Sunday, May 31, 2009

The "IT" Trouser: Cropped

I need a silk blouse like this...anyone know where I can find one??:)
Every shoe gives this style pant a new look....
This is a ballerina inspired body suit!  I am in LOVE!  I love body suits actually...

I alway flip through Net-a-Porter for styling inspiration in my closet...and recently I have seen the cropped trouser magazines and on Net-a-Porter...but, I can't seem to find them anywhere where it's not CRAZY expensive...until, I flipped through the June/July issue of People Style Watch and voila~someone has heard my cry:)  Bebe (which I don't usually shop at) has a silk pleated crop pant that I must-have for $129...but, knowing my location...they will most likely go on, I of course will stay patient and dig in then:)  But, I thought I would share with everyone my style must-have right now:)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Best of Both Worlds: Good For the Environment and Good For Your Hair: Introducing Carbon Neutral beauty

I am always looking for products that will benefit my crazy mane of seems like since I have been in Tucson, AZ my hair has become so dry and's  products like the Carbon Neutral Beauty company created by Celeb colorist from UK with a well-known family in the hair business, Louise Galvin that makes me feel at ease about my hair.  I don't want to just keep using so many products with alcohol because that just adds to the dryness of my hair.  With these products, I am assured that my hair will benefit because the ingredients used are natural.  With these products I am also assured that no animals have been tested on to ensure that my well-being will be tampered with.  And, in all honesty, who wants to know that there might be an ingredient in your hair product that could effect you negatively?  
Funny enough...I am really drawn to packaging and The Carbon Neutral Company catches my interest not only by the focus of the company, but that they keep the look enchanting as well.  I love the Renaissance-inspired motif of winding vines that suggests freedom, strength, romance and sensuality.  
Interesting quote from creator, Galvin, "Silicone causes build up as it attracts dirt and pollution and eventually it will cause a film over hair that causes dullness. "  I didn't know this, but it doesn't make me feel comfortable about all of the products I have already used in my hair with who knows what in them.
Galvin states that she does use, "ximenia oil (seaside plum) which African women use to condition their hair and acts like a natural silicone."  If African women use ingredients like this, my hair is going to be great!
Exciting side not to this company--Galvin also has a product for curly hair, which I am always looking for called, Sacred Locks---I have to try this!
This is hopefully the future of hair care---all natural...We need to avoid the use of unnatural products on our bodies...there can be no benefit to support businesses like this so it can become a consistent pattern in the hair and beauty industries.  

Low-Rise is O-U-T and Hi-Rise is on the rise with designer labels like Diesel Jeans

I still don't understand how low-rise jeans were "in" for anyone beyond high school.  As my father-in-law always says, who wants to see someone's crack?  Which I totally agree with...who wants to sit down and not be, sure???  And it's funny because even the ladies that snicker about someone's Victoria Secrets hanging out still go on and do the same tragedy.  What I would like to share with everyone today (even though it seems that the high waisted style did its thing last season) is that a pair of high waisted or at the waist jeans do not need to look like mom jeans where it gives you that pooch in the front:)  Here are a couple of styles that flatter and accentuate a great body without showing any of it:)Designers like Diesel Jeans, Levis, and The GAP are doing just that and I think that this is a trend that a fashionista should follow.  When you begin to see brands going in a direction, that usually means it is going to be an industry, I am not saying I think the low-rise style was a plus, but everyone jumped on, hopefully this is one that will go up again.Styling:

In this image they have the Diesel Jeans styled with the blouse on the outside, but I think that the great part of a higher waist jean is you have the option to tuck the blouse in or leave it out to make it more casual.  With low-waist jeans the only option is to leave the top out or else you get this muffin top affect. 
Levis actually offers two styles---at the waist (not ad dramatic) and hi can opt for either and get the same effect-a covered bum:)  And as you can see in the styling above, the top is tucked in and you can see all of the details of the accessory, the belt-which is a strong accessory these past few years, so why hide it by a blouse because your jeans go too low??
Wearing higher waist jeans not only keeps the crack from showing, but also gives you a longer leaner look.  The only time I would wear them with flats is if the style is a high waist cigarette jean.  Otherwise, just reaching for the sky in this style wearing high heels or wedges.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Free Tips From Tyra Review

