasn't one of the fashionistas to buy the items Rachel sold that night, I am going to be buying every item Rachel was wearing that night that will be sold in October. I have a sneak peek look below. The strongest quote from the RZ QVC was "Make casual look dressy; dressy looks casual," Rachel Zoe. I love it! Basically meaning make sweats dressed up with a silk tank and a gown casual with a leather jacket. Make sense?
OMG! There are people who don't know who Rachel Zoe is!? A shame...I was thinking that QVC really isn't her market...I think that she will get better sales from fashionistas shopping online...but, we shall see.
My scribbles during the RZ QVC presentation, take note free tips! Make sure you watch in October!

The Bracelets I have to have! They looks oh so vintage a'la India, no?:)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bluefly's new approach to fall trends

Get the Fall trends in a Twilightesque, kind of getting ready for Halloween twist. Bluefly's CEO Melissa Payner shares all of the trends we have been seeing and hearing about from motorcycle jackets to red lips but it all feels new...it even goes beyond the genius Little Red Riding Hood version from VOGUE...check it out and be inspired. This is perfect for any Twilight fan, and I know there are a lot:) Watch, "Killer Vampire Fashion," and let me know what you think.
*There are behind the scenes images on the Bluefly Facebook page.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Check out the new Candace Bushnell project online, The Broadroom!

There are four webisodes and the first is available to watch.  It looks like this special program is sponsored by Maybelline.  The show is pretty comical about women's lives; single to married...but, the styling isn't top notch...Check it out to see who you relate to, Natasha, Brittney, Lucy, and Julie.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Get Swatch-y With It! There's Another Giveaway!

I tried attending a Swatch giveaway in New York, but, it was raining so hard that the giveaway was cancelled.  So, I am excited to share another option to WIN a Swatch watch:

To celebrate the 2009 CreArt Collection, Swatch and its partner Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS are giving away a Billy the Artist Morning Glow watch! Become a fan of Swatch US and Broadway Cares and be INSTANTLY entered to win!

Win a Free MJ Accessory from Shop It To Me!

Shop It To Me Battle of the Brands giveaway!

Here's what to do:
*You must be a Shop It To Me member to win – join at www.shopittome.com.
Then, head over the contest on this link.

Each week, pairs of brands will compete until only the winner remains. Each week we're giving away free Marc Jacobs accessories.


I just spotted a sweater that looks so much like a Marc Jacobs sweater that I can't wait to buy!  I need either the mustard or kelly green option...there are 3 other colors you can find as well: brown, winter green and a turquoise type of color.

Blair Style

I saw this on Youtube today and then noticed while shopping for odds and ends at Wal-Mart today that lo' and behold, Wal-Mart was on the Gossip Girl/Blair trend for headbands and at only $4 and below, so I had to share!!  Sadly, they are not online, but, rush out to the store near you for feather, bow, and more headband styles that you could wish for!  

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Get To Know Quail

I went crazy searching for a high waist skirt by Quail last year that I fell in love with too late.  A friend of mine bought the skirt on sale from a great boutique in Tucson, AZ (said to be the best place to live in the US this year...interesting) Sigi's Boutique.  I just wanted to share a couple looks from Fall and Spring 2009 that caught my eye:)

There are so many fun twists to fashion week this season!

If you are in New York, but not attending fashion week, here are a few ways you can get some fun deals:
-Fashion Week Daily is usually giving out pubs during the day.  (There are actually a lot of companies that are just giving out items in front of the tents.)
-I am thinking that SHARPIE is probably going to be giving out markers in front of the tents and not just in the tents, but we shall see.
-There are select locations on Saturday that YSL will be giving totes out for their YSL Manifesto.  I would recommend following them on twitter to get the exact date, time and instructions!  
-Ice Cream + Models + Free Swatches: I really can't wait to see what happens with this!  Tomorrow from 2-4 PM, an old school ice cream truck is going to present in front of the Bryant Park Tents showcasing the new QUAIL line (which I am in LOVE with!).  Select editors will receive a free SWATCH watch!  I will see what I can do:)  Here are the instructions for how to win:
How can you obtain one of these free Swatches? Follow @SwatchUS to get each code word tweeted to you.  Say the code word to one of the Quail models wearing a Swatch at theIce Cream Truck and you can win a free Swatch (while supplies last). http://www.twitter.com/SwatchUS

VIVIENNE TAM is everywhere and I LOVE it!

