Sunday, September 30, 2007

Prints are Personal

These designers are not afraid of prints...these styles are for a girl who knows who she is and doesn't care what anyone says!

Matthew Williamson

Roberto Cavalli


*Costs can be found on, enjoy!

Friday, September 28, 2007

My Model Looks Better Than Your Model: Episode 1 Intro

If you love America's Next Top Model as much as I do...check out BETJ's spin off with previous winner Eva as the host...I accidentally found the show today skimming through the music channels...I think the season is almost over...but, watch for reruns, I have a feeling they will be replaying episodes and maybe they will have a marathon!

America's Next Top Model Cycle 9 - 1st Photo Shoot

I say that Lisa is going to win...why hate on her because she was/is an exotic dancer...look at Vanessa Williams did prior to Miss America...does it really matter to us when we watch Ugly Betty today? I really don't think so...enough said...I want Lisa to win:)

Ghetto-girl earrings always seem to make a comeback

*I found earrings just like these at Forever 21 this weekend for $4.99 or you could always go to a jewelry store to find 24K gold or to a hair care store...

Who Ever Said That Nothing in Life Is Free?

Right NOW, until October 10th get super-fast, super-free shipping on What can be a better deal than that!? When you check out enter FREESHIP into the promo box...this is free on all items! Take advantage!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

All Bandaged Up

Who What Wear Daily shares How They Wear Bandage Skirts (they=celebs, of course). I found a great Bandage Halter Dress by Herve Leger for $1,480...something to be inspired by of course:) It's nice to see the connection though.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007



Great Looks Are Back

Some are mad…some are glad…some just don’t care…I on the other hand am going to have this movie in my library for the rest of my life along with Clueless, Funny Face, and all other fashion classics...

As my excitement heightens every time I hear something new about the much anticipated movie, Sex and the City I can't wait to see what will happen in the movie as well as what the girls will be wearing...even though it might all be ruined with my checking youtube for passerbyers taping on the streets of New York and pictures posted all over the Internet...but, oh's all worth it...the movie is happening.

And from the creators of Sex and the City comes a new show...I have to say that I am excited to hear about the new show, Cashmere Mafia, another show centered around real woman working in the real world, fashionably of course:) The show sounds like a mix of the original Desperate Housewives (not the recent Soap Opera version) and Sex and the City...we shall see in December what will come...

Sharing is Caring

After talking about the shoes I wanted from 9 West a friend shared the Friends and Family discount so I figured I would pass it on:)


Walmart handbags Continued

So, the handbag was not in the October issue of Latina magazine, it was in the October issue of Glamour Magazine...see attached, it is too cute!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I usually despise the winter because I will have to wear jackets that will cover up my ensemble...but, for some reason, after seeing an orange parka on The ELLE trend feature on, I had to have one. Flipping through the October issue of ESSENCE magazine I came across an insert from Target and lo-and-behold there was a parka for only $29.99, and you know I am buying one...I love how the jacket nips at the waist...I would wear it dressed up with a dress or dressed down with jeans or sweats (which I really don't own)...

Run, Don't Walk to Walmart for their FABULOUS handbags

The secret to my trendy handbags is Wal Mart...anytime someone sees a funky handbag that I am carrying it is usually from Wal Mart...and here is why...all of them have been under $20...actually, that is just to be on the safe side...I think all of these were only for $5 each and they are great because not only were they cheap, they are fashionable and have a lot of space to hold all of my necessities...I just got one this past weekend, the one of the far right in the picture...and just today I saw another one I have to buy from the October issue of Latina Magazine...check it out'll love it!

I can't find the handbag online...I will have to scan the article tomorrow....until then...check out the stores...the prices keep dropping:)


I totally agree with Harper's Bazaar's stance on being against counterfeit handbags and such...but, is it wrong to have look-a-likes? For someone like me who LOVES the real thing...but, can't always afford it...I have to consider something similar...that is why I can do some of the "look-a-likes"...but, some of them aren't even a consideration...see below.

Right now I am eyeing:

First, I have never shopped at, previously known as Lerner New York, but, this handbag is AMAZING and only $44.99 and is leather...The handbag reminds me of the Chloe handbag that is featured in all of the Fall ads...of course there are the differences...but, it is close enough.