I thought the majority of the show were tips I already knew...and I think most people know now-a-days...but, the information that was new to me, I thought I would share.  It's mainly websites that you can access and see if there is information that is useful to you.
I am a BIG fan of clothes swapping parties and there are websites that can help you understand how one is run...I have also seen magazine articles everywhere giving different's funny...I was invited to parties like these almost 4 or 5 years ago and now it seems like everyone thinks it's this new thing...but, it's fab so lets keep sharing!
What I didn't know was that there are groups on facebook that you can join to share prom dresses to mother of the bride, get on Facebook and start searching:)
~Something I already knew, but maybe others don't...if you see something that catches your eye at a garage, estate or sidewalk sale...wait till the end of the day and majority of the time they will just give you the piece for free so that they don't have to lug it anywhere else:)
-Check out Free Cyle to find the local group that basically gives away items for free within the can also get online and say you are looking for something specific... 
-They shared about being a mystery shopper and getting paid to shop and sometimes getting free products...but, I have never seen anything really happen when I have tried to do this...but, who knows...*keep in mind you shouldn't have to pay for anything like this...
-I thought this sounded can get paid to be a house sitter and not even know the owner...just check out Care Taker...But, I just checked out the site and you have to pay to have access!!!!!!  They didn't share that on the show...but, who might be worth it for you...
Finally, they said that businesses are open to just giving you products if you want to try...they recommended trying the following sites:
To get even more info, check out Tyra's revamped website:)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is This Too Over The Top For A Wedding?

I am thinking the whole look being the same this too much?  I was going to add the rosettes to the sleeve's a necklace...but, I was going to sew it on...let me know your honest thoughts...I haven't received the dress yet...hmmmm...or are they two different colors???  I guess I will see once it gets here...I am crossing my fingers....I think it is the shot from my iPhone that is altering the color....

Recessionista Seals the Deals!

Today was my BIG day to run around and spend the money that I received for my Birthday so I made sure that I spread it out as much as possible with the deals I found.  I ended up having a very lucky day today so, I had to of course share the deals I found so others can be as fortunate:) *I am going to share backwards...too much work to fix the images and everything---I am being lazy:)
3rd stop: Dillards---I have never really shopped at's usually Nordstrom's or maybe Macy's...but, I went in for work today to pull for my photo shoot on Thursday and my heart jumped when I saw items marked down 70 percent!  How can you say no?  I have also always heard my friends gush about their French Connection deals at Dillards...well, I nabbed a BCBG dress that was usually at least $200 for $30!  There is just no beating this day!
2nd stop: JCPenney---now, I went for a specific top and all they had was an XS and I wanted it be, I was going to give up and then, decided to at least look a little to see if it might be somewhere else and found a jacket for $9.99!  Now, you know I was even more excited when the lady at the register said, "$7.98!"  I was like ok, now I can get the shirt tomorrow and not even feel bad:)  So, today has been nothing but good deals:)  I am of course going to follow up with more deals tomorrow after I sell a pair of jeans I haven't worn for a pair from KMart that were screaming my name;) doesn't stop in my world...but, I keep on sharing:) *the jacket is no longer online...but, there were so many at the store don't miss out!
1st stop: KMart...I have been wanting this skirt ever since I saw it...and then, I noticed that in my April issue of LUCKY there was a copycat look that resembled my KMart, the skirt has gone down to $12, so I had to nab it!  Now to just find the blouse that I think is a chic addition to any wardrobe!  If anyone has seen a silky crew neck top with 3/4 sleeves...please share:)  The funny part was that I had to try and keep my cool because there were so many items that caught my eye...but, I decided, this is what I came stay focused and leave:)
First, I had a lot of reaction to the blouse that I was wearing today that 
I bought for a mere $5 at Target two weeks, online it says $12, but you have to go into the store I guess if you want the deal...and it is worth it!