I love her signature color palette. 

All of my blogs are kind of flowing tonight.  As you noticed, Vivienne Tam is going to be featured at the QVC show plus, I will also be attending her designer Spring 2010 runway show.  I am equally excited about both.  And the fun twist is that the QVC will be live on TV and, the Vivienne Tam runway show will be live via your computer through StyleCaster (my daily must-read I might add-sign up today!).  You can watch the entire Spring 2010 presentation, plus get a pre-show with celebrity, editor and personality interviews, hosted by Yuli Ziv from My It Things.  For some reason, every time I hear Vivienne Tam, I think HP/netbook...I need one REALLY bad!  That is my next electronics purchase:)
But, here is the video invite to the show, don't miss it, I know I won't!
Where: Your computer, Vivienne Tam on StyleCaster
When: Saturday, September 12th at 8pm EST

I know I am sad about missing Fashion's Night Out in New York

But, gargyle is having a special event to celebrate after the festivities online, here are the details (this is what I received in my email):

Can't make it to LES or want to do second hunt?? We've created an ONLINE version of the hunt for you! It's fast and fun as well, and is available today and tomorrow, Sept. 10-11th.Complete either the Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt, Online Scavenger Hunt, or BOTH, and be entered into a drawing for one or ALL of the totally rad prizes so generously contributed by our friends: Rachel Comey, Billykirk, April77, Fred Perry, and the latest addition, Surface to Air! Winners of the raffle will be announced next week.Oh! And through tomorrow, Sept 11, you can earn a free raffle entry for every $50 you spend at Gargyle or www.gargyle.com!Good luck and happy hunting!

Speaking of QVC at Fashion Week...

I am excited because I will be attending QVC at fashion week for Rachel Zoe!!!!  EEk~~I should have brought my book...but, I will just have her sign anything if I get a chance to meet her and insert into the book for safe keeping:)  The QVC event will be an evening event from 8-11...I hope they have a schedule so I know when my MUST-HAVE designer will be showcasing!:)  Who knows, maybe Taylor and Brad will be in the tent:)
Well, I can't leave out the others which will be showcasing at the QVC event...there will be two nights for their presentations, here is a list of others to expect---DVR these if you can't make it!
Lori Goldstein, B. Makowsky, Chloe Dao, Gretta Monahan, Pamela Dennis and Marc Bouwer, as well as the QVC debut of Ava Rose and Rachel Zoe.  Then there are shows scheduled to launch QVC lines from Vivenne Tam, BZ by Banfi Zambrelli, and Edition by Erin Fetherston, in addition to QVC favorites like Bradley Bayou and Jaye Hersh.
QVC is about to do BIG things, so don't miss out!  Great prices, but also, great designers!  To be honest, I have never purchased anything over the TV, but that just might change this season! 

Believe it or NOT: New York & CO. is on my list of MUST-HAVES for the Fall!

I just ADORE the styling here!

I still can't believe all of the items I have wanted and purchased since last month from NY & CO...I haven't purchased from this company that I used to LOVE the fit of their jeans since college...and, to be honest, I don't remember why I stopped...but, with the NEW LOOK that it seems Carson Kressley is making is mark on the brand.   And, now I LOVE the sizes...I seem to be really small in this line:)  And the prices...even if the item is near $100, they ALWAYS have some kind of promo going on!  But, I've noticed, the RED LABEL is what is really catching my eye which is only online...the great thing is they do take returns at the store so that helps.  The last time I went to return an item I got from online that I just didn't like the fit, I left buying two pairs of trousers for the same price!:)
I love the color of this shift!

I NEED this right NOW!  The dress above:)

On my way to fashion week...

I will be sharing updates via my twitter account: www.twitter.com/fashionalities and check out everyone else's there are so many people out there sharing---it is one of the highest topics: #NYFW.