Then, there is Chloe's rendition on the bag:

Second, I have been longing for the Prada shoes that I see in almost every high-fashion magazine spread...that I of course can't afford and am no longer in New York to frequent the fabulous sample sales. But, Nine West, which I haven't shopped at in years has helped us fashionista's experience a fab trend from the runway on a dime, well $79, which isn't bad considering Prada's would be much more.:

Now, there are some I would not even consider,i.e. reinventing, or shall I say sadly trying to knock off an original that can not be replaced, the ballet flat by Tory Burch...don't try this, it just looks tacky. Yes, one is $195 and the other is on sale for only $16.19...but, there is just nothing like the original on this one...just buy a basic ballet if it comes down to it...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Net-a-porter notes best Giveaway

While supplies last, you can get the coveted Notes that are included with any purchase from Net-a-porter's Fall 2007 edition is now available and this week you can invite as many friends to Fashionalities to get a copy for free. Send your friends to sign up for Fashionalities and one lucky winner will get the Fall 2007 edition of Notes with great articles, the best of the best images from the Fall 2007 runway, a calendar for the Fall season and much, just sign up for Fashionalities and you will have a chance to win. It may even be sold out right be one of the only to get this coveted planner for free to carry in your handbag to help you make those fashion decision at the drop of a dime.

LA Style...maybe, maybe not

*I couldn't find the exact jumper that has long legs and fabulous stringy/strappy sleeves...this image above is only $14.99...the item I saw in LA looked very Norma Kamali.

I went to LA a few weeks ago for the first time in about 5 years and I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be...Everyone was very, very casual...there was no variety like as you would see on the streets of New York...Everyone was wearing jeans, cotton jersey tops, bottoms, or dresses and everyone was wearing flip flops or sandals...I know it is HOT, but where is the style...I just saw it no where...maybe that is why LA Fashion Week never receives that much attention...I need to attend and see if I am inspired...I have no images to share...I really didn't see anything that caught my eye...But, at Urth Cafe, which I did enjoy (I LOVED all of the places I went to eat, I have to say:)...I did see someone wearing a very cute cotton jersey jumpsuit and it was from believe it or not Urban Outfitters...Unlike in New York where everyone wants to share where they have bought their gems this girl was kind of undecided on whether or not she would share...but, with a great big smile, and so much energy about a cute item she had to share;)

Spring Cleaning

I should have written this long before New York Fashion Week/Spring 2008...but, nonetheless, I have to share...My two favorite daily sites, and have had some Spring Cleaning done to the site with a fabulous new makeover (even though Spring is over...there is still room for change...associated with the Spring 2008 fashion week of course:)...And it looks like each site had the same stylist...The grey caught my eye for the font as well as the feeling that you are looking at someones notes to themselves...or a notebook with the writers scribbles to their self. Fashion Week Daily has added videos on the homepage...You can enjoy each while on trips with the Daily Candy book and the monthly Fashion Week Daily that you can buy at Barnes Noble (which is small and can fit in your purse) and the free issue that is given out during fashion week outside of the tents for free (that is huge, so you can be noticed and get a photo taken of you).

Sunday, September 16, 2007

You Know you Want It!: Saks Share's All

Saks Loves Sharing their Fashion take a look online...a just added feature to the site that I think is just right for them right now...Saks esteemed women's fashion director, Michael Fink shares his thoughts on what he thinks you will Want next fall. Here are a few that I am taking note of...

Evening Shorts and Flowers from Carolina Herrera
Skinny belts are back
They are still trying to do my favorite trend, long and lean...come on girls, high waisted pieces go beyond your mothers closet...these are a great way to accent your waist!
Mid-Calf length skirts are back..and I think they will be great...although, I feel like a lot of women think the length does not compliment their never know unless you try...maybe pair the skirt with wedges, high heels, or even try flats if you have longer legs.

More of my fashion thoughts on Fall 2007 Trends and the new Spring 2008 Trends from the runway!

Oprah Knows Best

After seeing the ads for Simply Vera in my September issues, reading the article about Vera Wang's daughters thoughts on the their mothers new line at Kohl's in Teen Vogue and then seeing the commercial...I knew that I had to go to Kohl's (where I have never really shopped) and check out the line...But, after seeing Oprah's episode on the new line by Vera Wang called Simply Vera, I have to go...not only is everything a great price, the quality looks AMAZING and the styling is there of course, it is Vera...But, I took some notes during the show that I had to share from Vera.

Everything on the line can be dressed up or down...and the styling says Vera so much, but the pieces individually can speak to so many people.

The Oprah show on Friday also had a segment on how Vera dresses and what her closet looked like...I loved that...I am trying to find it...if I do, I will share the segment. Check out more pictures of the clothes from Simply Vera by selecting the title above.

Style your sweaters/Cardigans now by:
-Adding a broach to the openings at the top as a closure instead of using the buttons
-Wear the cardigan over a long sleeve blouse and scrunch up the cardigan to your elbow, but keep the blouse sleeve long
-A new category to consider, "dressy day". You shouldn't just dress up at night.