Plus, I heard Macy's is having a really good sale and I stopped into Urban Outfitters and it almost felt like the whole store was on sale:)  And check out the $30 and below sale section that Nordstrom's always has!

The Beautiful Life - This Fall on CW

New York magazine is saying no, no, no to this new program this fall...but, I say let's wait and see...I am always open to fashion focused programs and with Ugly Betty getting the boot, I need more shows to make up for our loss...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Shameless Plug

I am now selling Meet from me online at: will start featuring items I love...check it out:)



Lauren Conrad's Signature Make-up by Amy Nadine on E! Daily 10

Working on getting these eyes:) Liquid liner here I come!

How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Still learning how to do this...I thought I would share;)

Go for the Gold: Bronzing Beauty

After losing my love, the Pout brand bronzer, I went on a search for the perfect bronzing powder that I can use all year.  I am a believer that no matter the season, I should be glowing all year long.  Since I decided to (wisely) give up any type of tanning and using 70 SPF everyday...I figured bronzer was the best way to go.  I have found so many options and I wanted to share them with you.

  • Get luminous and try SOLE beauty's "The Illuminator".  This brightens your face and I would recommend using a darker bronzer with this if you are olive toned or darker.  This also comes with a Kabuki brush.
  • I haven't tried the bronzer, but after using the blush, CORALISTA, I am ready to use benefit's bronzer...I am not sure which one yet...HOOLA or DALLAS---but, I might just do both:)
  • For an all over perfect glow that lasts while at the pool or beach try CARGO's bronzer...I LOVE the color on this shade...I don't feel like it's not there or I am too's just right!
  • For a sophisticated glow with a minimal shimmer, try Star Bronzer by Lancome.  This is for an event where bronzer might be overpowering if everyone else is matte but you just can't leave your glow behind:)  
  • For an easy go to on getting bronzed check out Targets, Sonia Kashuk's Bronzed Face.  This packaged deal not only comes with all of the lip gloss, eye shadow and bronzer to get that full on summer glow.  But, it also includes instructions on how to achieve the look for your eyes, cheeks, and lips.
Also, the best offer ever!  I know a dollar is nothing, but FREE is even better!  e.l.f. is offering a free bronzer of your choice right now!  Take might get sucked in like me and buy more than just the bronzer...but, it's worth it a dollar a pop!

Case Closed/The Search is OVER: iPhone Case

Finally, a case worthy of my love-the iPhone!  Last week, Plia Designs sent me a preview of what they will have this fall for iPhone cases and let me tell you, this is exactly what I have been looking for!  Something that can carry my iPhone and if need be, a couple other necessities for late night outings...But, I can use this all day and it's easy to reach into my handbag now and pull out my phone...The style comes in a variety of colors and can have the funky alligator design, or not...(I opt for the exciting of course and go with the alligator.)
And, if you don't want a case that you have to pull your iPhone out of, they also have cases where you have the open screen, which I think is more of a daily use style.  And no worries---this company doesn't only work with iPhones, they also design cases for Blackberry' all are included in having a fab, statement case for you all day must-have, the phone:)
Not only is the product AMAZING!  It was an exciting experience when I received the package and saw all the details that were included.  I am def keeping the box that the case came in because it is just adorable and I can reuse it to store small office accessorize like thumb tacks.  I also loved the polka dot lining added to the bottom of the USPS box...which makes a basic box more fun...I recommend this company to everyone.  Check it out today!

Double the Fun: Olsen Twins

These fashionistas might insist that they are 2 different people, but---in fashion----their 2 minds are much greater than 1....I still remember their line @ Wal-Mart...back then, of course...I didn't buy anything because it was aimed @ their then audience---little girls ranging from 2-10ish...Today, they have expanded to the elite fashion industry...they aren't like other celeb designers like J L0, Lauren Conrad, or Kimora...they take the back seat and do the instructing without necessarily placing their name on everything.  And the result is high fashion that reflects their personal style that we all LOVE!  (Well, most of us)  I love it!  I just hope they can take the line to a more accessible price point like they started off with.  Until then, you can find deals for their lines, The Row and Elizabeth & James (names after their siblings) on Shop Style, Outnet, and Shop It To Me.
The ladies coffee table book, "Influence," which I found to be a great way to find out what inspires these fashionista's and a way to be inspired by all of the industry insiders that the Olsen's interviewed.  The book reminds me of a collage of all of their ideas and thoughts...kind of like an inspiration board.  I have 1 signed copy to give away to the person who share who INFLUENCES their style in a comment below.

Who What Wear Daily's take on the new Elizabeth & James shoes.
PopSugar shares a pic of an Olsen girl working the carpet!
Fashionolgie shares info about Ashley Olsen being a fashion insider.
WWD shared info on the new shoe line:
-shoes will be sold @ Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus.
-prices will range from $195-500.
-height of heel can be as high as 5".
-shoes will be licensed by Steve Madden.

Go For the Cut

Although I finally gave into a permanent change for my hair with what I would consider a dramatic cut  (done by Arlene at Gadabout Salon/Spa in Tucson, AZ) I have always loved the thought of using a clip in extension.  After being with my grandmother for a week and discussing the functionality of this great piece it is also great for women that are losing hair to avoid the trauma of hair glue on hair that is already thinning.  Sultry Hair is an online store that not only offers these great pieces for all hair colors and styles, but the prices are AMAZING!  I only believe in using human hair and that is exactly what they offer.
*Sign up for Sultry Hair on Twitter and get insider discounts...last week they offered 10% off!
The picture I am sharing here is me trying the bang with my hair straightened of course:)

Keep it all fun and try for these fun contests on the site:
  • We are looking for our Miss Sultry Hair of the Month. Email us your before and after pictures of your wearing our hair extensions along with you written responses to a couple questions. One lucky winner a month will win a $50 gift certificate to our website. Details below.
  • Let us feature you in our customer photo gallery. Send us quality headshots (front or back) of you wearing our hair. If your picture is selected, you will receive $10 off your next order. Email your original sized (large) picture to

The Fashion Show - Episode # 3 / Part 5

Normal Kamali is wearing her trench from Wal-Mart in this episode which I purchased on sale for only $19 from $30!!!!! It's no longer online, but check out the large Wal-Mart's in your area! Note~these styles run large...I got the XS.

Strike a Pose on The Runway with THE FASHION SHOW

I have been watching Bravo's "The Fashion Show" each week to see if I am as against the show as everyone seems to be...but, I actually thoroughly enjoy the show.  I like the mini Bazaar challenge that I feel like many of us fashionistas should do at home:)  I also like that they need to work with a just proves how in this economy we can still be fashionable on a dime from start to finish.  Andrew, the winner this week really made me want to buy something off, when I saw the price---I was like $249!?  Are you serious!  I am hoping there is a sale or something:)  I LOVE the idea of having a short trench all of a sudden hit the floor...I also am LIVING for the hood!  I would wear it with other pieces as well...I think it would look so cool with a tube top and some riding pants!  LOL:)  I will go crazy if I get this piece:)

Sidenote: I hope that they let Reco get on another team so he can finally win something!  He better work!

My Middle Name Should Have Been Free

I had to share since I am going to DVR Tyra's Show this Friday: 
Friday, May 29th
"Free Stuff"

Tyra shows you how to score free swag and more!

Sometimes Having Something That Resembles Is Just Enough

I wore this belt in Portland a couple of weeks ago and everyone was asking about it...I thought it was sold out...but, surfing for a belt on Target I just found it....of course, I have to Gucci look-a-like is only $9.99...catch it while you can and rock this style forever:)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Makeup Madness

I have been flipping through magazines and noticed that these two cosmetics look very similar...check it out:
Costs $40
Costs $10.95

Which one do you think would be a better deal:)

Just The Right Shoe For Summer: Havainas

No matter how many people have them, or how many people advertise their product I don't think I could ever get tired of Havainas-the Women's Flip Flops that I think Oprah helped take off a few years ago...they have so many styles and their basics that some may lean more towards...I recently went crazy trying to find the peacock style that had sold out in all Arizona Nordstrom locations...I started to give up and then found it at Macy's in Portland, Oregon.  I always go on the site to just see if there are any styles that scream to me...and as you all probably already saw, I found the India-Elephant style that I had to have...unfortunately, the color I wanted was SOLD OUT---of course:)  But, I ended up getting the color that matches the Tory Burch tunic I want;)  Not only are the styles AMAZING, they are great price--cheap flip flops (ranging from $24 to highest I think is about $50) are perfect and these flip flops are the easiest thing to throw on this summer wherever you are.
Just started scanning some women's sandals to share that catch my eye and just realized there is a paisley, I just did an order...decision: order another pair or wait it out...we shall see:)
Note: These flip flops come in different heights from the classic flat to a wedge style for people who can't bare to wear a flat no how comfy they want to be:) magazine: DIY fashion First Lady

I love the jacket...I need to start using my sewing machine---ASAP! Thrift store here I come:)


It's all about do it yourself right now...I am doing this!


Subscribe to NYLON TV on You Tube so many fab videos!

Skala, Natural Beauty From Brazil, Avocado, Aloe Vera, Shea

Trying to find this hair product somewhere...corny commercial, but oh well:)

Just Spotted a Tory Tunic That Has Made Me Melt

I know everyone probably knows about my LOVE of elephants for probably the last year...well, I was just searching for a page on Tory's site to share on my Twitter account and found the love of my elephant print tunic that would match the elephant Limited Edition flip flops I just got from Havainas!!  I have to have this tunic now...sadly, I have to wait till the price drops a bit...but, I think I will be ok:)
While on the site I started to surf (of course)...and see why I am so connected to the Tory Burch brand...she is inspired by all of the locations that I love, Dubai, Morocco, France and Rome.

OFFICIAL TEASER The Princess and The Frog

The first black princess Disney movie!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gossip Girl Finale Fun With Dove, Delicious!

So, I am sad that one of my fave shows is about to take a break...but, I have a fun little twist for the show...Dove Go Fresh is partnering with the show to share new episodes of the "Gossip Girl: Real NYC Stories Revealed" every week after the finale tomorrow.  I will indulge since I will be at a loss with no Gossip Girl every Monday:)  This will be all about real girls of New York's Upper East Side and their day to day lives--including things we all deal with like careers, relationships, beauty, finances, family and friends...I am just excited to see how these girls live---I love getting to see what goes on in the fashion industry through these reality shows!
The reality stars:
  • Chrissie Miller: fashion designer and founder of the Sophomore apparel brand
  • Faythallegra Coleman: emerging Brooklyn-based filmmaker and writer
  • Dani Stahl: style director for Nylon magazine, jewelry designer and “IT” girl
  • Lara Meiland-Shaw: co-founder of a Lara Hélène Bridal Atelier and philanthropist
Now, on the soap:)  I have of course tried this new Dove product and I love it!  I have always been a Dove girl regardless, but this really does smell clean and fresh and is perfect for the summer months in Arizona when you feel like you step outside and just start to sweat:)  By the way, the scent is Nectarine & White Ginger

And, of course, you can join their facebook group, which I am doing right now and get more updates:)